Chapter One; The Halloween Shop

As promised, here is the very first chapter of An Even Scarier Harrier Halloween. I'm sorry for the delay in Battle of The Bands. I have been having a very bad case of writer's block, not to mention busy with my Naruto universe. I hope you enjoy it though and the first Halloween episode of Friendship Is Magic should be out soon!

I'm sorry it's a bit short but I'm pretty tired tonight. There will be tomorrow though.

"So Harry, have you figured out what you've wanted to be for Halloween yet sweetheart?" his mother questioned him while they entered the wizarding mall together. Usually he and his mother and little brother and sister would go to Hogwarts together to be with their father for the annual Halloween celebrations.

There was carnival games, dancing, sweets, and of course trick-or-treating. However, this year, since it was Harry's final year at charm school and at home with his family before he would go to school there himself, this year he decided to stay home and have a sleepover with his best friend before they went trick-or-treating together. Harry smiled up at his mother while she smiled down at him.

"I was actually." He began. "I was sort of thinking of being a ghost." He told her.

"I know what I want to be." Eve began before Harry and Tobey both took a deep breath and sighed heavily.

"A princess." The boys chorused together.

"How did you guess?" she asked them.

"You're a princess every year Evie." Harry said while taking another deep breath and letting it again out in a long drawn out sigh.

"I think that I want to be a clown." Tobey said.

"Why do you want to be that?" Harry asked him. "You've been terrified of them ever since you were in diapers."

"Because it's Halloween. You're supposed to dress up as something scary." He told him.

"Very good point Tobey." Lily said before they walked into the Halloween shop together. Harry paused for a moment so that he could stop and see the pumpkin headed man that stood up in front of the display window right in front of a gigantic furry black spider and chuckled.

"Ron wouldn't like this shop. He hates spiders." He said as he remembered the time when they were little kids and had met Aragog and all of his children inside the Forbidden Forest.

"Come on Harry!" Lily called over her shoulder while she stopped and turned her head looking back at him. Meanwhile Tobey and Eve stayed close to her side hiding their eyes from all of the scary Halloween directions inside the store. Harry quickly rounded the corner and hurried inside before smiling down at them warmly and lovingly.

"It's alright. They're all fake. They're not going to hurt you." He reassured them soothingly before everyone else inside the shop stopped what they were doing and stared at him with their mouths gaped wide open. Harry was getting pretty used to this by now. For he was a very famous wizard, and ever since he could remember people had been recognizing him. Not because he had his mother's eyes, or for the fact that he looked a lot like his biological father James Potter, but for the simple reason that he had a lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead.

His mother had one too but she had never had quite the same reaction because Harry had been the first one to survive when Lord Voldemort tried to kill him back when he was only a year old. However, the shop keeper was a very good friend of the Snape family and he was one of the few people who actually recognized Harry for who he was.

"Harry? Lily, Tobey, Evangeline, what are you all doing here? I would have thought that you would be at Hogwarts with Severus by now." The older wizard whose name was Joseph (but Harry and everyone else just called him Joey) said but Lily just simply smiled at him.

"Normally we would be." She began while placing a hand upon Harry's shoulder. "However this year Harry decided that he wanted to stay here for Halloween. That'll mean that he gets to go to his charm school Halloween party, and our church's hayride instead." She told him. Until his mother had reminded him that, Harry had completely forgotten about his charm school Halloween party. That meant that he and Ron would go together there as well.

He was glad that Ron and his family had decided to stay behind as well, but he had also forgotten that Ron and his brothers were famous for telling scary stories. In fact, they were so terrifying that they even had scared Ginny and her two muggle friends that lived on Harry's block. They were identical twins like Fred and George but they didn't have a single ounce of magic inside their veins and weren't even aware of the fact that it had existed.

"Ah I see, well in that case what can I offer you today?" Joe questioned them with a grin as Eve glanced up at the creepy dragon skeleton that was hanging up on the ceiling and then the human one and clown statue that were down underneath it on either side of the wall and gulped.

"I want to go home!" she cried while her tiny little body started trembling with fright and tears begun rolling down her cheeks.

"Me too!" Tobey sobbed.

"Oh it's alright. Halloween is supposed to scare you, but it isn't going to hurt you." Joe told them with a reassuring grin while Harry reached a hand to his forehead and felt his scar. For Halloween was the day when his father had died and he had received it. "After all, they're only decorations. They're not real. Now then, how about you come with me and pick out what costumes that you would like to wear." He suggested as he offered his hand to them. Eventually Tobey and Eve agreed and he led them down the hallway to the children's costumes.