TITLE: Super Gate

AUTHOR: Alimoo1971

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PAIRINGS: Jack & Sam

SUMMARY: Sam finds a way to get the Destiny crew home and help save Atlantis.

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NOTES: I was thinking about this story, so I decided to write it.

It been a week since the Lucian alliance went through the gate to board the old Ancient ship called Destiny. General Jack O'Neill was worried that the Lucian alliance would take over the ship and put the Icarus crew of air force, marines, and civilians on a planet billions of light years from Earth.

But the group managed to over power the Lucian alliance crew and locked them into rooms until something was sorted out. Dr Rush spoke to Jack through a Sargent who was on watch with the ancient stone. Dr Rush gave Jack good and bad news about what had happened.

"General, now that Lucian alliance and Colonel Telford are in lock up, there's not enough food and water for everyone."

"How long before you run out?"

"Three days."

Jack sat back in his chair.

"Do the best you can. I'll let the president know and find a way to get you all home."

"I know you will, sir."

"How long before you reach the next planet?"

"Two days. We are hoping that there is fresh water and food on the planet."

"OK. What about medical supplies?"

"Lieutenant Johansen said that we all out. She used the last of it on the wounded and had to tear up some clothes to make bandages."

"Alright. You head back. Contact us when you reach the planet. Hopefully I'll have some good news by then."

"Thanks, General." Then Dr. Rush walked out of Jack's office and walked back down to where the ancient stones were.

Two minutes after the doctor walked out, Sam poked her head through the open door.


Jack looked up and smiled.

"Hey, come in."

Sam walked in with a smile on her face.

"You wanted to see me, sir."

"Yeah, I need your super brain to help with either getting the Icarus crew back, or a way to send supplies to them."

"How much time are we looking at, sir?"

"They've got enough food and water for three days now that they have to feed Lucian Alliance party crashers."

Sam smiled at Jack's humor.

"Who else is there to help with ideas?"

"Egg heads from the SGC, area 51, and here."

"Then why do you need me, sir?"

"Carter, your the best. You saved my ass I don't know how many times... I must ask Teal'c that answer, but you saved Earth and other allies. I trust you and I need your help... please."

"What about the Hammond, I'm due out..."

"Mitchell is taking over while your here."

"Cam Mitchell?"

"Yep, he starts next week, unless you can come up with a plan."

"So, a week. Where?"

Jack smirked. "Here, so you can use the stone to get on the ship, check things over, and talk to the Icarus egg heads about your ideas."

"Well, I better go down to the labs and start working on a plan then."

Jack looked at his watch. Then he stood up. "Nope, you can start tomorrow. It's almost eighteen hundred hours. So, dinner?" He walked over to get his coat and hat.

"Love to."

"Sweet. Shall we?" He picked up his brief case and they walked out the door together.

The next morning, Sam swapped bodies with a marine. She felt strange switching into a male body. She managed to walk down to where Dr. Rush was and spoke with him and the other scientists for half an hour. Then she returned to her own body and went to talk to the scientists at the pentagon, area fifty-one, and at the SGC.

That afternoon, Sam needed some space, so she picked up her files and walked down to the briefing room where she could think. She'd just sat down when Jack walked in.

"Hey, why are you in my seat?"

Sam turned around and smiled as she let out a breath. "Everyone is looking at me for answers and they've been throwing one idea after another at me. I needed to get out of there."

"Just like at the SGC a few years ago."

"Yeah, I just needed some quiet time to read and think."

Jack looked at the files and raised an eyebrow.

Sam noticed what he was looking at, "I keep getting interrupted."

"Ah, well I'll leave you to it and I'll make sure you don't get interrupted."

"Thanks, sir."

Jack smiled, turned around, and walked out the door. He stopped and spoke to an airman before walking back to his office.

Sam turned, opened a file, and started reading it.

That night, Jack walked into the briefing room. He stopped when he saw Sam reading a file. "Hey."

Sam turned and smiled."Hi."

He walk over to her. "How's it going?"

"OK. This is the last file." Sam closed the file and sat back in the chair as she let out a breath.

"So, nothing?"

"Nothing, but I'm not going to give up." Jack put his hand on her shoulder. "I know. Come on. Let's get out of here."

"I can't. Sorry, sir. I know the answer..."

Jack raised his hand and Sam stopped talking. "Come on. You've been stuck in here for hours. A change in scenery might help."

"OK. I'll take these back to the lab."

Jack smiled as she stood up and picked up the files. "Good. I know a great steak place we can go to for dinner."

"Sounds good to me."

They walked out of the room while talking about other things.

The next morning when Sam walked into the lab, she looked around and noticed one person missing. "Where's Dr. Lee?"

"Don't know, Colonel."

"OK." Sam walked over to where the scientists were to see what they had done.

Twenty minutes later, Dr. Lee walked into the lab. "Sorry, I'm late... dead battery. I needed a jump start."

"That's OK," Sam said looking at Dr. Lee.

"Colonel, what is it?"

Every one looked at Sam.

"Ah... nothing. Carry on."

Sam walked over to the board and started writing things down. Then she stopped and stepped back. "Stronger power source..." Then she bit her bottom lip as she started thinking.

After a moment, she turned around to see what the others were doing. She looked at Dr. Lee for a few seconds, then turned back to the board and smiled. She put the pen down and turned around. She quickly walked over to a computer and did some typing for a few minutes. Then she walked out of the room while the staff watched her leave.

A few minutes later, she walked into Jack's office, then stopped. "Oh, sorry, sir." She saw the chief of staff sitting in one of the chairs.

"Colonel Carter, it's good to see you."

"You to, sir." Then she turned to Jack and smiled.

"I know that look," Jack said.

"Yes, sir. I know how we can dial a stargate and send supplies to the Icarus crew." Jack raised his eye brows. "Really? Please, do tell."

"We can take the stargate from P3X-289 and have it connected to the super gate, sir."

"How?" Jack asked.

"Jumper leads, sir, but they would have to be made."

"Colonel, what is P3X-289?" The chief of staff asked.

"It's a planet that SG1 visited few years ago. The planet's atmosphere is completely toxic."

"The one with the dome that was shrinking?" Jack asked.

"Yes, sir."

"Ah, that one... OK, so you connect the two gates... How are you going to get power from one gate to another?"

Sam smiled. "We will need the Odyssey's help with the plan, sir. They will dial the super gate while we dial the P3X-289 gate at the same time. With power coming from the super gate, it will be enough for us to dial the ninth chevron."

The two generals thought about it.

"Sounds like a good plan so far, but how do we send supplies through and what about power problems on the ship?" The chief of staff asked.

"I have thought about that, sir. We send the supplies to the planet and they can take the supplies on the ship from there. There would be less power used between us and the ship, where as on the planet, there would be plenty of power."

"What about a test before we send supplies through?" Jack asked.

"We send an orange through first and if that works, then we can send the supplies through."

"Colonel, how are you going to send an orange through the gate while in space?"

"Someone in a space suit will beam close to the gate once it's open and throw the orange through, sir."

"Colonel, use whatever resources you need to make your plan work." The chief of staff said.

"Yes, sir."

Jack looked at his watch.

"The Destiny is due to drop out of hyperspace in four hours, with a twelve hour stop over, you've got sixteen hours."

"Yes, sir."

"Good luck, Sam," Jack said looking at her.

"Thanks, sir." Then she turned and walked out of Jack's office and went to the communication room, where she contacted Colonel Emerson. Then she was beamed up to the ship, since it was in orbit.

"Welcome aboard, Colonel Carter."

"Thank you, colonel. I need you to take Odyssey to P3X-289 and beam up the stargate on the planet. Then take it to where the super gate is. I'll be there on the Hammond as soon as I can."

"Colonel, what on Earth for?"

"I've got a plan for sending supplies to the Icarus Crew, but I want to do a test run first and don't worry I'll explain everything at the super gate."

"What does General O'Neill say?"

Then the computer beeped.

"Colonel, a message is coming through for you," the Captain said.

The Colonel pressed two buttons and looked at the message, then to Sam. "Well, Colonel you're in charge of this mission. Is there anything else you would like for me to do?"

"Just the gate, Colonel, for now."

"OK, would you like to be beam back to the pentagon?"

"No, area fifty-one, thank you."

The Colonel turned to the Captain. "You heard her, Captain."

"Yes, sir." Then Sam was beamed down to the labs at area fifty-one. Then the Odyssey moved away from Earth and jumped into hyperspace.

The scientists where shocked when they saw who it was that appeared. "Colonel Carter," one of them said.

"Look we haven't got much time. I've got a plan. Now, this is what I need..." Sam told them what she needed and what the plan was. When she finished. She walked over to the computer where she spoke to Jack.


"Sir, can you notifier NASA that I'll be needing five space suits with extra oxygen tanks. When they're ready, have the beacon turned on, so they can be beamed up."

"Sure, anything else?"

"I'll be contacting the SGC in a minute so they can get the supplies together. Then I'll be heading out to the Hammond and check things over there. I'll then leave for orbit, where I'll have everything beamed up before leaving for the super gate."

"I'll give Hank a call."

"Yes, sir."

"Anything else?"

Sam thought about it. "Yes, when you talk to Dr Rush, ask for the gate address for the planet, once they drop out of hyperspace and the planet is safe to go to, sir."

"OK. I'll let you know soon as I can."

"Thanks," she said with a smile. Then the connection was cut.

Sam walked over to the scientists and spoke to them for a couple of minutes. Then she called General Hank Laundry. She spoke to him for a few minutes, giving him a list of things that would be sent to the Icarus crew. When she finished talking to him, she called for transport to the Hammond ship and she called her second in command, who was on the Hammond. She gave him orders on what needed to be done. When finished on the phone, she walked over to find out what was happening to the cable before walking out of the lab.

Half an hour later, Sam walked onto the bridge and over to her chair. She sat down just as her second in command walk over to her.

"Colonel, everything is ready as you ordered."

"Thank you, Major. Captain, start the engines and open the roof."

"Yes, ma'am."

Sam listened to everything and gave the orders. Then the ship left the hanger and started to head out into space. Once they were in orbit, Sam contacted the SGC and spoke to the General.

"General Landry, is everything ready to be beamed up?"

"Yes, Colonel, and Colonel Mitchell is ready to be beam up, as well."

"Thank you, General." Then she turned to her captain.

"Beam Colonel Mitchell onto the bridge and the supplies to storage room three."

"Yes, ma'am." Then there was a bright light and it was gone.

"Hey, Sam," Cam said smiling.

"Hi, Cam." Then she turned to the General.

"We will be leaving Earth's orbit once we've got everything aboard, sir."

"Good luck and God speed, Colonel."

"Thank you, sir."

Then the screen went blank. Sam stood up and turned to the Captain.

"Beam everything else up as soon as the beacons are turned on."

"Yes, ma'am."

"Major you have the bridge, let me know when everything is aboard." Then she turned to Cam, "Come on. I'll show you to your quarters."

"Thanks. So how is the General?" He asked as they walked off the bridge.

"Which General, Cam?"

"Funny Sam. You know who I mean." Everyone heard before getting back to work.