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Conquest 8.5

Paige stumbled back with first Taylor, then the other girls started screaming. They all fell back to the floor of the lower level, convulsing violently.

"What did you do?" Paige shouted. She laced power into her words. "Tell me what did you do to them?"

Harry Potter spun and slashed down with his hand. An invisible force pushed her against the floor.

"I know you care about your friends, so I won't hurt you," he said. "But if you try to use your power on me again, I will render you unconscious."

My God, he doesn't even sound like Harry! Paige thought desperately.

By the time he finished, the screaming had stopped. Harry turned and Paige lifted her head to look as she saw the five girls climb to their feet. Her breath caught in her throat when she saw a brilliant, almost painful white light emanating from their eyes.

"Harry, my love, what did you do?" While it was Lisa's lips that spoke, the voice sounded like a chorus of a million women all speaking at once.

"My goodness, this body is beautiful!" That was Aisha. "However did you manage to get a supermodel to do the ceremony?"

"Ladies, we have no time." That was Taylor, though again it sounded as if entire nations of women spoke through her. "The Beast is coming. Your hosts memories are within you. Know what they know. Harry, we know what we must do. Are you ready?"

Before he could answer, the ceiling overhead began to glow a bright gold.

"He's arrived," Harry said.

"Good timing," Stephanie's body said.

"The timing, as with all things, was intentional." That was Contessa, only like the others her voice sounded like a chorus. "If Harry Potter entered this realm at any other time, the Beast would have destroyed the world immediately. It always had to be this way."

"My loves, it's time," Harry declared.

The ceiling of the building, which because of Harry's magic could have withstood nukes and Endbringers, melted like so much butter before the golden beam of Scion. The monster himself floated above, his face froze in an expression rage.

Abruptly, Harry and the five avatars of his history were gone. Paige, suddenly free, scrambled to her feet and ran to the switching cabinet.



Eidolon tried not to resent the fact that Glaistig Uaine wasn't even winded from the two hours of straight fighting up the eastern seaboard. He was exhausted, physically and emotionally. He couldn't even guess at the millions Scion killed, though every time they managed to push the monster past a city without destroying it he considered it a win.

Only the efforts of he, the delusional Glastig and the last of his Endbringer seeds was all that kept Scion from burning Washington, D.C. off the map.

When the Endbringers ran dry, Spector teams came to put up a constant wall. He wasn't sure what Coven's plans were, but for some reason Contessa's arrival there convinced him there had to be a plan.

So, he fought with all his might beside the mass-murdering cape who gathered the powers of those she killed, or who died. Even as he watched, she harvested the powers of those cape Scion killed, getting more powerful even as Eidolon himself grew weaker.

Chevalier's voice pinged in his ear. "We can't hold the line, we've lost too many capes! Fall back!"

Below, Brockton Bay beckoned.

"'Tis time for the play to begin, is it not, High Priest?" Glaistig said. Though she was easily thirty years old, she looked like an adorable, blonde child of twelve. It was disturbing at best.

"We need time to regroup," he said. "Go, I'll try to hold him."

"Without your disciples, you cannot," she said.

Alexandria settled the discussion. She blasted by both capes like a gray missile and flew straight at Scion, just like she would Behemoth or Leviathan.

Golden light bloomed. The strongest brute in the world didn't even make a sound as her body vaporized. Eidolon stared at the spot where she died, trying to process the loss of a woman he'd known for over twenty years.

"Huh. You know, I never did like her."

Glaistig laughed even as she harvested Alexandria's power.


He backed off, retaining flight and teleportation as well as a shielding power. He could only wield three at a time when not controlling Endbringers, but for a retreat those three were ideal. He flew backward quickly as Glaistig sent her shadows against Scion to buy the retreating capes a few seconds.

It was too late, though. Eidolon didn't even realize they were over Coven Gardens until the golden beams shot down into the steepled roof of the original Coven building. The air around the building shimmered with magic that held the golden beams at bay for longer than anything Eidolon had been able to come up with.

But even that magic was not enough. The magical protections collapsed. The beam blasted away the top levels of the building entirely and immediately started on the floor below. In seconds, it too was gone.

Eidolon switched his teleportation power out for magnified vision. What his power relayed was a naked Harry Bailey, and equally naked Taylor Hebert, Lisa Wilbourn, Stephanie Schneider, Aisha Laborn and, of all people, Contessa herself.

She is a fine-looking woman, he couldn't help but think to himself.

Scion raised his hands to strike, but instantly all six were gone. They reappeared in the air around Scion, somehow fully clothed in long, flowing robes of various colors. Bailey, Hebert and Contessa all wore red and gold robes. Wilbourn wore blue and silver, Schneider wore yellow and black; and Laborn wore green and silver.

They began to spread out from each other, shimmering as they did so, until before Eidolon's enhanced eyes they began to multiply. Only…only they were not the same women. He zoomed his vision further and saw different faces on each of the women that were appearing. They continued to spread out from each other, floating in mid-air, until Eidolon began to see a pattern.

They were englobing Scion.

The monster raised his arms and unleashed the golden beams. Those in the beams path shouted a single word that Eidolon could not make out, and a shield appeared that somehow held the unstoppable attack at bay. Still, more bodies appeared, spreading now across the sky in a giant globe.

He sank back down to the top of a nearby skyscraper. Glaistig landed beside him, while other capes who survived the desperate rear-guard action joined them. Glory Girl, in her Spector uniform, stepped forward.

"What's going on!"

"It's Coven," Eidolon said. "I don't know what the plan is, but I don't want to get in the way of it, either."

"Who are all those people?" Glory Girl demanded.

"I don't know."

Eidolon switched his shielding power out for a thinker ability. At a glance he identified over a hundred thousand women now. Between the Thinker power and his enhanced vision, he knew with certainty that every woman was unique, though all of them wore the same five colors as the first to appear. Nor were there any men, just Bailey, and…now two hundred thousand women forming a giant globe.

Within, Scion unleashed more than his golden glow. Having fought the bastard non-stop for two hours, Eidolon knew that Scion had every power, with no limits on usage. He fought with gravity and dimension and exotic energies beyond the most powerful Tinker's wildest dreams. He saw portals to other worlds open within the globe, only to stutter closed again under the combined power of a quarter million women and one man.

Suddenly, in a chorus of voices that rang out so loudly glass chattered through the city, the globe of women and Harry Bailey spoke as one individual in a chorus of a million voices.


Suddenly, everything was different.

Eidolon zoomed down with his vision and replaced his thinker power with augmented hearing. What he saw were Harry Bailey and the five original women standing at equidistant points on their plaza around Scion, who stood on the ground with an expression that Eidolon could only describe as confused.

In front of him stood a new woman. She was dressed in a form-fitting lavender suit, with dark blonde hair pulled up in a bun. He couldn't see her face from his angle, but she stood looking at Scion without apparent fear.


Eidolon stumbled. Around him, other capes collapsed or clutched at their heads. Even Glaistig Uaine looked pained. A tear ran down her cheek as she stared.

"Rest." The woman's voice…hurt. Just like the mental blast from presumably Scion that made their brains rattle in their skulls, the woman's voice made their ears burn. Eidolon switched his enhanced hearing to a brute ability.


An impossible amount of meaning echoed though the signal that Eidolon's brain interpreted as a word. It wasn't a word, though. It was thought and feeling and pain and a cacophony of sensations that brought tears to his eyes.


Like the mental barrage, the audible barrage of the woman's voice carried more meaning than any one word could carry. In Eidolon's mind he sensed ideas of rest and company and contentment.

Whole libraries of information was being passed between the two beings below that Eidolon, even with all his powers, could never have comprehended. Around the two, Bailey and five women stood still, as if waiting.


Pain and anguish. Loss and rage. A longing for something beyond comprehension of reach.


Welcome and love and forgiveness.

Scion dropped his arms, his expression still confused.



Abruptly the sky over their heads dimmed. Eidolon fell back and felt his stomach drop.

"Oh fuck me," Glory Girl whispered.

Glaistig Uaine wept.

The sun was blotted out by a giant cloud of scintillating, impossible shapes all folding into each other.

"Oh God, I recognize that," Glory Girl whispered.

"It is our father, the god of the fairy, as he truly exists," Glaistig whispered. "I have seen him in my dreams."

Eidolon knew that all natural triggers had visions of the seemingly infinite creature that covered the sky from horizon to horizon. Abruptly, though, there was an impossible flash of silver light, and it was gone.

He focused his vision back to the woman. She stood with her hand out, and floating above the palm of her hand was a scintillating creature that looked like a tiny version of what just covered the sky.

The woman turned around, and at last Eidolon could see her face—attractive, with a beauty mark. She actually reminded him of an actress he saw once in one of Bo Derek's racier films.

She was looking at Harry with a sad smile.

"Thank you, Harry. It was good seeing you again. Have a good life, my love."

Abruptly she was gone. Harry and the five women around him collapsed like puppets with cut strings and the strange, awesome pressure that pressed against Eidolon's brain ended.

"Let's get down there and see if they need help," he declared.

"Wait!" Glory Girl found her voice. "Is that it? Is it over?"

"It is," Glaistig said. "The play…it's over. All was…for nothing?" She rose into the air. "I must…think on this."

She popped away, borne by one of the shades of her stolen power. Eidolon switched to his own teleportation and popped down to the plaza. He quickly knelt by Bailey and slapped the man's face.

"Bailey, are you alright?"

The man opened his eyes, to reveal a different shade of green than what Eidolon knew.

"Harry Bailey's…not here," the man said. He picked himself off the ground. "I'm Potter, Harry Potter." Rather than linger by Eidolon, Potter moved to the nearest woman, Hebert. He passed a hand over her face and she woke instantly.

"What's your name?"

The woman stared up at Potter with adoration. "It's me, Harry. I don't understand it, but…it's me. Hermione!"

He rushed to Wilbourn and woke her the same as Hebert—Hermione. "What's your name?"

Lisa took a very un-Lisa breathe, shuddering as she did so. "Luna. My name is Luna. Harry, you look so young. And…oh, what nice breasts I have. What happened?"

"Give me a sec and we'll find out." He moved to Schneider and repeated the process. "Name."

The young woman blushed prettily. "Um, Stephanie. There was someone with me, Susan? She said…something about not enough space? I didn't understand it."

"That's okay," Potter assured her. He then knelt down next to Laborn, who had woken on her own.

"It's me, Aisha," she said. "That chick Daphne couldn't handle a real woman's body."

Potter snorted and looked at Contessa. She, like the others, stood. "My given name was Fortuna. Ginny sends her love."

Harry looked back at Hebert and Wilbourn, who called themselves Hermione and Luna. "Why just you two?"

Hermione shrugged, then walked over, and wrapped Taylor Hebert's arms around his neck, and kissed him so hard even Eidolon blushed.

"Who knows?" Hermione said. "All I know is that we're alive. We're together. And that I love you, Harry Potter."

The others crowded around him, and Eidolon decided he had other duties to attend to.



Harry Bailey work with a startled scream. That brought Taylor up beside him, which made him realize she was naked, and beautiful. Of course, she was always beautiful, but her being naked made everything better, including how beautiful she was.

On the other side of the bed, Lisa sat up. Her pixie hair was tousled, and she had a drop of drool at the corner of her mouth, and she was also naked. And beautiful. Like Taylor, her being naked was even more beautiful.

"What the fuck just happened," Lisa said. "Why am I naked? Where are my pajamas? Why…my power." She gasped. "My power. Fuck, Taylor! Harry, my power's gone! What the fuck happened…?"

The lamp on the far side of the room turned into a bird that hooted and took two circles around the room before returning and transforming back into a lamp. Lisa rose up on her knees, gloriously naked. She was concerned, so Harry fought the urge to touch.

"What the fuck was that?"

"Felt like accidental magic," Harry said.

Taylor rolled out of bed, moved to the center of the floor, and closed her eyes. "I can't feel any bugs at all," she said softly. "But…I feel something. Harry, but also…"

Harry blinked, and looked from Taylor to Lisa and back again.

"You're witches," he said, voicing the only thought that came to mind. "Like all of Potter's brides. I was dead, and you were consumed, but how…how…"

Abruptly they were not alone. A woman stood in the middle of the floor. She was beautiful, blonde with an oval face enhanced by a beauty mark on the lower left corner of her mouth. Harry remembered her from his memories.

"Amanda," he breathed.

She smiled at Taylor, then Lisa, before she stepped to Harry and leaned down until they were eye-to-eye.

"Hello, Harry Bailey."

He drifted to his feet; Taylor and Lisa on either side. "You're…we…did we win?"

"Scion is gone," Amanda said. "At peace. Now that I have been summoned, I can undo this terrible mistake, and no more worlds have to suffer for my sin. And I could only do it because of you. Thank you, Harry. And you, Taylor, and you, Lisa."

"We were…dead," Taylor whispered.

Amanda smiled at them all. "Then consider this your deus ex machina ending. After all, I am God. And this? This is your well-deserved happy ending. Make the most of it."

Abruptly she was gone, which left Harry standing between a naked Taylor and a naked Lisa. More importantly, he could feel them in a way he never could before. He could feel their burgeoning magic rubbing sensually against his own, and he could feel their desire rising.

"Did God just set us up as a threesome?" Lisa said, flabbergasted.

"I think so," Taylor said.

"God is great," he said with a grin that threatened to split his face in half. "And I'm pretty sure the monorail is still working."

Lisa made a show of thinking about it, one hand to her chin, while very deliberately elevating her perfectly pert breasts in the crook of an arm.

"I don't know, that's asking a lot. What would we get in return?"

"My everlasting love and affection?"

"That was worth just seeing us naked together," Taylor pointed.

"I'll clean the toilets for a month!"

"You can do that with a spell, Harry," Lisa pointed out. "Hell, once we learn how, we'll be able to do that too. Do better."

"Unlimited foot rubs for the rest of your lives," Harry said. His grin turned sappy and he could feel his eyes getting moist again. "Unlimited neck and back rubs for the rest of your lives. Unlimited tickle fests and food and love and kids and anything and everything either of you could ever ask of me or that I could ever give you is yours. Forever and always, amen!"

Lisa looked to Taylor, who returned her gaze with a slow, steady nod.

"Okay," Lisa said.

Harry gaped. "Really? I mean, now, really?"

She took his hand, as naked as the day she was born, and pulled Taylor close by too.

"Are you going to stand there talking, or are you going to teleport us to your stupid monorail so you can have your wanton way with us?"

"Oh, fuck…"

The three disappeared before he finished speaking. Their door opened and Harry Potter walked in with Hermione and Luna both holding his hand while wearing Taylor and Lisa's faces.

"This will work," Hermione said. She kicked the door closed and started stripping with desperate urgency. "It's been billions of years since we made love you to, Harry Potter. You'd damned well be worth the wait!"


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