Poppy heard the screeching noises of the man-wolf and was suddenly alert, her pointed ears perking up at the cries of pain. "Oh no, Branch is out here..." She gulped. Her mouth felt dry and she overwhelmingly felt like crying. The She-pire wasn't all too good at defending herself, she'd proved this while fighting Smidge.

There was no way she could defend herself against a werewolf, even if she tried. Especially if it was the same werewolf that bailed her from getting killed..

Suddenly out of nowhere, Poppy felt herself tackled to the ground omce again for the second time that day. she really needed to pay more attention to her surroundings.

Then she realized... It was the same dog! "Mr. Dinkles!" She exclaimed, holding back the dog who was lurching at her with snapping jaws.

Poppy threw the dog off her, this time she was in control. She wasn't going to let fear consume her this time. Poppy enlarged her fangs to the longest capacity and hissed at the undead dog, her pupils turning a deep shade of red.

The dog growled, standing in place, just as a large, lumbering figure followed slowly behind it.

Poppy could only gasp and take a step back. " Biggie..." She whispered.

Poppy recognized him as a friend of Creek who had a pet dog. He'd talked about his dog all throughout the lunch period.

However, His eyes were missing, and in place of them, and oozing black liquid remained. It was so disgusting, Poppy could feel herself instinctively gagging.

"Is the dog his eyes or something?" Poppy wondered, taking yet another step back.

As biggie was just about to lunge toward her, something tackled him to the ground. It was the werewolf.

Poppy knew she had to run. Revelation of her vampire identity or not, her life was on the line.

As Biggie was distracted fighting the wolf, she took the opportunity to run with all her unnatural strength and leave the woods as fast as possible. She left with a shred of worry in the back of her head.

She took off like a bullet, leaving the three behind to fight their own battle. She did feel bad about leaving Branch there, but she was honestly way too scared to stay.

Biggie however, was strong and held the werewolf in a chokehold, earning a whine from Branch, who tried to pull him off. Branch bit on his arm, releasing Branch from his hold. The dog jumped a Branch at aimed at him neck, tearing away at chucks of skin.

Branch howled with pain. This prey was proving more difficult to kill then the last.

Creek came out from behind the trees, holding a silver dagger. "I'll finish the job so we can leave as soon as possible." he said. With a flick of his hand, biggie stepped aside.

Branch stood up and roared at Creek, who didn't even bat an eye at him. This made him even angrier. Branch swiped at the vampire, who quickly doged to the side, and left him exposed.

Creek took the weapon and jabbed him with the item. The werewolf plummeted to the ground, paralyzed and shrieking with pain. Creek yanked out the dagger and cut off a chunk of the fur.

"Item one is now collected. Come now, Biggie." Creek snapped his fingers and the two lifeless shells of puppets followed closely behind him.

The werewolf was breathing heavily, gasping for air and stuck on its side.

This is how I die...

This is how I die...

This is how I die...

Then suddenly, the werewolf swears it sees pink moving around the forest in a blurry fashion. The figure gets closer with tears in their eyes. "Oh my god." She exclaims

Poppy kneels down by the werewolf, not too close to be in distance of harm. After all, she was reckless, but not stupid.

"Oh my god, Branch..." She covers her mouth with her hands. She's engulfed with pure shock. "What in hell happened...?"

The werewolf is stubborn and won't accept help. Even if the pink means no harm, the werewolf will show her who's the boss. Branch begins to lift himself off the ground, growling as he's having a hard time. He turns to face the She-pire and he lets out a roar to show he means business. He collapses in on himself and falls to the ground.

Poppy is either really brave or incredibly stupid because she moves closer. The wolf snaps at her to get her to leave him alone, but she stares into his blue orbs, looking for a sign of her friend. Poppy's eyes well with tears.

It's a heart breaking scene. He tries to get up, he fails, and then he tries again. Soon the wolf doesn't move, he doesn't get up again. He doesn't have any more strength. He sits there, breathing heavily so that he can die slowly and accept his fate.

Poppy glances at the wounds. The damage looks similar to burn marks, still making slight hissing noises from the silver that had been injected moments ago. Poppy moves a bit closer until she is near the wound.

He can't stop her, so he just sits there and watches, praying she makes his end fast. Poppy however pushes her mouth towards the wound and plants a kiss on it, filling it with lots of her salavia. She starts to kiss the area all around his wounds until the healing spit starts to take effect.

He doesn't deny that it feels strange but he feels it beginning to work. He feels his side healing. The wolf tries to stand but Poppy coaxes him to lay down. The wolf is confused. Why was his prey helping him? Wasn't she afraid? He can't pinpoint it, but this one feels familiar.

Branch lays there, allowing the vampire to stroke his fur and lay against him. The Wolfman decides that he has made an ally tonight. With trust, he begins to fall asleep, breathing in and out gently.

His gentle and rhythmic breathing pattern lulls Poppy to sleep, and she starts to dream about a world where things aren't as cruddy as they are right now.

The rain beats against the two monsters and they feel like just for now, everything is okay for once.

The next morning, Poppy wakes up against a naked Branch. She stumbles backwards a bit before screeching, which wakes him up with a shout before he clutches his side and doubles over in pain.

"OH MY GOD!" She cries. "Branch are you alright?"

Branch stares at her, his voice is hoarse. "Yeah, I guess...? Ugh.. what happened last night...? And why are you out here...?" He stared at the gash on his side. It felt like he'd been stabbed with a flaming dagger. It burned.

"With the wound? I have no idea... As for me... It's a long story" Poppy frowned.

"However, you got into a fight with another one of those zombie looking things! They got to Biggie!"

Branch blinked. "What?"

"Yeah, this can't be a simple coincidence. Something strange is going on here and I intend to find out what."

Branch eyes at her strangely, but he can't deny that her enthusiasm is growing on him. He did truly have questions about what happened last night because he didn't remember a thing.

She looked down. "Um, maybe you want to find some clothes first?" she said, slowly covering her eyes.

Branch blushed. "Oh, god damn it... Well, it's not like I planned ahead on the fact that you were coming out here..." He retorted, scrunching his nose.

Poppy snickered and then sniffled a little. "I'm just glad you're okay." She said, wiping her eyes. Naked or not, she pulls the boy in for a hug, and he hesitantly hugs he back, resting his chin on her shoulder.

"I'm so tired..." He says, eyes closing. "I want to go back home..."

Poppy pats him gently on the back. "We'll go back to my house then. Besides, I have something I want to share with you..."