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Root Damn It!

Noble Phantasms - Phoenix Down

Sunō-Buros Samu - The Snow Blossom Dagger

Type: Anti-Personnel

Rank: B+

A small dagger with a simple brown leather shethe, with a small white gem encased within the silver hilt. On the blade itself, there are japanese words that reflect its origins.

The origins of the blade are shrouded in mystery as there is not much to go on. Some debated that the blade gave rise to the story of the "Little Matchstick Girl", others suggested that it was a mere fairy tale that may have fallen out of history and only resurfaced as a separate story all together. What is known is that it involved a japanese servant girl who tried to sell firewood for her family in the middle of winter, with a dagger by her side to keep her safe and a memento of her late grandmother. No matter what troubles came her way, she remained pure of heart and refused to take a life of another. She was later taken in by an aristoucratic family and got married to one of the lesser sons. In her lifetime she helped others in any way she could, and thus the dagger she held became a family heirloom passed down the family to a girl of pure-heart.

The main abilities of the dagger focused on the principle of protection, and the strength depends mostly on its user. The more pure-hearted the user, the stonger the power of its defensive barrier which takes the form of tiny snowflakes that surround the user in a tiny bubble of white aura. If the user tries to hurt someone with it, the dagger will automatically freeze the user into solid ice and shatter the body completely to avoid bloodshed on its blade.


Brahmā Kā Caimpiyana - Gauntlets of the Champion of Brahma

Type: Anti-Unit

Rank: B+

A pair of metal gauntets adorned with Hindu decorations and ancient scriptures. The knuckle portion is reinforced with metal bands for added protection. When active, the metal portion and scriptures will glow brightly to the point they resemble gold.

In a relatively unknown part of Asian history, a few of the Indian Gods were having problems with Asura, who would often rampage and disrupt the lands, polluting the area with his unruly aura and unintentionally the minds of the people, making them extremely bloodthirsty and constantly seeking battles. In their desperation, they tried to send in their best warriors to contain the situation, only to lose them to the same bloodthirstiness. Finally, one relatively unknown farmer boy took up arms for Brahma and took on the soldiers, eventually stopping Asura's rampage and forcing him to retreat. The relatively humble gauntlets he put together for his battles thus became a Noble Phantasm associated with Brahma's champion.

The gauntlets have the ability to enhance known traits of the user while increasing the attack and defensive capabilities. For a regular human this would be more than sufficient, but in the hands of a magus or a Dead Apostle, the gauntlets would boost their abilities tenfold. Depending on the user, other traits would get stronger.

When Shirou uses the gauntlets, they would boost his trait of Sword / Steel, transforming his entire body into a type of "blade-mail", with the added bonus of him able to use any of his swords as a base to add attributes to his body, such as dragon-slaying or flame enhancement.


Svalinn - The Shield that protects humanity from the Sun's Wrath.

Type: Anti-Fortress

Rank: A++

A Norse shield of intricate design, it is roughly the size of a full grown man's torso, with old Scandinavian text around the circumference of the shield. In the center of the shield, a man's face represents the sun with his hair flaring in the form of sun rays. In the place of the eyes, dark red gems are embedded.

As the object of some of the most known poems for Norse Mythology, its fame arises from the ability to protect the earth from the sun. The multiple defensive spells placed on it are made in such a manner that they feed off excess energy from one another, in effect creating a stable loop of power that does not get wasted and at the same time enhancing their own abilities, most helpful when facing off a flame creature, as the spells would only get stronger the longer it get exposed to a higher grade of firepower.

=====Author's Notes=====

Here is the next note of Noble Phantasms, from chapter 3. Sacred Gears should be coming soon, so for those with questions regarding the swords Shirou took from Kiba or Hell's Trident, be patient.

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