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Track Down This Murderer

When Raoul had heard the gun go off he was filled with horror. He had been watching Christine perform on stage with who was obviously Erik since his voice was clearly recognizable from the wings of the stage when Christine had lunged forward and kissed their shared love. Raoul was taken by surprise at the gesture and had to admit a little jealous. However, one of the policemen had shot and Erik ran off with Christine following closely behind.

He had called her name but she soon disappeared behind the curtain. Chaos erupted on and off the stage and he made to follow, but then his hand was grabbed and he turned to see Mme. Giry behind him.

"Follow me, Monsieur, if you wish to go to them." The Madame instructed and Raoul, not seeing any other way, followed after her.

He noticed that in her hand she was clenching a letter tightly. He could barely make out the handwriting on it but was able to recognize it as Erik's.

"Where are we going, Madame?" Tyce asked from his spot around Raoul's neck.

"Erik unblocked Antoinette's route to his home." Valere answered, the lynx rushing alongside her human. "He had sent her a letter with instructions in case something happened to him tonight."

"Well, he might have gotten shot." Tyce answered. "It happened too fast to tell."

Valere sent the otter a glare.

They came across Meg, who was holding a distressed Nada in her arms, as they went and Mme. Giry grabbed her daughter's arms.

"If they make any attempt at following and somehow find one of Erik's entrances, I need you to make sure they do not get anywhere near him. After enough time, they will give up and go back. Do you understand?" Mme. Giry instructed.

Meg nodded. "You can count on me! Nada will go with you, she's too far away from Christine."

With that, the girl and pelican raced off to join the mob that was gathering around the stage. Raoul watched her go with concern.

"Are you sure that is wise?" he asked, following the Madame when she began walking again. Nada trailing after them.

"She is my daughter." Was all Mme. Giry replied with and, really, that was all that needed to be said.

They got to her quarters and she grabbed a lamp from her wall. She lit it and then went to a wall that had nothing on it. Curious, Raoul watch to see what the Madame would do next and she placed her hand on a spot on the wall. The wall cracked open and revealed a door. Raoul let out a whistle. Impressive.

"Follow me." Mme. Giry commanded and Raoul followed her and the lynx.

The tunnels had a candle every few yards on the walls, making the way not well lit but enough to get by. The Madame led him through many twists and turns, enough where he knew that if he was to somehow lose sight of the older, he would be in a lot of trouble and hopelessly lost. When they been walking for Raoul did not know how long, Mme. Giry suddenly stopped.

"I dare not go further." She announced then pointed down the tunnel. "This is something the three of you need to handle. Go down this tunnel until you come across a left turn. Go there and take a right when you passed two tunnels that go to the right. It will take you to a set of stairs and at the second entry on the left go through. That last tunnel will lead you to the entrance of the lake. Erik's house rests on a miniature island on the water."

"Madame Giry." He stated to make the woman paused as she began to turn away. "Thank you."

"Thank me after you survive and do not all have broken hearts." Mme. Giry replied firmly. She turned her back and left him.

"Sheesh, positive lady, isn't she." Tyce commented when the Madame was out of sight.

"I would say protective is a better word." Raoul countered as he took off his jacket for freer movement.

He left the jacket on the ground, he had plenty of them anyway, and the two of them made their way down, following Mme. Giry's instructions to the letter. When they got to the stairs, Raoul hurried down and practically ran the rest of the way since he was close to the lake. He saw the lake through the last door and rushed out of it. He was panting as he took in the sight of the underground lake, spotting the miniature island near its center. The lake was filled with candle stands, giving the cavern a decent amount of lighting and an ethereal presence. On the island was a small house that was surrounded by candles stands as well.

On the shore he saw Christine and Erik standing and facing him and heard Christine call out his name.

Raoul felt his cheeks burn at the sight of a shirtless Erik, who looked thinner than he imagined but still very fit.

Tyce patted his cheek to get his attention. "Now is not the time to be making eyes at your love. I smell blood, he was probably injured."

That made his attention sharpen and he heard Erik speak to him from across, his voice enchanting like always but was dripped with sarcasm. Raoul sighed. This was not going to be easy.

"How to get across?" Raoul wondered out loud and Tyce jumped from his shoulder and made a small splash as he entered the water.

After a minute, Tyce popped back out of the water and few feet away.

"Raoul! The lake isn't deep other here! You can follow me and I'll show you where to go!" Tyce exclaimed eagerly.

Raoul shot him a grin. While he did know the basics of swimming he did not want to relay on that skill to get across. The otter began to swim away, getting a few meters out and Raoul began to follow him.

"Farren!" Erik's voice suddenly rang out and Raoul looked up quickly to see the man on the shore smirking at them.

Raoul abruptly heard a deep rumbling and the sound made Raoul freeze where he was standing. He also saw Tyce stiffen as well, his brown eyes darting back and forth to find where the sound was coming from.

"I would suggest you call your companion to you, Monsieur." Erik called out as the rumbling got louder. "Farren still holds quite the grudge against you and has no problem taking it out on Tyce."

That was when a long snout and black reptile eyes appeared at the surface of the water, a few yards away from the two of them.

Tyce let out a squeak at the sight of the alligator and immediately began to swim back to him. Raoul tried to make his way as fast as he could to the otter and was lucky to get to him before Farren did. As soon as Raoul grabbed Tyce out of the water, the otter scurried up his arm and clung to his neck.

Raoul backed away from the alligator that continued to growl at them, his heart pounding in his chest at the coldness in those black eyes.

"You hurt Erik!" Farren hissed and snapped her jaw at them, causing Raoul to jump back.

"We didn't mean to! I swear! There is more to this than either of you know!" Raoul tried but Farren just growled at him.

"I do not care for your excuses!" Farren declared.

They had gotten back to the shore. Raoul was startled when Tyce suddenly came forward and hissed at Farren. No! He could not let Tyce get into a fight!

However, Farren unexpectedly stopped. Her head whipped around and turned towards the island, where Raoul saw Erik slouching forward appearing distressed and Christine standing a few feet away with Nada by her side. Raoul did not even realize when the swan had left him to go to her human, but was glad that they were together again.

Farren let out another growl and left them. She hurried back into the lake and soon disappeared under the water.

The alligator's actions made Raoul pause.

"What just happened?" he whispered confounded.

"By the looks of things, Christine is stressing out your love and Farren felt it and is going to him." Tyce explained, though Raoul could hear the hint of relief in the otters tone for not having to fight.

"We have to get to them!" Raoul concluded and began making his way back to the lake.

Tyce was able to guide him without the interference of the alligator, though Raoul was exhausted by the time he made it across the lake to the miniature island. When he finally crawled onto the shore he looked up right at the moment Christine brought Erik's face to her and kissed him. He sighed as he looked away. Jealous, so jealous.

"This is the second time Christine got to kiss your love and you still hadn't gotten one." Raoul could hear the smirk in Tyce's tone. "Jealous?"

"Very." Raoul replied calmly, not wanting to give the otter anymore satisfaction than his admittance and made himself stand up. "However, given the circumstance, I'll let it go."

Then Erik let out a cry of pain and pushed Christine away from him, he fell to his knees and clenched one fist to his chest while the other was curled up on the ground. Christine had stumbled back in shock at the push but then quickly went and kneeled beside him. Raoul rapidly raced to them, Tyce going to a withering Farren who had also let out a cry when her human had, Nada trying to comfort her.

Raoul got to Erik and Christine and kneeled on Erik's other side. Whatever happened to Erik was over within a few seconds, and the older man let out a gasp.

"Erik!" Christine asked desperately. "What's wrong?!"

Erik continued to pant heavily, but was no long curled forward in pain. He did not lift his head but did raise his hand and pointed it at where the companions were at. Raoul turned his head and gapped at the disappearance of the alligator. In its place was a beautiful black eagle. Christine had told him that Erik's settled form was that of an eagle but Raoul underestimated the majestic presence the eagle would hold.

"Farren! You changed back!" Nada exclaimed gleefully and Tyce rubbed his head in confusion.

"You weren't always an alligator?" he asked.

The swan huffed. "No! Erik and Farren have been an eagle for as long as we've known them. I know Christine has mention it to you and Raoul, you just don't pay attention!"

"Please stop talking so loudly." Farren groaned struggling to get off her back and on her feet. When she did, she flapped her wings a couple times and made her way to her human.

Raoul and Christine gave the eagle some space, neither of them wanted to be hit by her large wings, plus they were still unsure how the eagle felt towards them. Erik might be willing to forgive them but companions were always harder to convince.

Farren stopped in front of her human, whose breathing, while still heavy, was no longer hard. Raoul noticed the large cut on Erik's arm that was stitched up. So he had been injured. Luckily, it was not a fatal wound. Farren peeked her head down to look up at Erik because his head was still bent.

"Now there is a face I have not seen in a while." Farren teased.

Erik snorted and brought his hand to his face and brought it down. "I will pluck all your feathers out. I can threaten that again."

Farren huffed, but did take a couple steps back. "Like you ever would."

"Erik?" Christine cut in and Raoul saw that she was biting her lip in worry. "Your answer?"

Erik turned to her and stared at her for a few moments before looking away with a sigh. "I do not know."

"You don't…." Christine trailed off but then forced herself to continue. "It's not because you see me as a daughter figure, do you?"

Even if Raoul could not see him, he could tell that Erik was horrified by the idea, the jerk of his head back to her was answer enough.

"No!" Erik declared firmly. "I have thought of you as my protégé but never like that! I had believed that as you grew older we would have a relationship not unlike the one shared by Antoinette and I."

"Then why not at least give it a chance?" Raoul added, figuring that Christine must have told him about their feelings for him while he was taking his swim.

Erik stiffened at the sound of his voice but did not turn towards him.

"You, Monsieur, have known me less than a year and have not seen my face as Christine has. Where does this idea of love come from on your part?" Erik stated slowly.

Raoul felt his cheeks redden and cleared his throat. "I, um, have told you previously that I find your voice pleasant to hear, but as our discussions continued and I got to know the man behind the voice, my feelings grew. Those many months ago, I once told you that I had my eye set on someone and purposely admitted that it was a man. That man, is you. Then came the night of the chandelier…"

He saw Erik stiffen but pressed on.

"You disappeared, but Christine and I remained together. Constantly we shared stories of you to each other. My friend, the phantom. Christine's guide, the angel. The more I learned the more I fell. Truly, Monsieur, you should not doubt my feelings for you."

"That night…" Erik began, his voice covered in confusion. "The two of you went to the rooftop and declared your love for one another. When was I in your minds? I could not have been then because of all the accusations you placed on me for Buquet. Which, I can now say, was an accident."

Raoul raised his head from Erik and looked over him to Christine in shock. Erik had been there! He had known this entire time that they had been together! No wonder he had disappeared right after!

"Erik, we were talking about you too." Christine was one to answer him. "I know that I was panicked over Buquet's death but I was worried because you hadn't spoken to me in a week since I had taken off your mask without your permission. Raoul was able to calm me down though and make me realize that you would not have done such a thing on purpose. I don't remember all that we said, but I do remember that I asked Raoul to say he'll love us."

"You know I do." Raoul instantly replied, remembering the words to that particular request.

"Think they are telling the truth?" Farren asked her human, with a squint in her eyes as she looked at Raoul then Christine.

"We can tell you that they are." Tyce grumbled, his arms crossed over his chest.

Raoul could feel his irritation at the eagle for not automatically believing his human and sent the otter a grin. Raoul had to admit that it was nice to have someone who was able to confirm their statements.

Erik finally lifted his head completely and looked at Christine before turning to Raoul. For the first time, Raoul got a full look at Erik's face. It was not like anything he has seen in his entire life, and could understand why Christine had screamed when she had first seen it. He, himself, wanted to turn away. Knowing that Erik was testing him, though, Raoul forced himself to keep on looking. He also knew that Farren was also silently judging him and he could not mess this up if he was to ever get the eagle to accept him.

"Is that all?" Raoul asked, though even to him, his voice sounded weak.

Erik rolled his golden eyes and turned away.

"Monsieur, you appear about to faint for how pale you have become, but you have my gratitude for not screaming."

He began to stand and Raoul and Christine hurried to their feet as well. Raoul watched as Erik shuffled to Christine and took his mask back from her.

"I'll get used to it." Raoul vowed. "I fell in love with you because of our time together. I did not even know what you looked like when I became smitten, only had your voice."

"Erik…" Christine began as she watched her angel put his mask back on.

"I believe you are aware of my preferences, Christine. Knowing you, you would have noticed a long time ago, how I have shown no desire for any type of flesh and that is not about to change. With that in mind, do you still wish to pursue a relationship that could not offer such an intimate part?" Erik interrupted, stumbling away from the two of them as he spoke.

Raoul frowned at Erik's walk, taking note that the elder was covered in sweat and his breathing seemed uneven. Maybe the wound cause him more pain than Raoul had first thought. He did not know a lot about gun wounds but he did know that after receiving a wound, the person should get a lot of rest. Something that tonight's situation has not allowed yet.

"Yes, I have noticed, but was unsure whether it was because you hid such a side of yourself or if it was really what you're like." Christine acknowledged as she followed after Erik with a concern frown. Her statement made Raoul confused.

"What preference?" he asked, trailing behind them.

"More like a lack of one." Christine told him. "Erik doesn't like men or women, or anything really, in the form of desire. Simple as that."

Raoul cocked his head to the head. Never has he heard of a person who did not have a taste for something. Of course, this was Erik they were talking about, who was an enigma in himself. They went inside his house but all remained standing. Though Erik left them to go to his room and shortly after returned with a white shirt on. While Raoul was disappointed that the man was covered now, he made himself speak.

"I could go for that." He stated, gaining Christine and Erik's attention. "I mean, it would be nice to do some things with you, but I guess you could set the limitations as to what you're comfortable with. As long as you agree to try to be with us."

"I'm fine with that also." Christine added with a smile. "I have loved you for too many years just to give up now."

Erik looked at Farren, who was perched on the back of the couch. Human and companion's eyes met and they had a silent conversation. Then Erik stared at them for so long that Raoul started to want to fidget but he forced himself to remain still. Eventually, Erik looked away with a defeated sigh and the sound made Raoul's chest fill with hope.

"One condition, for each of you." Erik announced, raising his index finger. "Christine, you are to not leave the stage. Viscount, you have to promise to not interfere with Christine's lessons as I refused to allow rumors spread that she is your mistress."

Raoul lifted his hands in surrender. "Fine, but you have to start calling me Raoul. Now, let's get you into bed. You look like your about to collapse."

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