Chapter I: The Complex

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Remnant is home to Four Kingdoms: Vale to the South, Atlas to the North, Vacuo to the West and Mistral to the East. These small beacons of hope in the darkness are insignificant in comparison to the overreaching darkness that claims most of the world's five continents. This large amount of land and sea outside of the protection of the Kingdoms goes by a simple name that strikes fear into civilians and Hunters alike: The Blight. Life is twisted, light is dark, shadows live and the living die where the Blight touches. Worst of all, the Creatures of Grimm roam unchecked in this terrible place that may as well be a whole other world as far as the Kingdoms are concerned.

On the easternmost continent where the Kingdoms of Vale and Vacuo called home, thousands upon thousands of miles away from either of them on the southernmost point lay a building of cold steel. This complex lay within thick walls that rose high enough make even a Goliath seem small with not a dent in their frame, despite plenty of scorch marks coating various parts of it. The only entrance was a single section of the wall that would lift up to allow the entrance of people and caravans.

The complex itself had a multitude of buildings within, all made of the same cold, grey metal without any dents nor decorations. Every door was thick, tall and only opened electrically from the signals of a large tower that lay in the very center of the compound. It might have been tallest of buildings there if not for the towers at each of the four corners of the already titanic wall. Each of these were cylindrical with a large Dust cannon mounted on the very top, the tower itself actually being the silo that contained all the Dust for each particular weapon.

There was one particular building, however, that was the largest in term of how much ground space it took in the complex. A caramel-skinned girl with mint-green hair tied in a ponytail walked right up to it. She couldn't be more than fifteen years old, though had such an confident and commanding aura as she walked to said building, you had to assume she was either high in the chain of command or very important to the complex. Her red eyes looked forward, ignoring anything and everything else around her. She wore a short, olive top that exposed her midriff and a pair of brown chaps over dark green pants. She also wore a pair of plain, dark brown shoes and white, half gloves.

"Ah, Ms. Sustrai!" One of two guards in front of the building announced as he finally noticed the girl. The second guard, who had never seen the teen before looked skeptically at her as his partner saluted the verdette. She crossed her arms beneath her developing bust as she noted the man she hadn't met before not showing her respect. "Cobalt!" The first man hissed. "Do it!"

The man looked between the two, before sighing and mimicking his partner. The teen smiled as she walked past them, through the open door. "Cobalt, you're suicidal! That's Emerald Sustrai, Number Seven's handler!" The second man widened his eyes upon hearing that and swallowed.

"That little girl is strong enough to keep one the Wights under control?" Cobalt whispered, getting a nod from his partner. "First that blonde and puppet boy and now this teenage girl? Why are these people so young…?"

Ignoring the two men as she walked through the hallway, Emerald smiled to herself. With everything that slave driver Overseer has had me doing, I haven't been able to visit you in such a long time, Fuu. I hope you and your other family have been doing well. Her smile changed to a curious frown as she heard a strange noise in the background. Following the noise, she eventually came to an indoor training area not dissimilar to the arenas used in tournaments between Hunters. The room had one side that was set up to mimic a desert with lots of stone cliffs while the other was a miniature mountain that rose several dozen feet high.

"Alrighty, you two!" A voice rang out in the exact center of the training ground, catching Emerald's attention as she noted three teens - two her age and one just two or years younger - standing. The speaker was a boy with spiked, blonde hair with a pair of yellow fox ears poking up at the zenith on either side. His eyes were crimson with slit pupils and would have been menacing if not for the wide smile on his lips void of any anger or hatred. On either cheek, there lay a trio of whisker marks as well. He wore a dark red shirt and black cargo pants, a pair of black boots and a black, ankle-length trench coat with flame designs around the edges. Behind the boy, nine fox tails the same yellow as his ears and hair swished with white tips. Lastly, the blonde had a necklace with nine Grimm mask shards on it, each one fashioned into a magatama. This was the boy Emerald knew as Naruto Uzumaki, though to most he was simply Wight Experiment Number Nine.

The boy to Naruto's left was the youngest of the group, only twelve while everyone else was fourteen. He has short, red hair with a pair of raccoon ears atop his head. His eyes were green with black markings around them, furthering his resemblance to the rodent. He wore a brown cloak over his body, though a light brown shirt and pants could be seen below it, as well as a pair of sandals on his feet. On his back was a large, peanut-shaped gourd with blue markings and a cork at the top. Behind his was a large raccoon tail that wasn't solid, sandy brown with blue markings instead of the normal designs however. Around this boy's neck was a magatama pendant made from a Grimm mask shard. This was Gaara Sabaku, also known as Wight Experiment Number One.

The last member of the trio was the only female among them. She had the same caramel skin as Emerald and the same shade of hair, though it was shoulder-length and loose, with an orange bourette in the left side. Her eyes were a dull orange instead of red, which was a side-effect of her experiments. Atop the girl's head were a pair of antennae that twitched every so often, but remained mostly straight and upright. She was wearing a white top that criss-crossed in the back and detached sleeves with a sleeveless, mesh undershirt beneath the top. She also wore a white skirt that was slit on both sides to reveal mesh shorts beneath it. The verdette had a set of six beetle-like wings on her back and a seventh protrusion roughly the same size and shape of a wing in the very center of them. Finally, she had a necklace on with seven magatama crafted from the shards of Grimm masks. This was Fuu Sustrai, Wight Experiment Number Seven.

"So, are you two ready?" Naruto asked as he looked between the two. Gaara nodded as he reached up and pulled the cork from his gourd. Fuu mimicked the action, removing the lid from her tube after nodding. "Then let the battle begin!" The blonde jumped back away from the two just in time to avoid a stream of sand from Gaara's gourd that slammed right into Fuu.

The winged girl inhaled and let loose a scream that shook the building, scattering the sand from the sheer force of her voice before taking flht and hovering a few feet in the air. Gaara rose his fist up, the sand following suit and attempting to blindside Fuu. It was unsuccessful, however, as she maneuvered around it quickly. From her tube, a black and white cloud emerged along with a cacophonous buzzing. The cloud was revealed to be a large hive of wasps that flew at Gaara as quickly as they could.

Spotting the new danger, Gaara sent his sand for the threat and crushed the cloud in a larger cloud of sand, loud squelching announcing hundreds of dead insects at once. While Gaara had been preoccupied, Fuu shimmered momentarily before disappearing as her skin and clothing began to blend in with the surroundings. The Raccoon-like boy realized this and stayed still, his animal ears twitching. "Your camouflage won't hide you from my ears, Fuu." He stated emotionlessly.

"They've been training really hard to master their powers, you know." Emerald nearly jumped as the voice came from beside her. Turning, she noted it was Naruto. "The rules of this spar make it so they can only use Semblance and Tailed Powers as well as their bodies to fight. Fuu relied too much on her weapons so Gaara has a distinct advantage here."

Emerald nodded as she looked at the blonde, specifically at his swishing tails. These three and six others in this building were known as the Wights, nine experiments created as weapons. Originally each one was a normal human, though their uniquely strong Aura made them of interest to the group that owned his Complex.

Each of them had been modified on the genetic level and were now partially human, partially Faunus and partially Grimm. Their tails were an important indicator for power as each Wight was infused with the energy of between one and nine Grimm species; Naruto had nine, Fuu had seven and Gaara had one. Each tail also gave the Wights access to all the abilities of that Grimm species. With the sheer power the nine Wights held, they were perfect weapons. There was just one minor hiccup… the genetic experimentation had side-effects, ones that made each Wight unstable mentally.

"My little sister does rely on Chomei a bit too much, you're right." Emerald conceded. "But that won't stop me from believing in her." Naruto grinned at the girl as she said that. "What?"

"Nothing. Fuu's just really lucky, you know? Gaara too. If I had a sibling I'd want them to be my Handler as well." Fuu looked at the ground when he mentioned Handlers. Each of the Wights was assigned one or two individuals to keep them grounded and from escaping.

"Don't worry, after today Handlers will be a thing of the past." Emerald whispered, though she knew Naruto's sensitive ears would pick it up. "And all of you will have a normal life. We're a family, Naruto. Fuu sees you as a brother and that's good enough for me." Naruto smiled warmly at her words even as an explosion shook the entire building, stopping the spar. Gaara recalled his sand into a cloud around him and Fuu grinned widely.

"I'm calling a draw in this round, you two!" Naruto announced to his fellow Wights. Gaara looked dissatisfied at the outcome but Naruto ignored it. When they landed, the ground gave a small tremor until a crevice opened up between the quartet. Rising from the gash in the landscape was a duffle bag.

Gaara opened it and pulled out a silver khopesh, though its straight edge extended past the curve of the blade as a rifle barrel while the hilt had a trigger. This was Shukaku.

Fuu took out her own weapon. At first glance it appeared to be nothing more than a seven foot long staff. Fuu's canister buzzed with energy, however, as a swarm of Hercules Beetle flew out and surrounded the tip. After a short time, they flew back into the canister, though Chomei, the weapon, now had the head of a partisan. The spearhead itself added another foot to the weapon while the protrusions on either side were sharpened and flared out until they curved into the tip on each outer edge.

When Naruto grabbed Kurama, it seemed to be nothing more than a simple dagger. This didn't last long. Something surrounded the weapon but nothing surrounded it. Kurama's shape was distorted but also seemed to stay the same. The air rippled and light seemed to be swallowed within the area around the dagger as its form both distorted more and seemed more stable. Finally, the rippling ended with a snap as Kurama held a new form. Instead of one dagger, it was now in the form of two, forest green revolvers. Naruto adjusted something and blades unfolded themselves from beneath the barrels, causing them to appear more like sickles than guns.

"Oh? That's quite the compliment, Naruto. Is there a particular reason you chose Scarab?" Emerald wondered as an identical weapon was held in her own hands. "I thought you might have gone for something like Son Goku in this situation, honestly." Naruto grinned as the doors to the arena they were in opened.

"I thought the versatility of Scarab might prove most useful in this fight." He responded as another explosion rocked the Complex. Looking at the doors, the quartet was presented with Naruto's own Handler as well as a group of security officers. Naruto's Handler had gravity-defying spikes of grey hair and dark eyes. His face was mostly covered up aside from that though, a mask extending from below his shirt up to the bridge of his nose. In addition to that, he wore a green vest, a dark blue, long-sleeved shirt and a pair of matchings pants. In his hand he held a tanto that was glowing white with Aura and sparking with Lightning Dust.

"We have intruders, you three get to your stations." Gaara seemingly had no response to the order, looking over the group of twelve or twenty with less warmth than ice as he crossed his arms. Fuu was abuzz with energy in a metaphorical sense while her canister was abuzz with activity in a very literal sense. Emerald had a smile on her lips that you couldn't quite tell was anything but genuine. Naruto… he had a grin so wide it was a wonder it didn't split his face in two.

"Of course, Kakashi." The blonde responded as he began to walk over to the group. "Nothing would please me more." As the four walked towards the group, several things happened at once.

First, Emerald activated Scarab's kusarigama form, giving several of the security officers grave injuries. There wasn't really any telling who was who with them, since they all wore the same uniform. Black shirt, black cargo pants and a Grimm mask over their faces not unlike the White Fang. This was the Complex's elite guards and black ops division. In the native tongue of Mistral, where most of the individuals in the Complex originated, they were the Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai, ANBU. In Common, they were the Special Assassination and Tactical Squad, SATS. Most people just referred to them as the Watch though.

Second, Kakashi – who likely was expecting this from the get-go – made to strike Fuu, who had been in the rear. She didn't move, but it was unnecessary as Gaara's sand rose up in a wall that protected her from both the strike and the voltage. Where the blade touched, however, sand became glass.

Third, the entire room shook as Naruto tapped into his Semblance, Six Paths to Divinity. Another crevice opened up in the room and several members of the Watch dropped in because they weren't ready to react to it. When the two groups separated, Kakashi was left with seven followers while the Wights and Emerald were perfectly intact. "I should have guessed a Wight wouldn't have any sense of loyalty." Kakashi commented coldly. Naruto shrugged.

"I mean, you know, when you suffer dozens of experiments at the hands of an insane snake, things tend to get a little loose. Sanity, loyalty, commitment, I think those were lost to me concerning whatever this organization is. Though, I do think I have plenty of the last two when concerning my family."

Kakashi chuckled, falling into a stance with his tanto. "I don't know what family you're talking about. We found you in an orphanage and they practically gave you away. You don't have anything like that." The blonde didn't say anything; he just grinned. Auras flared on both sides but nobody moved.

Kakashi jumped forward, but suddenly backpedaled as something else rose from the crevice. He may have been quick enough to evade, but others weren't so lucky. A large mass of ooze and slime revealed itself, consuming two of the remaining ANBU. There wasn't even a scream, it was so fast. The slime soon began to take a roughly human shape before its grey-bluish pigmentation altered to something more… familiar.

Utakata was a man with brown hair that reached his shoulders, a portion of his bangs covering his left eye while an ahoge stuck up in the back of his head as well as two slug-like antennae. Portions of his chest were exposed thanks to how loosely he wore his light blue kimono, which was tied with an orange obi. Hanging from his obi were a pair of revolvers, though he didn't touch either one. Lastly, around his neck was a necklace of six magatama made of Grimm mask shards and six slug-like tails that erupted from beneath his kimono and seemed to be constantly perspiring. "What was that about us not being a family?" Utakata wondered in a cheerful voice, though his expression didn't quite match it.

Kakashi cursed as Wight Number Six showed up. Looking at the men he had and the threat he was facing he grimaced beneath the mask. "We're retreating. Don't think this means you'll win though. We will make you pay for betraying us." Naruto just grinned at the man as his former Handler left along with five ANBU of the original twenty or so. After they left, the blonde sighed before looking at Utakata.

"You came, Utakata. I thought you were still on the fence about the escape?" The man looked at the Wights and Emerald before smiling lightly.

"How could I allow my little brothers and sister Wights to go into the world alone? You will need some help and Dust knows you can't expect Bee, Han or Roushi to be much help. I don't want Yugito and Yagura to be the only positive influences on you three… though I can't but hardly call those three a positive influence. Yugito is far too eccentric and Yagura is… Yagura."

"I'm glad you decided to join us." Emerald stated. Utakata regarded her a moment before smiling. "Is there something wrong?"

"No, I think that everything is just fine. It seems I can have some hope in humanity after all. Not everyone is so malicious as to wish death and imprisonment to strangers, so I think that that's something great. Everything is just fine." Emerald looked at him oddly before shrugging. Utakata always was an odd one. "Now, what do you say we get out of here?"

With a grin, Naruto activated his Semblance once more. This time, he touched one of the concrete walls. In an instant, it seemed to split in two. In actuality, this was a part of his Semblance he called The Hungry Ghost Who Consumes. He was actually consuming matter that lacked an Aura and converting it into his own Aura reserves, just as he had done with the ground before.

As it opened up, the quintet were able to bear witness to a scene that would have terrified most. Instead, it only gave a grim sense of satisfaction to the Wights. Bodies littered the ground; blood painted the pavement; once proud buildings lay as mounts of rubble. The Wights had struck their prison and turned on their captors. Naruto shifted Kurama back into its base state, tucking it into a scabbard on his waist.

The wall that these people thought was impenetrable had large holes in it all along the perimeter, from what the group saw. With all the death and despair, the group knew that Grimm would come quickly. They would be long gone by that time though. This… was the day they were waiting for.