During a dark night, there was a figure that appeared out of nowhere. People were confused, the girl looked so dead, well of course she is, she's a ghost girl. She had came back to get revenge on the person who murdered her. Her name is Veela and she had long Raven black hair, her nails weren't normal they're deadly, her eyes are dull but when she's angered they turn blood red; the most scary part of this girl is her teeth, they were razor sharp. Veela came to the place to get revenge on her "parents" for what they did to her. Many centuries ago, Veela was 17yrs old and her father had always despised her and her mother didn't love her at all, she was too caught up with her other precious daughter, Mary. Her "father" shot her and left her in the woods to bleed out and die, which had happened. Her "mother" was overjoyed to not have Veela in their lives anymore, she thought she was gone forever, but was she hell no. Back in present time, Veela was standing on the train tracks and a train came running at her; Veela didn't move so she was runned over, and people who were bystanders, screamed in terror. Veela was having a great time, but she realized it was time for her to go to kill her parents but people were staring at her with pure terro written on their faces and Veela fed off of their terror and that's how she gets stronger. Meanwhile, Veela was able to find her parent's house and when she looked in she saw a girl that was innocent and beautiful. Veela was enraged with her "parents" she then stormed right through the window and bellowed " MY OWN FLESH AND BLOOD, MURDERED ME TO HAVE A BETTER DAUGHTER, HOW DARE YOU! YOU DON'T DESERVE TO LIVE!" Her parents turned very pale, and her father finally spoke "h-how a-are you alive, I shot you and saw that you fell to the ground"; Veela whipped around to her father screeching, "YOU THOUGHT I WOULD BE DEAD FOREVER, BUT NO YOU ARE DEADLY WRONG SO NOW ITS TIME FOR YOU GUYS TO PAY THE PRICE!" Veela' smother was paler than ever, she finally spoke, "have mercy on us and my precious daughter, Mary don't kill us. Mary needs us her parents to raise her." WHY SHOULD I HAVE MERCY ON YOU GUYS, YOU KILLED ME SO I GET TO KILL YOU. After Veela said that she had her eyes glowing blood red, she took her claws out which are engraved with venom that can kill you. Veela lunged at her father first, she ripped out his throat with her claws, her "father" died instantly, she then turned to her "mother" who was trying to protect her daughter. Hello mother, spat Veela, time for you to die as well, with that Veela took her razor sharp teeth and ripped off her mother's arm and she watched as the blood came pouring out. Her mother screamed bloody murder, but was cut off when her throat was ripped out by the one and only enraged ghost girl. The daughter looked at Veela, finally she spoke w-who are you? Veela looked at Mary and finally spoke so Mary do you want to live? Yes please keep me alive, you killed my parents for no reason at all. No reason, NO REASON?! They killed me when I was 17 and they gave birth to you to replace me, and you say there wasn't a reason for me to do revenge on them. You have two choices, one choice is to come with me and be a ghost girl along side with me, or be killed the same way I did to your mother. Mary spoke I choose the first one, and with that Veela bit Mary and she drained her life away, replacing it with a ghostly life. Veela took her sister Mary with her; they both left and disappeared forever, to never be seen again. THE END