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Ruby is walking on the sidewalk towards her flower shop, passing other shops, carrying drinks, hot chocolate for her, tea for Ren, and orange juice for Nora, and two boxes of various donuts for them to have for snacks.

She hummed a tune while walking. She passed alleyway then walked backwards when she saw something further inside the alley.

Three thugs wearing something that has the same color were mugging a teen with a knife and metal pipes.

The teen was shaking and hugging his backpack. The thugs slowly approached ordering him to give his bag.

Ruby sighed then looked around for a place her stuff. She saw a table with a 'Reserved' signed. She placed her stuff on it then placed the sign on top of it.

She returned to the alley and pulled her hood up to cover her face. She pulled out black gloves and put them on. Once secured, she put her hands in her pocket and walked into the alley.

Unbeknownst to her, a pair of eyes is watching her.

《 Blake 》

Blake, wearing a black and purple business suit, sat in one of the many sofas in his fathers huge office with a book in her hands and an open laptop sitting on the sofa beside her.

She isn't reading a normal book. It only had a cover to hide the real cover. She is a smut novel called 'Bullets and Rose'.

She started reading it when she saw the cover. It had a long haired girl hugging a short haired girl while bullet shells and rose petals.

She heard her email alert go off and caused her to jump and quickly closed her book.

Her father noticed that she jumped and looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

She gave a embarrassed laugh then her father went back to work

She collected herself and closed her book, placing it on the table near the sofa.

She looked at his Father who is busy reading something then placed the laptop on her lap.

She looked at the new email. She raised a brow because it was from a email address she didn't know.

She read the title and it was title: Missing girl.

She opened the email and saw a link.

She stared at the link thinking it might give a virus and get her information.

《 Weiss 》

After her talk with Wither, Weiss managed to calmed down and proceeded to do her morning routine and ate breakfast.

Now, Weiss is sitting in front of her computer, wearing a large white shirt and light blue shorts.

Weiss is using the computer to look up corgi onsies that her crush wore in her dream.

After finding no similar results, she closed the tabs and opened an incognito tab.

Let it be known that Weiss isn't a pervert, as she says to herself. She only does it for research, yes research.

She typed in the url of her favorite website and was about to press enter but her email alert went off causing her to jump and fall back on the chair.

She sat up and rubbed her head. After feeling the pain on the back of her head gone, She stood up and fixed the chair.

She sat back down and opened her email. It was from an email she didnt know but the title caught her attention.

It was titled 'Missing girl'. She looked at the title then opened it. It showed a download link.

She hovered her move above it. Thinking about the risks when she clicks on this.

《 Ruby 》

Ruby arrived at her store and saw it was open. She went in an placed her stuff and snacks on the counter.

"Ren? Nora?" She shouted.

She waited for a while and heard sounds coming from the back room.

Nora came out first followed by Ren, both their uniform is quickly and messily put on. Hair messy from rushing to put on their clothes. Both sported blushes on their faces.

Ruby look at them with a raised eyebrow. She continued to eye them as Nora started to fidget while Ren remained stoic.

"Why are your clothes and hair messy?" Ruby asked.

"Uh..Um..We.. I-i" Nora tried to think of an excuse.

"We had a rat problem in the back room and me and Nora tried to get rid of it." Ren lied making Nora sigh in relief silently when Ruby fell for it.

Ruby then opened the donut boxes and Nora's mouth watered. Ruby giggled in response and shoved Nora's favorite donut in said girls mouth.

They all enjoyed the snacks Ruby brought. After that they continued working.

"So what did you do with Yang yesterday?" Nora asked after she put down a pot.

Ruby put on a thinking pose and tried to remember the events of yesterday.

"Hmm... I remember us going to an arcade then having dinner at a fast food restaurant and then watching a new movie...and thats about what I remember" Ruby said, still in in a thinking pose.

"You don't remember anything after that?" Nora asked while watering a bush of flowers.

She looked at Ruby and saw her shaking her head.

Ren popped his head out through the back room door.

"Pyrrha said Yang called her last night" Ren said.

"What? Why?" Ruby asked, tilting her head. She knew Pyrrha is Yang's second in command and right hand woman.

"She said she got a call from Yang saying she needed to come get you guys and take you home. Pyrrha said she found you guys in a bar. Yang was drunk while you were tipsy." Ren answered.

Ruby facepalmed and groaned. She knew drunk Yang is a destructive Yang, she felt bad to whoever owned the bar and any poor guy who tried to hit on her.

She also embarrassed that she drank last night.

Ruby doesn't like any alcohol or alcoholic beverages. She prefers hot chocolate and sodas.

Yang found out that Ruby was weak to alcohol when she gave her a can when she was 15 and got drunk on the first sip.

Ruby hung her head with shoulders slumped, making Nora goggle and Ren returning back in the back room.

《 Blake and Weiss 》

After thinking of the consequences when they click on the link, they both decided to take the risk to know more about their crush.

It redirected them to a website that showed an animated crow with red eyes it cawed then the download began.

After waiting a few seconds. The download finished showing it is a rar file with a pdf and a bunch of photos.

They extracted the rar file both immediately opened the pdf file.

It showed a 3x3 picture of their crush smiling. It made their heart beat faster when they saw the smile.

'What a beautiful smile' both of them though dreamily.

They scrolled down and saw a bio.

Name: Ruby Rose

'So thats your name, Ruby Rose, it suits you' Both of them thought.

Age: 18

Address: 12th floor Sun Dragon apartment, Beowulf street

Education: Hand picked by the Head master to attend Beacon University early. Graduated at the age of 17 with honors.

'Hand picked?! Impressive' Weiss thought smirking.

'Wow, not only beautiful, you're also smart hmm' Blake thought.


Mother (Deceased)

Father (Deceased)

Older sister (Deceased)

'You still smile even without your family/when your all alone' Blake and Weiss thought sadly now knowing that their crush is an orphan.

Occupation: Owner of a flower store called 'Crescent Rose'Both girls giggled about how their crush's name and her store is coincidental.

'No know affiliation to any gangs know.'

Both girl smiled widely when they found out she isn't affiliated from any gangs.

Both of them read the rest of the bio then looked at the sent photos.

Suddenly, their face became red as their crush's hoodie.

They found a picture of Ruby at the beach, wearing a red frilled black bikini top with a matching red frilled black skirt.

It showed Ruby's toned body. Both their eyes scanned Ruby's body over and over again.

After a few minutes of starting, they went to the next image, only for their eyes go wide and jaw drop.

'HOLY-!' They didn't even got to finish their thought as they passed out because of their massive nosebleed.

On their laptop/ desktop screen showed a photo of Ruby laying down, with her top undone while reading a book, sunbathing. It showed her side boob because the photo was taken from behind Ruby.

After waking and cleaning up, they saved the photo and thanked whoever took it and the info broker they called, promising a hefty tip as payment.

《 Ruby 》

Ruby and Nora sneezed at the same time, the former feeling she wanted to hit someone and the latter felt chills run down her spin. They both heard a muffled 'bless you' from Ren and returned back to work.

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