(Shot 'em)

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the UCW International Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Tokyo, Japan, he is representing the Bullet Club: UCW, SHINJI HONDA!"

He received a mix ovation as he calmly walked into the ring and did the 2 SWEET sign.

(All My People)

"And his opponent, from Puerto Rico, he is the UCW International Champion, RAMON CARRIBEAN COOL!"

The crowd cheered loudly for him as he arrived while dancing and taking a bite from an apple as he got into the ring and gave his belt to the ref who showed it before calling for the bell.

They walked around a bit before Shinji went to grab Ramon, but he ducked, so Shinji spat in his face instead. This angered him and he charged at Shinji who threw him out on the apron.

There, Ramon tried to smash Shinji who ducked and stunned his head on the top rope to make him fall and seemingly went for a Top Con Hilo, but stopped at the last moment to take a pose instead.

As Ramon came back in, he received a kick in the guts from Shinji who then irish whipped him in a corner whee he back jumped behind Shinji and caught him with an arm drag followed by another one.

He then jumped behind him with a Springboard Moonsault followed by a dropkick, a Springboard Corckscrew Swanton and a Springboard Moonsault. As Shinji rolled out on the apron, Ramon ran quickly to knock him off, sending him crash into the security barricade.

He then got outside and chopped Shinji's chest before slamming his head on the apron and putted him against the security barricade before trying to irish whip him on the opposite one, but Shinji reversed, sending him to crash back first instead.

Shinji then irish whipped him in the barricade again before dropkicking his leg. He then made the leg in question rest on the barricade before getting on the apron and hitting a Missile Dropkick on his leg, causing him to scream in pain.

Shinji rolled back in the ring and, luckily, Ramon managed to get back in too before the 10 count. Shinji grabbed his leg and smashed it on the mat multiple times before locking in a Reversed Figure Four.

Ramon managed to get to the ropes to force the break and, as Shinji got him back up, he fought back with a chop to his chest followed by a punch and a headbutt. Shinji answered with a kick to his damaged leg and followed with a Chinbuster immediately followed by a Running Dropkick on it.

He then locked in a real Figure Four Leglock and it took around 15 seconds for Ramon to catch the ropes. Shinji then irish whipped him in the ropes, but he reversed which gave him the opportunity to dropkick his damaged leg again.

As Ramon rested in a corner, Shinji hit his head with a running dropkick that allowed him to flip outside on the apron and tried to follow with a rope-aided dropkick, but Ramon caught him on his shoulders and applied a Gutbuster which hurt his leg a bit.

He then went for a smash which Shinji interrupted with a kick to his damaged leg and ran in the ropes to be caught with a Spinebuster. As Shini sat in a corner, Ramon went for a Canonball, but he rolled out of the way, letting him crash.

This allowed Shinji to hit his dropkick followed by a rope-aided dropkick from the apron. He then climbed up to go for a Superplex, but slipped past his legs and lifted him in a Powerbomb position. Shinji smashed his head to force him to let go and kicked his damaged leg once more before trying to go for his Springboard Tornado DDT, but Ramon broke free and hit him with a Spin Kick.

Ramon then climbed up a top turnbuckle and jumped on Shinji with a Diving Crossbody which made him roll outside the ring. Ramon got on the apron and surprised Shinji with a Missile Dropkick from there.

As he brought him back in the ring, Shinji surprised Ramon with a dropkick on his bad leg while he was between the ropes. He then got outside on the apron and tried to apply a German Suplex on the outside, but Ramon held on the ropes and pushed him back with elbow smashes.

As Shinji charged at him, Ramon caught him with a Spinebuster on the apron. He then irish whipped him in the security barricade and, as he sat down, charged into him with a Canonball.

He then brought him back in the ring where he tried to apply a suplex, but Shinji hit the top of his head with a knee as he lifted him and managed to catch him with his Springboard Tornado DDT instead.

After weakly getting back up, both men started exchanging blows - slow at first, then faster - until Shinji kicked Ramon's damaged leg and once again hit him with a Chinbuster followed by a running dropkick on it.

He then hit a clothesline on the back of his damaged leg before locking in a Reverse Kneebar that made him scream in pain. It took him a whole minute, but he managed to reach for the ropes and force the break though the damage has already been done.

Shinji putted Ramon on a top corner and went for a Hurricanrana from there which Ramon countered into a Powerbomb. He immediately grabbed him afterward and appled another Powerbomb with a Jacknife cover.


Ramon went for his X Backstabber (it's the new name I gave it), but Shinji broke free and hit a Roundhouse Kick on his head which didn't prevent him from hitting a clothesline that made Shinji flip. He tried once more to hit his X Backstabber, but Shinji countered it with his Dark Rising out of nowhere.

As Shinji rested in a corner, Ramon managed to get back up and charged at him to receive an Enzuigiri counter to the head. Ramon angrily tried a Spin Kick which Shinji ducked and ran in the ropes to catch him with another Dark Rising and he pin.


Shinji was shocked as Ramon kicked out of his finishing move and went for another Dark Rising which Ramon countered into a Victory Roll.


Shinji tried to hit another Roundhouse Kick which Ramon ducked and tried to hit the X Backstabber, but Shinji broke free and caught him with a roll-up.


Shinji managed to hit his Roundhouse kick to the side of Ramon's head and ran in the ropes to be caught with a STO Backbreaker followed by a strong punch to the face from Ramon.

Then, as it seemed Ramon was finally gonna land the X Backstabber, Shinji caught him out of nowhere with a third Dark Rising and the pin.


"Here's your winner and new UCW International Champion, SHINJI HONDA!"

He happily did the 2 SWEET sign as he walked out of the ring while Ramon remained inside and cried.

"That was an impressive match! I feel bad for Ramon though." Joey said.

"He did his best, but ultimately, the title left his country and went to the Bullet Club."