Within a matter of hours, Diamonds had declared an alliance with the North, and war on Clubs. The next day, Spades and Hearts both, as well as their allies from outside of the Four Kingdoms, allied themselves with Clubs.

This was wrong. There had been peace between the Four Kingdoms for centuries. It was the Joker's responsibility to ensure that peace was kept. And he had failed.

Gilbert paced, one hand clamped over the untreated wound in his side. His vision blurred for a moment. He gritted his teeth, surveying the runes. He was at the center of the Four Kingdoms, the place where their magic was strongest, combined with the magic in his blood, which he used to draw the rune. He needed all the magic available to him. It had to work.

He added a few more lines. He needed to finish before he collapsed from blood loss.

He was going to use this rune to turn back time. Or die trying. He was going back to before everything with the North. Everything with Matthew. He wouldn't lose him this time. He couldn't if he never had him.

Gilbert walked to the center of the circle, he knelt, adding the last few lines. He watched the rune start to glow before the darkness at the edges of his vision finally overtook him.