The air was cold, yet the wind was still. Hermione knew that he only warmth she would receive at this time was by holding Dracos hand.

Hogwarts was a wreck. The students were like emotional, sluggish zombies, especially the Ravenclaws for some peculiaur reason. Not only was the weather actually terrible, but the dementors on the perimeters were even more of a devestating tragedy. Although,A
momentarily feeling of love, and forgiveness filled thegrounds, as Harry Potter, Ronald Weasley, Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy walked together into the Great Hall.

Knowing that Malfoys father had recently been sent to Azkaban Prison For Accused Witches And Wizards, most students (the Ravenclaws claim to have started this 'conspiracy') believe that Harry knew what it was like to lose a father, so in a positive vibe
/of emotions invited Draco to sit with Harry and his 'gang'.

"So where would you like to go during free time" Questioned Hermione "I need to catch up on my revision at the library?" Hermione added,pleading to go up to the library to study, and revise, and study... "we can always go down to thenlake? "Ron
suggested, Hermione glaring furiously at him " it'll be cool and stuff..." "that sounds great" Draco said. Hermione turned over, to find Draco sitting behind her, and instead of frowning she smiled, as Draco did back. And so they went,and set
off to the ominously gargatuan lake, not minding he stares they caused as they casually strolled out the door.

Th lake was a mistful, shimmery blue. Vibrant fish of many colours swam carelessly under the surface of the water, as a gigantic tentacle swept under them dangerously. They sat down, and stared at the dementors, who stared back deviously. "Probably plotting
/where the best place to kiss a first year is" Ron added, his words smothered in disgust. "I mean, I under stand why they're doing it, to prevent death eaters from coming to Hogwarts and stuff" Draco looked down in a sad remorse, but Ron continuedanyways,
in a reassuring voice "but it's not like they will or anything! Just thought they should you know, maybe use a stronger shield charm?" Draco looked at Harry, and Harry nodded with reassurance and exceptance.

Draco learnt thatday, that he really shouldn't hang out with people who treat him miserably, or who drool all over him, for he learnt that this was his group of friends, and that he loved them dearly, especially that bushy brown head girl next to

Discussions went on with the night (Hermione continuously mention S.P.E.W.) and soon enough the sun was setting, but none did they care. The pupils were soon surrounded by a deep absence of light, staring openly into the fabulously shining stars.

"Well, I think I'll be going - to the common room" Harry said in a low, tired monotone. "Oh! Sure!" Hermione said as she stood up. The air went still, and Hermione stopped dead in her tracks. Turning around, the three boys noticed seven large, gnarly
/man staring down at them, a wicked, menacing grin spread across their faces. "What do we have here?" The man out front said, his dreadlocks covering his face. Although dirty, the four could still make out an evil, maybe even homocidal grin

on his face.