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Sesshomaru: A Feudal Fluffytale


Day 14: Entry 241

Campbell's Chicken Noodle – possibilities……

Day 14: Entry 242

I'm at the abandoned warehouse by the docks and I've got Naraku tied up in a chair, with a single ceiling light spotlighting him like a suspect on Law and Order. X3

The beginning music of that show makes me think of the weather channel. .

Day 14: Entry 243

"Spill your guts about the shampoo, or else I will spill them for you." I said.

"Do you really think you've gotten me so easy, Sesshomaru? I have summoned demons and they'll be surrounding the building in a manner of seconds, waiting for my signal to tear the building and you apart. As we speak, Kagura and Kanna are getting into position for escape tactic code: "Dock warehouse". And Inu Yasha's team is hot on our trail and will soon create so much ruckus that I will have more then enough opportunity to escape!"

Day 14: Entry 244

"Actually, Naraku. I already paid those demons off with crack cocaine. And I paid Kagura and Kanna off the same way since they are whores. I paid Kagome cocaine too cause she's a school girl whore. Her deal is to lead the others around on a jewel shard hunt and convince her low IQ friends that you got away again."

The rafters creaked as the wind blew outside.

"Oh." Naraku said. "Well in that case, I'm screwed."

Day 14: Entry 245

Muwahahaha. Got this snowflake right where I want em'.

"Are you going to sit there and make idol threats, or are you going to tell me where you hid the shampoo?"

"Go ahead whip me, beat me, make me bleed, you'll never get me to sing!1!"

Tch. He'd like that wouldn't he?

Kinky-sex-lovin' Freak.

Day 14: Entry 246

"Rin! Bring me the keys."

Rin came skipping over with the keys on the magic eight ball key chain. The damn thing doesn't even work well. TT You shake it, and the message dice lands on its edge. Gay.

Day 14: Entry 247

"Have fun, Sesshomaru-sama! Rin will go get some ice cream!"

"No ice cream till you finish your cigarettes, Rin!"

I am SUCH a good parent.

Day 14: Entry 248

"Where's the shampoo, Naraku?"

Hey, that rhymed. O.o

Naraku just glared at me and said, "Your mama."

The rafters above moaned in anguish as several of my lovely brain cells died.

Day 14: Entry 249

What are the keys for you might ask?

Well they are for opening the trunk of evil torture devices.


Hopefully you asked, or else how would the story have moved along?

Whether or not you asked, I opened the trunk anyway – so there.

Day 16: Entry 250

Okay, it's been 36 hours since my last entry.

I had Jaken set up three televisions and hook up 3 VCRs. I timed him too, the longer it took, the longer I would repeatedly kill him and bring him back to life later with my swords.

Anyway, since then, Naraku has been forced to continuously watch the movies Glitter, Herbie Fully Loaded, and Son of the Mask. These three movies by themselves make even rin want to slit her wrists, but when played at the same time, they are a tri-factor from hell.

He has one of those things on his head that force his eyes to stay open, so Jaken has to go in there and put eye drops in his eyes every few minutes or so.

Using a pair of headphones and a good stereo system, Naraku has also been forced to continuously listen to Celine Dion's greatest hits.

And if that isn't bad enough, he is also being fed a mixture of Red Bull and mouthwash three times a day. We never really stopped to consider whether or not Naraku has bowel movements. Although if he did, he more then likely would have taken a dump on Inu Yasha's face a long time ago…

Rin has been giving him a manicure and petacure, and now she's getting ready to paint his nails. I'm not really sure how this is supposed to help, but it keeps her occupied.

Day 16: Entry 251

After 40 hours I checked up on him. I paused the movies, turned off the sterio, and Rin put away her Nail varnish.

Tcha. He had drool running down his chin.

Funny, yet disgusting.

At least he's emotionally drained.

I asked him if he had had enough, "Are you ready to tell me where the shampoo is or do you need more time to think with-" I help up a CD, "- Barbara Streisand?"

Naraku gurgled and spasmed.

I wasn't sure what the hell that meant.

"Blink once yes, blink twice no."

He blinked once of course. Not even that Kagome chick can handle Barbara Streisand.

Day 16: Entry 252

I turned off the movies and read my astrology sign while waiting for Naraku to regain his motor skills.

"Leo will have to make a difficult decision today."

….that's really retarded. Who writes this shit?

Day 16: Entry 253

Naraku coughed and moaned, "Lobster bisque."

I guessed that meant he was ready to spill his guts about the shampoo.

Rin poured a bottle of water on his head.

"Alright, alright! That's enough!" Naraku barked.

She stopped pouring then looked at the water bottle. "Oops. Gotta go refill it." And she skipped away.

Day 16: Entry 254

"Well, then. The shampoo."

Naraku managed a weak laugh that he still tried to make sound evil. "Even if I tell you where it is, you'll never be able to get it."

"That's fine. I'm sure that another three days with the directors cut of Brokeback Mountain, you'll get around to telling that too."


Day 17: Entry 255

Who'd of known the shampoo was hidden there? O.o

My hair looks and feels more fabulous then it has felt in days.

Don't tell anyone else I wrote this but…..


I'm a happy Shesshy.

Yus I am! Teehee!

Tell anyone I wrote that, and I'll clean your clock….

And it won't be cleaned with pinesol or anything fresh like that.

Day 17: Entry 256

With Inu Yasha and his possy gone, my shampoo in it's rightful place, and Naraku properly dispensed of in a trash pit somewhere, we can go on vacation to Osaka.

I have no idea what's in Osaka. I just picked some random city name that popped into my head. I don't even know if Osaka has even been named "Osaka" yet. Whatever.

Day 17: Entry 257

"Sesshomaru-sama! Come quick! You've got to see this!"

Ho shit, don't tell me you've started your period. TT

I don't think I'm ready.

Day 16: Entry 258

Good news – she didn't start her period.


"Look, Sesshomaru-sama! Kittens! Captain Fluffy pants had kittens! Rin is a grand-mommy!"

Day 17: Entry 259

Oo wtf?

Day 17: Entry 260

"I'll call you Funken Wagnells; cause you're so adorable!"


"…..I'll call you Happy Mc Funbags; I'll call you Chopin Chopadopolis, I'll call you Whippet Shmoo; I'll call you Tippe-kyo-kya ….."


I'm frightened right now. .

I'm just going to end the journal now. O.o

But if you didn't already know…

I'm the prettiest character here. . ;;;


Well, that's the end and stuff. If you don't like the ending, you can write a new ending or continue a second journal for Sessy-pie… Just remember to send me a link if you do, m'kay?