Behind The Scenes The Diary of Sailor Cosmos

Author's Note


Star Girl

Author's Note: This story came to me out of a spark of curiousity. I was reading one of my Sailor Moon comics when I suddenly became really curious about Sailor Cosmos. This is based on the manga version since I have never seen the anime version plus they give a little more info on her in the manga making it easier for it to follow. So I am sorry you are at a total loss because of that. I will right a story version of this eventually. By the way there are a few things about this you will want to know:

"": This appears when somethings is directly taken from the story itself.

'': When she is refering to something someone said that is not mentioned in the book

(()): Author's Note

Cosmo: The name of the diary ((I know this might sound silly but in all the diary story I read the diary has a name so this one is going to have one))

Cosma: That is what Sailor Cosmos is named in the future ((Hey I needed a name for her so I made one up okay! Besides this is only used in the fist part of the story.))

Anyway on with the story!