Sailor Senshi Version of Survivor Episode 2


Star Girl

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Episode 2

Tribal Council, a Fever, and the Second Challenge

Night 2

At the Inner's Tribe Camp two hours before Tribal Council

Raye (VO): I can't believe we lost the first challenge. Oh well at least the next challenge we won't have to worry about Tribal Council. It is sort of Serena's fault we lost because she stumbled but I don't know if I can find the heart to vote her off the Tribe I mean all of us senshi are going to miss her if we vote her off.

Serena (VO): I am probably going to get voted off I mean it is all my fault we lost the first challenge. But even if I am voted off I swear I won't cry.

Lita is talking with Brock and Sora about the voting they both agree they don't have the heart to vote Serena off.

Sora: Yeah I mean she stumbled but I've only been here a couple of days and I can't help but like her. Lita and Brock nod their heads in agreement.

Two hours later at Tribal Council

Star Girl: All right people bring out your poke balls.

Serena looks at her with a confused face and says: Isn't Jenny supposed to be hosting Tribal Council tonight?

Star Girl sweatdrops and says: Well Jenny and I made agreement: she says the ending lines for the next five episodes and I host three of the Tribal Councils. Of course the deal wasn't set until we talked with the other hosts!

All: Oh!

Star Girl notices they haven't brought out the poke balls yet: Do I have to say what I said earlier before Serena asked that question.

The group shook their heads and brought there poke balls and a different symbol or pokemon or digimon was projected out of it.

The Seating Arrangement was:

Serena = crescent moon Ash = Pikachu Raye = symbol of Mars Misty = Staryu Amy = symbol of Mercury Brock = Onix Mina = symbol of Venus Tai = Agumon Lita = symbol of Jupiter Kari: Gatomon Sora: Ivy ((I think)) Trunks: Dragon ball Sakura = Clow Card Taiki = star with M on it ((I made that up I don't know the starlights through symbols))

Star Girl: Okay people you see that table over there. Points at a table with paper and a box on top of it.

The group nods their heads.

Star Girl: All right you go over one by one and vote for one person. Who ever has the most votes is out of the tribe. Serena you're going first.

(Serena nods and gets to her feat and walks over to the table and seems to think about whom to write down and finally writes down something that we can't see)

(Ash goes up and writes down "SERENA")

Ash (CC): She is nice but we would have probably won the race if she hadn't stumbled.

(Raye go up and write "SAKURA")

Raye (CC): She is nice but we won't be at a total loss is she is voted out.

(Misty goes up and writes down "SERENA")

Misty (CC): I'm with Ash on this one it will definitely be better for us if she isn't on the tribe

(Brock goes up and writes down something we can't see)

(Mina goes up and writes down "ASH")

(Tai goes up and write down "SERENA")

Tai (CC): She is nice but the sooner she is off the team the better it is for us!

(Lita goes up and write down something we can't see)

(Kari goes up and writes down "TAI")

Kari (CC): Its not that I don't like him I mean he is my older brother but I am just afraid he might vote me off for "safety reasons".

(Sora goes up and writes down something we can't see)

(Trunks goes up and writes down "SERENA")

Trunks (CC): Tai said this earlier and I quote him "The sooner she is off our team the better it is for us."

(Sakura goes up and write down "TAI")

(Taiki goes up and writes down "SAKURA")

Star Girl: All right! Lets go see who is being taken off the tribe.

Star Girl: First vote is .Trunks!

(Trunks doesn't seem to be to worried over the vote actually he looks like he didn't even notice it)

Star Girl: Next vote is. Serena!

(Serena puts her face in her hands so we can't see it and a few members of the tribe look worriedly at her)

Star Girl: Next is .Sakura!

(Sakura looks a little worried)

Star Girl: Next is . Serena!

(Serena looks nervous about it)

Star Girl: Next is . Sakura!

(Sakura looks very nervous)

Star Girl: Next is . Ash!

(Ash looks a little concerned)

Star Girl: Next is . Serena!

(Serena despite the fact she told herself she wouldn't cry her eyes begin to water, Raye politely asks if she could switch places with Ash who agrees to it, and Raye comforts Serena)

Star Girl: Okay the score so far it is 3 Serena, 2 Sakura, 1 Ash and 1 Trunks the next vote is . Sakura!

(Sakura looks very nervous)

Star Girl: Next is . Tai!

(Tai appears to be a little worried but not too much)

Star Girl: Next is .Sakura!

(Sakura is now frightened)

Star Girl: Next is . Serena!

(Serena is now in quiet sobs and Raye is trying to calm her down with soothing sounds and Lita looks about ready to rip somebody apart)

Star Girl: Next is Tai!

(Tai looks extremely worried)

Star Girl: Right now we have a tie, if the next vote isn't Sakura's or Serena's we will flip a coin if it lands on your side the other person goes, but if it lands on there side you go, is that understood, Sakura nods her head, and Serena manages to say yes through her sobs. All right the final vote is.Sakura! Sakura please hand over your poke ball.

Sakura walks around saying goodbye to her teammates and giving Serena a hug and walks over to the poke ball and in a flash of light the Clow Card disappears and the poke ball closes.

Star Girl: The tribe has spoken.

Sakura travels down the road of exile.

We see Serena trying to get up but are having trouble because she is still crying not because she was scared now but because Sakura had been voted out whom Serena had gotten to know well in the two days she was on the show. Lita comes over and helps Raye get Serena on her feet as the Tribe heads back to camp. The group leaves to do their chores and Serena is relieved of her chores for the night. Taiki, who doesn't have to do his chore until morning, sits down next to Serena and lets her cry on his shoulder. Lita looks up worriedly over at them from where she is preparing to cook fish. Amy, Misty, and Tai return from fishing and Amy comes over to them and Amy tells Taiki he can leave now but he doesn't.

Amy: Serena you should stop crying you are going to make yourself sick.

Serena manages to say: I know I'm trying but for some reason I can't get them to stop.

Amy and Taiki exchange worried glances and Amy says: Well keep on trying.

Raye and Mina return from their chores and Raye lights a fire and then they join Amy and Taiki and Mina asks: Is she still crying?

Amy nodded her head and said: Yes, I told her she would get sick if she keeps crying and she said she knows but for some reason she can't stop!

Raye and Mina exchange worried glances and sit down next to them. Just then Lita comes over which causes some questioning looks and Lita says: I asked Brock if I could check up on her and he said yes, how is she doing?

Amy: Not so well for some reason she can't stop crying though she is trying to.

Lita nodded her head she was obviously worried and says: Listen I got to get back to cooking if anything changes let me know okay?

The rest of the senshi nod their heads.

Meanwhile at the Outers camp they are celebrating their victory against the Inners

Joe: Fried sushi for dinner, fried sushi for breakfast, fried sushi for lunch, fried sushi every meal of the day! He was obviously happy over the fact that they could now make a fire.

A few laughs came from the group. The group was becoming friendlier over time. Michelle couldn't help that Darien wasn't looking too happy.

Michelle: Hey Darien what's a matter?

Darien: I feel like something is wrong but I can't place it.

Trista leans over and says: You feel it to?

Darien nodded his head and Michelle added: Now that you mention it I have had been having odd feelings for the past half an hour or so.

Hotaru walks over and sits down: What are you guys talking about?

Michelle: Hotaru have you been having odd feeling that you can't place it?

Hotaru nodded her head and said: Yes.

Trista: That makes four of us.

Amara: Correction five I feel it to.

Kakyuu: Actually eight, Seiya, Yaten, and I feel it to for some peculiar reason.

Amara mumbles something about Seiya feeling it because he has a crush on Serena.

Kakyuu: If you guys are feeling it also I would say it is one of your senshi.

Trista: You have a point there.

Lorei comes around with a plastic plate with sushi on it and says: Want some more?

The group shakes their heads.

Michelle: Hey Hotaru did you ask TK?

Hotaru nods her head and says: Yes he like-likes me also ((for those who are clueless about that it means he loves her also))!

Trista: You two do look cute together!

Hotaru: Thanks! TK and I are going over to the whirlpool we found and go swimming during free time.

Kakyuu: Sounds nice! Can I come to?

Hotaru: Sure!

Back at the Inners camp everyone is playing around though most of the senshi are crowded around Serena who managed to eat something but was still crying and eventually cried herself to sleep, Amy is trying to figure what caused Serena to cry so much

Lita was sitting right next to Serena stroking her bangs says: Any luck Amy on finding what caused her to cry so much?

Amy who was typing one her mini-computer said: No.

Brock and Sora walk over and Sora asked: Anything changed?

Taiki: No she fell asleep not to long after she had dinner and hasn't made a sound this.

The two nodded and walked away and Mina said: I wonder whether or not the outers realized what happened?

Amy looks up from her typing and says: They probably feel something is wrong but doesn't know what it is. I would say Darien probably feels it the strongest.

Mina glances at her watch and it reads 10:00 and she says: Guys its 10:00 we are supposed to go to bed!

Raye sighs and gets up from where she had been sitting: All right I'll go ring the bell to tell everyone to get ready for bed. Though I seriously doubt I will sleep tonight not knowing how Serena is going to be like in the morning.

The rest of the group nodded their heads.
Day 3

The Inners are up, Amy is over by Serena checking on her and doesn't seem too happy about something and Taiki is checking the mailbox

Taiki (CC): God I hope we don't have a challenge today because we might be short a person.

Unfortunately there was and it read:

'If it is medicine to cure ones sickness you seek, then go to the Challenge Beach and race like the wind over the sea.'

Taiki grumbles something about this being totally useless but when he got back over to the camp he noticed Amy didn't look to happy and he walked over and sat down.

Taiki: Hey Amy what's a matter?

Amy: What's a matter is that we are going to be short two people if we have a challenge today.

Taiki groans: We have a challenge today, but why are we going to be short two people?

Amy: Unfortunately Serena has come down with a fever and we need to get someone to keep an eye on her which will probably be me, so that's the reason why we will be short two people!

Taiki groans: Have you told Tai yet? Tai had been proclaimed leader of the tribe last night

Amy: Yes I told him he isn't too happy about it though!

Taiki: Yeah I don't blame him but look at the reward for winning this challenge. He then handed her the latest mail.

Amy reads it and breaks out into something between a smile and frown: This will definitely take away the fever faster but we are going to have more than one person run once! Have you shown this to Tai yet?

Taiki: No not yet, I am going to go show him right now! With that he got up and went over to Tai who had just returned from catching fish for breakfast. Tai nodded approval and agreed to have a few people run more than once. They would announce this at breakfast.

At the Outers Tribe camp things were already sitting around the campfire and Kakyuu was telling the Outer senshi about last night at the whirlpool

Michelle: Did they kiss?

Kakyuu: No but they almost did once when I ducked under water to give them a little privacy. They are thinking about going again tonight and this time I'm not going with them because I am going to give them a little privacy.

Trista: You know Matt might not approve of that?

Kakyuu nodded her head as they turned to listen to the latest announcements from their group leader Tracey. He announced the new challenge.

Amara: Really we don't need medicine at the moment.

Kakyuu: But we might need it later.

Amara: Good point!

The Tribe finished eating breakfast and headed down to the beach for the latest challenge. They got there a few minutes before the Inners and after they arrived they split off into separate groups. Michelle couldn't help but notice that three people were missing.

Michelle walked over to Raye to ask where the others were and she got the whole story from her.

Michelle: So where is she now?

Raye: She and Amy are back at the camp, she came down with a fever, and Amy is keeping an eye on her.

Michelle: Could we see her afterwards?

Raye: I don't know, it depends on what the others think.

Maria: All right people today the challenge is a relay race around the island. Who ever wins gets the medicine. We see Tai going over and talking to Maria about their problem.

Maria: You'll just have to have one person run twice.

Tai goes back to the group and it is decided that Lita will run three times non stop so there is no problem about getting her some place and Trunks will run twice.

Maria: All right Tribes get to your specified starting areas!

We see Ash and Gary get at the starting line for the first leg of the race. The second relay group consists of Misty and Lorie. The third relay group consists of Trunks and Tracey. The fourth relay group consists of Tai and Matt. The fifth relay group consists of Kari and TK. The sixth relay group consists of Raye and Trista. The seventh relay group consists of Mina and Darien. The eighth group consists of Brock and Hotaru. The ninth relay group consists of Taiki and Yaten. The tenth relay group consists of Sora and Joe. The eleventh relay group consists of Lita and Michelle. The twelfth relay group consists of Lita and Kakyuu. The thirteenth relay group consists of Lita and Seiya. The final relay group consists of Trunks and Amara.

Maria: On you marks, get set, go!

Ash and Gary take off Ash takes an early lead and keeps it but Gary isn't to far behind as they reach the edge of the forest they see Misty and Lorie waiting for the baton to be passed on for the next leg of the race. Ash passes the baton over to Misty who automatically takes off soon after that Gary passes the baton over Lorei. Lorei runs full speed to try and catch up with Misty who is already halfway through her leg of the course. Lorei manages to catch up to the point they are almost nose-to-nose. Misty speeds up a little seeing Trunks and Tracey in the distance but doesn't pull ahead of Lorei. Misty eventually reaches Trunks and hands over the baton only a few seconds before Tracey does. Trunks takes off not at full speed because he was saving it for the final leg but still going pretty fast. We see Tracey trying to catch up with Trunks but can't since Trunks is so fast and by the time Tracey makes it to the halfway point Trunks is already at the next leg handing the baton over to Tai. Tracey eventually gets to Matt who as soon as he has the baton in hand takes off really fast after Tai. He manages to catch up with him but is still a little far behind by the time they reach the next leg. Tai hands the baton over to Kari who takes off trying to get a small lead on TK who just got the baton but they even out to the point they are nearly running side by side and when they reach Raye and Trista they hand the baton over at the same time but Raye manages to get a small lead in front of Trista and keeps it until she reaches Mina and hands the baton over. Mina gains a little more distance but Darien is beginning to catch up and eventually they are running side by side like with TK and Kari earlier. When they finally reach Brock and Hotaru, Brock takes off and gains the lead again and Hotaru is trying to catch up with him but is having problems she manages to get to the point where there running nose to nose but as soon as they reach the next group and Brock hands over the baton to Taiki. Her ground is lost as she hands the baton over to Yaten who takes off after Taiki and once again the group is running side-by-side. When they finally do reach Sora and Joe they hands over there batons and Sora takes off taking the lead which is maintained throughout the whole leg when she reaches Lita she hands over the baton and Lita takes off at an even pace enough to keep the lead, but enough that she won't tire out easily in the three legs she has to run. The lead is kept for all three legs she runs though the other tribe tries to catch up but has no such luck. When she finally reaches Trunks she is exhausted but hands over the baton just as Seiya get there. Trunks who as soon as he gets baton takes off at full speed and as soon as Amara has the baton takes off at full speed but to no avail. As Trunks keeps the lead and crosses the finish line.

The Inners are celebrating the victory and the outer senshi are given permission to see Serena.

We all of sudden find ourselves on the exact same plane that had had the hosts back in the last episode and the prologue.

The hosts are talking and Jenny seems to be having an interesting conversation with Rita about manga until she notices the camera is on her.

Jenny: Woops! Anyway tune in next time to see who wins the third challenge, whether or not Serena and Amy participate in it, and the outer senshi's visit!

All: Till next time, bye!