"They say opposites attract. You don't have to do this if you don't want to.."

"Seriously? You idiot... All I know is that I want to be with you."

Meet poppy King, the girl with the annoyingly bright pink hair, and wearing multicolored silly bands around her wrists. Now despite what you may think about poppy, the ever so sweet and kindly girl, she's actually a vampire. She honestly doesn't want to hurt anyone, and that's where her morals differ. See, different from other vampires, Poppy sees value in all life, and refuses to harm another. However, her life is about to change in an even bigger way.

Meet Branch Oak, the polar opposite of poppy. He's the gloomy kid wearing a simple hoodie and carrying a heavy backpack. He's quite the debby downer and he likes being left alone. He has never really been the social butterfly like poppy. It's hard not to like her. Branch is a werewolf, a rare and powerful creature. While vampires are numerous, werewolves are quite few in numbers. Branch turned because he is a seventh son, and has been dealing with his curse during the course of his whole life.

And this, my friends, is where our story begins.

Poppy skipped along the sidewalk leading to her new high school. She still felt a bit nervous, even though she has switched between many different schooling programs before. The girl made her way towards the building and gently pushed open the door, fumbling with a map in her hands, "Now where is the office..." She quietly asked herself.

Branch walked towards the school building, his hands in his pockets. He was a new student as well, and didn't know what to expect at this new place, but he certainly didn't expect it to be all cukcakes and rainbows, that's for sure.

As he walked through the doorway, he noticed a girl who he assumed to be a student here. Not wanting to have part in the whole "I'm new here" conversation at the moment, he walked past her without saying anything, looking around for where the office was.

Poppy glanced up from her paper for a moment to see a boy walking by. She didn't know what about him, but he felt kinda... Off? She didn't know how to explain it. He didn't smell like human at all. He actually kinda stank. 'Maybe he just stinks really bad...' She thought.

She scrunched up her nose in obvious disgust and went back to looking at the tiny map, realizing she'd been holding it upside down the whole time. She laughed a little nervously in embarrassment, even though no one was around her to care. She then located the office and started walking in the direction of it.

"Okay, Poppy, This is okay.. You've done this before, no need to be nervous. You can do it!" She mentally encouraged herself and kept walking.

Branch, having eventually located the office, waited at the desk for the woman behind it to look up from her computer, tapping his foot impatiently. Eventually he coughed loudly, causing her to look up and get his attention.

"And what can I help you with, young man?" She said, smiling sweetly. The kind elderly lady adjusted her glasses to get a better look at the youth.

"Well, I'm new here and I just need my-" Branch spoke, only to be cut off by someone else entering the office.

"Oh geez I hope I'm not late..." Poppy sprinted over to the desk. Papers flew by as she ran past. she was careful with her speed, as to not expose herself to the humans.

she practically cut in front of branch, not seeing him at all in her peripheral vision.

"Hello, can you point me to the guidance counselors office?" She asked the lady kindly.

"I'm new here, and she wanted me to come early today. Something about a 'new kid support group"

"Um, excuse me?" He tapped on her shoulder. "I happened to be here first," Branch said, irritated. He crossed his arms, tossing an angry look at the pink haired girl. Although he could've just listened to the front desk woman's answer and followed her directions, he was angry that someone had the nerve to cut In front of him, I mean, he was a powerful werewolf for Petes sake! He wasn't going to be pushed around by some stupid human girl.

Poppy turned her head around, looking over her shoulder. "Oh my gosh I am so sorry..." She said genuinely, turning around to face him. "I just kinda ran in and I was so focused on not being late that I didn't even notice you..." Branch rolled his eyes as She kept talking about how she was sorry.

Suddenly, a tall, lanky woman walked into the room. "Ah! Both of the new students are here! Perfect! Please follow me into my office." Poppy followed behind the lady, letting out a sigh of relief as she walked past branch, who still looked pretty ticked.

Branch trailed behind the tall woman, still angry but kind of regretting snapping at the other student. The lady led them to her office, gesturing for them to sit down in some of the chairs. "Here at Trolltown High, we organized this support group to welcome new students and make sure they'll be able to get around the school!" She said over enthusiastically. 'Sounds stupid.' Branch thought to himself. The other girl seemed to be enjoying it, though.

Poppy gasped with delight, smiling. She'd never done something like this before!
"My name is Ms. Verionica von Chef, but please, call me Ms. Chef. It is my job here to make the students here feel welcome." She grinned. "That's why I'm setting up a buddy system of sorts, that way, You two will have a peer when you see each other in the halls! who knows? Maybe you'll even become friends-"

Poppy's smile grew wider. "Awesome!" She interrupted, waving her arms around wildly.

Branch sank into his seat, his arms crossed. The more that this Ms. Chef described it, the dumber it sounded. All he wanted was to just go to class, but nooo, he had to participate in this stupid program and buddy up with someone he didn't even know! "So, can I go to class now, or what?" He said, rudely.

"Have some patience, kid." She spat in a flat tone, making branch uneasy. Her change of tone went on and off as fast as a light switch. "Why don't you spend the day getting familiar with your surroundings and introducing yourselves?" She said between gritted teeth. Poppy didn't seem to notice the change in her voice.

Poppy quickly shot her hand up, flailing it around. "Ooh, ooh, me first!" She said with enthusiasm. "I'm Poppy!" She introduced, holding out a hand.

Branch held back the urge to roll his eyes. "I'm Branch," he said, his voice lacking the enthusiasm that Poppy's had. At least she seemed nice. It was certainly better than being partnered with some random jerk. He ignored her hand.

So, she took it by force. Poppy reached out and shook his hands. For a girl, she had a surprisingly strong grip.

"Nice to meet you Branch!" She said, still with a genuine smile. It was pretty clear that she wasn't faking the introduction or anything. She was determined to make friends!

Chef smiled a little, noticing how well the two seemed to get along.

Branch reluctantly shook her hand back, mumbling a "Nice to meet you too, I guess..." His hand kind of hurt after the exchange, because man, her grip was strong. "Uh, where should we go first?" He asked.

Poppy shrugged. "I don't know. I mean I guess we should look around and find where our classes are." She pulled out a small slip of paper containing the room numbers of the classes she had on campus.

Branch took out the sheet that his classes were written on and looked at it, comparing his to Poppy's. Apparently they had a couple classes together, including their first period class. "According to this paper, my first period class is in room... 235. That's on..." Branch checked the map. "The other side of campus." This was going to be a long day.

"Hey, me too!" She squealed. This day was gonna fly by fast! Poppy was a bit excited to find out she was in a couple of classes with him. Ms. Chef was right! It did feel nice to have a peer beside her. She wondered if she'd planned this on purpose somehow.

Poppy started to hum a little, sneaking in the occasional word. She couldn't wait to begin her music and acting courses. Those were always fun. She loved theater! She noticed that branch was also in her theater class.

'Hm.. Wonder if he likes singing and dancing as much as I do?' She thought to herself.

Branch walked by Poppy, taking notice of her humming. It actually sounded kind of nice. He also noticed they had the same theater class together. Maybe he'd be able to tolerate her after all.

The two adolescents entered the theater quietly, as not to disturb the class. It seemed like a play was already in session. The two found seats next to each other and began to tune into the play.

The two had picked up booklets on their way in, reading and filling themselves in with what wa happening.

In this play, there was a hunter, who was also a vampire, killing his own kind for the hand of a beautiful human maiden. A forbidden love story sort of thing.

The scene of a woman fleeing from a vampire was actually pretty convincing, decided poppy. Suddenly, the hunter swooped in to rescue the maiden.

She rolled her eyes. What was it with plays and saving maidens all the time?

Branch seemed just as emotionally involved in the play, too, since he looked like he was about to cry.

Poppy watched intently as the scene ended with the vampire dying and the hunter and his new bride kissing. She felt a bit at edge since the other vampire ended up dying, but it was only acting.

She hoped one day she might experience her own relationship such as that between the maiden and the hunter. It seemed really romantic.

She looked over at Branch, who looked like he was about to cry.

"Whoa, whoa, are you okay, mate?" A new voice seemed to catch both of their attentions. Poppy instantly felt shivers run down her spine. The good kind. Like, butterflies in your tummy sort of feeling. A boy had silently crept up next to Branch, seemingly wondering why he was so emotional.

Branch nearly fell out of his seat in surprise. He'd been so engrossed in the play he hadn't even noticed that someone had appeared beside him. He flushed in embarrassment, realizing he'd been crying.

"I'm fine ok? I had something in my eye." He said, now irritated. He turned and wiped his eyes a little. "See? I got it out now."

The boy didn't seem convinced. "It's okay to be emotional, mate. This play is supposedly one of the most popular and moving plays surfacing around right now."

Poppy seemed a bit interested in their conversation and watched them from a distance.

Branch completely ignored the emotional part of what the stranger said, not wanting to talk about it any further. He was interested in the facts about the play, though. "I can see why it's so popular," He said, "Is it based off of a movie or something?"

"Haha! actually it's based off of an old book. They then made the book into a movie. The script for the play is based off the movie. They almost rewrote the whole script because of this one scene where-"

The boy got cut off by one of the other actors. "Hey Creek, whatcha doin'? Rubbing off all your nerd culture on this poor soul?" The tall kid from earlier had started giving creek a noogie.
"Nerd culture? How dare you! The play is an excellent piece of literature, Cooper!" He defended.

Poppy couldn't help but giggle at the scene.

"You're just butthurt cus they casted me as a major role and you got cast as the guy that dies within 5 minutes."

Creek gave him an angry, yet amused glare. "Watch your tongue, Cooper. I'm the back-up if something were to happen to you before performance."

Branch listened with interest, and finally asked what was on his mind since the play started. "So, when's the next play? Like, the auditions?" Maybe if it sounded like a good play, he would audition. That is, if he could muster up the courage to.

"Actually, the auditions are open right now!" A new set of voices broke in. Two people joined in on the conversation. Two twins wearing similar outfits. One had a blue dress and the other wore a pink one.

"Cooper, Creek, Suki and GD were already casted." Said satin, the girl in the pink dress. "Yeah they're kinda like the favorites of the class, so naturally they got first pick." Chenille said, the girl in the blue dress.

"We sorta just-" Satin began.

"create the costumes!" Chenille finished.

"Some roles are still open. And the backups are too. They might replace the roles if they find someone better, though." Another voice cut in. A small girl with a burly voice wearing a small blue dress.

"Hey Smidge! Wait up!" Guy diamond chased behind her, wearing a jacket made of sequins.

Poppy looked at all of them. They totally looked like a friend group together. She wondered if they'd ever want to hang out with her... They seemed kinda cool..

So he could still audition for a play if he wanted. That might actually be fun. Branch realized they'd been spending a lot of time in the theatre room, and if they stayed much longer they wouldn't have as much time to find and check out their other classes. "We should probably go," He said to Poppy.

Poppy almost didn't hear him. She was staring so intently at Creek. He was so... Beautiful... Seriously. How did HE get stuck with a minor role? "Y-yeah, in a sec..." She said, walking towards the friend group.

"Wow guys. That performance was just... wow!" She gushed. The kids were all smiling and blushing at her compliments. "I think I'm going to look forward to being in theater with you!" She said.

She then proceeded to gush even more about how she loved the performance. Creek and the others thanked her, and even invited her to have lunch with them later.

She then returned to branch and the two went on to walk to their other classes. "I'm definitely looking forward to this class." She confirmed.

Branch walked down the hallway by Poppy, listening as she chatted about theatre. "It does look pretty great," he said, agreeing.

They found their other classrooms, it turned out they had a lot of classes in common. They also passed by other classrooms that were hosting a lot of... 'unique' classes that Branch had never even heard of. 'What's next,' he thought, 'a class for gathering sticks?' Soon enough it was time for lunch.

Poppy was more than happy to oblige the invitation that she'd gotten from the other kids. She dragged branch along with her and after getting their food, she sat them at the table of the kids. Other people from the tables looked surprised, almost jealous. Little did either of them know, but they were sitting at the 'cool kid table'.

Branch sat at his new lunch table, silently eating his lunch. A turkey sandwich, which is truly fine dining. He occasionally saw people glancing at their table, and resisted the urge to send them dirty looks. Even if he wasn't talking much, sitting at a table with a group was actually pretty nice. He didn't have this at his old school.

Poppy kept trying to get branch to join in the conversation. It didn't seem like he was talking much and she hoped he would start talking more. However, he was warming up to her a bit, and for that she was excited!

Suddenly her senses perked up. She was craving. Someone had cut them self in the cafeteria by accident. She spotted it 20 feet away. She could smell it from a table away. She visibly began to tremble, trying to keep her urges hidden. She suddenly sprang up, mumbling something about the bathroom before she broke out into a sprint. She had to get out of there...

Branch watched as Poppy jumped up and dashed away, saying something the bathroom. He wondered what was up with her. Probably girl stuff or something. He wasn't going to ask when she got back because who knows what kind of answer that he'd get. He just went back to eating his sandwich.

Poppy rushed inside of the bathroom, only see that there were girls already inside. She ran right out again and then proceeded to find another place she could hide until this frenzy stopped. She eventually found a janitor closet and she shut herself inside. She wasn't about to go savage on a bunch of humans. Who knows what would happen then? She couldn't mess this up like at some of her other schools... Her eyes flashed red and she could feel tears run down her face as she gagged on her own breath. She was honestly really scared...

Meanwhile, the other kids wondered why poppy had run off in such of a hurry. "Hey branch, maybe you should go check on your girlfriend." Said Suki, smirking. Some of the other kids snickered.

Branch looked up from his sandwich and actually choked on it in surprise, causing one of the others to whack him on the back. He coughed out the sandwich part and spluttered, "What? She's not my girlfriend!" He said, feeling his face turn hot. "Besides, I just met her today. I hardly even know her!"

Some of the kids muttered things like, "Sure, sure." However, creek took this seriously and almost perked up at the news.

Branch looked back down at his food, trying to ignore his red face and the giggling of the girls at the table. Eventually he couldn't bear it and got up, saying "You know what? I WILL check on Poppy! But not because I like her!" He announced to the table.

He walked out of the cafeteria, looking for the girls bathroom. When he found it, he waited for someone to come out and asked if anyone else was in there. The girl gave him a weird look and said no. He looked around the hallways and heard noises coming from the janitors closet. It sounded like someone was... crying? "Uh, you ok in there?" He said awkwardly.

Poppy didn't respond. Instead, she found herself violently hissing. "GO AWAY!" She yelled, instantly covering her mouth. "Leave me alone..." she said, more meekly. She was scared. She especially didn't want someone seeing her cry. Or with her two fangs poking out either. She couldn't let anyone know her secret.

Branch hesitated, then walked away. If Poppy needed some time alone, then she can have some time alone. He knew that better than anyone else. He'd see her in one of his next classes anyways, so maybe then he could ask what was up.

Poppy desperately needed her alone time. After about ten minutes, she decided it was a about time to come out. She made her way out of the closet and into the girls bathroom where she quickly fixed her makeup. She looked in the mirror, and at her reflection. How much longer could she bear life like this?

She took in a deep breath and made her way over to the class again. That was a close one...

WELL. That was a wild ride lol.

Hey everyone! Partier here, back with a brand new story! This chapter was actually a slight collaboration between me and another friend, however the rest of the story will be written by me.

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