Chapter Eight; Homeward Bound

All of a sudden Ron saw his life flashing before his eyes and Harry shut his eyes tightly. He was starting to except the fact that he was about to die before he even had a chance to go to Hogwarts. However, that's when suddenly the door busted open. He quickly opened his eyes and saw the person that he seriously thought that he would never see again with her wand raised bravely straight out in front of her.

"Mum!" he exclaimed with excitement.

"Stay away from my children you bloody bastard!" she shouted angrily at him on the top of her lungs. That's when Harry felt his jaw drop along with Ron's, Tobey's, and Eve's. Neither one of them had ever heard using such foul language before, but nobody was as more shocked as Ron was.

"Mrs. Snape!" he exclaimed with complete and utter astonishment and disbelief.

"Oh I see. You're Harry's mother aren't you?" Chucky began. "You were supposed to die that night along with your famous magical son. Well, it's time to finish what Voldemort started." He said while he started raising his blade over his head.

"Mummy!" Tobey hollered.

"Mummy!" Eve echoed while tears continued rolling down her cheeks.

"Mum! Watch out!" Harry cried.

"Don't worry children, he might be a killer doll, but I'm a witch. Now normally I'm not a known user for unforgiveable spells, but this is an emergency." Lily told them before she raised her wand again and pointed it at Chucky. "Avada Kedavra!" she screamed on the top of her lungs as the spell hit Chucky square in the chest and then sent him over backwards and made him collapse onto the ground. Once she made sure that Chucky was dead Lily looked back up at her children and held out her arms before all three of them started racing towards her.

Then she bent down and wrapped her arms around them and embraced them tightly. She kissed Tobey and Eve each on top of the head before she turned to Harry and then kissed him. "Oh Harry, I was so worried about all three of you." She told him as tears of joy and relief that all of her children were safe rolled down her cheeks.

"And what am I then? Chopped dragon meat?" Ron questioned her before she stifled a laugh.

"Of course not Ron, come here and give me a hug." She told him before he hurried over to her and embraced her. Then Harry finally decided to ask her the question that had been on his mind ever since she had shown up.

"Well, how ever did you find us?" he wondered as she simply just smiled at him.

"Well, you can thank your dog Cowboy for that. I knew that something was wrong as soon as I saw him running into my bedroom and underneath my bed. Luckily I came out into the living room just in time to see your head disappearing out of the fireplace." She told him as he smiled back at her.

"I love you Mum." He told her.

"I love you too, all three of you." She told her children as she kissed them again. "And I'm so glad that you're all alright." She said.

"Oh believe me, we are too." Harry told her before he turned around and faced Ron. "And Ron, I'm sorry that I didn't believe you." He told him.

"Oh that's alright, I wouldn't believe it either if Fred and George were your brothers instead."

"Well, all I've got to say is thank God that they aren't. I don't know how you can stand to live with brothers like them!" Harry exclaimed.

"Well, they might be a couple of pranksters but they aren't terrible brothers. After all, they've always looked after me and Ginny and have been there for us whenever we needed them. And even though it's hard coming from a really big family, it's also pretty nice having siblings that love as much as they do." Ron told him before he held up his hand and whispered through it into Harry's ear. "Besides, there's nothing like sweet revenge. And since I just happen to know where they live, I think they'll be lucky if they don't find a bunch of rats in their bed next summer." He told him but Harry just simply shook his head at him.

"But I thought that after we finish our first year at Hogwarts, we're not allowed to do magic by ourselves until we turn seventeen." Harry said.

"Well yes, strictly speaking we aren't. But as long as we don't do magic around those other twins or any other muggles, who's really going to enforce it?" Ron inquired. "We'll never get caught.

"I'm afraid that that isn't the point. It really doesn't matter if you get caught or not. It's still wrong and you'll know about it. Just like any other school you have to follow the rules." Lily told him as a wide grin suddenly stretched across Harry's face as he thought how wonderful it would be to finally get a chance to go to Hogwarts and see his father every day.

"Yeah, but it'll be worth it." He said as his eyes danced with excitement before his mother leaned down over him and planted a kiss on top of his head. Then she hoisted his sister up inside her arms while beginning to carry her towards the door.

"Come on sweetheart, let's go home." She told him before all four of them turned around and finally exited the manor and left it behind them for good.