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Root Damn It!

Noble Phantasms - Prologue Chapter

Claiomh Solais - The Sword of Virtuous Light

Type: Anti-Unit

Rank: C to D- (Normal) / B (Broken Phantasm)

This blade is a double-edged sword that is roughly one arm's length, with a small silver hilt and a small plumage of pale yellow feathers around it, with leather wrappings around the handle and runes on it. When activated, the blade glows with a bright light that can strike down average demons

A blade that typically appears in Irish stories and folklore which talk about a hero compelled to complete three tasks to be proven worthy of his skills, it belonged to Nuada Airgetlam who was the first king of Tuatha De Danann, and considered to be one of the four treasures of the country. Being more of a ceremonial weapon that deals with storytelling, its purpose as a weapon of war gets severely diminished, rendering it a little more than a glorified dagger. Its main ability is to light up in the dark to fend off creatures of dark nature. Its effectiveness is severely diminished when facing off stronger opponents, even Avenger could defend against it if given time to do so. Its strength however gets stronger if the user gets help from his aide, usually a female given the nature of the stories where the female would be able to find the weak spot of monsters.

As a Broken Phantasm, Shirou uses it more as a cross between a stun grenade and incendiary grenade, the bright light blinding those around it and the blast taking out a large number of enemies.


Sutr - The Flaming Sword of Jotnar

Type: Anti-Army

Rank: A+ to B-

A double-edged blade roughly the height of a full grown man, with red runes on its handles and adorning the edge. The hilt has a single red ruby that shines brightly when it senses danger to the user, and it has a light veneer of gold along the center of the blade. When activated, the runes on the blade would light up before covering it with red flames with tinges of yellow and black.

Despite its name, it is NOT the true blade of Sutr, rather it is the essence of him and some of his kindred forged into the core of the blade. During the waning years that led to the end of the Age of Gods, Sutr sent out waves of his essence that could be detected by anyone with a hint of Prana within to store them within, eventually settling for a blacksmith who was known for creating unusual blades for the people. Fueled by the visions of Sutr and his kind, the man strived to forge the blade to placate them. Upon its completion, Sutr poured a better portion of his power inside, making a safeguard if ever he needed to resurrect himself should the Age of Gods survived. But after his death, the blade got passed on to others, never fulfilling that purpose.

Being a weapon holding the essence of the giants within, this is a weapon that could take on multiple Dead Apostles and even a couple of the Twenty Seven Apostles, provided the user is proficient enough to wield it. Having the essence of the flame giant itself, it can incinerate almost everything in its path, but if pitted against other flame-wielding creatures, it has a fifty-fifty shot of winning a fight.

=====Author's Notes=====

So as stated in the chapter 'Meeting with Higher Powers - Part 2', I had planned to create a separate book to hold supplementary notes about Noble Phantasms, Sacred Gears and perhaps the profiles on the different magus or original characters that come into my story. For the time being I will be placing in all the Noble Phantasms I had done in the previous chapters before adding in the latest ones and the Sacred Gears. After that I might add in the Original Characters information. Should I do those in TV Tropes format? XD

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