Once Sirius had apparated onto the street in front of the Leaky Cauldron he quickly tucked Harry back into the baby carrier strapped onto the front of his chest before stepping inside.

It was as dark and smoke filled as ever, a little crowded with people as they celebrated the defeat of another Dark Lord, honestly you would think two Dark Lords within 50 years of each other is too much. Sirius pushed his way through to where Tom, the innkeeper, was standing.

"Can I purchase a room for the night?" He asked, fishing his coin purse out of his pocket.

Tom gave him a brief glance over before nodding.

"It'll be 19 Galleons and 11 Sickles, I'll also need a last name for the books" The innkeeper stated, pulling out a dusty and worse for wear looking leather bound journal from behind the counter.

"Last name is Smith" Sirius stated as he handed over the specified amount. Tom shrugged accepting the name and penned it into his book as he took the coins and added them into his own pouch before grabbing a key from the back rack.

"Well then, Mr. Smith, here is your key, you are in 217. Have a great day" Tom smiled as he gave the usual goodbye spiel before turning back to the pub goers to take orders.

Sirius took the key and headed up to the room.

The room in questions was, as most real estate agents would describe, cozy, although in need of some tlc. The most surprising thing about the room however was an owl waiting on him.

Sirius gently set Harry on the floor, after casting a quick cleaning spell on it so he wouldn't get too dirty, before heading over and gingerly relieving the Owl of its burden before giving it one of the owl treats from his pocket.

The note was from Remus! He jolted to attention and then smacked his forehead with his palm, of course he couldn't come if he didn't know where he was headed to.

He quickly scribbled down the following note:

Dear Remus,

Meet me in Diagon Alley, around noon tomorrow in front of gringotts, everything will be explained.

See you then!

~Padfoot ?

He read it over quickly before returning to the owl and attaching the new note to its leg. The owl took off and Sirius turned back to Harry before grinning.

"I think it's time we get you some new clothes, don't you?" He asked as he scooped the toddler up and left the room, locking it behind him.

He worked his way over to Diagon Alley and wandered down the streets, streets which a few weeks ago had been grimy and empty, now burst with colour and people. The sun had even come out to add to the experience of a spring after a long winter.

Sirius wandered down the streets until he spotted the signs for Madam Malkin's robes, before stopping. He would be expected to be shopping there for school robes and that would be weird for a toddler fitting, not to mention the fact that Harry is the heir to two noble. He regretfully turned away from the store and made his way down to Twilfitt and Tatting's, where the elites buy their robes.

He opened the door and immediately felt the gaze of his dead mother on his back, causing him to straighten up and hold his head high as he drew the eye of most of the customers in his shaggy, well worn, robe.

One of the customer service representatives tentatively walked over to him as he looked around at the other customers, making sure to keep well aways from those that he recognized.

"Welcome sir, is there anything I can help you with" The representative asked. Sirius nodded slightly, and smiled at the rep.

"I'm looking for some baby clothes, I'll need some for a one year-old, something with a little give so that they can grow into it, 2 sets of outdoor wear, 2 sets of regular and 1 set of pajamas" He said, all the while keeping an eye on other customers.

The representative nodded, writing down the information on a piece of parchment.

"And do you have the measurements of the child or will you bring them here to be measured? So that we can get the best fit" The rep inquired.

Sirius tilted his head, after all it seemed safe enough.

"I have the child with me if you would like to take us to a fitting room" He said quietly.

The representative led the way to a small closed off fitting room and Sirius removed the cloak that was hiding Harry's presence and lifted him up, so that he could be measured.

Harry, however, did not appreciate this, and started squirming, letting out mild noises of discontent. Sirius shushed him softly as the tailor continued measuring, leading Harry to start crying by the time the tailor had finished.

"Shhhhh, it's okay Harry, it's okay" Sirius hummed as he patted the little boy on the back, trying to calm him down.

The door to the fitting room opened and Sirius whirled around to face the intruder.

"I know your mother never taught you anything but you should know that's not how you calm a baby Sirius" said a very familiar voice.