Title: The Horizons Beyond

Author: JJ2161

PG- 13

Summary: When two worlds with predefined mindsets, knowledge, and ideals have to throw all of that out the window after contacting a new player. Humanity.



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To my favorite author on this domain, AlbertG, and all co-authors to his stories, as well as RenS. Their stories helped me not only learn English while having fun, but inspired me to write The Horizons Beyond.

The Horizons Beyond



The Great Hall at the planet Saa'n was silent. The Vorlon Lords surrounded the bipedal humanoid, who was on his knees, bound by an artificially generated gravitational force. Sweat was dripping from his face, his reddish hair wet. The Atlanti's mind was strong, and even the three Vorlon Lords were struggling to break through his defenses. To think that such a powerful mind was hidden inside such a weak-looking body. But the Atlanti were no weaklings, Kaldosh knew that. A single individual could fly through a mountain like a physical god.

It doesn't matter.

He would give in soon. The Atlanti pushed one last time, a psychic blast that impacted the Vorlons, killing one of them. Hurt and angered, Kaldosh took all his power and pushed again against his mind, his comrade joining him a second later.

They needed the information.

The Atlanti knew the secret, the path to godhood.

It was the Vorlon's destiny, their fundamental right, and they would take it!

Thiss Atlanti was young, some thousands of years, and his youthful vigor was balanced by his inexperience. He was the last of his kind, the rest destroyed by the Vorlon might.

His people's actions were precipitated, Kaldosh admitted, fueled by their annoyance towards the Atlanti arrogance. Now, it was their last chance to get what they wanted from them. The Atlanti were extinct, their homeworld and a large area of space around it surrounded by an impenetrable storm. It was the time, the Atlanti youngling was giving in, they were succeeding...

And then, with his last breath, the youngling looked at them and smirked. Kaldosh was just about to teach him his place when he felt the fabric of space-time itself warp around the young Atlanti. His body glowed like nothing he had ever seen and shifted to a shapeless mass of light, disappearing soon after.

Suddenly, Kaldosh felt it.

A presence, more powerful than anything he knew.

More powerful than the Vorlon High Lords.

More powerful than an Atlanti Elder.

More powerful than those extradimensional abominations he remembers well.

More powerful than even Lórien himself.

"Your efforts are useless," a ghostly voice sounded, coming from every direction. It drew Kaldosh from his thoughts.

Kaldosh and his comrade turned around and saw the youngling they had been dealing with. He appeared angelical, not so different from the form the Vorlons liked to appear as. His body glowed white, with tentacles of light moving around him.

Angry, Kaldosh spoke:

"You must give it to us, you must tell us! It is our right, our destiny!"

Dozens of other Vorlons entered the hall, terrified by the powerful presence they felt. The ascended Atlanti smirked.

"So much pain, so much death you inflicted upon the other races, mine included. And for what? Power... Control..." He paused."No. You are not worthy of it. My people and I take this as an ironic and yet tragic turning. Our extinction from the lower planes by your hands shall be your undoing. No one will ever be able to enlighten you the way you want. You shall stagnate. Civilizations will evolve around you, and you will remain the same. I could say that I left behind these petty emotions, but I would be lying. I am actually very pleased with this outcome."

Kaldosh fumed with anger. He drew all his strength and alongside his comrade and all the dozens of other Vorlons at the Great Hall they sent a powerful psychic burst to the ascended being. But it had no effect. The Atlanti raised his hand.

"Have a taste of power beyond your comprehension, of power that you will never have," he said and snapped his fingers.

In a flash of light, they were all in orbit, inside their ships. At the same instant, Kaldosh's ship told him that the entire planet was somehow evacuated and that the planet's star became unstable. In less than a minute, the star exploded, the shockwave wiping out everything in its path. Desperate, the Vorlons opened jump points, fleeing while the explosion reached the planet below.

Kaldosh looked at the space in fear and, yet, defiance.

Such power. Such might. And it will be theirs.

He would make sure of it.



A/N: This is the timeline of the Horizons Beyond universe. I tried the most to integrate the Mass Effect and Babylon 5 universes and the USF's history. Also, while I intend to tell the story beginning with the first contact with the Babylon 5 races, this timeline goes decades beyond this event, so some may find it spoilerish.

Circa 14 Billion BCE

Creation of the Universe.

Circa 12 Billion BCE

Formation of the Milky Way galaxy.

Circa 7 Billion BCE

Birth of Lorien, the first sentient being in the Milky Way galaxy. He along with those that were born in the years after him are naturally immortal. At first, Lorien's race, the so-called Firstborn, is kept in balance by birth rates, with less than a handful being born each year but eventually, the younger generations begin to be born mortal, eventually growing old, getting ill, and dying, while those that were the first, go on.

Lorien and the others of his race go out into the galaxy and discover other, younger races, including the races that would become known as the Vorlons, the Shadows, the Leviathans, the Viatori, and most of the other races that would one day be collectively called "the First Ones".

Lorien's race helped them to develop, and nurtured them, acting as their teachers and guardians. Eventually, Lorien's race would step aside and allow these new races to stand on their own and over the eons eventually becoming the teachers and guardians of the younger races as they begin to arise.

The surviving immortal members of Lorien's race, those who have not died through injury or illness travel beyond The Rim to the void between galaxies, leaving Lorien behind as the last and the first of his race.

Circa 5 Billion BCE

An underground city is built by some of the First Ones on the planet that would eventually become known as Beta Durani VII.

Circa 4.57 - 4.54 Billion BCE

Formation of the star Sol and its system of planets, including the planet that would eventually become known as Earth.

Circa 3.5 Billion BCE

The first building blocks of life begin to form on Earth.

Circa 2.2 Billion BCE

The Leviathans, a race of aquatic gigantic aliens known by the other First Ones as the "Lords of Mass" enthrall every new sapient race they encounter and protect them in return for tribute. The Leviathans consider themselves the galaxy's apex race, despite not the older.

After observing that their subservient races create synthetic races which consistently and violently rebel, the Leviathans create an Intelligence to seek a way to permanently preserve organic life. The Intelligence builds an army of "pawns" to gather genetic information throughout space.

The Intelligence turns on the Leviathans, using its pawns to slaughter them for their genetic material to create Harbinger, the first Reaper. Thus begins the cyclical harvest of the intelligent organic life by the Reapers, part of a vast experiment conducted by the Intelligence to fulfill its mandate. The remaining Leviathans leave beyond the Rim, where they know the Reapers cannot find them. Some remain.

The Intelligence, to cut the time between their harvest cycles, build Mass Relays throughout the Galaxy to guide the races to the "right path" and creates the indoctrination process to increase the efficiency of the cycles, allowing galactic civilizations to develop faster and more consistently between the harvests.

After a devastating conflict against the First Ones, the Reapers agree to not spread far from their Mass Relays in exchange for the non-interference of the First Ones. The only spot of previous Leviathan and later Reaper influence within the space where the First Ones lived, a Mass Relay that would be called Mordor Relay in the future, is put dormant by the First Ones. The Reapers wait, knowing that one day, they would be strong enough to fight the First Ones.

Circa 1 Billion BCE

After destroying a thousand worlds, the race of First Ones that would become known as The Hand are captured by other First Ones and as punishment are banished to a parallel dimension through a gateway built in the underground city of Beta Durani VII. From their prison, The Hand are still able to watch this universe.

A record of the deeds and fate of The Hand is left in the city, with a warning that they could one day find a way back. However, as the eons pass the city, the gateway and The Hand pass out of memory.

The Leviathan of Dis, a Reaper, is killed by the Leviathans. Its corpse comes to rest on the planet Jartar and remains undisturbed for nearly one billion years.

Circa 500 Million BCE

In their attempts to reach ascension, the Anquietas, one of the elder species in their home galaxy, perform unimaginable experiments. Those experiments lead to the creation of their worst enemy, a plague that starts wiping out their galaxy.

After thousands of years of fighting, the Anquietas and the other races of their galaxy are about to lose hope. To destroy this plague, the Anquietas turn to the Old Halos. Gateway devices once built by the Anquietas as an attempt to reach a new plane of existence, the Halos are modified into weapons of unimaginable destructive power.

The Old Halos are activated, destroying the plague, but also 99.9% of the Anquieta population and all sentient life in their galaxy. Only one world would survive, the shield world of Atlan.

Circa 310 Million BCE

Millions of years after the firing of the Old Halos, the Anquieta civilization is at its zenith again and new sentient species are starting to step out of their homeworlds. Now the oldest surviving race in their galaxy, the Anquietas protect and care for the younger races that are now emerging.

The Anquietas finally discover ascension.

The Anquietas are divided into two different groups with different ideologies regarding ascension: the Atlan'ti (Archaic Anquiss: True to Atlan), who believe that ascension is no more than a path to a new form of existence and ascended beings should not interfere in the affairs of the lower planes, and the Ardor'i (Archaic Anquiss: Sacred Fire), who believed that ascension is a path to godhood and, thus, as ascended beings they should be worshiped by those in the lower planes.

The Anquieta Civil War begins.

The Ardori discover that the worship of lesser species endows them with power.

Circa 300 Million BCE

The Atlanti develop a new form of interstellar travel based on a new discovery, hyperspace.

The Battle of Atlan happens over the Anquieta homeworld.

Fed by the worship of half a galaxy, the Ardori manage to drive the Atlanti out of Atlan. Ascended and non-ascended Atlanti and Ardori fight over Atlan in the lower and higher planes, destroying much of the life of their galaxy.

Defeated, but not before dealing a heavy blow on the Ardori that brings them to the brink of extinction, the Atlanti flee their galaxy in their new hyperspace-capable ships.

After twenty-thousand years, the Atlanti have crossed 14 billion light-years and reach the border of a new galaxy, the Milky Way galaxy. They first settle in the world of Dakara, before being driven out. Extremely advanced, these refugees take their place among the First Ones, making envy in some Elder Races, such as the Vorlons.

The Atlanti establish in the Séwlosh System (future Sol System), with their capital on a planet that would be known in the future as Earth. The Atlanti had many names for their new home: Thera Atlantos (World of the Atlanti), Erde-Tyrene (Adopted Land), and Erdenne (The Land).

The Atlanti colonize many worlds such as Edum (Mars), Eshtan (Venus), Orissa (Asgard), Luhria, Valora, Tullan, Samballah, Sandrilach, Ansgherthu, and Agarda.

Even if known as the "Youngest Among the Elder Races", no one knows the true origins of the Atlanti or how old they really are.

The Atlanti find the Éonns, the most pacifistic race among the First Ones, and both races become trustful allies.

The Atlanti start to meddle with the evolution of life on Earth, leading to the evolution of the first proto-mammals.

Circa 65 Million BCE

The Atlanti Ecumene encompasses three million fertile worlds in the Milky Way Galaxy.

An alliance of Vorlons, Kirishiac, and Shadows at war against the Atlanti bombards Earth, causing the extinction of the dinosaurs.

As punishment, the Atlanti destroy the Vorlon and Shadow original homeworlds, forcing them to colonize the planets currently known as Vorlon Prime and Z'ha'dum.

Circa 37 Million BCE

An unknown spacefaring race fires a mass accelerator round at a Reaper near the planet Mnemosyne. The round penetrates the Reaper, disabling it, and continues moving through space, eventually striking the planet Klendagon and creating the geological feature there known as the Great Rift Valley.

Circa 3 Million BCE

With the Atlanti interference, the ape-like genus that will eventually produce the Human race evolves on Earth. The Atlanti use their own DNA to program the future Human evolutionary path.

At some point the Vorlons discover this species and, as they have done on many other worlds, they try to manipulate the young race to see them as "beings of light", but they are stopped by the Atlanti.

Circa 1.5 Million BCE

The Vorlons have visited a thousand worlds.

After having visited a thousand worlds, the Vorlons begin to believe that they truly are gods, as the younger races see them. In their pride, they come to believe that they belonged to another higher plane and that they were superior to the universe that gave them birth. With this, the Vorlons resolved to apply all of their collective wisdom and knowledge to transcend this dimension to another place they believed to be the Well of Souls, the foundation of life itself and in doing so become true gods.

The Vorlons build and activate their gate, though they quickly realize the true depth of their mistake when they discover the universe they are trying to escape to contains an incomprehensibly powerful and malevolent race. Even older than the Vorlons, they had in their own universe destroyed thousands of races and continued to destroy thousands more, driven by a hunger beyond any understanding and the belief that only they have the right to exist and all others must be exterminated. Modifying the Vorlon gate to amplify their telepathy, the "Anti-Life" creatures used it to turn many of the Vorlons into their followers, willing to die for them.

To fight this threat, deep inside their territory and far from the eyes of the other First Ones, the Vorlons that were not affected by the enemy's telepathic impulses gather all their remaining forces. A thousand worlds were destroyed before they could disable the gate, though those still under its influence dropped it into Hyperspace before the others could stop them and hide it away. The gate will continue to drift while the Vorlons search for it over the next million years. After the incident, the Vorlons create a race memory so that none of them will ever forget and that those that would serve them will know when the gate is found again.

During the conflict between the Vorlons and the extradimensional invaders, a different conflict is developing in Atlanti space. The plague they ran from in their home galaxy has found them. For it not to spread, the Atlanti isolate their space from the rest of the galaxy and fight bravely. Desperate, the Atlanti build a downscaled version of an Old Halo in the core of their space and fire it, destroying much of their civilization, but exterminating the plague. In order to fight the plague if it ever comes back, the Atlanti build a new array of Halos, this time centered on Dakara, without the knowledge of the other First Ones.

Seeing their old rival now weakened and on the brink of extinction, the Vorlons and Shadow start a war of extermination against them.

Circa 1 Million BCE

Having created great empires, explored the galaxy and become vast and timeless, most among the First Ones, having tired of their roles as guardians, slowly leave over the course of a million years. Some travel beyond The Galactic Rim to join the others that went before them, never to be seen again. Others, such as the Viatori, would stay open and travel among the stars between their places of power, barely aware of the younger races. The Atlanti and the Éonns choose to stay. The galaxy becomes a silent void, as the Elders are no longer there and the ones that remained isolate themselves from the others, their space heavily protected.

Among those that chose to stay are the Vorlons and the Shadows who together would become the last guardians of the younger races. They begin fighting against one another in a war of ideology. The Vorlons favoring evolution though control and discipline while the Shadows believe that the only way for the younger races to progress is through conflict and war.

At the onset of their wars, rules of engagement were formulated through the mediation of Lorien which both sides agree to honor in order to maintain a balance. They also dictated that the Vorlons and the Shadows would not strike at each other directly.

Lorien settles in the catacombs deep beneath Z'ha'dum. In the years to come, his presence there would be the reason that the Shadows persist in returning to this world every time they are driven off again and again during their wars of chaos. They believe that they are showing respect.

On Shir-Shraba, the Hyach-do break away from the main evolutionary line of the Hyach becoming a separate race. At first, the two races compete for land and resources, but over time they eventually learn to live together.

Circa 497,800 BCE

The Éonns, also known as "the Recorders" given their love for recording the history of civilizations, create the Vindrizi as a species of genetically neutral symbiotic being to record all aspects of their hosts. Over the millennia they observe events all over the galaxy so that others can learn about the past when all the records have been lost in the next dark age.

Circa 298,000 BCE

The ancient mass effect-using Arthenn race flourish in the Zelene system, living on the planet Helyme until being destroyed in an unknown event that wiped out all complex life on the planet. They also maintained a presence on other planets in the system including Epho, which bears the scars of an ancient orbital bombardment, and Gaelon, which may have been mined for helium-3.

The first primitive Humans evolve on Earth.

Circa 125,000 BCE

Ancient mass effect-using spacefaring races called the Thoi'han and Inusannon fight over the planet Eingana, littering the planet with the debris of hundreds of starships. Refined element zero scattered by broken drive cores contaminates the environment, causing many native species to go extinct and those that survive to show a tendency to develop biotic powers.

Circa 68,000 BCE

The Protheans achieve interstellar travel.

Discovering mass effect technology from the ruins of the extinct Inusannon, the Protheans go on to establish a galaxy-wide civilization linked by the Mass Relay network with the Citadel as their capital.

At some point, the Protheans encounter a hostile race of machine intelligences that endanger their existence. To combat this threat, the Protheans aggressively assimilate many other spacefaring organic races into their empire. The Prothean Empire is able to fend off the machines in a conflict known as the "Metacon War".

Circa 50,000 BCE

The Protheans experiment on many younger and pre-sentient races, being the Hanar and the Asari their main subjects. On the other hand, the Salarians' ancestors are a delicacy very appreciated by the Protheans.

The Asari civilization dawns on Thessia.

The Hanar civilization dawns on Kahje.

The Vorlons and the Shadows stop fighting and develop a new way to show who is right. They call it "The Great Experiment".

To avoid any Atlanti interference into their "Great Experiment", the Vorlons and the Shadow go to war against the Atlanti.

The Dakara Array is completed, but the Atlanti are no more the power they once were. The plague wiped out the majority of their civilization. Though victorious in wiping every cell of the abomination from the galaxy, the Atlanti are weakened.

The Vorlons and the Shadows push into Atlanti territory.

Circa 47,500 BCE: Fall of the Protheans

The Prothean Empire collapses with the arrival of the Reapers through the Citadel. Although the Protheans had learned of the Reapers' existence from studying the ruins of previous civilizations and had begun to prepare, they were nonetheless caught off-guard. Over the next several centuries, the Protheans fight the Reapers system by system, world by world, and city by city. In the end, it is not enough. The Reapers methodically wipe out the remaining Protheans, as well as other contemporary races, and depart the galaxy to await the next cycle.

Circa 30,000 BCE

Extinction of the Neanderthals, on Earth.

Circa 19,000 BCE

In Tuchanka, the Krogan civilization enters the nuclear age. A set of worldwide wars fought with nuclear weapons triggers a nuclear winter. The Krogan civilization finds itself at the edge of extinction, with the last populations devolving into a collection of primitive clans.

Circa 13,000 BCE

The Turian civilization dawns on Palaven.

Circa 10,000 BCE

After a million years of war, the Atlanti are losing. Their capital-nation on Earth, the city-island of Atlantos, was the Atlanti only remaining home. The rest of the planet was abandoned to be reclaimed by nature. Only some million Atlanti remain.

Some Atlanti decide to go beyond The Rim, others choose to ascend.

The Atlanti, knowing of the incoming "mercy" strike by the Vorlons, engage in a contingency plan. To the evolving Human species, that the Atlanti were guiding and engineering as their image, is given part of the Atlanti genome, to preserve the Atlanti species. By any means, the Humans were just less evolved Atlanti. They terraform many worlds in the star systems near Sol to allow Humanity to expand quickly in the future. Many of those worlds are currently major Human worlds such as Valinor, Asgard, Thermidor, and Proxima. They also put a cloaking field around the dormant Mordor Relay and hide it in Jumpspace, so that Humans would detect it only when they become advanced enough.

Circa 9,500 BCE: The Fall of Atlantis

The Last Battle, between the Atlanti and the Vorlon-Shadow alliance, occurs on Earth's orbit. The legendary "Last Fleet", formed by the last Atlanti warships, is destroyed but not before crippling the Vorlon-Shadow fleet.

The Atlanti launch cloaked drones to space while the Vorlons and Shadows launch an attack at the Atlanti remnant in Atlantis, blowing up the island. When the Vorlons are out, the cloaked drones create a new jumpspace storm bubble in a large area around Earth, isolating it from the rest of the galaxy, and self-destruct.

The storm bubble, with a crescent-like shape, would become known as the Atlanti Crescent. It would isolate Humanity from the rest of the Galaxy and allow them to evolve without manipulations.

The remaining Atlanti on the galaxy ascend. Atlanti civilization is extinguished.

Circa 7,800 BCE

Having abided by Lorien's rules of engagement for millennia, one of the two sides violate the rules and when the Shadows again begin to encourage conflict between the races, they are fought to a standstill by an alliance of the Vorlons and the other remaining First Ones and driven back to their stronghold at Z'ha'dum. After this "Last Great War" against the Shadows, the First Ones go into hiding and await the return of the Shadows.

Sensing the physical death of a billion lives, the Soul Hunters descend on Ralga and take the entire species' souls. Unknown to them, the Ralgans were not dying, but evolving into a higher, incorporeal state and are trapped when the Soul Hunters place them all into a single soul globe and leave them in one of their Whisper Galleries.

The inhabitants of Ceti IV abandon one of their underground cities.

The Quarian civilization dawns on Rannoch.

Circa 6,000 BCE

The Minbari civilization dawns on Minbar.

Seeking to escape the imminent explosion of their sun, an alien race constructs an AI-managed starship equipped with supercomputers containing a virtual world, into which some one billion of the aliens transfer their consciousnesses. The starship begins a journey throughout the galaxy which lasts for the next 8,000 years.

The Centauri civilization dawns on Centauri Prime.

Circa 5,000 BCE

The Human civilization dawns on Earth.

The empires of Babylon, in the area known as Mesopotamia, located on the banks of the Tigris and the Euphrates, and Egypt, around the African river Nile, are widely considered to be the cradle of Human civilization. Babylonian and Egyptian mythology tells of a time before the creation of the Earth when different generations of ancient and powerful gods fought one another in a war of Order against Chaos.

Circa 4,600 BCE

The first known network of Jumpgates is built by an unknown alien civilization.

The Hyach civilization dawns on Shir-Shraba.

Circa 3,600 BCE

The Abbai civilization dawns on Ssumssha.

Circa 2,600 BCE

The Yolu civilization dawns on Pa'ri.

The Narn civilization dawns on Narn.

Circa 1,600 BCE

Hyach civilization stabilizes.

Birth of the Soul Hunter that, in 2263, will come to Starbase Babylon to retrieve the Ralgan Soul Globe.

Circa 1,100 BCE

The Markab civilization dawns on Septis.

The Salarian civilization dawns on Sur'Kesh.

Circa 600 BCE

The Drazi civilization dawns on Zhabar.

Circa 500 BCE

The Yolu achieve interstellar travel.

Circa 250 BCE:

The Dilgar civilization dawns on Omelos.

Circa 230 BCE

The Asari achieve interstellar travel.

After developing faster-than-light spacefaring capabilities based upon Prothean technology, the Asari begin to explore the Mass Relay network and eventually discover the huge Citadel space station at a hub of many Mass Relays.

Circa 170 BCE

The Salarians achieve interstellar travel.

With faster-than-light travel based upon Prothean technology, the Salarians discover the Citadel and open diplomatic relations with the Asari.

Circa 150 BCE: Founding of the Citadel Council

The Citadel Council is formed. The Asari and Salarians together colonize the Citadel and establish it as a center of the galactic community, led by the Council. This year is also known as 0 GS, the beginning of the Mass Effect Space Galactic Standard (GS) timeline.

As a gesture of openness with their new Asari allies, the Salarian Union opens the records of the League of One. Under threat, the League responds by assassinating every member of the Union's inner cabinet; Special Tasks Group operatives then hunt down and eliminate the League.

The Turians achieve interstellar travel.

Circa 50 BCE

The Volus achieve interstellar travel.

The Citadel Council makes first contact with the Volus. Eventually, the Citadel Council commissions the Volus to draw up the Unified Banking Act, which establishes a Mass Effect Space standard galactic currency known as the credit and links all mass effect-using galactic economies.

The Council grants the Volus the "honor" of being the first non-Council species with an embassy at the Citadel, rather than a Council seat.

Circa 1 CE:

The Batarians achieve interstellar travel.

The Citadel Council makes first contact with the Batarians. They are granted an embassy one century later.

Circa 50 CE

The Asari discover the Elcor home system and help the Elcor locate and activate their nearest Mass Relay.

With the Asari's help, the Elcor achieve interstellar travel.

"Within one Elcor lifetime," they establish a regular trade route to the Citadel and are granted an embassy.

Circa 100 CE

The Batarians are granted an embassy at the Citadel.

The Hanar achieve interstellar travel.

The Quarians achieve interstellar travel.

Circa 150 CE

First contact is made with the Hanar and the Quarians. Both races are later granted embassies.

Circa 200 CE

The Turian Unification War occurs. The increasingly isolated and xenophobic colonies on the frontiers of Turian space go to war with each other. After years of fighting, the Turian Hierarchy sweeps in and pacifies the remaining factions. The animosity between the Turian colonies continues for decades.

Circa 250 CE

The Rachni achieve interstellar travel

Circa 350 CE: The Rachni Wars

The Rachni, a species of highly intelligent hive-minded insects, are discovered when a Citadel expedition opens a dormant Mass Relay leading to their star systems. The Rachni prove to be hostile and begin a war with the rest of the galaxy. Negotiation with the Rachni queens is impossible because they cannot be contacted in their underground nests on the toxic Rachni worlds.

Circa 430 CE

The Rachni Wars continue. The Salarians make first contact with and uplift the primitive Krogan, manipulating them into acting as soldiers for the Citadel Council.

The Krogan achieve interstellar travel.

The Krogans prove able to survive the harsh environments of the Rachni worlds and pursue the Rachni into their nests, systematically eradicating queens and eggs.

Circa 400 CE

The last of the known ancient jumpgates is built, marking the apparent disappearance of the builder's civilization as no other trace of them is found.

Circa 461 CE

The Brakiri civilization dawns on Brakir.

The Grome civilization dawns on Gromahk.

The Pak'Ma'Ra civilization dawns on Pak'ma.

Circa 462 CE

On Centauri Prime, Tuscano becomes the first Emperor. After the construction of the first Royal Palace, he commissions the Centauri Imperial Palace Guard, incorporating his seal into the buttons on their uniforms. He also commissions The Eye, an elaborate jewel that becomes the symbol of the authority of the Emperors.

Circa 650 CE

The Rachni are declared extinct. In gratitude for their aid during the Rachni Wars, the Council rewards the Krogan a new homeworld. Free of the harsh environment of Tuchanka, the Krogan population explodes.

Circa 650 - 1050 CE

On Centauri Prime, the great Emperor Olion has a series of catacombs constructed beneath the capital city to the outlying regions as a means of escape. According to legend, Olion was absolutely paranoid that his people might turn against him. The only person aside from Olion who knew the layout of the maze was the catacomb's architect whom the Emperor had assassinated to keep the secret.

The Krogan begin to expand exponentially, colonizing many new worlds. Growing concerns about their expansion lead to the founding of the Special Tactics and Reconnaissance branch of the Citadel.

Beelo Gurji, a Salarian operative, is appointed the first Spectre by the Citadel Council.

Circa 961 CE

Llort civilization dawns on Vartas.

Circa 1050 CE: The Krogan Rebellions

Krogan warlords leverage veterans of the Rachni Wars to annex territory from other races in Citadel space. Eventually the Council demands withdrawal from the Asari colony of Lusia, but the Krogan refuse. A preemptive strike is made on Krogan infrastructures by the Spectres. The Krogan Rebellions begin.

The Citadel Council makes first contact with the Turians around this time and persuades them to aid in the war. Afterward, the Krogan respond to the initial Turian offensive by devastating Turian colonies with weapons of mass destruction, the Turians vow to stop the Krogan from ever becoming a threat again.

Sometime after the Turians join the galactic community, the Volus are accepted as a client race of the Turian Hierarchy.

Circa 1060 CE

Realizing that the Krogan will never give in as long as they can replenish their fighters, the Turians unleash a Salarian-engineered bio-weapon known as the Genophage on the Krogan. The Krogan population starts its decline.

Circa 1150 CE

The Krogan Rebellions end, though scattered Krogan insurgent actions continue for decades. The Turians fill the military and peacekeeping niche left by the decimated Krogan.

The Citadel Conventions are drawn up in the wake of the conflict.

Circa 1200 CE

On Centauri Prime, Morell becomes the new Emperor of the Centauri Republic.

In the third year of his reign, Morell puts down an attempted uprising in the Battle of the Scoria Plains.

While returning with his soldiers to the royal palace following his victory at the Scoria Plains, Emperor Morell stops by the river Tuwain to water his dromes and rest his soldiers after the long march from the sea. While there he met Malia, a prophetess who warned Morell that a dagger would strike to his heart from near his heart and that only the crescent moon hidden in darkness would save him. Later, during a great dinner at the Palace, Morell's nephew Elfeni rises to offer a toast and Morell notices his nephew is wearing a brooch shaped like a crescent moon and hidden by the shadow of his arm. Morell calls for the Palace Guard who stop Elfeni just as he draws a blade to assassinate his uncle.

Morell returns to Tuwain and gives the prophetess Malia a tenth share of his fortune and his pledge that for as long as there was an Emperor of the Centauri Republic, there would always be a prophetess of Tuwain held in royal favor, revered and honored as the Prophetess Supreme.

Circa 1262 CE

Emperor Morell commissions the building of an ornate carriage as a gift to his wife Celina. Shortly after she went mad and hanged herself from the highest of the palace's four towers.

On Shir-Shraba, the Hyach pass religious laws making it immoral to intermarry with the Hyach-do.

Circa 1350 CE

The Turians are granted a seat on the Citadel Council in recognition of their service in the Krogan Rebellions.

Circa 1400 CE

Birth of G'Quan on Narn.

Extinction of the Ikarran.

On Centauri Prime, the practice of arranged marriages is introduced to forge alliances between the Houses.

The Minbari achieve interstellar travel.

Circa 1412 CE:

Birth of Jeanne d'Arc in the village of Domrémy in northeastern France on Earth. A mere peasant girl, she will later go on to lead the armies of France against the invading the English, claiming to hear "voices from God". She is eventually captured and executed for heresy, though by the early 20th Century she would be posthumously canonized and declared a holy martyr.

Circa 1529 CE

The starship Qualthaa is shot down near Theta 49 by a Shadow Vessel while carrying a shipment of one thousand slaves from Zander Prime. A few Life Pods survived and made it to the surface where the remaining one hundred former slaves - now stranded with no way of returning home - settled and eventually established a small colony, having been seemingly forgotten by those that had kidnapped them from their homeworld.

On Narn, the Shadows, wary of the Narn telepaths and to protect their base at the planet, kill all of the Narn telepaths, extinguishing the telepath gene from the Narn genome forever.

Circa 1530 CE: The Arrival of Valen

A Minbari not born of Minbari.

As the First Shadow War nears its end, the tide of battle turns against the Minbari with the destruction of their greatest starbase and center for their war efforts. The remaining forces, their leaders dead and their ships damaged are scattered and cut off, unable to find a safe port as all other races had been turned against them and unwilling to return to Minbar for fear of leading the Shadows back to their homeworld.

Jeffrey Sinclair arrives from the future with Babylon 4, a Human space station built in 2079, and sends a message to Kosh Naranek and Ulkesh Naranek of the Vorlon Empire. The Vorlons arrive first, and using one of the Triluminaries, Sinclair enters a chrysalis, emerging later as a Minbari/Human hybrid. Sending a signal to the Minbari who send a boarding party, they are met by Zathras and are taken to Sinclair who, flanked by two Vorlons, introduces himself as Valen.

The Minbari see Valen and his station as an answer to their prayers and quickly rally around him and adopt the station as their new base. Valen first attempts to unite the Minbari Castes, but they begin to quarrel amongst themselves again, refusing to bend. Valen turns his back on them and creates the Anla'Shok: a new army that recognizes no caste lines and operates outside of the uncooperative castes. They, in turn, call him "Entil'Zha." Shamed by Valen's decisive actions, the Minbari allow him to re-organize them. He calls forth the nine, the first Grey Council consisting of three from each caste; worker, warrior, and religious.

Seeking allies, Valen calls many races to his cause, gathering them on Minbar where, just outside of the city of Tuzanor, at the peak of Mount H'Leya, he gives his holy "Times to come" speech, accompanied by a pair of Vorlons. He prophesizes the defeat of the Shadows and that they will return in a thousand years; That the Anla'Shok will arise and be instrumental in that coming war against their ancient enemy, in which the Minbari would unite with the other half of their soul. Among those to witness the event firsthand was the Tak'cha Ramde Zarwin who becomes one of Valen's very first non-Minbari followers.

The Tak'cha assault the Yolu of Pa'ri

The Yolu decline to join Valen's cause, choosing to remain neutral. The Tak'cha take it upon themselves to punish them and launch a punitive assault on their homeworld Pa'ri. When word reaches Valen of this atrocity he furiously expels the Tak'cha from the alliance and all Minbari records of their existence - save for those aboard the station - are expunged.

Circa 1531 CE

Slowly the tide of battle turns in the Minbari's favor and the Shadows are eventually driven out of all of their places and into hiding beneath Z'ha'dum where they enter into hibernation. With the war over, Babylon 4 (which the Tak'cha call "Ende X'Ton") is taken in secret to a place of rest to become a monument. Its crew never returned and its fate would remain a mystery for over a thousand hundred years.

Hurr civilization dawns on Androma.

Circa 1540 CE

The Hyach achieve interstellar travel.

Circa 1570 CE

Valen finds and marries Catherine Sakai, the two have several children. Fearing persecution they both leave Minbar with their family.

The Centauri achieve interstellar travel.

Circa 1610 CE

On Earth, Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei first observes what will eventually become known as the moons Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto in orbit around Jupiter.

Circa 1630 CE

Valen having been forced to leave Minbar passes away aged well over 100 years, though the exact circumstances are a mystery and his body is never found. His children returned to Minbar shortly after.

Circa 1670 CE

Extensive and unchecked industrial expansion on the Drell homeworld Rakhana begins taking a significant toll on the planet's environment.

The Drazi achieve interstellar travel.

Circa 1690 CE

On Shir-Shraba, a Hyach-do wanders into an encampment of Drazi who are collecting Kili grain for the Dark Moon ceremony on Zhabar. The Hyach-do asked to be taken with them but by the terms of their trade contract, the Drazi refused and notified those in charge of harvesting, unaware that it would be exterminated.

Circa 1712 CE

The Hyach-do wiped completely from the Hyach homeland.

Circa 1772 - 1789 CE

On Earth, Italian-born mathematician and astronomer Joseph Louis Lagrange discovers the stationary solutions of the circular restricted Three-body problem which become known as the Lagrangian points.

On Earth, the British Thirteen Colonies in North America declare their independence.

On Earth, the French Revolution begins in France.

Circa 1861 CE

On Minbar, the Third Fane of Chudomo is formed and begins serving with honor.

Circa 1870 CE

The first sightings of the Collectors are reported in the Terminus Systems. In Citadel space, the claims are dismissed as unsubstantiated rumors and tall tales.

1930 CE

The Vree achieve interstellar travel.

1940s CE

During Earth's World War II, the Battle of Britain is fought in the skies over Britain. An ancestor of Jeffrey Sinclair serves as a fighter pilot in the battle, beginning a long line of fighter pilots that will continue into the 23rd century.

The city of Coventry in England is destroyed by bombers of the German Luftwaffe, killing 568 civilians in one night. Theories suggest Prime Minister Churchill had advanced warning of the blitz due to the cracking of the German 'Enigma' cypher but chose not to act in order to keep the discovery secret.

After finding a temporary transitway through the Atlanti Crescent, the Vree find Earth and start to abduct Humans for scientific research. Soon, the transitway is naturally closed and the Vree cannot enter the Crescent again.

1957 CE

The first man-made satellite, Sputnik 1, is launched into Earth orbit by the Soviet Union.

1961 CE

April 12: Yuri Gagarin aboard the Vostok 1 becomes the first human to travel in space. Humanity becomes a spacefaring race.

1969 CE

July 20: Apollo 11 lands on Luna. Neil Armstrong becomes the first human to walk on Luna, and the first human to walk on an astronomical object other than Earth.

1981 CE

The space shuttle Columbia, the first human reusable spacecraft, lifts off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

1997 CE

Sojourner touches down at Ares Vallis becoming the first rover to explore Mars. During its three months of operation, the rover captures more than 550 images of the Red Planet.

1998 CE

Construction of the International Space Station begins in Earth orbit.

2000 CE

The Human astronaut John Crichton disappears during the testing flight of the space module Farscape-1.

2015 CE

SpaceX successfully lands and recovers the first stage of its Falcon 9 rocket after delivering 11 communications satellites to orbit. This represents the first-ever orbital class rocket landing and humanity's first major shift towards sustainable space travel.

Ethnic conflicts, especially in the then developed world, give rise to xenophobic and nationalistic sentiments.

2020 CE

On Earth, a group of university students from all over the world, known as the Wild Bunch and led by Gorō Mizuno and Janyu Wong, begins research on self-evolving artificial intelligence. They create the Tron Project, allowing primitive programs to evolve in a path similar to the Human in a self-contained computer network.

Circa 2025 CE

Varn, one of the last of his race is given guardianship of the Great Machine on Epsilon III, put there to hide from a violent group of outcasts determined to claim it as their own.

The Markab achieve interstellar travel.

2029 CE

On Earth, the Tron Project is shut down. However, Wong and Mizuno, transfer the evolving programs to a hidden domain on the Internet to allow them to evolve in peace.

2033 CE

The aggregation of opposing ethnic and religious identitarian movements and xenophobia leads to the various incidents that would be known as the Racial Wars. Non-European populations in Europe and White populations in Africa are a target of attacks and massacres, as well as expulsion from their countries. The Great Massacre of Paris by the xenophobic white supremacist group Les Fils de Tours and the Afrikaner Genocide in South Africa by the anti-white government are some of the most infamous incidents of those years.

The Virtuan civilization dawns on Earth's computer network.

The powerful sublight engine known as the Epstein Drive is invented by Solomon Epstein on Earth. It will enable humanity to travel beyond Earth and the inner planets, and explore the Asteroid Belt and outer planets.

A new exploration race between the great powers to explore the resources of outer space begins.

Start of the early era of Human space exploration known as the Epstein Era or the Wild Space Era

2037 CE

Lorka VII is settled by a non-indigenous race, who would later claim that they were drawn to the planet by the "The Most Holy".

2043 CE

The world is divided into two different alliances, the Western Entente comprising the United States, Canada, Brazil, the European countries, Israel, South Korea, and Japan, and the Sino-Russian Alliance, led by China and Russia.

2045 CE: Earth's Third World War

On Earth, World War III breaks out between the Western Entente and the Sino-Russian Alliance

Following the outbreak of the war, a group of thousands of Humans led by Dale Hender, Antonia Corelli, and Paxton Solo in a stolen comet-mining ship prototype for the multigenerational journey to Alpha Centauri never to be seen again.

2051 CE

On Earth, World War III ends with the victory of the Western Entente and the death of more than one billion people, mostly in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East

The new technologies developed during the war are used to rebuild Human society and the victorious nations sign the Treaty of Rio de Janeiro, founding the Terran Republic, with its capital in Geneva. The unified efforts of the Republic accelerate the exploration and extraction of resources from the Asteroid Belt which would allow for a faster recovery of Earth in the post-war period.

After seeing so much death, a group known as Immortalists, led by Mohinder Sindh, decides that Humankind's destiny is to overcome mortality and pain. They rely on technology to prolong their lifespans indefinitely. The Immortalists flee Earth the Ark, an Epstein-powered ship.

2053 CE

Armstrong Outpost at Shackleton Crater is formally founded as the first Human settlement on Luna, on the 100th anniversary of the first lunar landing.

First contact between Humans and Virtuans.

2059 CE

The eleven Virtuan city-states unify themselves under the State of Virtua.

Virtua joins the Terran Republic.

2069 CE

The Terran colony of Utopia Planitia is the first permanent Human settlement on Mars. The terraforming of Mars begins.

2070 CE

The Manswell Expedition successfully launches from Earth en route to the Alpha Centauri system with 300 colonists aboard in cryogenic stasis. Communications with the vessel are lost soon after.

2077 CE

On Earth, Sri Lankan physicist Dilith Rajapaksa discovers Subspace, a dimensional layer of reality also known as Lower Space that lies in the directly opposite direction from the more widely known to non-Humans, Hyperspace, also known as Jumpspace or Higher Space.

Humanity is the first known civilization to discover subspace, a discovery which changes dramatically Humanity's understanding of the universe and allows them to develop quickly through a technological path never seen before, deviating from the mainstream Mass Effect- and Hyperspace-based paths.

The Technological Revolution starts on Earth, with Humans developing technologies never seen before by any known race. The Revolution changes the path of Humanity forever, distancing their technology from the standards of the other races.

2080 CE:

The Immortalists arrive in the Barnard System and colonize an inhabitable planet in the system, calling it Eternia.

The Immortalists start to call themselves Eternals.

Despite its lack of interstellar travel, Humanity is a vibrant interplanetary civilization. However the entire Sol System being under the Terran authority, cracks start to show.

2088 CE:

A new element is discovered on Earth by Sri Lankan physicist Dilith Rajapaksa. The first element of the new trans-dimensional series of the periodic table, it is named Dilithium after Doctor Rajapaksa. The element would later become an indispensable element of Human technological advance.

2094 CE:

Babylon 4, the last of the pre-warp Babylon stations, disappears suddenly after completion close to Jupiter.

2098 CE: Humanity's First Warp Flight

Humanity achieves interstellar travel.

The first Alcubierre-Fujikawa Translight Drive, more commonly known as Warp Drive is built. The Humans are the first known civilization to develop a warp drive. The Terran Unified Space Agency launches the first warp-capable ship, Phoenix, capable of reaching Alpha Centauri in eighteen days, or twenty times the speed of light.

2103 CE

Humanity re-establishes contact with the Eternals after reaching the Barnard System.

The development of the Synthesizer technology, the ancestor of the Replication technology, revolutionizes Human economy and space travel.

The last nation on Earth joins the Terran Republic. For the first time, the whole of Humanity is unified.

2105 CE

Samara's three daughters are diagnosed as Ardat-Yakshi. Rila and Falere accept exile, but Morinth flees. Samara takes the oaths of the Asari justicars and pursues her errant daughter for the next 430 years.

A group of people influenced by the Works of J.R.R. Tolkien colonizes a spring-weathered planet at the Anor System, calling it Valinor. They found the city of Númenor and make Quenya and Sindarin (Tolkien's Elvish languages) the official languages of Valinor.

Humanity develops Teleporter technology and the manipulation of graviton particles to generate artificial gravity.

2109 CE

The Terran colony of Asgard is founded.

2112 CE:

Humanity achieves Warp 4.

Humanity founds Proxima Colony, at Alpha Centauri System.

End of the early era of Human space exploration known as the Epstein Era or the Wild Space Era. As warp becomes more and more common, Humanity's ship design starts to shift to accommodate this new technology. The blocky, bulky, and heavy earlier pre-warp ships that traveled between the Sol colonies are gradually replaced by new designs more recognizable to 25th-century Humans, with new saucer sections, deflector dishes, and warp nacelles.

2125 CE

With nanotechnology, teleporters, and synthesizers, Humanity begins to terraform Venus.

2131 CE

The Yolu civilization stabilizes.

2141 CE

The Minbari Grey Council stop using chairs in their viewing rooms.

2139 CE

The First Amendment to the Terran Republic's Constitution gives all Terran colonies the right of representation in the Terran Senate. However, the tensions continue, since the colonies, which are by then lightly populated when compared to Earth, are represented as equal to Earth's nation-states, instead of planets to Earth equal.

2151 CE

The terraforming of Mars and Venus is completed. Mars becomes a planet with a mostly European-like climate and Venus a tropical planet with jungles and beautiful beaches.

Humanity's first contact with an alien race, the Éonns. A peaceful contact, the Éonns tell Humanity about the old Atlanti and the history beyond the Human known space.

Knowing of the threats beyond the Atlanti Crescent, the Humans decide for developing their technology and colonizing the planets inside the Crescent as much as they can before going to contact the races beyond it.

2178 CE

Humanity achieves Warp 5.

Humanity is at a golden age of colonization, scientific development, and material abundance. They develop the Neural-Interfaces that connect them to their technology and databanks.

Humanity learns how to use antimatter as a powerful energy source. Antinopism becomes definitely Humanity's economic system, making of the Human planets social paradises.

2230 CE

Aria T'Loak arrives on Omega, a space station in the Terminus Systems regarded as the region's nominal capital. Aria is hired by the station's warlord as an enforcer and quickly becomes one of his most trusted lieutenants.

By merging Teleportation and Synthesizer technology, Humanity creates Replicators. Capable of creating any material at the sub-atomic level, replicators revolutionize the Human economy, once more. The ability to create new particles and new materials that do not exist naturally is a great advantage to Humanity. They create hard metals like Duranium, Tritanium, and Transparinum, as well as artificial particles like nadions, used on phasers, and even antimatter.

The Baby Boom of the 23rd and 24th centuries starts. With the better development of Humanity's post-scarcity economy and basic income system (which covered every individual), families started having more children to boost the overall income of the house. Coupled with extremely accessible and highly efficient healthcare and childcare systems and higher quality of life, most of those children would reach adulthood and repeat the cycle. This exponential growth of Human population would be incentivized by the government, keen to push its borders and to populate new worlds.

2245 CE: The Geth War

The Geth, machines created by the Quarians as a source of cheap labor, become self-aware. Fearing a Geth uprising, the Quarians begin dismantling them. The Geth revolt against their Quarian masters. In the resulting conflict, known to the Geth as the Morning War, the Geth systematically drive the Quarians from their own worlds. The surviving Quarians are reduced to living as spacefaring nomads aboard the Migrant Fleet. Contrary to expectations, the Geth do not venture outside the former Quarian systems into wider Citadel space, instead of isolating themselves from the rest of the galaxy behind the Perseus Veil. As punishment for creating the Geth, the Citadel Council closes the Quarian embassy on the Citadel, turning them into a pariah race.

2271 CE

The Geth begin construction of a mega-structure designed to house and simultaneously run every Geth program in existence. Completion of the mega-structure, which would allow the Geth to maximize their collective processing capacity, is the long-term goal of Geth civilization.

2299 CE

On Centauri Prime, the Emperor's daughter spots the first flower of spring poking up through the snow in the Royal Gardens. She orders that a Guard is to stand over the spot to protect it. The Princess soon forgets about it and the order is not countermanded until 270 years later.

2297: Colonial Wars

Tensions over political representation and concentration of power on Earth lead to many Terran colonies seeking independence.

Led by Asgard, the revolting colonies wage war against the Terran Republic.

2300 CE: Founding of the United Systems Federation

After protests throughout loyalist Human space and battles between Earth and its revolting colonies, Earth, Mars, Venus, Proxima, Valinor, Asgard, and Nova Prime sign the Treaty of Equals, ending the war and founding the United Systems Federation.

The Constitution of the United Systems Federation is established. The period of two hundred years of unprecedented peace known as Pax Humanica begins.

The Éonns are invited to join too, but they politely refuse.

Humanity had restored the Earth's environment.

2302 CE:

The introduction of many medical technologies and, especially, intrasystem nanites leads Humanity to a new biological revolution, with a lifespan of 200 years and delayed aging.

2329 CE

On Gromahr, civil war results in the release of a genetic plague. Though the Grome overcome the plague's lethal effects, it will cause each generation of females to grow less and less fertile and give the succeeding generation's skin a pitted, somewhat diseased look.

On Brakir, the arrival of the Brakiri system's only comet heralds the Day of the Dead. Many strange stories are told of that night and the comet doesn't return for another 200 years.

2330 CE

Aria T'Loak assumes control of Omega after defeating the space station's previous warlord in single combat. She mockingly bestows the title "Patriarch" on the broken Krogan, and uses him as a reminder to the enemies of her power.

2350-2355 CE

The Drell make first contact with the Hanar around this time. With their homeworld Rakhana severely depleted and no spaceflight capability, the Drell were poised for a massive population crash by 2025 CE. Agreeing to help, the Hanar mount a large-scale rescue operation and evacuate approximately 375,000 Drell to their own homeworld, Kahje, over the following decade. The remaining 11 billion Drell on Rakhana gradually perish, warring over the last reserves of food and water.

2355 CE

Humanity achieves warp 9.

2360 CE

The Narn achieve interstellar travel.

2379 CE

The Centauri Republic invades the Narn Homeworld. Initially welcomed by the Narns with open arms, the Centauri quickly take advantage of the technological superiority to enslave the population and begin strip-mining the planet's resources, which will slowly turn the green and verdant world into a dry, red, dust ravaged planet.

2380 CE

The Centauri conquer Ragesh III from the Narn. It was the only other world colonized by the Narn alongside Hylak IV

2382 CE

The Brakiri achieve interstellar travel.

The Minbari Federation sends the first of twelve expeditions into Vorlon space. None return.

2427 CE

Liara T'Soni is born.

2475 CE

The Yahg, an intelligent pre-spaceflight race, is discovered on the planet Parnack. Ambassadors representing the Citadel Council arrive on the planet and attempt to open diplomatic contact. After the ambassadors are killed by the predatory Yahg, the Council ceases all contact with the Yahg and declares Parnack off-limits.

Not long after the Yahg are discovered, one Yahg is captured for the Shadow Broker to study. With the Broker's assistance, the Yahg rapidly ascends within the Broker's organization as "Operative Kechlu". Eventually, the Broker becomes wary of "Operative Kechlu" and attempts to have him terminated, but the order is sent too late. The Yahg assumes the mantle of the Shadow Broker and directs the organization for the next sixty years.

2431 CE

The Llort achieve interstellar travel.

2448 CE

The Brakiri establish a colony on Kara, the second planet in the Brakiri System.

2456 CE

The Hurr achieve interstellar travel.

The Pak'ma'ra achieve interstellar travel

2461 CE

The Grome achieve interstellar travel.

Using Centauri technology, the Narns build their first spaceships.

The Narn achieve interstellar travel.

2466 CE

To discourage a rebellion by the Narns, the Centauri bomb seven of their major cities for six straight days, thirty-one hours a day. As a result, the Narn spend their days in underground bomb shelters, praying, sleeping, eating, and singing songs together.

2477 CE

A concerted effort by the Centauri almost crushes the Narn Resistance.

2483 CE

After 100 Narn years, the Centauri Occupation of Narn ends. The Centauri leave behind some of their weaponry which the Narn dismantle and duplicate.

2499 CE

The Drazi Freehold acquire Centauri power and drive technology from the Narn Regime which they begin retrofitting into a few select Sun-Hawks. The Drazi Freehold upgrades the Sun-Hawks by adding a ship-portable particle beam weapon to complement the standard-issue plasma cannons.

2433 CE

Humanity achieves Warp 9.8.

2498 CE: Human Exploration

On the anniversary of four hundred years since the first warp flight, Humanity explores outside the Atlanti Crescent for the first time.