It started off like any other day. I got up and went out for a short run to help me wake up. I got back and showered before getting dressed for school. I locked up before walking over to the house next door. I got the mail out of the mailbox before walking to the door and knocking.

Mrs. Robinson opened the door and smiled. I had met her a couple of months ago when I had just moved in. She had been in a car accident and had to have a hip replaced. She had a hard time walking down the porch to her mailbox so I always grabbed the mail and brought it to her so she could take it easy. And everyday she would pack me lunch.

I was fifteen and living on my own. She said if her daughter was in my position she would like it if someone would look out for her too even if it was just making sure I had a good lunch everyday.

"Good morning." I greeted.

"Good Morning Molly, I packed you a sandwich but there's an extra sweet treat for a sweet girl like you." She said with a smile.

"You shouldn't have." I said.

"Now hush, you have to get going, you don't want to miss your bus. Good luck on your math test." She said.

"Thank you, have a good day." I said before walking to the bus stop. Just as I was about to cross the street I felt something burning my shoulder. I lifted my sleeve up and one of my soulmarks burning up. It was the green double helix. That's strange the only thing I ever got from it was calming emotions, this felt angry. I took a deep breath and tried to remain calm, freaking out would probably make them feel worse, where ever they were.

I took my time getting to the bus stop and remained positive that is until I started feeling really short of breath and a bit lightheaded.

"Are you alright ma'am." The bus driver asked.

"Uh yes sorry, probably low blood sugar, I skipped breakfast I said scanning my bus pass before taking a seat. I closed my eyes and waited for the feeling to pass. I felt the soulmark on my right thigh cool down. That one was shaped like two gold gears with a red outline. Normally that one along with the one on my right shoulder made me feel really confident but recently it felt strange and it came with dizzy spells. Having seven soulmarks was exhausting. Whoever they all were they must live eventful lives.

I got off at my bus stop and walked the rest of the way for school. Today was the big day, the last exam before I graduated. Sure I was a bit young but all things considered it would make things easier for me. Having a full time job while going to school was exhausting but I made due.

I walked in and I started feeling really confident. The mark on my right hip in the shape of a weird hammer was burning up. Finally one of them was having a good day.

I walked in ready to kick ass. Math wasn't my favorite subject but it wasn't my worst subject. I walked into the main office and checked in. I was taken to an empty office and the exam proctor came in. I took the exam and it was a breeze.

I walked out with a spring in my step and feeling on top of the world. I should have known it wasn't going to last. I got to work at the grocery store and started stocking shelves. Then I got the chills the mark on one of my ribs felt cold and then I just felt sad and lonely. The Twin marks on either side of my ribs were both stars. One was silver with a blue glow and the other was a red star with a silver glow. They were both normally quiet. The red star felt pain and confusion every once in a while but it had been years since that happened. The Silver Star didn't give off any feelings until know. The guys must have been in a coma or a monk with really good control over their emotions.

'It's okay buddy, it'll get better.' I thought putting a hand over the mark.

By the time I got home, I was ready to just crash. I opened the door and I realized it was unlocked. I was sure I locked it. I walked in and nothing seemed out of place, I was probably just being paranoid.

I walked straight to my room and started stripping my clothes off. I turned on the light and saw something on my bed that made me scream. There was a dead bird on my bed. I clutched my necklace and started crying.


When I finally tired myself out, I got a plastic bag and a shovel and cleaned my bed. I took out my computer and broke a promise I made to myself over a year ago. I started hacking. I started off by making sure I got my diploma mailed off to a Post office box I had set up a few months before and then I started erasing all traces of my existence. It was time for a fresh start. Molly Clark was dead.

"Random Name Generator." I said as I typed it in. I put in the preferences and watched it go.

Hayley Adams

"Happy birthday Hayley Adams." I said. I changed records and started tying up loose ends. Now for the next big decision, where do I go next? I chose a small town in the middle of nowhere and that didn't work. I turned on the news, first city that comes up that where I'm going.

"Breaking News. We're here in Harlem where the Hulk has caused massive collateral damage while fighting something that can only be described as an abomination." The reporter said. I felt the spider on my left wrist feel anxious. The purple arrow on my right wrist just seemed… bored.

"New York it is." I said. I felt a strange sense of emotions coming from my marks. I took it as a sign it was the right way to go and if it wasn't well at least I'd have some time to come up with a better plan or he'd finally catch up to me and finish what he started. Which led me to the question if he knows where I am why didn't he already?