Hermione was back at Hogwarts, but it wasn't the same. Hogwarts was destroyed, and Hermione quickly realised that it was one of Dracos memories from the battle of Hogwarts. Hermione turned, and found Draco Malfoystanding behind her, sulking. So

she stood there,watching him, as he stood there, explosions going off behind him. Quickly enough, Draco raised his wand cautiously, so it was pointing at Hermione. For a second there, Hermione actually thought that Draco was going to kill her,

/but then she went backto her normal senses, and spun around. About ten feet away was a red head boy with his back turned to Draco. A single tear rolled down Dracos face, "Bomabarda!" Draco yelled, and the concrete wall behind the red head boy

collapsed, trapping him. A yell of pain erupted from the boy, as Hermione checked to see who was trapped, and quickly realisedwho it was by the laugh he was giving off. It was Fred. "You will never kill me Draco, I will forever live on" hewhimpered
/as Draco came closer "just make it quick" he said, a single tear rolling down his face. "I'm not afraid of you" he said, and Draco raised his wand. And with one painful, powerful word, Fred Weasley, had died.

Horror struck, Hermione jumped out from the pensive. "No..." she whispered, taking a step backwards. The memory was still swimming around in the silvery substance. " Draco..." she said, taking another step back, but someone was standing behind her. Draco
/Malfoy towered above her with his astonishing height, and looked down at her. Draco Malfoy had watched her watch him killing Fred Weasley. "Draco, you- I-I-I " Hermione tried to speak, butstepped backwards. Draco stepped forward

"Hermione, please -just" scared, Hermione took a leapback. "You killed Fred" she said indefinitely. "I didn't mean to, I had too" Draco said, but Hermione shifted backwards once again. "You killed Fred" she repeated. "No, please, I didn't,"

Draco explained, and tried to put his arms around her waist, but, for sixth time, moved backwards. "I-" Hermione ran.

She ran through the manor, past painting asking her where she was going, listening to the footsteps getting closer and closer of Draco Malfoy catching up to her, to her pounding heart, to her breath getting faster and faster. She ran through a part of
the manor she hadn't seen before. A gorgeous ballroom, polished fabulously. She ran through the open doors, out to the garden. Hermione ran aimlessly into a maze. The maze was long, and slender, for Hermione could only see what it looked like fromthe
window in Dracos isolated room. "This is sure to lose him" she thought. Hermione heard Draco call out her name, but none did she care. Hermione turned left and right and left and right, until she met herself at a dead end. Hermione faced the vinecovered
wall, Draco was coming closer. She turned around, stepped forward, but she couldn't. Something wrapped around her torso, high on her legs and around her neck. "Devils snare!" She thought. And she let it pull herself back ontothe wall.

A few minutes later, Draco turned the corner, and found Hermione suspended it he air, with devilsnare wrapping tightly around her torso, high on her thighs (to support her weight supposedly) on her low chest, her neck and around her mouth likea
binder. She couldn't move is what I'm trying to say. "Oh m'ione" Draco cried. "Please, I didn't mean to kill him" he said. "Fred and George... I'm so sorry... I- Ron, he was so upset... I-I needed to keep you safe. To protect you, I had to.." Draco
stopped, his cries muffling his voice. He stepped forward,closer to Hermione, pulled out his wand, and began to cut the vines, starting ather neck. Draco seemed to find it very difficult to cut it, but he did. He then went to both wrists,
and sliced the vines off whilst he put his hand gently on Hermiones hand. He then cut around her waist (which Hermione thought he enjoyed) on her thighs, chest, and finally around her mouth. Hermione fell to the ground. "M'ioe, I know you won't forgive
me" Draco said. The sun began to set. "So I'm gonna go get Harry and Ron, alright? Go to the fig tree, They'll meet you back there" but despite this, Hermione replied, with "but they'll kill you". Draco smiled, two tears trailing down his face.
Draco stepped closer to Hermione, and very deeply kissed Hermione. After seconds he backed away."I know" he replied, and he grabbed Hermione hand, and made their way back out of the maze.