In this story, there will be elements of the following: One Piece, Fate/stay night, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Assassin's Creed, Bleach, Percy Jackson, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Ghost rider and Naruto.

Yes, I know. It's a lot.

Most of these elements, apart from One Piece, will only be present in original characters, with minor references to names and/or places in the shows, movies and/or books.

I do not own anything, but the original characters.

"Are you sure of this? The world may not be ready for our return."

"I am sure, old friend. While it is true that the world we left behind may not be ready to see us again, it still needs us."

"Well, I fer' one'd be glad t' be going back t' sea."

"As am I. I have missed being surrounded by Father's domaine."

"Me be going back? Me no wanna go back, Nee-chan!"

"Don't worry, Little sister. I'll protect you!"

"As will I, Little Tiger."

"Then it is settled. Let's go."


Long ago, a girl was born from two mortals who had prayed to the gods to give them a child. Two of them answered. Ares, god of war, and Aphrodite, goddess of love.

Her hair was black as coal, her skin cream in colour and her eyes as radiant as gold.

As she grew, so did her body count.

Her first kill was her mortal mother, she died bringing her into the world. Her second kill was her mortal father, he died teaching her how to use a knife. When she was older, she became an assassin, the best in the world. A man came to her from another realm, telling her of the way his world was kept at balance, and gave her the Sky of his world to look after.

She was the first of them:

The Assassin.

A thousand years ago, a girl was born on the coldest island in the world, on the longest night and under the moon full.

Her hair was as white as the snow that fell on the island, her skin just as pale and her eyes the colour of the moon.

They said she was born with the blessing of the moon. The blessing of Artemis, goddess of the hunt.

From the moment she could walk, she would run. The first time she picked up a bow, she hit the target dead on. The first time she went into the woods, she returned with a dead deer.

She was the second of them:

The Archer.

900 years ago in the void century, the god of the sea, Poseidon, had his first and only daughter.

Hair as black as the night sky, streaked with pure silver and later dark blue, skin tanned and eyes as green as the sea.

As this young girl, a demigod, grew up, so did her beauty.

The ocean was her playground her entire life, same as the trident her father gave her, made of seastone, celestial bronze and stainless steel. She traveled the world, always looking for new ways to train, always looking for new knowledge learn.

She was the third of them:

The Lancer.

800 years ago, after the void century had ended, the first pirate set sails from a small island in the East Blue.

She had been born with hair as red as fire, skin kissed by the sun and eyes as green as emeralds.

The sea had always called to her, and she had answered its call.

During her journey, she and her crew picked up a cursed treasure, damning them to an immortal life, the curse only visible under the light of the moon. When she and her crew finally broke the curse, The World Government had caught up with them, capturing her men just as they had broken the curse.

As she stood on her ship, her crew captured on the enemy's ship, begging her to leave the ship the enemy was about to blow up, she spoke the words that would forever inspire others to follow in her footsteps, becoming pirates.

"I will ne'er abandon me ship nor will I e'er give up me freedom! That be why I set sail, t' be free! A Pirate be somebody who lives life by th' laws o' th' sea, somebody who be ne'er tied down by th' rules those with th' most power has set! Go! Be free, I'll warrant ye! Sail th' seas o' th' world and live a life without regrets! For that be what bein' a Pirate, be about!"

She was the fourth of them:

The Rider.

700 years ago, a girl was born on an island populated only by women.

Her hair was was of a rich purple colour, her skin a healthy pale tone and her eyes ice blue.

From the day she was born, she was an outcast.

She was always fascinated by magic, blessed as she was by Hecate, the goddess of magic. As she grew older, her powers in magic grew too. Alas, the people of her home did not see her as the kind soul that she was, and banished her from the island.

She was the fifth of them:

The Caster.

Long ago, in a different world, a girl was born on the day of a demon attack.

Her hair was as red as blood, her skin a light tan and her eyes a beautiful cerulean colour with three whisker marks on each cheek.

When she was born, a demon, the same demon that had attacked that same day, was sealed inside of her.

From that day on, the people of her village, the people she was protecting from a demon every day, would try to kill her, until they finally succeeded on her tenth birthday..

She woke up in a place called soul society.

She quickly became a shinigami, a death god, working her way through the ranks of the military like system they had. She became captain-class in only 100 years. After 500 years of being a captain, she was finally killed on the battlefield after an intense battle with her enemy, dying in the arms her lieutenant.

She was the sixth of them:

The Saber.

500 years ago, a girl was born into a noble family.

Her hair was a dark pink striped with electric blue, her skin pale and her eyes bright blue.

When she was five, her loving parents died and she was given to her uncle.

Her uncle had locked her in the basement after a week of her living with him, stating that if she was to live with him, she would have to pay her due. When she was ten, her mind having broken beyond repair after five long years of abuse, she became nothing more than a mindless animal driven by an insatiable hunger for human flesh.

Her uncle had come down one day, after two weeks of giving her no food, apart from a devil fruit that had only broken her mind even more than it already was, only to see her, free of her bonds, not even getting a chance to scream before she was on him, ripping out his throat to feast on his flesh.

She was the last of them:

The Berserker.

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