One night, the brazen Wonder Amy appears in Sheldon's apartment. The next day, his path crosses with that of the elusive Dr. Fowler. As he finds himself increasingly conflicted about Wonder Amy's visits and increasingly intrigued by Dr. Fowler's mysterious nature, Sheldon discovers a secret that threatens his relationship with both women.

Technically, this is a sequel to The Wonder Amy Intervention. However, I truly believe it can be understood and enjoyed on its own. Without further ado . . .


Chapter One

"Oh, and Sheldon . . ."

Sitting up in bed, Sheldon watched the video on his new laptop again. It was grainy and taken from a distance, and he detested how stupid he looked, staring after her like that. He had been informed that it did not violate any policies and thus wouldn't be removed. But it was practically pornography! Even with the poor quality, he could clearly make out the swing of her hips, the rustle of her skirt, even the dampness of their lips after the kiss . . .

The only silver lining was the angle from which it was shot. That daring wink, that flash of emerald eye, that clever smile . . . that Wonder Amy was his alone.

Smiling, Sheldon closed his browser and was just starting to turn to set the laptop on his nightstand when he yelped and almost dropped it.

"Hello, Sheldon."

She stood in the doorway like a dream and yet just the way she was that afternoon in the park. The full locks of sable curls, the tiara, the breastplate, those tall boots, her commending hands upon her hips, the lasso hanging from her waist. He had no idea how long she'd been there; it could have been mere seconds or she could have been watching him for hours.

"Wonder Amy!" He jerked. "Where did you come from?"

She smiled, that irreverent smile, and said, "I have an invisible jet."

It explained almost nothing and yet Sheldon knew it was all he would learn. Wonder Amy stepped forward, confident and strong, until she was standing over him, just to the side of his bed. "I came to see you."

Bending down, she ran her hand through his hair, angling his head back and then pressing her lips to him. Oh! those lips! He waited, breathless and eager, for her to open her mouth, to feel the dart of her tongue again, to -

She pulled back instead. "Sheldon Cooper, I want you."

"You want me to what?" he asked, tilting his head slightly.

Her lips pressed close to his ear this time and she purred, her breath hot and sharp, "I want to possess you in the carnal fashion." Her teeth skimmed and nipped at his earlobe, and Sheldon's whole body quaked.

"And," she stood sharply, reaching for his laptop and pulling it away from him, "I know that you want me, too. It's just as plain on your face now as it was in this video."

"You - you've seen it?" he croaked.

Instead of answering him, she set the laptop on the end table and swung her leg over him in one swift action, straddling him and pinning him in place before he could protest. Her face was mere inches from his.

"Shoes aren't allowed on the bed," he objected weakly.

"So punish me."

"You know, it's suddenly very warm in here and -"

She silenced him with a kiss, and this time her mouth lingered as her tongue demanded entry and flashed across his. He moaned at the eagerness of her approach.

"W-what did you have in mind?" he stammered out when she broke their kiss.

"I like this position," she declared, and a declaration it was.

"O-okay." Sheldon had never imagined himself this position, both literally and figuratively, and especially not with Wonder Amy. Even more shocking, though, was how desperately he wanted it, how desperately his body wanted hers.

A grin of triumph melted into something serious. "Sheldon," she said, and it took a second for him to realize she was whispering now, her voice slower and more gentle, "I only want you with your consent. I will gladly leave you if you prefer."

Sheldon studied her solemn and inquisitive green eyes framed by her glasses, the first sign of sensitivity he'd ever seen from her. His hand quaked a little as he reached up and touched the edge of her chin, the point of her heart-shaped face, with the pad of his thumb. Wonder Amy closed her eyes briefly before reopening them. This moment, he felt, was a chink in her armor, and she was showing it only of her own free will.

"You have my consent if I have yours," he replied with equal softness.

A nod and then she leaned forward to seal their agreement with a quick peck on his lips. Just as easily as she'd swung over him, she was back to the side of the bed again.

"What are you doing?" he asked, surprised by her withdrawal.

"Remove the blankets. They will only be an impediment." The chink was closed, and Wonder Amy was back to commanding the situation.

Never one to disobey a command, Sheldon leaned forward, pulling down the blankets, using his feet to kick them completely out of the way. "You want me to stay upright, like this?" he asked.

"Yes. But use another pillow. I prefer a seventy degree angle."

He quickly complied, the geometric specificity of her request only heightening his desire.

Looking back at her, he saw one arm stretched across her abdomen to hold her breastplate still while her other hand reached for the waist. Sheldon heard a faint metallic click, and the armament swung free in her arms. Wonder Amy lowered it to the floor, her eyes watching him watch her.

Sheldon took a deep breath. Her breasts were round and firm, riding high upon her chest. Despite her undeniable strength, her stomach did not reveal chiseled abdominals; rather it was slightly convex, the skin smooth and creamy, her navel a small divot just above the waistband of her skirt.

"Your turn," she said.

"Oh, yes!" Sheldon rapidly unbuttoned his plaid pajama top and pulled the white tee shirt underneath off over his head. Avoiding her gaze, he folded them carefully and sat them on top of his laptop next to the bed.

As he angled back, there was an appreciative sound from Wonder Amy's throat and Sheldon felt his chest puff up a bit in pride. She wasn't the only one with muscles to show off.

Wonder Amy's thumb slipped beneath the band of her skirt, and Sheldon licked his lips with anticipation.

"Oh," she suddenly stopped, "I remember. In the park, you preferred this." She pivoted so quickly it was almost like a twirl, so that her back was now facing him. Her hair cascaded down until it met the row of bumps from her spine.

In an equally rapid motion, her skirt dropped to the floor around her boots, and Sheldon sucked in his breath at the sight of her bottom, also round and firm, each cheek hugged by royal blue panties with small white stars that perfectly matched her skirt.

Thumbs hooking into the waistband over either broad hip, Wonder Amy started tugging her panties down. This time, however, it was slow and almost painful to watch, her bottom revealing itself inch-by-stimulating-inch. When the underpants encircled her thighs, the edge of her reach, she leaned forward to continue the tantalizing drop, all the way to her ankles, each degree that she bent over bringing ever more of her secrets to light.

Sheldon's hand gripped the sheet next to him so tightly his knuckles were white by the time she righted herself and flicked both her skirt and her panties away with one kick of her toe.

Then Wonder Amy placed a hand on her hip and looked back over her shoulder and gave him a wink, an exact duplicate of the one already seared in his memory. If Sheldon hadn't been fully aroused before, that certainly did it.

As she was not a woman to waste time or motion, it only took one sure step for her to return to bed, naked but for her boots, tiara, and bracelets. Straddling him again, she held herself upright over Sheldon's lap, and he could feel the heat of her even through his pajama bottoms. The lasso was in her hand, although she had been so fast that Sheldon didn't see her pick it up. She raised it, and, again with her impish smile, she raked it along his bicep. It was smooth, not coarse, and it was warm upon his skin, sending a tingle down his arm.

Leaving the golden coil resting there, Wonder Amy asked, "Do you like my lasso, Sheldon?"

The words came tumbling out before he could consider them, his brain useless against its power to pull the truth out of him. "I find it intriguing, but I don't know if I like it yet."

She ran her free hand down his other arm, her touch just as provocative as the lasso was, until she reached his wrist. In a flash, she lifted both his arms above his head, wrapping the lasso around his wrists. It was not tight and she did not tie a knot, rather holding him still with her strong arms. The action had pressed her closer to him, and her nipples grazed against his chest.

"Shall we find out if you like it?" she asked.

"Yeeessss." It came out as a whimper, and he squeezed his eyes shut as the heat of the lasso intensified on his skin. He was unable to deny his desire to find out how the lasso would feel for a longer stretch of time, but he was unaccustomed to giving anyone this amount of control over him.

Instead of tying the lasso, he felt his arms being released, a rush of cold air where the heat of the braided cord had been. Wonder Amy still held his wrists there, but her even her touch had slacked. He opened his eyes to find her looking at him in that way she had before, the mischievous countenance replaced by something different.

"I won't force you," she whispered.

"But you know I want to find out," he protested softly. "I couldn't lie to you when it was touching me."

"It's not that I want to make you incapable of lying. It's that I want you to be unwilling to lie to me." Wonder Amy lowered her eyes, her long dark lashes almost brushing the back side of her glasses.

Sheldon tilted his head slightly. Although her verbiage had been exact, he was not quite sure of her full meaning. "I don't want to lie to you," he replied. "I'm intrigued and curious about the lasso. But I'm frightened of being powerless to so much extra stimulation."

Those emerald eyes rose back up, and her lips played with a smile. "But you like being powerless to my stimulation?"

"Very much so." He was certain she could feel it, hovering just above him, that she already knew exactly how powerless he was to her. And how much he liked it.

A full grin returned. "Good. There is nothing to fear from either of us. I promise."

Reality and practically poked at Sheldon's brain. "Wait! Do we need protection? If I need to go get some -"

"I am prepared."

Of course she was, Sheldon realized. Wonder Amy did not seem like someone who would formulate a plan lacking in essentials.

She said no more about it as she tied his wrists to the headboard above him. Then she slid down his lap, causing him to moan at the weight of her, and further down his legs, bringing his pants and underwear with her. Effortlessly, she had divested him of his last ounce of modesty and she threw it aside so that it landed in a heap on the floor. Her eyes travelled slowly up his body before she followed, walking like a cat back over him, her back arching and her tiara glinting.

She pressed close to him this time, her lips smacking into his, her full breasts squeezing against his chest. Once again, they were enveloped by her hair around them, her mouth seeking his with impatience and he responded with equal enthusiasm. Still she did not rest her full weight upon him, but the angle was such that Sheldon could feel the center of her glancing him with certain movements, just a whisper of a touch and then it was gone. It was not exactly the same as the kiss in the park, being even more demanding. However, Sheldon thought he could still taste the contradictions on the edges, something tender and defenseless.

Raising up, using her strong thighs to squeeze his hips and support her, she brought her chest to his mouth, leaving no choice, and no other desire, than to capture her breast between his lips, running his tongue in circles around her nipple, pulling gently. Moving his head, he did the same to the other.

"Oh, Sheldon," Wonder Amy hummed along his jaw, tracing the edges of her face with her lips, tugging his earlobe into her mouth, sucking instead of nibbling this time.

Her core came ever closer, staying in contact with him now, and he could easily feel her readiness. The scent of her, that indescribable fragrance of power balanced with femininity, filled his nose.

"Tell me what you want," she whispered into his ear. "I want you to say it."

"I want to touch you," he sputtered without thought, another tingle from the lasso frizzing down his arms, aching in a sublime way at being so powerless to her.

His lips were captured by hers again, her mouth opening to welcome him. In that way that only Wonder Amy had, she had released one of his hands from the lasso without his awareness until he was cognizant that her skin was brushing underneath his palm, then the dark hairs at the apex of her thighs, and then . . .

She tilted her head back with a long, low moan as Sheldon touched her. He had never imagined such a place in all of the Amazon, somewhere hidden behind such strength and yet so delicate and intricate. He explored it slowly, memorizing its sharp, silky ridges, gently plunging the depth of its valley over another deep groan, before learning all he could about its most precious jewel.

Holding fast to his chest, Wonder Amy's nails dug into the flesh there, her bracelets cold against his nipples, leaving crescent shapes as Sheldon watched her pitch above his hand, her breath coming ever quicker, her cheeks flushing, her eyes rolling back -

"Not yet," she ordered, surprising him by pulling his hand away. "That's not how I want it."

They were so close that it happened effortlessly, Sheldon almost coming undone at the feel of her taking him, engulfing him, his head lolling back and his eyes shutting in pleasure. There was a mutual sound from both their throats. The feeling was like nothing Sheldon had ever experienced before. Wonder Amy stilled there until the urgency passed and he opened his eyes to find her face, still glowing softly from the precipice she'd pulled herself back from, watching him keenly.

"It is almost too much," she stated, not a question.

"Yes," Sheldon admitted.

"Tell me when you are on the edge," she ordered and he nodded.

Wonder Amy rocked forward and back, slowly, adjusting her hips to change the angle. Unsure what to do with his freed hand now, Sheldon risked touching her skin, running his palm along her thigh, over the plump curve of her hip bone, back behind her to cup her bottom. She gave him a smile but did not comment.

Her speed increased, as did the pressure of her thighs, and it was not long before Sheldon was gasping.

"I'm - I'm -"

Instantly, she stilled. She watched him, curious but without judgement, until the desperate need passed. Sheldon nodded at her and the rhythm started again, first slowly and then ever increasing.

The lasso had gone tepid and limp around the wrist still above his head. He could have easily removed his hand, as it was in no more danger of burning him than in a lukewarm bath. And yet he did not. Sheldon found he quite enjoyed letting Wonder Amy take the lead, he enjoyed giving himself over to her, letting her set the pace, letting her grind against him, bringing him to the brink, holding him over the edge, but not letting him drop yet.

His stomach contracted and the soles of his feet started to tingle and - "I'm close!"

Before the words were out, she stopped, again watching him as he panted and swallowed, the compulsion leaving him just in time. He counted five deep inhalations and then he nodded to her.

Sheldon would not have thought it possible, but Wonder Amy seemed even more determined and authoritative this time. Her pace altered yet again, and she even leaned back to change the angle, closing her eyes and opening her mouth. One hand snaked up her body, an agonizing trail to watch from her knee to her waist and then to her breast, which she held in her firm grasp and squeezed.

It almost transcended the divide between pleasure and pain, not just the feeling of intense gratification he experienced from the heat of her core, but also the majesty of watching her exude so much power. Not just over him, but using him, of watching her find her own bliss, of using her body for her own pleasure, of knowing she was taking exactly what she wanted even while giving him what he needed.

Wonder Amy's breath was sharp and fast again, exotic sounds rolling out of her throat, her nipples seemed to harden further under her touch, and the only thing that could tear Sheldon's eyes away was the surprise of her other hand, weaving her fingers between his on her waist.

Then it was rushing at him again and he opened his mouth to tell her, but instead a roar filled the room as she pulsed around him, her fingers and thighs squeezing him. It was not a moan or cry or wail of pleasure, it was a roar of triumph.

He was overwhelmed then and his body was racked with spasms of an intensity he'd never known. His cry was loud and strong, too, but it was silenced by her thunderous rumble. All of his senses were filled by her, and his mind went blank, a white-out of his normal thoughts and analyses and there was only the power of Wonder Amy and the ecstasy of that moment.

It was liked sliding down a snowbank in an avalanche and, when he reached bottom, his eyelids fluttered open to see her looking down at him, her face glistening and flushed, her eyes radiant. A curl had come loose from her tiara in all the frenzy, and it rested against the dewy sweat of her cheek. Their bodies remained joined and their fingers were still intertwined on her waist. Something else welled up in him when he looked at her.

Timid but sure, Sheldon slipped his hand from the circle of the lasso and touched the errant lock of hair, pulling it gently from her face and brushing it back. Wonder Amy watched him, her face calm but her eyes swirling, and then she blinked slowly when his fingertip caressed the edge of her ear. His fingers were pressed very slightly between hers, a tiny movement.

When her eyes opened, an emotion so vast and so profound there was not a name for it passed between them. Their chests calming, there was only silence in the room and they held it together. Although his eyes burned with the effort, he held her gaze as long as he could, but then he had to blink and it was gone.

She was grinning again, and she plucked her hand away from his.

"That was most satisfactory," Wonder Amy said, and, as with most things she said, it was proclamation that would not brook dispute. Not that he wanted to. It had been, he thought, far more than most satisfactory.

With one quick swing of her leg, she was off of him, his body shivering from the loss of her heat. She grabbed the lasso from above his head with one hand and with the other she bent down to retrieve her costume from the floor. Then Wonder Amy walked out of his bedroom, giving him one last glance of her beautiful, naked backside.

Sheldon tried to call after her, but his throat was too dry. His muscles were sore from the throes of his orgasm, and his head felt light with uncertainty. Why had she left so quickly? He had not had time to thank her, to tell her all that he felt. Although he had great difficulty determining how he felt now, alone in his bed. But had she not felt it, too?

Confused and weak, Sheldon managed to reach for the blankets, throwing them over his head after he turned off the bedside light, nursing his tangle of emotions in complete darkness.


Startled, he rolled in bed, lowering the blanket to see her form outlined by the dim light of the other room. Just as before, the sight of her wiped time away and he had no idea how long she'd been standing there. This time, her boots were hanging from her hand. She was wearing his pajama top, falling loosely around her, and an unnecessary glance at the bedside table confirmed its absence.

"You came back," he said with an exhale.

"I did not wish to leave."

Wonder Amy walked to the other side of the bed, her steps graceful and smooth even without her boots. Sheldon watched her, the way she moved. Now he could make out the musculature of her calves and the dainty arches of her feet. Her toenails were painted red. The boots dropped with a thud on the carpet, and he let out a tiny gasp as she removed first her tiara, then her glasses, and lastly her bracelets. She sat these all on the opposite bedside table, and next she flexed and rotated her barren wrists.

"Sometimes, I find them too heavy," was her only reply to his unasked question, her voice soft.

She looked over at him then, and trick of the faint light made it seem that perhaps there was the wetness of an unshed tear in her eye. Then Wonder Amy lifted the covers and slid in next to him, her body warm and supple, a softness where only her solidity had been before. She curled up tightly against his chest, pulling her arms in between them. Unsure of the protocol, Sheldon lay still but longing to touch her, to hold her.

"Hold me," she asked, an entreaty, not an order.

That new emotion, the one with a depth so great Sheldon could not see the bottom, washed over him again. He tentatively wrapped his arms around her smaller flannel-clad body, and he felt her relax in his embrace.

With a hesitant voice, he whispered, "Wonder Amy -"

"It's only Amy, now," she interrupted, not unkindly, her voice muffled by his chest. "Just Amy."

"I would hold them for you," he continued before he lost his nerve, "if you like, when they are too heavy. But only when you ask."

"I would let you."

He gently kissed the center of her forehead, where her tiara normally sat, an act with an honesty far greater than even her lasso could have compelled from him.

To be continued . . .

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