He's gone he's really gone. Eric had left three weeks ago and im here still crying at his departure, but not because I didn't see it coming its because I did and I didn't want to talk to him or tell him seeing as I also want to join dauntless for my own reasons and the fact that I need to escape my faction. Its only a year wait so I'll be fine I hope, my stomach gurgles and before I know it I'm hugging the toilet seat clutching it whilst my breakfast leaves through the same way it entered, I get up, way too quickly and I am shaking; I don't know what just happened to cause this wave of nausea but I think its the things I'm trying so hard to bury. My mum and dad come home from work, my mum is the epitome of Erudite in her royal blue uniform which consists of a light blue shirt, dark blue blazer with a matching long skirt which stops just below the shin and my dad was a dauntless born which I am certain where we get our dauntless streak from but he doesn't seem as if he was a dauntless except from the tattoo he has which is placed on his tricep and is the solar system which I always loved but never understood why he has it. I myself am not as beautiful as my mum or sister with my long unruly curly hair which tortures me but I love it, its as dark as my eyes which are as black as the night sky. My skin is tanned because of all our camping trips to Amity during the summer and I'm smaller than average but hey great things come in small packages. I met Eric when I had to escape from my classroom because I didn't want anyone to see me breakdown from a bad memory and as I ran to the toilets I ran into him and he was really strong as he didn't move an inch and I guess was getting ready for Dauntless and he asked me if I was okay and we became quick friends, until he asked me out and we got together. Before he left we had an amazing night to which we both lost our virginities and as inexperienced as we were I loved every second of it. My mum called up to tell me that dinners ready and when she burst into my room to shout at me shr must've noticed I felt like shit because her stern and hard features softened and something in her eyes changed as she came up to me and asked "what's wrong?", "I'm fine now I guess but I vomited just a few moments ago and I was cold and tired so I wanted to lie down for a bit." She felt my forehead and since there was no fever or burning up that I might have just caught something small. We were about to have dinner when the sight, smell and the thought of meat made me retch and holding my mouth and just like before I was holding to toilet seat like my life depended on it and vomited up what ever my stomach could scavange as before emptied my stomach. When I was done vomiting up nothing I made my way back to the dinner table, upon entering my dad was chuckling and got out, "Thats like your mother before we found out she was pregnant with Maya and Isaac." This statement made me freeze thinking about the fact that I was late for my period and I was obviously letting this show on my face as it caused my mother who was bringing in the jug of water say "what's wrong, you look like you've seen a ghost." I ignored her and my fathers laughing as I sat down to eat the things that I could without throwing up again which turned out to be a few pieces of bread and salad but my parents didn't further question me. Before I went to sleep I texted my best friend Katelin to demand that I meet her tomorrow because i was panicking and she quickly replied 'usual place?' To which I typed 'YES!'. I turn off my phone and go to sleep ready for tomorrow.