Title : Orphan of the Golden Woods

Rating : R

Pairing : Legolas / OC, Elrond / ??

Summary : A visit from a certain elf changes the life of a certain elf maiden.

Disclaimer : I do not owned most of the characters, they belonged to the great Tolkien. The rest of the names belonged to me. I apologise if any of those names had been used in other fiction before, all I can say is, "coincidence".

Warning : Basically het. but there will be some slash in this fic too.


Special note:

I would not have ended up writing this fic if it weren't for these people. McKenna, Aithilin, Ilye, Vanessa, Soar and Cheysuli, you all really inspired me. I thanked you for the encouragement as well as the patience you have given me.

Ilye, thank you for the initial betaing.

Cheysuli, thank you for being my beta.