"Hm…." I hummed as I stretched my arms up the next morning. I felt Tony gently brush my hair of my shoulder before he leaned over and kissed my neck.

"Morning sunshine." Tony said.

"Morning." I said turning to kiss him.

"Sleep okay?" He asked.

"Oh yeah." I said. "You knocked me out."

"I was just about to say the same thing." Tony said smiling. "When we're together it's always amazing but last night…"

"I know." I smiling. "People talk about mind blowing sex but that was beyond that."

"Yeah?" Tony said with a smirk.

"Yeah." I said kissing him. He wrapped his arms around me before suddenly pulling back.

"Are you trying to start something? Because I might actually have to take a rain check." Tony said blushing a bit.

"What?" I asked surprised. Never in the entire time we had been together had Tony ever said those words to me. The man had an incredibly high sex drive. They all did.

"I might be a bit sore." He admitted.

"R-really?" I said trying not to laugh.

"I think you broke me." Tony said and I couldn't help but laugh. "Wow you're laughing at my pain."

"I'm sorry… I'm sorry. I'm just… I actually… This is just proof of how amazing last night was. Because I kind of want to shower but I'm not sure I can walk right now." I said and Tony laughed.

"I know I'm good I just didn't know I'm that good." Tony said. "Want me to carry you?"

"No just need a minute." I said. "Want to take a bath. Soak in the tub for a bit. It'll help with the soreness"

I couldn't help but laugh again.

"Sure. I'll call room service." He said sitting up and grabbing the phone.

It was a nice day. Easy. Mostly just us being lazy in our fluffy hotel robes, ordering room service. Champagne and watching movies.

It was around late afternoon when we decided to go out for a walk to stretch our legs for a bit. Got some ice cream. Browsed a few shops and walked back. It got dark before we knew it and saw this group of kids playing in a band. We actually ended up dancing in the street. Overall great day.

Sadly our time in Paris was coming to an end and reality was back in New York waiting for me.

On our last day Tony decided we should take a day trip to Versailles. Apparently it was the one cliché touristy thing he never got a chance to do. His words not mine.

It wasn't often Tony admitted to wanting to visit specific sites so I agreed to it. I pulled out an off white cold shoulder lace dress. I curled my hair and pulled it off to the side in a side pony tail. I paired the outfits with some heeled sandals and wore my ring.

s/files/1/0863/0438/products/Paris_Dress_Kahaia_8_ ?v=1568880986

So we drove and got dropped off. The palace was huge and very lavishly decorated. Unfortunately our tour guide was so freaking monotone the entire time. So we called it and decided to explore the gardens and have a picnic for lunch.

"Uh, I don't want to go back." I said as I rested my laid back on the grass staring at the clouds.

"So let's stay." Tony said turning onto his side. "I'll buy us a little chateau somewhere. Just ten or fifteen bedrooms tops…"

I giggled. He has also snuck in some wine without anyone noticing and I was pleasantly buzzed.

"We're definitely getting one of those hedge mazes… Always thought they were cool." Tony said as I moved to straddle his lap. "Let's do it."

"Tony you're not buying a French chateau." I said putting a hand on his cheek..

"You're right. I should check if I already have one." Tony said giving me a quick peck on the lips.."I buy a lot of stuff, it's hard to keep track."

"No I mean that as much as I want to stay here and hide away from work and Dragon Lady that's not how it works." I said.

"It could. We could make it work?" He said. "I mean what are you going back for?"

"Natasha, Clint, Bucky, Will, our jobs, and like a million other reasons." I said. "We don't run away from our problems. We take vacations from our problems."

"Let's take another vacation. Right now let's go to Greece." Tony said.

"Tony…" I said.

"Let me pretend Hayley." Tony whined.

"What's going on?" I asked him.

"This is just so great. You're happy. I'm happy. Every thing's so good." He said. "We're good."

"We're good in New York too." I said.

"Yeah but. I like seeing you every day. Falling asleep next to you. Waking up to your snoring." Tony said.

"I don't snore." I said.

"You do. It's cute." Tony said quickly kissing me to distract me.

"Maybe I should rework the schedule a bit more. Spend weekends in the city. Give us more time?" I suggested.

"Or I could move upstate?" He suggested. "There's a lot of room. I could buy some land. Build us another house. Maybe get us a llama?"

"You want a llama?" I said confused.

"Use it to fertilized grass… it's hair for sweaters. It's a good investment." Tony said.

"I heard the real money's in Alpacas." I said. "They also don't spit at you."

"I hadn't thought of that.' Tony said.

"Could you really see yourself living the simple life away from the city?" I said.

"I can if its with you." Tony said.

"I love you and if you want that and are ready for it I'm all in." I said. "But you can't just drop everything. Your job and everything…"

"Well I have some ideas on how to manage everything. It might take some convincing… another multi million remodel slash expansion but what would you think of us working in the same building?" Tony said.

"You mean… What about the tower?" I asked.

"Probably sell it. Real estate in Manhattan is on the up and up." Tony said.

"You really think the board will go for it?" I asked.

"I talked them into moving across the country, I think moving upstate won't be that hard of a sell." Tony said. "Think you'll get tired of me?"

"Never." I said kissing him. We stayed like that for a couple of minutes.

"Now… before we go home there's one last thing we need to do." Tony said picking up his phone.

"I thought we agreed phones off for the week?" I said.

"I'll turn it right off but how about we try to break the internet again?" Tony said.

"You mean your chocolate handprints on my ass wasn't enough?" I asked.

"I mean it was close but I had something else in mind." He said taking my right hand and playing with my ring.

"Oh that's not just going to break the internet, you're going to make them all freak out. I mean you might give Pepper a heart attack from the shock." I said.

"I think she can take it. Think our it as a practice run for our future engagement photos." Tony said.

"I guess I picked a good day to wear white." I said before taking my ring off and offering it to Tony. "You want to do the honors?"

"Yeah." Tony said taking it. "Or should I get another ring? With a bigger diamond. I mean I'm me. Would people really believe I would propose with a diamond that size?"

"Tony that ring is bedazzled with diamonds. I mean they probably bought half a diamond mine to make it." I said.

"Okay" He said. "Hayley… or should I say Calliope Chauncey?"

"Tony." I groaned.

"Kidding." He said. "Hayley Adams will you do me the immense honor of helping me freak out all of our friends and break the internet with me?"

"Yes yes a million times yes!" I said as he slipped the ring on my left finger.

"Okay how are we doing this?" Tony asked. "How cheesy are we going?"

"Uh not sure. If we want the real effect we've got to show off the bling. I do like black and white photos." I said. "But we do want to show off the garden."

"The ring photo in black and white so it pops and the rest in color." Tony said.

"You do have a good eye for these things. There aren't any handprints on my ass right?" I said double checking.

"No but we can fix that." Tony said and I gave him a look. "Kidding.

So we started off with a simple photo of us kissing the chateau in the back ground. Happy snapped the photo. With the focus on us. The ring was hidden by Tony's arm so it still didn't come out.


The next one was a close up of us kissing. With the light and Tony's shirt it was hard to see but still a cute one. Definitely was going to frame this one.


And then the last one which was in black and white where the main focus of it was the ring.


"Okay that should do it." Tony said taking the phone from happy. "What should we put for the caption?"

"Uh… you'll never guess what just happened?" I said. "Or do we go with something a bit more cliché like she said yes?"

"Mr and Mrs Stark?" He said.

"I think I'm keeping my name." I said.

"Hmm… I think I got it." Tony said typing it out before showing it to me for approval.

"To the future… No take backs."

"No take backs." I said posting it before shutting off the phone.

The Following Night…

"I don't wanna go…." I whined.

"We can always extend the vacation?" Tony offered.

"No I mean that would be great but I miss everyone and I do have to get back to work. I mean I'm sure without any supervision Steve got into all sorts of trouble I'm going to have to clean up. Or Natasha and Hill caved and let him back in after he gave them some heartfelt speech." I said already feeling my inner peace start to disappear as stress slowly started to slip in.

"Hales, Honey breathe. We still have the entire eight and a half hour plane ride home to relax. Just you and me thousands of feet up in the air watching movies napping up in the clouds… All of our problems thousands of miles away. Phones still completely off…" Tony said hugging me.

"That does sound nice…" I said melting into him.

"And I had the jet stocked up with all your favorite pastries so you won't get hangry on me." Tony said.

"I don't get hangry." I said looking up at him.

"Of course not… just slightly… like 12% more irritated when you're hungry" Tony said and I playfully pinched his side making him laugh.

"You know I can't wait until next year…" I said.

"We're still in Paris and you already want to come back?" He teased.

"Well yeah. I mean every time we come back you somehow find a way to outdo yourself. I don't know how you're going to do it next year. I mean a fireworks show during a candlelit dinner at the top of the most romantic monument in the world..." I said. "You've got your work cut out for you."

"I'll just have to think of something." Tony said suddenly very deep in thought. "We should go, we have a plane to catch."

"I thought the point of having your own jet was that it had to wait for you?" I said repeating a phrase he had said to me more than once.

"Is that payback for the hangry comment?" He asked.

"Maybe." I said before giving him a quick kiss and getting up to grab my coat.

Those eight and a half hours just flew by. We slept most of them so we wouldn't be jetlagged, especially since I was planning on going straight to work. One week being completely disconnected from the outside world… I had no idea what we were going to walk into.

As soon as the jet landed and we stepped out Tony and I took out our phones.

"Ready?" He asked and I nodded.

"On three." I said. "One."

"Three." Tony said and we turned on our phones as soon as we did they both started going off. "How many do you have?"

"Uh… I'm about to hit a hundred emails." I said as my phone kept dinging as we got in the car.

"I think we broke a record with our engagement photos." Tony said on the drive to the compound.

"Aw how many hearts did you break?" I asked.

"Too soon to tell. The comments are still pouring in. And we're trending." Tony said.

"Wow my voicemail is actually full. Who leaves voicemails anymore?" I asked.

"I'm guessing someone that's pushing a hundred." Tony said. "Likes wearing stars and stripes, throws a frisbee…"

"Or it could be my dad… or Beks." I said dialing my voicemail and listening to the first message. "And it's just Steve who wants to let me know where he is in case I need him for a mission… What he's doing… He left me a message talking about squirrels at the park…"

"Are you going to call him back?" Tony said.

"Later… In a day… or week depending on what's waiting for me at the compound." I said as we pulled up to the compound.

"Well you're about to find out." Tony said as the car stopped.

I grabbed my bags and headed inside. I saw Agents walking around and doing their job… or at least pretending to as I walked past them.

"Hey Friday where is everyone?" I said stopping at my office and still no sign of everyone. It was early in the morning but everyone was normally training or moving about the compound.

"In the common room Ma'am." Friday answered.

"A bit late for breakfast around here." I told Tony.

"Well with no Cap… they probably slept in." Tony said with a shrug.

"Yeah but with Maria in charge?" I retorted.

"Maybe we're walking into our engagement party?" Tony suggested.

"I don't think so." I said walking out of my office with all the souvenirs for everyone.

"We're back from Paris!" Tony called out as we walked into the common room.

"And we brought presents!" I seconded only to be met by grim faces from… everyone. "Shit who died?"

"Hales." Clint said quickly coming to pull me aside as Natasha just gave me a look and signaled me to cut it out before looking to Will who was just staring at the coffee table. Too bad Tony didn't catch that signal.

"Oh shit someone actually died?" Tony said. "W-who?"

"My dad." Will said still staring at the coffee table.

"Will." I said feeling like an idiot for just bursting in. I looked at Clint who nodded before stepping aside so I could go to my brother. "Hey buddy."

"Hey." Will said staring at the coffee table I sat on the floor next to him.

"I know this is probably a stupid question but are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah.. It uh… it happened a few hours ago. Xander just called and… yeah." Will said still looking straight ahead. "Heart attack. He was getting dressed for work and then he just dropped and he was gone. Fuck."

"I know." I said putting my arms around him.

"That fucking asshole." Will said.

"Uh…" Sam said looking confused. Only for Rhodey to whisper that he'd explain later.

"Will he was your father." Wanda said in shock someone would say that about their deceased father.

"Wanda." Clint said shaking his head for her not to say anything.

"Fucking douche." I seconded.

"I mean a fucking heart attack?! What the fuck happened to karma?!" Will said.

"Life isn't fair." I said with a sigh. "Tequila?"

"Tequila." Will seconded before we got up.

"I do not understand." Vision said. "I understood that upon the death of a loved one such as a parent one is to feel sad… maybe even cry and that speaking ill of the dead is something that should not be done?"

"It's a both more complicated than that." Sam said.

"Well not really." Will said as I pulled out the good tequila from where I hid it last time Natasha decided to make margaritas. "My dad was… the fucking worst dad. I'd say worst parent but that title belongs to dragon lady."

"I'm sure he loved you very much…" Wanda started. "In his own way?"

"He beat the crap out of me the first two times I tried to come out to him. The third time when I was sixteen he kicked me out and disowned me. Then years later he hears I'm living with Hales and he invites me back because Hayley magically 'fixed' me." Will said taking his shot clinked his glass against mine before we each took a shot and slammed the glasses down at the same time.

"Two days after we get there that misogynist sexist…" I started.

"Homophobic dick…" Will continued tapping the bar to signal he needs another shot.

"Sees my soulmarks and goes off on me." I said opening the bottle and taking another shot. "Calls me a whore and an abomination…"

"And I come out to him again. Tell him I have always been and will always be gay and that if he couldn't handle that he could fuck off." Will said.

"Then he started strangling Will." I said. "So I jump him trying to get him to stop."

"He throws her into a wall hard enough to crack the drywall." Will said. "And then this one decides to grab the urn holding my nana's ashes and smash it on my dad's head."

"And That was the last time we got invited to Thanksgiving at Will's house." I said.

"You left out the part where you blacked out, got tattoos, a piercing, ate half a cow in one sitting, and got arrested." Tony said.

"You got arrested?" Bucky asked as he walked in.

"I went through a rebellious phase." I said.

"Don't forget the part where she puked on my shoes when we went to bail them out." Rhodey said.

"And now I have to go back to Charleston for that jackass' funeral." Will said downing his third shot.

"Will you don't have to go." I said.

"No." Will said taking a breath. "I want to go. I want to show up to that funeral with the biggest rainbow flower wreath wearing the brightest rainbow tie with my best friend supporting me wearing matching rainbow colored tights."

"She is?" Clint, Natasha, and Tony asked at the same time I asked, "I am?"

"You didn't forget your promise did you?" Will said.

"No but to be fair I had a pretty big concussion, had just fallen off a mechanical bull and was really drunk. I thought I'd be way older and I'd have cackles you wouldn't want me to show off and also I didn't think you were serious." I said.

"I was." Will said.

"Okay then we're going to have to make a stop on our way to airport to buy some because I don't own any." I said.

"Don't worry I already sent my intern out for them." Will said.

"You have an intern?" I said.

"Yeah. I thought you gave him to me?" Will said.

"You can't give someone a person." I said.

"Not unless you're having their baby." Clint pointed out.

"The one exception." I said.

"Huh… then who's the guy that's been picking up my dry cleaning and getting me coffee the past couple of months?" Will said.

"Not sure. You might want to find out." I said.

"Nah he's good at his job." Will said.

"Okay, Friday get us tickets on the first flight to Charleston and since we're both probably still banned from your mom's house, hotel reservations." I said.

"Why don't you just take the jet?" Tony suggested. "you know… in case you need a quick getaway."

"Tony it's just a funeral. I'm not chasing leads." I said.

"Hales is right. We're just going to be there for the service to peacefully protest against homophobic, poly relationship hating parents." Will said. "We might get some dirty looks from some of my dad's cop friends… and well most of the Charleston PD…"

"Aren't you two still banned from half of Charleston?" Natasha reminded us.

"You know on second thought taking the jet might be a good idea." I said. "Okay. Will call your intern and get those rainbow tights, I am going to sort through my luggage to pack my spare outfits. I'm sure there was a black dress in there somewhere."

"Just don't wear a white skirt again." Will teased.

"Tights Will. Tights." I said reminding him of what an awesome sister I was as I walked to my office.

I had Friday start to brief me on everything I had missed while I was away as I started pulling things out of my suitcase.

"Alright email the board an update on the contingencies I've set in place to make sure we don't have another incident like Malta. Also start urging legal to give me an update on Wanda's visa status. Pull every string we've got. She should qualify for refugee status so I don't know what's taking so long. On top of that make sure our resident shrink has an open slot for Steve when he gets back… eventually." I said.

"Working already?" Clint said walking into my office and sitting on the couch.

"I'm multi tasking." I said closing my carry on luggage before going to sit next to him. "I'm sorry I'm leaving already."

"Don't be. You have to be there for Will." Clint said putting his arms around me as I leaned against him. He put his hand on mine and took a look at my ring. "That's a big diamond."

"Promise ring." I said.

"P-promise ring?" Clint said surprised.

"Yeah. This is Tony not going overboard. I probably wouldn't be able to lift my hand if I did let him go overboard." I said.

"He doesn't do small." Clint said.

"Hayley I got the tights and tie lets go!" Will said.

"Mhmm…" I groaned feeling really comfortable where I was.

"I can go with you guys." Clint offered.

"It's okay." I said. "We'll be back before you know it."

"Okay but if anything happens…" He started.

"I'll call, check in regularly, I also have my watch on me. Stop worrying." I said before kissing him. "Love you."

"Love you too." He said kissing me again before I ran off with Will.

I was back on the jet mere hours after I landed. Will was… I wasn't sure if he was celebrating or drowning his sorrows. Maybe it was both. Either way he had poured us both a glass of scotch and we were laying around talking about random stuff. We were laughing about some of the failed dates Tess and Liam had set us up before life got crazy when the light bounced off the huge diamond on my ring and reflected onto his face.

"So when's the big day." Will said looking at my ring.

"Oh I forgot, we're not engaged." I said. "It's a promise ring."

"Ah come on Hayley. I want a chance to be your best man." He said.

"Technically you'd be my man of honor." I said.

"Hayley. Come on. I only have…. " Will said counting before whispering. "Clint, Natasha, Tony, Thor, Bruce, Bucky… Six chances left to be a man of honor."

"Six? I think you need to double check your math." I said.

"It's six. You have seven soulmates. Steve doesn't count because you dumped him." Will said.

"Thor and I are already married." I reminded him.

"Psss that doesn't count." Will said.

"Yes it does." I said.

"Did you do it in front of a judge?" Will said.

"No but…" I started.

"Did you have a big wedding in Asgard?" He said.

"No but on Asgard as soon as…" I started.

"That doesn't count." Will said.

"It does too." I said.

"Nope." Will said.

"It counts to me and Thor and that's what really matters." I said.

"Uhuh." Will said with a smirk. "I'm kind of surprised Clint hasn't proposed yet."

"I don't mind." I said.

"You don't?" He asked. "You guys live together, talk about your future kids together… I mean the guy built you your dream house. That's something straight out of the Notebook. And Tony practically paid for an entire campaign to pass a bill for you to be able to legally marry all of them in New York."

"I still can't believe he did that while I was in a coma and while he was helping take out Hydra." I said smiling as I remembered all the news articles I read about that.

"I mean you love them, they love you, and I get that you want to wait for the right moment but they're superheroes and you're in the superhero business. There's always going to be something." Will said. "If it was me… if Josh… If I could, I'd marry him on the spot. I'd marry him so fucking hard."

"I know." I said taking his hand. "And it's not that I don't want to. Trust me I'd do it in a heartbeat but if it doesn't happen then that's okay too. As long as I get to be with them then that's all I need."

"Miss Adams, Mister Adams we're about to being our descent into Charleston." The Pilot called out through the intercom.

"Come on buddy. Time to buckle up." I said sitting up.

"Thanks for doing this with me." Will said.

"Hey, ride or die remember." I said.

"Ride or die." Will said smiling.

Hours Later…

As it turns out the funeral wasn't going to be a simple service. There was going to be a viewing today. Tomorrow was the wake and the day after that was the service and burial.

"Well shit." Will said getting off the phone with his brother.

"Two days here." I said. "You have been craving barbeque?"

"They're having Barbeque at the wake. It's a bit ironic considering he died of a heart attack." Will said.

"So three days in rainbow tights…" I said.

"Three days." Will said tossing them to me.

I looked at the brightly colored rainbow tights.

s/files/1/0043/6518/9210/products/product-image-1677527678_ ?v=1613083963

"Okay." I said. "We are still wearing black right?"

"Duh it's a funeral." Will said.

"Alright then." I said. Grabbing the first outfit I packed. It was a long sleeved black mock neck top and a short black asymmetrical skirt that went over my bright rainbow tights and the look was finished off with black pumps.


When I came out of the bathroom Will was wearing black slacks with a dark grey shirt and his rainbow tie and a grey sports coat. It was going to be really hard to miss us.

We got in our rental and headed to Will's childhood home.

"Okay Hales. Its just a quick in and out just to make sure he's actually dead and this isn't Xander pulling another stunt." Will said.

"If it is I'm going to knee Xander hard." I said.

"I'd appreciate that." Will said pulling out a flask. "A bit of liquid courage."

"One of us has to drive." I reminded him.

"Right." Will said taking a quick drink before putting it away. "Alright let's get this over with."

We got out of the car and walked to the front door. Will reached for the knocked and tapped three times on the door. We heard footsteps before the door opened to reveal Xander.

"Will!" Xander said before going to hug Will.

"OH…" Will said awkwardly patting his brother's back.

"It's good that you're here." Xander said letting go. "And Hayley…Wow it's been a while."

"I'm sorry about your dad. He was… who he was." I said keeping my arms crossed.

"Yes thank you." Xander said awkwardly before he invited us in. "Mom's in the kitchen dealing with… everything. Dad had everything planned so its more just getting the word out. Mom? Look who's here."

"William!" Monica said standing up and going to hug her son but freezing when she saw the expressionless faces on both our faces. "And Hayley. It's so kind of you to come."

Will just stood there staring at his mother.

"We came to pay our respects." I said filling in for Will. He had as many unresolved issues with his mom as he did his dad.

"Thank you dear. Please. Sit. I'll make us some tea… or have you had dinner yet?" She offered.

"No thank you." Will said.

"William sweetheart…" Monica started again.

"No." Will said. "I'm not… that isn't happening. What's left to do? Errands? Need me to pick out a suit. Identify the body at the morgue?"

"That's all been taken care of." Xander said. "I did that all this morning."

"All that's left is to drop off your father's photo at the printer's…" Monica said.

"We can do that." I said looking for an out. Will was one step away from yelling everything he wanted to yell at his dad to his mom. Our hotel's in that direction anyway.

"If it's not any trouble." Monica said.

"No trouble at all." I said before Xander handed me the envelope. "We should go before the printer closes."

"Yeah." Will said. "See you tomorrow."

With that we ran out of there and back to the car.

"Fuck." Will said. "I don't know what happened to me. I froze."

"Will that's totally normal. I mean we both have some pretty… traumatic memories of the last time we saw your dad in there." I said. "And your mom just stood by for years. It's normal to feel some resentment."

"I wanted to yell, scream… throw some stuff…" Will said.

"A lot of things can happen in two days." I said.

"Yeah." Will said. "Let's go get dinner. There's a few good spots we're still not banned from."

The Following Morning…

I texted Clint, Natasha and Tony good morning and let them know I was going to be here a bit longer than expected. Will was still sleeping off last night's drinks so I decided to do a bit of work.

My tablet was so slow compared to the super powered computer that flashed images across eight screens in fractions of a second. It sucked but I needed to do something to distract me for what the day was going to bring.

I was emailing legal to get an update on Wanda's Visa when my phone started ringing.

"Turn it off…" Will whined.

"Sorry." I said before answering. "Adams?"

"Hayley!" Steve said.

"Steve." I said feeling a stress headache starting.

"I uh… I tried calling but you weren't answering." Steve said.

"I saw." I said still typing on my tablet. "I was on vacation and my phone was off."

"Is that really a good idea?" Steve said.

"I was on vacation." I said again. "Speaking of how is yours going?"

"It's not really a vacation when you kicked me out." Steve said.

"Vacation sounded nicer than almost fired." I said. "Did you need something because I'm kind of busy getting ready for a funeral?"

"Oh no… wait did you just say funeral?" Steve said.

"Yeah." I said before Will fell out of bed. "Got to go."

"Wait…" He started before I hung up.

"Morning sunshine." I said going to help Will up.

"Uh I forgot how strong Kyle makes his drinks." Will said.

"He basically gave you straight liquor." I said handing him a glass of water.

"You haven't even tried moonshine yet." Will said.

"Pretty sure that's illegal." I said.

"Not real moonshine. It's a drink, the first drink I ever had… well second drink. One of those and you are good for the night. They sell it at this place I used to go line dancing at." Will said.

"You line dance?" I said surprised.

"It's where I went to pick up guys. Literally the last place dickwad would ever look for me." He said. "We should totally go."

"We're not here for that Will." I said. "besides I'm not sure your liver can handle a hit like moonshine right now."

"I'm fine." Will said.

"You will be after you shower." I said.

"Uh… This is going to suck." He said. "Every family friend, dick's cop buddy's, the church, the rest of the family…. Uh!"

Then his phone dinged and Will picked it up.

"Aw…" Will said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"It's a text from Winn." Will said smiling before showing me his phone "He sent me a grumpy cat meme. It kind of looks like dick."

"Yeah…" I said not seeing the resemblance at all but Will was smiling. "So what is Winn up to?"

"Work. He's at a company retreat. They're trying out the new gear they're going to start selling." Will said.

"Gets great cell service wherever he's camping." I said. I couldn't help it. Something about the guy just didn't seem right. He was perfect for Will. Almost too perfect. Too good to be true.

"Well it's more like glamping. They have an onsite masseur." Will said.

"Sounds nice." I said. "Go shower, we still have to pick up the monstrosity rainbow."

"It's not that bad." Will said.

"A unicorn crapping out rainbows would be more subtle." I retorted making Will laugh.

"That's what I was going for." Will said before walking into the bathroom leaving his phone out. I unlocked Will's phone, it was pretty easy since his password was Josh. I opened up Winn's contact details and looked at the number memorizing it as well as his email address. I was probably crossing a lot of lines right now but better safe than sorry. I quickly locked the phone and put it back on the nightstand.

Will was going to take his time in there so I got dressed slipping my rainbow tights back on. I put on a short black A-line short cap sleeved dress with my black Manolo heels.


Will came out dressed in his black suit and black Gucci loafers. He was wearing a white dress shirt with his matching rainbow tie. He also had rainbow socks on. At least with the huge flower arrangement he had picked out we wouldn't be the brightest thing in the room.


Though we did have to carry it into the funeral home. And Will knocked down the wreath holding his dad's photo too the photo and put it under the rainbow. Right on display next to the casket.

"Really Will?" Xander whispered harshly as people started coming in.

"Just trying to brighten things up a bit." Will said with a grin.

"Xander." A gruff older man said.

"Captain!" Xander said.

"It's so good you could make it all the way up here from Savannah." The captain said. "You must be William."

"Will." Will corrected.

"Right… you're the…" He said eying will up and down and wrinkling his nose when he saw his tie. "Lawyer."

"I am. Don't worry I don't sue" Will said making me snort. That was such a dad joke.

"I assume you're the one that brought the festive flowers?" He said.

"We thought we'd bring a bit of sunshine to a rainy day." Will said.

"What would your father think you ungrateful brat?" The Captain said.

"Funerals are for the living not the dead and I'm not a lawyer or a cop but I'm pretty sure freedom of speech and all forms of expression are protected by the first amendment of the US constitution." I said with a smile.

He glared at me and mumbled something that sounded like "Fucking Democrats." Before he walked off.

"Not the worst thing I've ever been called." I told Will.

"Let's go get a seat." Will said.

"Actually family normally stands by the casket so people can pay their respects." Monica said coming over. "Oh what lovely flowers…"

"I'm not family." Will said.

"Will." Xander said. "Not now."

"William." Monica said. "I know we do not share the same values..."

"I know. I also know I was kicked out at 16 and was disowned by my sperm donor while my egg donor stood by and did nothing. And this guy only calls me when he needs a scape goat. We're not family." Will said before putting an arm around me. "She's my family."

With that we went to go sit down. From there we went to a pub down the block from the funeral home.

"At least it's an open bar." Will said.

"And the barbeque…" I said licking sauce off my fingers.

"Almost makes up for dirty looks everyone keeps giving us." Will said as my phone buzzed. "Who is it this time?"

"Clint's checking in. Squeeze in. We need to send proof of life or else they're going to come down and get us." I said holding my phone out.

"No way… We hardly get any sibling time anymore." Will said. "They are not crashing our vacation."

"We're at a funeral." I reminded him.

"It's the only way I can get you away from them." Will whined.

"Adulting is hard." I whined. "I mean I have work, I have my psycho mom, I have to nanny an entire team of superheroes and agents… some things have started to slip through the cracks."

"Like what?" Will said. "You're on top of everything."

"You haven't seen my laundry hamper." I said. "I'm wearing granny panties right now."

Will spit out his drink as he started laughing.

"You remember when we first moved into the apartment?" Will asked. "And we could barely afford rent."

"We lived off ramen and peanut butter sandwiches." I said.

"We only had that one bean bag and lawn chair to sit on in the living room." He said.

"Simpler times." I said.

"I kind of miss it." Will said tearing up. "It sounds dumb when I say it out loud and when I'm wearing a 4,000 dollar suit and Gucci loafers but…"

"I miss it too." I said tearing up. "It feels like everything changed in the blink of an eye."

"You were in a coma for over a year." Will said.

"Pretty sure that didn't help." I said.

"We didn't have a lot but we had each other and we were happy." Will said.

"We still have each other. That's never going to change." I said.

"You have everyone else now." He said.

"So do you. And you'll always be my best man." I said.

"I thought it was man of honor?" Will retorted with a smirk.

"Whatever you want to be you will always be my brother." I said. "I even have the tattoo to prove it."

"Love you sis." Will said hugging me.

"Love you too brother." I said patting his back just as there was a loud scream.

"You were going to bury him without telling me?!" An older blonde woman wearing all black veil over a huge hat said storming in.

"What are you doing here?!" Monica shouted. "I'm mourning my husband!"

"Who's that?" I asked Will.

"I have no idea." Will said.

"I was in his life for ten years I have just as much right to be here as you do!" The blonde shrieked.

"We're going to need another round of drinks." Will told the bartender.

"I'm so glad we ubered today." I said.

"Ma'am I'm going to have to ask you to leave." Xander said interfering.

"No this is the funeral for the man I loved. I want to be here." She insisted.

"I'm so confused." Will said.

"Will I think that's your dad's mistress." I said and Will's jaw dropped.

"Oh shit." Will said.

"You are nothing but a drunk mistake." Monica insisted.

"That's really what you're going to call the last ten years?" The blonde retorted. "You're just in denial that he left you."

"You got one weekend a month, I got thirty years." Monica snarled. "You are nothing but trailer trash."

"Bitch!" The blonde said before she slapped Will's mom.

"Whore!" Monica said slapping her back before it turned into a full on cat fight.

"Oh!" We cried as we watched them go at it before the cops in the room got involved and pulled them apart.

"So on top of being a racist homophobic misogynist sexist dick… he was also a cheating asshole." Will said.

"And your mom knew for ten years." I added.

"Just when I thought he couldn't get any lower." Will said.

"You think you know a guy…" I said. "Another round please."

"Will I could really use some help with mom." Xander said.

"She's not my mom." Will said with a shrug.

"Will, she's…" Xander said.

"Your problem not mine." Will said.

"You're being such a dick." Xander said. "She's going through a tough time and she really needs us…"

"Where was she when I needed her?" Will retorted and Xander just stared at him. "Exactly."

"Then why the hell did you come?" Xander said before storming off.

"You want to get out of here?" I asked him.

"Not yet, it's an open bar for another hour." Will said.

"Guess we have time for one more drink." I said finishing the one in my hand.

An Hour Later…

The wake was over and Will despite his 'IDGAF' attitude was feeling a bit down. I mean he wasn't making it obvious but he was drinking whiskey and that was enough of a red flag.

It was still early and I needed to sober him up so he could be semi-functional tomorrow so our next stop was dinner. Will would not stop asking for authentic southern barbeque so we ubered to the more… shady party of town to this hole in the wall place you wouldn't be able to find unless you'd been there before.

"Not going to lie Will, this place way better than that other place we went to last time." I said.

"Right and they put your beer in a paper bag for you so you can take it to go." Will said picking up his beer.

"When in Rome…" I said picking mine up.

"This place hasn't changed at all." Will said. "And look the first strip club I ever went to is still there."

"Really Will?" I said.

"Don't play innocent. You had your first date with Tony in a strip club." He said.

"It wasn't a date it was a job interview." I said. That probably didn't make it any better.

"Not the way he tells it." Will said. "Besides third Friday of every month is ladies night. I wouldn't have figured out who I really was if it wasn't for Chucky's."

"It's not at all disturbing that that place used to be a Chuck E Cheeses." I said.

"Yeah." Will said looking at the strip club fondly. I looked over and saw a familiar looking blonde dressed in black and a veil walking by.

"Hey Will does that blonde look familiar?" I said.

"Yeah…" Will said squinting before standing up and taking his beer with him.

"Will!" I called out.

"Come on… and take your beer. They overcharge at the bar." He said.

"Shit." I said following after him as the blonde walked into the club.

It was dirty and honestly it felt like we had just walked into some low budget 1970's porn movie.

"Where'd she go?" Will said looking around. I did too until I saw a poster of our blonde friend naked holding a cat to cover herself.

"Will is that…" I started looking up at the billboard.

"Oh fuck… that's my dad's dirty mistress!" Will said. "And she's the headliner!"

"He was screwing a stripper!' We said at the same time.

"I wonder how much he was paying her?" Will said.

"Will!" I chastised.

"What? look at her. She's totally out of his league." Will said before the club went dark at the spotlights started spinning around.

"Lady and gentlemen please give a round of applause for our queen, our star… our Crystal kitty!" The MC said before said mistress came out onto the stage in a glittery bedazzled bikini, heels, cat ears and tail.

"Crystal Kitty?" Will asked confused.

"Her bikini isn't the only thing that glitters." The MC said and we both spat out our beer before we started laughing.

"I can't… I can't…" I said not being able to stop laughing.

"My cheeks hurt." Will said laughing. "I'm going to cry."

"I don't remember the last time I laughed this much." I said.

"Me either." Will said. "We should go. I have enough daddy issues as is I don't need…"

"Yeah let's go…" I said before we ran out of there.

"I missed this." Will said. "Us hanging out. Doing crazy shit like this."

"We do crazy shit?" I said.

"We deal with crazy superhero shit but this… we haven't done stuff like this in years." Will said.

"I guess we haven't." I said realizing he was right. "Good thing the night's not over yet."

"Really?" Will said.

"Yeah. We're only banned from half of Charleston, we haven't even gotten started on the other half." I said.

"I knew there was a good reason I decided to carry enough money for bail." Will said taking my hand before we ran down the street.

Hours Later…

I knew I shouldn't have done it. I made a promise to stay out of trouble and I wasn't planning on it but when your brother from another mother who has stood by you while you were in a coma and your murdering psychopath biological brother from the same mother hunted you down and you did some questionable and at time illegal things to deal with him, you tell that voice in the back of your head that keeps telling you it's a bad idea to shut the fuck up and you go paint the town red with him.

So we got drunk… and we did things…

Like singing Baby's Got Back at a karaoke bar and then following it up with Ice Ice baby…

"If I could turn back time…" Someone started and Will started tearing up.

"Josh sang me this song…." Will said. "After he told me he was in the mob… I came home and he sang me this song to apologize…"

"Aww… " I said tearing up a bit.

"He was such a bad singer." Will said laughing as he cried. "But he made it up to me. He really made it up to me."

"He was the best." I said.

"I know. No one's ever going to love me like that." Will said. "I'm going to die alone."

"That's not true." I said. "I'm still here."

"No. You have them and you're going to get married and have their superbabies and I'm never going to see you again." Will said making me tear up. "And I'm going to get old and fat and have to pay strippers to sleep with me."

"Will you are never going to be alone." I said. "I mean you have me and you have… that guy…. The one with the face.. What's his face?"

"Winn?" Will said.

"Yeah that guy." I said waving my hand.

"You hate Winn." Will said.

"No I don't." I said.

"You do. You always give him these weird looks and I'm sure you did your super computer thing to dig up dirt on him." Will said.

"Will… I'm not going to lie. I don't like him but I don't know how to explain it." I said.

"Try. I really like him. Like really really like him." Will said. "And it's not just cause he's great in bed."

"Will. He's too perfect." I said.

"That's a good thing." Will said.

"No it's not. You once told me that everyone had a but…" I said.

"Yeah and he has a really good one." Will said.

"William! Look at me. He has no but… that one thing that you decide to overlook so he can be perfect. You know. Mine was my homicidal brother…" I said and Will snorted. "What?"

"Nothing." He said quickly.

"Will." I said.

"You think that's your but?" Will said.

"Okay so there's also dragon lady…" I said.

"That's not it either." Will said.

"Okay I'm a work in progress. Not the point. Look. I don't know how to explain it but that guy. There's something off about him. He gives me a weird vibe." I said.

"A vibe? You hate my boyfriend because he gives you a weird vibe?" Will said.

"Will if you had a Pinterest board of what you wanted in a boyfriend he would be all of that." I said.

"That's what happens when you find a good match." Will said. "This right here, this is your but. You're paranoid. You have trust issues and you jump to conclusions. You've only met him twice and one of those times you were naked and going down on your girlfriend."

"I think it was the other way around…" I said.

"Same shit." Will said. "He's my boyfriend. He's in my life deal with it."

"Will, I know you like him and you're lonely…" I started.

"Are you calling me desperate?" Will said.

"No. Will, I've been dealing with people with hidden agendas and master manipulators my whole life. I have this feeling I can't shake about him. I'm telling you because I love you and I don't want you to get hurt." I said.

"He's a good guy. You don't know him, if you actually gave him a chance you'd see that." Will said. "I mean, you think I didn't have doubts when you started going out with all of them."

"That is not the same thing and you know it." I said.

"I know it's not. You went out with a six guys at the same time, including a guy that went 12 for 12 with Maxim's 2007 cover models, two master assassins, a guy that turns into shrek, a demigod who's brother tried to enslave earth and more recently the guy that put you in a coma." Will said.

"Will tell me you don't even have the tiniest bit of doubt. That there is even something slightly off about him. Phone calls, random business trips, him asking you a lot about something…" I said.

"Hayley." Will said. "Stop. It's my life and he makes me happy. Drop it."

"Will." I started.

"Drop it." He said again. "I'm calling it a night."

"Will." I called after him but he walked out.

"Shit." I said.

The Following Morning…

I thought that by morning Will would have forgotten about it. Or if I was really lucky that he was too drunk to even remember we had even talked last night. That didn't happen. Instead he was giving me the silent treatment. Only talking to me in shrugs or grunts.

It didn't get better when we got to the cemetery for the service.

I stood next to him in my black A-line skirt and black silk blouse with my rainbow tights underneath wearing the same black Yves Saint Laurent shades as Will who stood next to me wearing all black with the exception of his rainbow tie.


He stood there completely emotionless as the priest gave his sermon, as Xander, Monica and one of Will's dad's friends gave a eulogy. Then the bagpipes started as they seven police officers readied their rifles and started firing off their guns three times as the casket was lowered.

Slowly everyone started clearing out.

"Will we…" I started.

"No." Will said.

"I'm sor…" I said.

"Don't." he said. "Cause you're not sorry."

"Trouble in paradise?" Xander said sarcastically putting his arms around us.

"Fuck off Xander." We said at the same time.

"I was just trying to help." He said and Will and I turned to glare at him.

"Backing off." He said taking his arms off of us and backing away.

"You can be as mad as me as you want Will but can you at least talk to me? Yell at me? Anything?" I asked.

"You can go home." Will said. "You're only here because of a drunk promise. I'll find my own way back."

"Will I'm not leaving you alone." I said.

"Wouldn't be the first time. You left to go hunt down your assassin sister in law. You weren't there for me when I had to bury the love of my life. I practically had to drag you here. So go." He said. "You actually have a life to get back to. You have to boyfriends and a girlfriend waiting for you and I don't blame you for wanting to go. I'm happy for you Hayley. Really but it's really fucking easy for you to judge what's right in a relationship when you have back ups lined up not all of us are that lucky. Some of us have to settle for what we can get."

"Will." I said.

"Leave me alone." He said wandering off.

"Shit." I cursed.

Hours Later…

I'll admit, I have been spending way too much time at bars lately. That's where I went after Will left me behind at the cemetery. I thought about going home but if I did I seriously doubt Will would ever speak to me again and I didn't want that so I figured I'd wait for him at his favorite bar. Problem was Will had a lot of favorite bars.

I was on my third scotch when my phone started ringing.

"Hello?" I asked.

"Hey you." Natasha said. "I was just checking in, you didn't call last night."

"Sorry, after the wake Will and I kind of… went out." I said.

"I figured." She said. "How's he doing?"

"He's still mad. Except now he's mad at me." I said.

"You two got in a fight?" Natasha asked.

"Yeah I sort of let it slip that I thought there was something off with… what's his face?" I said not remembering the guy's name.

"Winn?" Natasha said.

"Yeah that guy." I said. "We got into it and he said to just go home and he'd figure out how he got home."

"So you're on the jet?" Natasha asked.

"No I'm at a bar." I said.

"Are you drunk?" Natasha asked.

"She's drunk?" Clint said behind her.

"I'm not drunk… mildly buzzed. At least the hangover's gone. And I'm missing my best friend. Drinking's not so fun when you're alone." I said.

"Do we need to go get her?" Clint asked.

"No I'm fine. I need to fix things with Will." I said.

"Hayley he probably left. He did tell you he was going to find his way home" Natasha said.

"He won't I slipped his ID out of his wallet and locked it in the room safe so he wouldn't get too far or drunkenly take a plane to Vegas to marry a stripper." I said. "Uh why did I have to open my big mouth. Honestly is not the best policy Nat."

"Hayley, You were both drunk and Will just buried his dad who even if he says he hates, Will is still too good to really hate him." Natasha said.

"So you're saying Will has unresolved daddy issues that have nothing to do with him almost seeing his dad's mistress bedazzled kitty?" I said.

"What?" Natasha said confused.

"Long story." I said.

"Just stay where you are. Wait for him and…" Natasha said.

"No. I fucked up Nat. He's my brother from another mother. He has been there for me since day one and I need to fix this. If that means pulling up my rainbow tights, and singing baby's got back, riding a mechanical bull or go go dancing in a cage then yippie ca yay mother fucker. I'm doing it." I said.

"Or you could just talk to him?" Natasha suggested.

"Tried that. I need to make this right. I need to fix this. I just have to find him first." I said.

"You shouldn't be going anywhere right now…" Natasha said.

"Are you grounding me?" I said with a smirk before it hit me. "Oh shit I know where he is!"

"Hayley." Natasha said trying to get my attention.

"Natasha you beautiful sexy badass when I get home I am going to spend all fucking weekend doing incredibly dirty things to show you how much I love and appreciate you." I said in Russian.

"Promise?" She asked and I knew she had that sexy smirk on her face.

"You can tie me up and punish me if I don't." I offered.

"I might do that anyway." She retorted.

"You have no idea how turned on I am right now." I said squeezing my thighs together.

"Then you better hurry up and find Will." Natasha said.

"Right." I said before hanging up. I paid my tab and slowly made my way out of the hotel to hail down a cab. Man I was drunk.

I grabbed my phone and looked up all the bars in Charleston that served moonshine. That list was a lot longer than I was expecting so then I looked up bars that served mixed drinks called moonshine.

The list was a lot shorter. But Will specifically said that it was a place just outside of the city off the interstate.

"Where to ma'am?" The taxi driver said.

"UH… The pig and the poke but I need to make a quick stop somewhere first." I said.

Back in New York…

"What did she say?" Clint asked Natasha.

"UH…" Natasha said blushing slightly.

"Are you blushing?" Clint asked.

"…" She just stayed quiet.

"Nat?" Clint said.

"They're getting arrested tonight." Natasha said.

"What?" Clint said.

An Hour or So Later…

I walked into the interstate dive bar mentally talking myself up to this. They stuck with a strong country theme, if it was even considered a theme if everyone there was country. Well gay country. I think the bar tender was wearing assless chaps and there at the bar wearing all black.

"Howdy partner." I said standing up next to him.

"I thought I told you to leave." Will said not even bothering to look at me.

"You really thought I was going to leave you here?" I said.

"Maybe… I don't know." He said.

"I'm not going to apologize for what I said because I promised you I wasn't going to lie to you anymore." I said.

"Then what the fuck are you doing here." Will said.

"I'm making things right with us because I could have gone about this differently." I said and Will still didn't bother to look at me. "Will the least you can do is look at me while I grovel for your forgiveness."

Will sighed before turning to look at me and snorted. "What are you wearing?"

I was wearing a bright red floor length high low ruffle hem dress, with a black belt and huge silver bedazzled belt buckle. A black leather chocker with a matching black fringe crossbody purse. A black cowboy hat and red, white and turquoise cowboy boots.

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"It was all I could find on short notice." I said.

"And those boots…" Will said. "That's a crime against fashion."

"I traded my Louboutin's for this outfit." I said.

"You traded your favorite heels for that?" Will said smiling.

"She wouldn't take the tights." I said and he laughed.

"Wow." Will said smiling. "That's… I don't even know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything." I said sitting down next to him. "I know I'm a mess and that I haven't been around as much as I should but I am always looking out for you. You are the best person I know Will. You deserve the whole fucking world. You deserve to be happy."

"I was." He said.

"You will be again. I don't like the guy but if he makes you happy then I will suck it up for you but don't stay with him, don't settle because you think that's the best you can do because it's not." I said. "You're going to meet the right guy one day and in the meantime I'm right here with you. Okay?"

"We're not okay." Will said. "Not yet."

"I was afraid you'd say that." I said before grabbing Will's drink and downing it in one go.

"Hayley." Will said. "You shouldn't have done that."

"Uh what was that." I said gagging a bit.

"Moonshine." Will said.

"Oh… well I think that'll help me forget what I'm about to do…" I said taking off my purse. "I really hope this makes us even."

"You're really going to do it? I mean can you even do it?" Will asked.

"I went to catholic school up until I was thirteen and the nuns thought the only sport girls should do was dancing without boys. So yes Will. I can do this." I said taking a shot before going to the dancefloor as Achy Breaky Heart started playing. It was like riding a bike. Half way through the song Will joined in and that was the last thing I remembered.

The Following Morning…

I was sitting up and my back was killing me. I don't remember the mattress being this hard and lumpy. I was really cold and why was I sitting up. I opened my eyes and saw a tree and tombstones. What the fuck?

"Hmm" Will groaned as I moved and his head fell off my shoulder.

"Will." I said looking around.

"What the…" Will said sitting up looking just as confused as I was.

"Will why are we in a graveyard?" I asked

"Uh moonshine." Will groaned rubbing his eyes before looking around. "Wish I could say this is the first time this happens to me but it's not."

"What?" I asked before I saw the handcuffs attached to my left hand and Will's right.

"Hey I had a life before I met you, you know?" Will said before he looked in front of us and saw who's grave we were on. "Uh…"

"You've got to be kidding me." I said looking at the handcuffs and seeing no key.

"No shit." Will said. "Even when he's dead he still making me miserable."

"What?" I said before I saw it too. "You think he's the one that handcuffed us?"

"What?" Will said before I lifted my arm up. "Ah shit."

"Yeah." I said before Will sat back.

"How did we end up here?" Will said.

"I don't know." I said. "But you know that saying about drunks being the most honest people?"

"I don't think I've heard that one." Will said.

"We came all the way here because even if he was one of the worst people we have ever met he is still your dad and you have unresolved issues with him. I mean how else do you explain that while we were drunk out of our minds we came here." I said.

"Maybe I came to pee on his grave?" Will suggested.

"No you didn't." I said.

"I didn't… but I do have to go…" he started getting up but I wouldn't budge.

"Hold it." I said.

"You're really going to make me do this?" Will said.

"We're already here." I said.

"Fine." He said sitting back down. "Hayley my dad…"

"Not to me." I said before pointing at the grave stone.

"Okay dad you were horrible to me. Honestly you were horrible to everyone. You cheated on mom. You turned Xander into a mini you. And you disowned me because I like having sex with guys. Which there is nothing wrong with that. I'll admit, I'm a bit of a man whore but apparently I got that from you so…" Will started. "You made my life hell. You're the reason I have nightmares because even if I was gay, I'm still the son you raised and that scares the crap out of me because I might turn into you and you were a douche. I know I'm supposed to be the bigger person and forgive you so I can move forward but I can't. I stood here and listened to everyone talk about what a great guy you were and all these amazing things you did for everyone and the only thing I could think was, why couldn't that guy be my dad? I will never see you again and this is going to be the last time I will ever stand in front of you again. You always said I was your biggest failure so I doubt you'll miss me."

"You weren't his biggest failure." I said.

"It doesn't matter." Will said.

"Will. You weren't his biggest failure. You were the best thing he ever did even if he didn't mean to do it Because somehow the biggest racist homophobic douche I've ever met raised the best person I've ever met. The guy that got set up on a blind date with a fifteen year old pretending to be eighteen and instead of walking away chose to stick around and look out for her and hasn't stopped since." I said. "You're a better man than your dad ever was and you will never turn into him because I won't let that happen."

"Ride or die?" Will said.

"Ride or die." I said giving him an awkward side hug.

"Let's go home." Will said.

"My phone's dead." I said.

"I don't have mine." He said. "Hitchhike?"

"Who's going to pick up two hungover weirdos that are handcuffed to each other?" I retorted.

"Then let's walk. We're closer to the airfield anyway." Will said.

"You want to leave our stuff?" I asked. "Your Id's in the hotel safe."

"We'll have them mail it to us. Let's get the fuck out of here." Will said.

"Fine." I said getting up ready to walk two hours to the airfield.

Five Hours Later…

One really bumpy flight and a silent car ride later we walked into the compound common room.

"Wow!" Sam said.

"Rough Night?" Rhodey asked.

"Something like that." Will said as we stood side by side with my left hand looped through his right arm with a jacket neatly folded onto his arm covering the handcuffs.

"Are Clint or Natasha around by any chance?" I asked.

"Yeah I think they were in the gym?" Sam said.

"Great, we're just going to…" I said.

"Hayley!" Clint said coming over to hug me but I couldn't really return the hug completely. "I've been calling you all day."

"I'm sorry my phone died and I was on the plane…" I said.

"Ehem." Will cleared his throat.

"Actually honey can you come with us to my office I need your help with something." I said.

"Hales you just got back and you're already going back to work?" Clint said.

"It's just a quick little thing…" I started.

"What are you wearing?" Natasha said walking in with Steve of all people.

"We went line dancing." Will said. "Work off all that barbeque and biscuits."

"That sounds so good." Sam said.

"It was…" I said. "Steve aren't you supposed to be on vacation somewhere?"

"You weren't answering and…" Steve said.

"You know what we can talk about it later we just really need to…" I said.

"I really got to pee." Will said.

"You can hold it. Clint…" I said nodding towards the exit.

"Oh cute dress Hayley." Wanda said.

"Thanks." I said.

"Hayley! I'm so glad you're here we have a situation…" Hill said.

"Just a sec. Honey can we…" I started.

"It's really important." Hill said. "And Steve's here so you know about…"

"Hayley I really have to go." Will said.

"Just a sec." I said. "Clint!"

"It's time sensitive." Hill said.

"Is it Rumlow?" Steve said.

"Yes. We need…" Hill started.

"Hayley I should be on that mission." Steve started. "I know…"

"I can't hold it!" Will whined.

"So just go already." Natasha said.

"Fuck it." Will said throwing off his jacket. "One of you undo these now!"

"WOW!" Sam said.

"It happened again?" Rhodey said laughing.

"Clint?" I asked and he chuckled but got straight to it

"On it." He said quickly taking a paperclip from one of the files Hill was holding, dislodging the bobby pin I jammed in the lock trying to undo them and unlocking them in seconds.

"Yes! MOVE MOVE MOVE!" Will said running to the bathroom.

"Thank you." I said kissing Clint.

"Hales, Why were you handcuffed to Will?" Clint asked.

"And why are you dressed like a hipster cowgirl?" Natasha said.

"I don't know. I traded my heels for this outfit, downed a mason jar of moonshine and woke up in a cemetery handcuffed to Will." I said and everyone just stared at me.

"Maybe I should just handle this." Hill said.

"No. Natasha you're taking point. Rhodey air support, Vision, Wanda on standby. Go" I said. "Sam you're still grounded and if I remember the correctly you're supposed to be running drills with the newbies. Steve you're still persona non grata so either go take Bucky on a date, go talk to one of therapists or get out."

"But it's Rumlow…" Steve said.

"Which is why you guys should hurry." I said gesturing for everyone to get to work. They all rushed out to gear up.

"I should be going." Steve said.

"Then you shouldn't have gone rogue." I said. "We can't risk you screwing up this mission. And before you say anything else remember how you ended up in this position."

Steve stayed quiet before storming out.

"Uh…" I said sitting down and slipping off my boots. "I don't know what boots Nancy Sinatra was wearing but these boots were not made for walking."

"Ah… that was close." Will said as he ran in. "Where'd everyone go?"

"Mission." Clint said. "Hales are you sure…"

"That tip came in two hours ago, eight hours to actually get there. Rumlow's going to be long gone by the time they get there. Rhodey can handle air recon without Sam. Vision and Wanda need more field experience, and Natasha has connections in the area." I said.

"Okay. Friday can you figure out where these two were last night?" Clint asked.

"According to the GPS on Will's phone they were at a bar called The Pig and a Poke before going to a local karaoke bar in town and getting arrested by an officer Truman for a drunk and disorderly and resisting arrest before escaping when said officer turned his back after forgetting to close the car door." Friday said.

"Fucking Xander." Will and I said at the same time.