A/N A short one. My first fic. A missing scene between season 4 and 5 between Sara and Jacob . The night he proposed to her 3 -4 yrs before Michael re-appeared. This was also inspired by an ET facebook interview with the lovely SWC about season 5. Of course, I don't own Prison Break . I wish I did!

This is how I imagined Sara's reaction.

Jacob found her in the kitchen. She was sitting at the kitchen island, head bent over a cup of tea , her hands wrapped around it. She didn't look up when he came in.

"Not exactly the type of reaction I expected when I proposed an hour ago."

Sara looked up at him with a serious look on her face. The overflow of tears imminent. She tried to fight them.

"Don't take it personally Jacob. I was just …..surpr-"

Jacob cut her off . He smiled dryly "You just walked out."

He sat down on the stool across from her.

She looked up and at this point the tears were falling. She wiped them and sniffled using some tissues to dry them. She looked up at him. "It just feels like a betrayal Jacob. I don't expect you to understand. "

"You can't betray someone who is dead Sara. I know you still love him. I know we haven't been … intimate because of that. I know you don't want to forget him. Sara. All I am asking is a chance to give you guys some happiness, some normalcy. You and Mike, you deserve that."

She sighed. God she wished she could turn back time . She would have begged Michael to let them both die together in that prison in Miami Dade. She wouldn't have to face this…..whatever this was. It wasn't what she wanted. It wasn't waking with her Michael everyday, going to bed tangled in his arms. It wasn't what she wanted. But here she was, alive , lonely without her Michael and some days she feared the sadness would be too much. She feared she would never get out of bed, never feed or take care of her son , their son….because of the sadness. He needed someone else there. Someone making sure he was fed and taken care of. This decision would have to be about him.

She cleared her throat, stood up and looked at him determinedly " I will be Sara Scofield

'til the day I die. I will wear his ring always and Mike will never call you Dad. Can you live with that Jacob?"

He had turned away when she said it, his back to her. She couldn't gauge his thoughts for a second. Then he faced her, something was there, in his eyes….she couldn't tell. It wasn't sadness or regret, or even anger. It was … triumph? He smiled and walked over to her, hugging her . She just let him.

The end.