And now, UCW presents...


We're in an arena decorated with Halloween stuff in Piladelphia, Pennsylvania. Pyroes goes off and the crowd is cheering.

"Hello, everyone, and welcome to UCW Halloween Rampage! I'm Bobby Senior and this is Joey Mickey!"

"And hold your seat, 'cause you're gonna see the best show of Halloween! Starting right now with the first Chamber of Horrors Match of the eve night!"

Indeed, the Chamber of Horrors cage was already around the ring for the first match.

(Don't Stop Believing)

"The following contest is a Chamber of Horrors Match for the UCW World Tag Team Championship! Introducing first, they are the UCW Ultra Team Champions, the team of Pixar Fan and Kamirashi, THE COSPLAYERS!"

The crowd cheered loudly for the duo as Pixar Fan was dressed as Mr. Incredible while Kamirashi was dressed as Kakashi Hatake. They got into the cage where they got into one of the four cells.

(Some Song)

"The second team, TREVOR GALLOWAY & MALUTA!"

The duo received a mix ovation as they walked inside the cage and into a cell too.

(Guns n' Guts)

"The third team, Soldier Spike & Sergeant Aiden, THE FIGHTERS!"

The duo got cheered as they walked into the cage where they removed their military jackets and got into a cell.

(Voix de Ville)

"The fourth team, Francisco and Silvio, THE CASTING!"

Both of them were wearing red and black dungarees and showmen hat with umbrellas as they walked into the cage and gave their accessories to the ref before entering the last cell.

(Angel With a Shotgun)

"The fifth team, Ace 1 and Fire Cloud, THE ANGELS WITH GUNS!"

Ace 1 look like Viktor from The Ascension with creepy facepaint while Fire Cloud look like Konnor with creepy facepaint too and a cloud mixed with fire tattoo on his back. They walked inside the cage and let out a loud roar.


"And the last team, they are the UCW World Tag Team Champions, Bobby Gamer and Jimmy Joystick, THE ARCADERS!"

The duo got cheered loudly as they ran into the ring and gave their belts to the ref before the cage got closed and they got ready to face the Angels With Guns.

Once the bell rang, the Angels assaulted the Arcaders, beating them down and throwing Jimmy outside, on the steel part. they then lifted Bobby and threw him in the corner with a double Snake Eye followed by a double dropkick.

As Ace 1 beat Bobby down, Fire Cloud got outside and tried to throw Jimmy against the cage, but he reversed it and hit Fire Cloud instead. He then jumped on a top turnbuckle and on Ace 1 with a Diving Crossbody before running in the ropes and jumping outside on Fire Cloud with a Top Con Hilo.

He then got back on the turnbuckle and screamed: "STAR FOX!" before hitting Ace 1 with a Missile Dropkick followed by another Top Con Hilo to Fire Cloud. He went one last time on the top turnbuckle to jump on Ace 1 with a Diving Double Knee Stomp.

He then waited for him to get back up before going for his Spyro's Charge, but Ace 1 caught him with a Small Package.


Bobby hit him with a Punch-Out! and got ready to hit the Fatality! finishing move with Jimmy. However, Fire Cloud came back in and clotheslined Jimmy which allowed Ace 1 to break free and catch Bobby with a Neckbreaker. He and Fire Cloud then applied a Double Belly-to-back Facebuster to Jimmy with the pin.


As Jimmy was bending, Ace 1 hit the side of his head with a running Big Boot followed by a Neckbreaker from Fire Cloud. This last one then went for a Belly-to-belly Suplex on Bobby, but this last one bit his forehead with the Pac-man Bite and caught he and Ace 1 with a DDT/Reverse STO Combination.

The countdown then ended and the Casting's cell opened.

They ran in the ring and into the ropes to jump on both Angels with a Springboard Moonsault followed by a Wheelbarrow Senton Combination on Fire Cloud. Francisco then pushed Silvio up to allow him to hit a dropkick on Ace 1.

Fire Cloud then threw Francisco outside, but he held on the ropes and hit a Roundhouse Kick to his head before Silvio hit him with a strong European Uppercut. Francisco then caught his waist from behind and Silvio hit him with another European Uppercut with a German Suplex from Francisco.


Silvio ran on the top turnbuckle and jumped on Fire Cloud with a Swanton Bomb. Francisco then spotted Jimmy climbing up a cell and ran on the top turnbuckle to catch him with a Superplex from there followed by a pin from Silvio.


Bobby came and Silvio pushed him up to allow Francisco to hit him with an European Uppercut followed by a Springboard Elbow Drop from Silvio. They then putted Ace 1 on a top turnbuckle and went for a double Superplex, but Bobby ran in and made it a Tower Of Doom.

Just then, the next countdown ended and the Cosplayers' cell opened.

They got in and ducked a double clothesline from Fire Cloud before hitting the back of his head with a Double Enzuigiri. Then, as Jimmy was resting in a corner, they hit him with a Poetry In Motion before doing the same to Bobby who was resting in the opposite corner.

They then caught Francisco with a Inverted Atomic Drop/Dropkick/Bridging Reverse Chinlock/Dropkick combination. Kamirashi then grabbed Silvio as Pixar Fan went outside and they applied their Complete Shot/Springboard Missile Dropkick combination on him followed by the pin.


Francisco jumped in time to break the pin. Bobby suddenly charged at Pixar Fan who lifted him on his shoulders and hit the Children Dream with the pin.


They both got shocked that Bobby kicked out of his finisher. Kamirashi then climbed up a top turnbuckle as Pixar Fan set Bobby up for their Diving Crossbody/Neckbreaker combination, but Jimmy made Kamirashi fall on his balls and Bobby pushed Pixar Fan in the ropes to catch him with a End Of Days (like Baron Corbin).

Ace 1 then ran in the ropes and hit both Arcaders with a double Springboard Back Elbow before he went to grab Francisco and applied the Fall Of Men (like the Ascension) with Fire Cloud and followed with the pin.


"The Casting has been eliminated!"

Kamirashi then kicked Ace 1 before applying an Aided Shiranui with Pixar Fan and they followed by climbing up a turnbuckle for a Diving Leg Drop/Frog Splash combination on him with the pin.


"The Angels With Guns have been eliminated!"

The next countdown ended and it was the team of Trevor Gallowy and Maluta who got released from their cell.

They got in the ring and Trevor chopped Jimmy's chest until he fell off. Maluta then held Kamirashi by the arms behind him and Trevor made everyone think he was going to chop him, but he stopped at the last second and said he won't hurt him befoe suddenly Superkicking his head, making the crowd laugh.

Pixar Fan charged at Trevor who pushed him in a corner and hit him with a Stinger Splash followed by a Body Avalanche from Maluta who followed with Exploder Suplex. Together, they applied a double elbow drop on Pixar Fan followed by the pin.


As Kamirashi came toward them, Trevor climbed up a top turnbuckle where Maluta lifted him and threw him on Kamirashi. The big man then dragged him close to a corner which he started to climb to go for his Bonzai Drop, but the Arcaders suddenly arrived and made him fall in a Powerbomb position.

Trevor then ran to receive a PunchOut! to the face from Bobby and Jimmy followed with a Springboard Tornado DDT immediately followed by a Lifting Reverse DDT from Bobby. They then applied their Fatality! together and the pin.


"Trevor Galloway & Maluta have been eliminated!"

At the same moment, the countdown ended and the Fighters were released.

Spike caught both Arcaders with a double suplex while Aiden did the same to the Cosplayers. They then applied an aided Double Underhook Piledriver to all four of them before pinning them all together.


"Here are your winners and new UCW World Tag Team Champions, THE FIGHTERS!"

The crowd cheered loudly at their quick victory.

"Oh my gosh! What just happened?!" Joey asked.

"The Fighters just won their first tag team title in less than a minute after entering the match." Bobby answered.

"That was awesome! But that was only one of our two Chamber of Horrors Matches of the eve night: there will be one for the Divas title too!"

I want to benefit of this to say that UCW is already two years old after starting in September 2015. I didn't planned for it to go so well, but Ultra Cool Wrestling has been alive and have seen so many wrestling memorable moments during its existence:

-AJ Styles' WWE debut

-Same with Gallows & Anderson

-The new Brand Extension with titles getting exclusive to both RAW and Smackdown!

-Bobby Roode, Shinsuke Nakamura, Andrade Almas, Aleister Black, Sanity, Ruby Riot, and even Adam Cole's NXT debuts

-TNA becoming Impact Wrestling, then GFW

-Goldberg returning and having a Universal title run

-Jinder Mahal becoming WWE Champion

-The Cruiserweight Classic

-The United Kingdom Championship Tournament

-The Mae Young Classic

-The Dario Cueto Tournament in Lucha Underground

-The second and third seasons of Lucha Underground

-The Okada vs Omega trilogy

-Undertaker's last match and retreat

-And even John Cena vs Roman Reigns.

And I'm still planning on continuing UCW for as long as I want. With some luck, maybe I'll keep it until 2020. And I must thank all of my loyal fans for this :)