Sirius rushed out of the front door of the house, the house which had only hours before been pristine and proper but now lay in ruins due to a now gone Dark Lord's handy work. He cursed himself for suggesting to James that Peter, not himself, should be chosen to be the secret keeper of the Potter's hiding place. He was seething, how could Peter betray them like this? How could he betray them, he was their friend and he murdered them!

Sirius was about to start up his motorbike and go after Peter when he heard an infant's cry. It wasn't just any infant, he thought turning around, it was his godson. In his rage he had forgotten about Hagrid holding little Harry, he had forgotten his responsibility to him. If he went to murder Peter now he wouldn't be doing his job of a godfather, which is what Harry needs him to be right now.

"Give him to me Hagrid, I'm his godfather I'll take care of him" He said, reaching his hands out towards Harry.

Hagrid however took a step back. "I can't do that, Dumbledore says he's to go to Lily's sister".

"Fuck what Dumbledore has to say about this, I am his godfather! His legal guardian! You know he'll be better off with me than with a muggle family!" Sirius stated seriously.

Hagrid shook his head "I can't do that".

"He needs me, I can't lose him, I'm all he has" Sirius pleaded, trying for a different approach.

"I'm sorry" Hagrid said starting to turn away from him.

"Hagrid. Give me Harry" Sirius commanded pulling his wand out of its sheath and aiming it at the half giant.

"Please don't make me do this" he whispered as the taller man turned to face him.

"Sirius, No!" Hagrid cried out as Sirius fired a stupefy at him.

Hagrid fell backwards slowly, almost as if he was in slow motion, or in a way similar to a half giant being hit by a spell that doesn't affect him but understanding the reasoning behind the spells usage, and agreeing with it but not wanting to jostle the baby he is still holding.

"Shit" Sirius cursed under his breath as the taller man stopped moving on the ground. He walked over and picked up Harry from Hagrid's arms.

"Let's go kid" He said softly as he shifted Harry so he would sit on the motorbike stably. He took off and in the distance he could hear Hagrid yelling baby tips at him while he was within ear shot.

At Sirius's apartment in London with Harry all settled in a quickly transfigured cot, transfigured out of some couch cushions, Sirius decided it would probably be a good plan to contact Remus and one, apologize for suspecting him of being the traitor, and two ask for help. The note went like this:

Dear Remus,

First off James and Lily are dead. I'm so, so sorry I suspected you of being the traitor, it was Peter all along, I think he might have even been the one to suggest that you might be the traitor now that I think about it, but I'd like to talk that over in person. Now the most important thing I need to tell you is I need your help. I may have accidentally kidnapped Harry, please don't tell the order (they were going to put him with Petunia, Remus…..PETUNIA). Now that you can see the importance of this message please come as soon as you can! Harry needs your help too!

~Padfoot ?