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Self thoughts are in italics

melamin - my love

ion nin - my son

iel nin - my daughter

Chapter 16

A week had passed but Aurwen has not shown any sign of waking. Elrond assured everyone that it is a normalcy, as the body needs time to heal after going through such trauma. As for Elladan, he had fully recovered and was one of the constant visitors that went to check on Aurwen. Elladan learned a whole lot from his father through this exposure. It was amazing to see how the body heals itself day after day. He thanked the Valar for making elves immortal as no human could have survived this trauma. Elladan was still checking on Aurwen when Legolas came into the chamber.

"Legolas, what brings you here this late in the day?" asked Elladan.

"I have just received news from my father and would like to share it with Aurwen. He has decided to visit Lorien and will be arriving a week before Aurwen's begetting day. He cannot wait to meet her," answered Legolas.

"It will be a memorable day for her. Many are coming and best of all, she does not have the slightest idea of the event. My only wish is for her to wake up in time for the celebration. Father said that she should wake up any day now and will have ample time to fully recover," expressed Elladan further. "Also, she will grant you heirs."

"Heirs or none, I am happy that she is alive today and will be taking it day by day towards the future," said Legolas as he made his way towards Aurwen. Light shades of red were visible against her once pale cheeks. Her breathing was light and shallow. Legolas gently held her hand before lowering himself and kissed her on the forehead, like he always do. "Wake up soon, melamin. Adar will be visiting us in Lorien." Legolas then shifted his glance to Elladan. "Am I correct to say that she will be needing therapy, once she wakes? I mean, a week is a long time, just to lay there and not move."

"That is true, my friend and since you are here, I might as well explain to you what I have been learning and doing for this past week with my father," said Elladan as he moved to the other side of the bed. Elladan was about to pull Aurwen's covers off when Legolas reached over and stop him.

"What are you doing? She has nothing underneath the covers but…." Legolas could not go on with his sentence. "You know what I mean."

"Yes Legolas, I know your concern. What I am about to do, is helping Aurwen, nothing else." Elladan went ahead and pulled down the covers. A frail body greeted their eyes. Elladan saw pain and fear in his friend's eyes. He reached for Legolas's hands and placed them on Aurwen's limbs.

"I am not sure if this is right, Elladan," mentioned Legolas as he followed Elladan's direction.

"There is nothing wrong with what we doing. Adar mentioned that massages will help stimulate the muscles and thus preventing them from weakening," explained Elladan. Still focusing on his task, Elladan continued, "Moreover, you should not be this alarmed but rather enjoy this moment that I have granted you."

"Elladan! This is not the time for humour." Legolas could not believe that Elladan teased him. "I do not want to cause troubles with anyone, especially Haldir. It would not be a problem at all if Aurwen grew up in Mirkwood. We wood elves are into merry making but not your kind," explained Legolas.

While they were massaging Aurwen's fragile limbs, a soft but yet distressed sound halted their movements.

"Adar, no….please.."

"Ssshh," whispered Legolas. "You are safe, melamin. Be at peace and rest." Legolas turned to Elladan and continued, "I think we should stop. I do not want to cause any unnecessary stress to Aurwen, if she so happens to wake in a moment like this."

Elladan nodded in agreement and stop massaging. Before lifting the covers back on Aurwen, Elladan decided to change the bandages. After completing his task, Elladan lifted the covers over Aurwen's body while Legolas held her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze.


Aurwen's POV

Voices. Male voices, talking. Where am I and why is it so dark? I could feel someone holding my hands and I held on to it, afraid to let go. With the little strength I have within me, I commanded my eyes to open.

An unfamiliar face greeted my sight. "Who are you?" I sounded terrible; my throat was so dry, it was hard to speak.

"Melamin, do you not recognise me?" asked Legolas.

"Why do you call me by that term. I do not even know you," I said before pulling my hand free from his grasp.

Elladan broke the silence. "Aurwen, this is not the time for games."

I turned towards the other voice. "Elladan? Is that you?" I asked before facing the blond elf. "I truly do not know this person."

Elladan detected the stress from Aurwen's voice. "Why don't you lay back and rest. I will get my father," said Elladan before pulling Legolas aside. "Why don't you follow me?"

Legolas was hesitant but agreed to follow Elladan. It was painful to see Aurwen so fearful of him.


Rumil, can you see to the afternoon training on my behalf? I need to check on my daughter," said Haldir.

"You do not even have to ask. Go to her. I will take over for the rest of the week," replied Rumil.

"Thank you," said Haldir.

As Haldir made his way through the City, he passed an open area where Aurwen will celebrate her begetting day. Some preparation has taken place and it would be a wonderful surprise for his daughter.

Upon arriving at his daughter's chamber, he gave a soft knock on the door before entering. He was surprised to see the chamber empty except his daughter, lying peacefully on the bed. He leaned over and gave her a kiss and to his surprise, she opened her eyes.

"You are awake," whispered Haldir. "You had me worried, Aurwen. You have been sleeping for a long time."

Tears poured out from Aurwen's eyes. "Adar."

"Sshh, nin iel. No need for tears," said Haldir. "I have to find Lord Elrond and inform him…"

"Nay, Adar. Stay with me," Aurwen interrupted. "Elladan is on his way to find Lord Elrond."

"Elladan was here when you woke up?" Haldir asked.

Aurwen nodded. "There was another elf too; blue eyes and blond. Do I know him, Adar?"

"Le….he is your be..," Haldir held his last word. There was no reason to mention his name. She could not even recognised Legolas. "Aurwen, what was the last thing that you remembered?"

"I do not know, Adar. Everything is still unclear," replied Aurwen.

"Do not worry, Aurwen. In time, you will remember," whispered Haldir as he drew Aurwen into his arms. "Just rest for now, until Lord Elrond arrives."


Elladan and Legolas rushed into Lord Elrond's room. "Adar!" exclaimed Elladan.

Elrond was just about done having some intimate moments with Erestor when he heard his son calling him. He threw a robe around his body before stepping out into the living area to great his son.

Elladan apologised immediately; having realised that he came in the wrong time. Elrond just dismissed his apology and went on with business.

"What's the urgency, ion nin?" Elrond asked.

"Aurwen, she is awake," replied Elladan. "However, something is not right. She didn't recognise Legolas."

Elrond took awhile to analyse Elladan's information and that made Elladan very uneasy.


Elrond let out a sigh. "I was afraid that this would happen. Aurwen sustained a head injury when the arrow grazed the crown of her head. Combined with her internal injuries, it was just too much for her to handle, physically and mentally."

"What are you trying to say, Lord Elrond?" Legolas asked.

"Somehow, Aurwen's mind found a way to block that pain away together with the part of meeting and knowing who you are Legolas. I know this is hard on you. Give her time and she will remember," answered Elrond. "Why don't I pay her a visit right now. Your presence would be an encouragement."


Haldir was just about done, helping Aurwen put on some cloths when the door creaked open. It was a hard task as Aurwen could not command her limbs to move.

"Lord Elrond," greeted Haldir as he tucked the covers underneath Aurwen's bed.

Elrond greeted Haldir before moving towards Aurwen. "I am very pleased to see that you have finally waken." Elrond took Aurwen's hand and studied her pulse. "Still weak but normal. I also noticed that your spirit is much brighter."

"Thank you my lord," said Aurwen as she let her eyes carried her around the room. In the crowd, stood the mysterious blond elf. Elrond felt a sudden rise in Aurwen's pulse and followed her gaze.

Elrond gestured Legolas to approach the bed. "Let me introduce you to our Mirkwood cousin. This is Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood. He is here on a visit," explained Elrond.

Aurwen tried to rise, in order to give the Prince a proper greeting. However her attempt was short lifted by Legolas as he came over to stop her. "You don't have to, my lady. It's an honour to finally meet you."

"Adar always speak highly of you and I too am honoured to finally meet you but not like this; with me in bed and very improper," Aurwen apologised.

Legolas almost cried out. He too wished that their reunion was different. He wished for more intimacy, rather than being total strangers. It felt so wrong. If only you knew, melamin, how I am feeling right now.

Aurwen had more visitors later in the day; mostly her friends, Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel. It had been a long day and Galadriel felt the energy draining away from Aurwen. Although Aurwen's spirit was high, her energy was low. Galadriel wasted no time and made a silent prayer before excusing herself from Aurwen's room. She passed Legolas on her way back to her chamber.

"My lady," greeted Legolas.

"Some where in her mind, she remembers you. You have to be strong and believe in the Valar." Galadriel then reached for the necklace on Legolas's neck. "You have her heart, for you hold The Star of Luthien. She gave it to you, did she not?"

"Yes, my lady," answered Legolas. "I just do not know how to tell it to my father. He will be here in a week's time."

"Hold your spirits up high, Legolas, for you have two weeks before celebrate Aurwen's begetting day," said Galadriel.


Meanwhile, Aurwen was having a restless sleep. Her dream was plagued by images of battles and Orcs. Images that seemed familiar and yet they were not. The Prince was part of those images. She also saw images of her and Elladan enjoying themselves during a ball. It was all too confusing and she forces herself to wake up. Sweat was all over her body and her breathing was hard and shallow. What was that all about? Why can't I remember? I need a glass of water.

Aurwen looked around her bedroom. She spotted the water jug but it was far from her reach. Desperate and thirsty, she used her elbow to prop her body into a sitting position. Next, she willed her legs to move but the success rate was minimal. With every ounce of energy she has left, she used her arms and dragged her legs down to the side of the bed. It was hard to stay seated on the bed when your body was screaming for rest.

Aurwen was not only a stubborn elf, but strong willed. If she had to crawl to get to the water jug, she will do it. Taking a deep breath, she forced herself to stand; a little ambitious, which she later found out the hard way. Aurwen was sobbing away as Haldir entered the room.

"Aurwen! What happened?" Haldir asked.

"I woke up from a nightmare and was thirsty and wanted a drink," said Aurwen. "No one was here, so I decided to help myself. I hate myself right now, Adar. I hate to be weak and hopeless. Worst of all, I can't remember how I got into this position at the first place." Aurwen was screaming; out of anger and pain.

"Sshh, it's alright, Aurwen. It's alright," said Haldir. "I am here now, and I will take care of you." Haldir then lifted Aurwen up and placed her back on the bed. He then moved the water jug and placed in on Aurwen's side table before pouring her a glass. Aurwen accepted the glass from her father and drank it all up. "You will grow stronger, my daughter. Rest for now," whispered Haldir.


Five days has passed since Aurwen regained conscious. Haldir, Elladan and Elrond have been helping Aurwen with her therapies. Haldir knew that Legolas wanted to be there, to share the workload to help Aurwen to be stronger but he failed to find a proper reason to include Legolas in the task. He did not want Aurwen to question him, unnecessarily.

The same evening, Haldir made his routine check on his daughter before he retires for the night. As he entered her room, he heard Aurwen's whimpers. He rushed to her bedside and found her trashing about on her bed. Haldir tried hard to calm her down but the situation seemed to worsen. The more he comforted her, the more she threw a fit.

"No….Adar, I beg you, let me go….he needs me." Aurwen called out in distress.

Aurwen's missing pieces of memory. She's remembering Haldir said to himself. "Aurwen, it's only a dream. Wake up, my daughter," Haldir pleaded.

"Orcs….everywhere. Blood everywhere…..Legolas!" cried Aurwen before the room went silent.