Summary: One second, he was Luigi. The next, he was Mr. L. As time goes on, he questions himself. Who is he? Why can't he remember anything? Why does he love a hero he should hate? Mr. L treads a dangerous path as he gets closer to the truth. Will he remember himself before it's too late? Lmentio. Prequel to SBG, but can be read alone. Rated T for language and a (brief) lemon.

A/N: This is a one-shot that I wrote for art class. (We have Journal assignments every week. Apparently, they're supposed to be more visually artistic, but I didn't know that at the time so there.) This is short and to the point because my art teacher only has so much time to look over every entry, check it, then move on to the next student. I also made some minor edits so it flows better. I could continue this, but only if you guys love it enough.

EDIT from 5/20/18: Okay, I think the first fourteen chapters are fine now. Aside from one last short round of edits in which I add chapter titles, you should expect the story to stay the same from now on.

Disclaimer: Luigi, Mr. L, and characters here belong to Nintendo. The plot belongs to me! :)

Chapter 1: Green Thunder

Luigi was stuck at Castle Bleck with a girl he didn't know, two traitorous goombas, and more behind them. He was almost out; he knew it. He just need to get past these enemies and find the exit...

"Ok guys, new agenda? Hold this fool down so I can get his priorities on track," The girl told them.

"YES, MA'AM!" They cried. Then at least five enemies surrounded him and hoisted him up.

Luigi cried out. "Wh-Whoa! Hey! No! Mario, where are you!? HELP!"

The girl walked up to them and lowered her glasses. Electricity coursed through Luigi's body. He cried out. "That hurts! Stop!"

"Do you swear your loyalty to the count?"

"N-No! Stop, please! I'm begging-!"

"Oh great. Another fighter. No matter. Everyone gives in eventually," She muttered. The blue girl did it again.

Luigi cried out in pain. Images danced in his mind. Going on adventures with Mario. Eating cake with Peach at her castle. Fighting Bowser. His memories faded until all he could see was lightning and all he could hear was thunder exploding in his head. Green thunder...

The man in green froze. He was silent for a few seconds. And then, "Hail...Bleck."

The girl in front of him nodded. "Very good. Put him down." The creatures around him did as she asked. He stumbled a bit. "Now, what is your name?"

He spoke in a slurred voice. "L...Thunder..."

"Ha! Pipsqueak over here doesn't even know his own name!" One of the goombas cried. The others laughed.

The girl shushed them. "You'll walk it off. Welcome to the team, Mr. L. My name is Nastasia. If you have any questions, all you have to do is ask."

He had plenty of questions, but he was too tired to sort through his mind and ask any of them.

She scanned his outfit and frowned. "Hmm...You'll need a change of wardrobe. And a nap. Sound good?"

He nodded slowly. "Y-Yeah. Sounds good..."

Nastasia told the others to return to their devices and left the hall with Mr. L. "Do you have any memory from before you were here?" He shook his head. "Hmm."

The pair were quiet after that. Soon, Nastasia stopped at one door. "You can stay with Mimi until we find a room for you." Then, she opened the door and poked her head in. "Hey, Mimi? New recruit!"

A small green girl with pigtails was jumping on her bed. She hopped off and walked to them. She wore a huge smile. "Hey, there! I'm Mimi! What's your-?"

Mr. L walked past her and crashed on the bed. He soon fell into a deep sleep.

Mimi looked at Nastasia, confused. She shrugged. "What can I say? Brainwashing burns out the very strongest the most."

A month or so later, Mr. L was working in the garage on a giant machine. It was shaped like a man's head. His head, to be precise. He was almost finished with him. His pride and joy.

"How's it going, L?" A voice asked from below.

Mr. L glanced down. Nastasia was staring up at him. She wore her glasses, business shirt and shorts, and magenta hair in a neat bun. He smiled. "Hey, girlie. It's going fine. Brobot is coming along nicely!"

He jumped down from his ladder. His previous green shirt and blue overalls were gone. Now, he wore a black jumpsuit with golden buttons on his chest. He also wore a red belt, green bandanna around his neck, and most importantly, a dark mask over his eyes. Mr. L even made himself a new dark green cap with a reverse L on the front. The man in green was glad he took Nastasia's advice to change clothes. He looked and felt a lot better. "Need something, dear?"

Nastasia shook her head. "No, just checking up on you. You seem to be handling yourself alright though."

She turned and walked away. Mr. L was about to let her leave when he remembered something. "Wait, Nastasia!" The assistant turned around. He looked down. "I was, um, wondering if I could face the hero this time."

She raised an eyebrow. "I don't know if you're ready for that yet. You're still new."

"But everyone else has faced him! Why not me? I'll even bring Brobot! Please?"

Nastasia thought for a moment. "I'll ask the count. In the meantime, work on your fighting moves. Finish your robot. We'll see, 'kay?"

Mr. L smiled. "Okay! I won't let you down! Hail bleck!"

The woman left the room. He grinned even more and kept working with a special kind of zeal. "You think you're so tough, hero? Well, you're not. The Dark Prognosticus will ring true and you'll fall. The Green Thunder strikes like lightning!"

Mr. L meant those words. He believed them with all his heart. So, why did they feel wrong to say out loud or even think? And why did a tiny voice inside his head whisper, "Mario?"

Fanfics written because of school: 2 (The first being A Patch of Blue because of a school club)

Headcanon: Mr. L's catchphrase, "The green thunder strikes like lightning!" and his own nickname, "Green Thunder" comes from when Nastasia hypnotized him. That's what he saw once his memories were wiped.

Headcanon: During his stay at Castle Bleck, Mr. L would have a feeling that something is not right, but wouldn't know what. He would usually just brush it off. Sometimes, he would wonder about someone named "Mario."

So, if I were to continue this, it would probably be Mr. L's side of events from the game and some of his dreams of being Luigi. But only if enough people want it. If not, that's fine too. I'll keep this a one-shot.

I hope you liked this.

-Colorful and Free