Conscious thought returned in increments. The first thought was of dull, spiking pain in his leg. It was warm, and wet. Then again, he was near soaked as he felt warm rain splatter him all over.

He jerked upwards, a near fatal move, as he realized that his upper half was hanging freely over the edge of a wooden platform. He began to heave, fear overtaking him as he shook. Slowly, despite the agony his left leg was in for whatever reason, he began to drag himself backwards, slowly over the course of several minutes, he was able to bring his entire body back onto the platform itself.

It was exhausting. And he laid there for several more minutes, afraid to even stand on his two feet. Finally, he took a deep breath, and pushed himself to his knees. He did so with little trouble, though the pain was slightly worse, he thought nothing of it, save that he'd likely earned a few bruises. It was when he attempted to haul himself to his feet and his leg gave out entirely, with a blinding shot of pain, that he realized he was worse off than he realized.

His left calf was bleeding profoundly. That was bad. It looked as if it had gotten a chunk of flesh simply ripped out of it.

A flash of memory, feral eyes and a vicious growl of a cornered animal.

Manchas. That was likely. While the details were still fuzzy, Armand knew that he had to get up.

With pain, and time, Armand dragged himself to a lightpole at the edge of a platform that extended outwards. It was slightly bent, he realized, and the empty cuffs were damning.

He stumbled, and with a pitched moan of pain, fell. The plants near him shifted, and for a moment he feared the worst.

Of course, this worry was proved moot when Nick, Judy, a tall Water Buffalo with broad shoulders that he knew who he was though his name eluded him at the moment, and two officers emerged.

To say that Bogo wasn't happy to see him bleeding all over the place was a bit of an understatement.

The Chief was livid as a Tiger Officer that Armand did not know the name of applied bandaging to his leg, and Hopps seemed all but crushed as he utterly smashed aside any excuses or pleads. It was when he implied that she made up the entire thing was when Armand decided to finally say something.

He all but shoved aside the Tiger as he spoke. "To say that Officer Hopps is lying to cover her own ineptitude is an insult to both her character and her Integrity as an officer of the law, sir."

Bogo snapped to face him, and Hopps seemed nearly in disbelief that Armand would stand up for her.

"The opinion of a Civilian that Hopps should never have brought along in the first place is not needed. You're lucky I don't haul you down to the station and have you charged with interfering in police business."

He turned to Hopps, hoof reaching outwards.

"Your badge, Hopps." She hesitated. "Now." The Chief brokered no argument.

Her eyes seemed devoid of hope, as she slowly began to unclip her badge.

Nick, of course, decided now be the time to intervene. "I am afraid sir, that she will not be giving you that badge."

"Excuse me?" Bogo almost seemed flabbergasted that anyone would outright refuse in her stead, least of all a fox.

"You gave her an impossible task, you wanted her to fail in shame." Armand accused. "While I wouldn't put it as bluntly as the big guy here did," Nick smoothly drawled with a smirk and a wink sent Armand's way. "He's right, with no witnesses and only two days to solve this, it's a miracle she got as far as she did."

"I-" Bogo attempted to interject.

"Ah ah ah!" Nick smugly interrupted, "And not to mention, we," He pulled Hopps next to him as he said this. "Still have a few hours until the deadline."

Armand tuned the rest out, and slowly began shuffling in the direction of the suspended cab that had appeared at the end of the platform. He felt a tug on the back of his pants.

"Not so fast, big guy." Armand looked down, to see Nick's smirk. "You got to get that looked at."

"No." Armand said rather bluntly. Stepping forward, he pulled out of Nick's hold on his leg.

He stumbled.

He fell, face first into the worn wood of the Platform.

With a crunch, he felt his nose break. He tried to spew a torrent of profanity foul enough to peel paint, but nothing but a gurgle and blood mixed with spit dribbled out of his mouth.

He pulled his head up, and found Nick, along with Judy looking genuinely worried. "Like I said," Nick sighed. "You got to get that looked at."

Armand said nothing, and looked the Con Artist right in the eye. And Nick, skilled at reading people as always, said, "Don't worry big guy. We'll solve this." And Nick smiled. Not smirked, not grimaced, smiled.

Armand nodded, and the Cop and Con duo turned and moved to board the cable car. Judy cast a last worried glance behind her, at him.

Behind him, he heard Bogo sigh.

"Fangmeyer, I've already called a Bus, help him up and get him down there so they can take him."

Armand didn't resist as the Tiger helped him to his feet, leaning freely on him to take the weight off his leg, he could feel blood stream out of his nose, warm and already coagulating.

He hadn't been very helpful so far, had he?