A girl is standing before an pedestrian lane on an intersection, waiting for the walk sign to light up.

The girl had short black with red tips and silver eyes. She was wearing red hoodie, black skinny jeans, black and red slip-on shoes and a green calf length apron.

Her name is Ruby Rose, 18 years old and she works in a flower shop. She is current holding a potted plant that she has to deliver five buildings away.

It is a nice sunny day and she could help but smile.

Unbeknownst to her, she had caught two pair of eyes.

The first pair of eyes is from a black car. It has a White Fang Weaponries logo on the two front doors.

A young adult at the age of 20 with long black hair, golden eyes and cat ears. The girl's name is Blake Belladonna, the Heiress of the White Fang Weaponries and is the passenger of said car.

The White Fang is a company that makes and sell fire arms and weapons but what the public don't know is that they sell and trade illegal guns in the shadows all over Remnant.

She is on her way home after following and watching her father run the company. She was looking out the closed window and saw the most beautiful girl she has ever seen.

A girl with the most unique hair and shining silver eyes. What made her perfect in her eyes was the smile on the girls face that held innocence. She didn't know that she isn't the only one looking at the girl.

The second pair of eyes is from a white car. It has Schnee Medicine Company logo on the hod of the car.

A young adult also at the age of 20 with long white hair in an off centered ponytail and blue eyes. The girl's name is Weiss Schnee, the Heiress of the Schnee Dust Company and is the passenger of said schne

The Schnee Dust Company is a pharmaceutical company that sells medicine to hospitals and clinics but it also has a dark secret. It also makes illegal drugs that they distribute through dealers all over Vale.

She was on her way home after being dismissed by her father after practicing leading the company. When she looked out the closed window, she saw the most cutest girl she has ever seen.

A girl with the cutest face and big silver eyes. Weiss felt the urge to just cuddle the girl. The outfit the said girl wore suited her perfect and the final nail on the coffin is the girls smile. It held so much child like innocence.

Both cars where stopped because of the red light and both girls exited their cars, ignoring the shouts of their drivers.

They both didn't notice each other walking side by side, too focused on the girl who has her back turned towards them, as they made their way towards their goal.

Ruby felt a tingle on the back of neck and was about to turn around to look but the pedestrian walking light turned green, she held the pot more tightly and skipped across the pedestrian lane.

Blake and Weiss was about to cross but the pedestrian light turned red and cars started moving again.

Their shoulders slumped and hung their head. Both of them sighed then decided to find the girl again someday. They sighed then turned around, only to look each other in the eye.

Gold stared into Blue. The atmosphere around them tensed. People started walking faster away from them.

The public knew the rivalry between the White Fang Weaponries and Schnee Medicine Company. It ranged from simply fights to all out shoot outs.

Blake scowled then put her hands on waist while Weiss also scowled but crossed her arms. Both still glaring into each others eyes not saying anything.

After an intense stare down, Blake broke the silence.

"Fancy seeing you hear." Blake sneered.

"I could say the same thing." Weiss replied.

Another silence came. Now there is lightning as they glared each other.

"Boss!" Two voices shouted, breaking their stare down to look who called them.

Two guys approached them. One has blonde hair and tail wearing a black suit. The other has blue hair with goggles wearing a white suit.

"Ma'am, we have to go. We're holding up traffic." Both of them said in unison.

Both Heiress's looked behind the two and saw cars lining up and some of them are honking repeatedly.

Both got embarrassed and went back to their respective car not before sending a glare to each other.

Ruby returned to her flower store after making her delivery. She opened the door, triggering the bell above and went to a counter.

She started the store because she and her late mother enjoyed gardening, so she decided to make it her job, hitting two bird with one stone.

After putting the money into the cashier, she heard the bell ring and saw someone walk in.

She moved to greet the customer only to be pulled into a bear hug.

"Surprise Ruby! Did you miss me?!" A voice she know said.

Ruby managed to get free and saw a woman with wild blonde hair, wearing yellow kimono business casual.

"Yang!" She said then hugged Yang. "I missed you! I thought you weren't coming until next week!"

"Thebussiness trip ended earlier than I expected, so why not visit my favorite sister?" Yang replied with a grin.

Yang is the current Leader of the Branwen/Xiao Long gang known all over remnant.

Their mother and father were both rivals until they fell in love and united the two gangs. After both of them retired, Taiyang, their father made Yang the head of the Xiao Long while Raven, their mother, Ruby made the Branwen leader but refused.

Saying she wanted to open a flower store because of her hobby. Both parents agreed, even saying they'll support her dream making Ruby give them a hug and making Yang leader of both gangs.

"Yang, I'm your only sister" Ruby said with a playful wyeroll after breaking the hug.

"The best sister" Yang said with a smirk.

Let it be known that they are step sister but after growing up together they don't feel like step sister and abandoned that idea.

"Ren! Nora! Get over here!" Ruby shouted behind her.

A boy with black hair with a magenta streak and a girl with short orange hair, both wearing the same aprons came out of the back room.

Guy! Guess who's back?" Ruby asked.

"Yang?!" Nora asked excitedly.

"Hello Yang" Ren greeted.

"Sup" Yang said with a two finger salute.

"Ren, Man the fort cause I'm gonna spend the rest of the day with my sister." She said getting a nod from Ren.

"Yang, you know I can't yet. There are flowers need to taken care off" Ruby whined.

"It's okay, Ruby we can manage." Nora said then hugged Ren who said saying she can take a day off.

Ruby agreed then took of her apron and gave it to Ren. After that, Yang dragged her out of the store and put her sister in the passenger seat of her yellow sports car with half of the Branwen and Xiao Long symbol on the hood.

Yang got in the drivers seat, put her and Ruby's seat belt then started the engine.

"Ready for a fun filled day with the greatest older sister ever?" Yang asked excitedly turning to her sister.

Ruby playfully rolled her eyes, smiling then gave an excited 'Yeah!' then Yang revved her cars engine then sped of to spend her day with her sister.

Blake and Weiss lay on their beds, still awake in the middle of the night. Unable to get the girl they saw today.

They tossed and turned simultaneously until they get frustrated and sat up.

They both grabbed their phones and dialed a number.

After a while someone answered. "Hello, need someone found? got the details? leave a message." A pre-recorded message said. It sounded drunk but they ignored it.

"Hello this is Blake Belladonna/ Weiss Schnee and I need information about someone..." They both said.

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Another idea popped into my head.

As I said in my fanfic, Black sheep of the Schnee family, this is a one shot but if it goes well I'll update it.

I read a lot of gang/flower shop AU's but the only one I enjoyed is the one where it involved Cinder and Ruby (Won't spoil it, also forgot the title). So I decided to try making one.