The Gift Brings Vengeance

*sequel to Punishment or a Gift*

Chapter 1

            It was four years after their graduation at Hogwarts, four years after their marriage, and five years after the birth of their son, Evan Matthew Malfoy-Potter. The sun shone brighter than ever on the cool February afternoon at the fairly new three story home that rest in the hills of England and the land was at peace. Unfortunately, there was some disgruntlement inside the loving home.

            "I want spegti o's!" the shrill, unhappy voice erupted from the spotless, white tiled kitchen. As the little raven-haired boy protested, his little hands waved in the air, particularly his right hand which held a seven inch, maple, phoenix feather wand. "I want em now!"

            Draco Malfoy-Potter, now fully grown and twenty-one, waved his perfect hands in front of him. "Okay, okay," he agreed as he defended himself against his own son who was pointing the wand in his flawless face. "You can have your spaghetti O's" As he stood from the table and turned away from his upset son, he muttered to himself and reached into the cabinet over his platinum blonde head. "Damn, Harry and his muggle influences."

            Evan followed grumpily, his cheeks puffed, and stood behind his father with his wand trailing every step Draco made. "You're slow, daddy."

            As he switched the stove on, he smiled lightly and turned to face his son. "I'm making them as fast as I can," he spoke sweetly while reaching out to lower the wand but his son held it firm in his tight fist.

            The child's azure eyes narrowed and his thin lips curved downwards. His left hand rested on his hip, a stance he picked up from his father, as he began to wave his wand around in the air. "I. Want. Them. Now." he stated clearly and tiny gold sparks began to spill from the end of the wand.

            "No! No!" Draco exclaimed, jumping backwards, colliding with the stove, almost spilling the pot of spaghetti O's. He waved his hands in a frenzied manner as the gold sparks continued to spill.

            "Now!" he demanded as his father scrambled around the used to be spotless kitchen, spilling bubbling sauce and dropping plates as Draco rapidly prepared his baby's dinner.

            "Just," he panted, pouring the O shaped noodles into a bowl, "give me a minute."

            The boy squeezed his wand tighter in his hand and a tiny smirk crossed his lips. "I'll hex you," he spoke in an evil yet adorable voice.

            Draco spun suddenly, the bowl of spaghetti O's in his hands. His eyebrows raised as his chin dropped. "You'll what?" he spoke softly and sadly.

            The front door opened abruptly and closed,  footsteps soon following. "I'm home!"

            "Daddy!" The once angry boy dropped his wand as his eyes opened wide, shining with glee as he ran towards the front door and leapt into his other father's arms, who was squatting, waiting for the amazing welcome.

            "Hey, Evan." Harry greeted as he wrapped his arms around his son, careful to not squeeze him too hard. "I missed you." As the two separated, Harry ruffled his son's hair and threw his personalized Quidditch jacket on the coathanger behind the door. He followed Evan's hasty footsteps into the kitchen to see his loving husband scrubbing away on the kitchen counter as Evan settled at the marble table devouring the spaghetti O's, holding his silver spoon the same way his grips his wand. "Isn't he beautiful?" he whispered in Draco's ear, his dirt stained hands resting on his love's hips, pulling the blonde closer to his rising flesh within his Quidditch uniform.

            Draco moaned as he completed his clean up job from the hasty dinner preparation. Enjoying the warmth from his husband him, he sighed and leaned his head back on Harry's shoulder, turning it slightly to allow his lips to linger on the beating flesh of Harry's neck, causing the pulse within to quicken. "Perhaps, love, you should shower before we share our special evening together."

            "Indeed," Harry groaned lightly as placed a quick kiss on Draco's forehead and patted his son's tousled head as he passed by and took the steps two at a time to shower in the master bedroom on the second floor.

            Draco sat with a thud at the table opposite his son who in between mouthfuls of the noodles flashed a smirk across the table. Playfully, he smirked back. "You may look a lot like a Potter, but you're a Malfoy at heart." Proudly, he sat up in his chair and his son mimicked, sitting completely upright in his chair. As he chuckled to himself, he heard the familiar sound of an owl beating it's beak against the window. When the window was finally opened, an eagle owl swooped into the living room to perch upon the black leather couch. "What have you got here," he mumbled quietly, untying the tiny package from the owl's leg. As soon as Draco had the package in his hands, the owl flew off without a glance back. With a confirmative glance to make sure Evan was still eating, Draco unwrapped it eagerly to reveal a letter and a vial of greyish liquid. 

            Dear um, son?

                        The kindness of your mother has been rubbing off on me and I figured since it was Valentine's Day, I would do something somewhat nice for you. I have brewed this extra sensitivity potion for you, for when you, um, you know. Fabulous sex. That is all I have to say. Your mother wishes you all the best and much love with hugs and all.

                                                                                                Your um, Father?

                                                                                                            Severus Snape

            Draco hastily folded up the small piece of parchment and stuffed it into his pant's left pocket along with the vial as Harry descended the stairs, clad in only loose fitting blue jeans. "Time to call Hermione to pick up Evan," he stated happily, his hands rubbing together evilly while Harry laughed from the bottom of the steps.

            "It's wonderful to have Hermione and Ron babysit Evan every once in a while." Harry took a sip of his red wine, swallowing the remains of his gourmet dinner prepared by his husband.

            Draco nodded in agreement as he set down his empty glass and glared at Harry lustfully from the opposite side of the mahogany dinner table in the formal dining room. "Evan told me how he enjoys playing with little Rose, just the other day while we were shopping around Diagon Alley."

            Harry grinned at the image of his son and Hermione and Ron's four-year-old daughter playing together. "He did, did he?"

            "He talks a lot more than you think he does, when he's not threatening to hex me with that stinking wand you bought him." Draco leaned forward, resting his chin in the palm of his hand, smirking.

            Chuckling, Harry leaned back in his chair, folding his hands across his stomach. "I can't help it if he's destined to become to most powerful wizard in the world. He needs to start early."

            Draco suddenly pound his fist on the table. "Not by hexing his father! That boy needs to be straightened out!"

            Glaring across the table, Harry cleared his throat. "You love him too much to punish him." He knew he was correct as Draco's face softened a smile crossed those usual smirking lips.

            "You're right again, as usual." After a minute of silence, Draco cleared his throat loudly, disturbing Harry as he finished his glass of wine. "Can we shag now?"

            "Been waiting all day haven't you?" Harry's left eyebrow perked as a hungry look overtook Draco's facial features and suddenly his wrist was grabbed, his body practically dragged upstairs to bedroom.

            With a flick of his wand, Draco had the room illuminated by a soft glow produced by dozens of strategically placed candles. As Harry gawked at the romantic scene, he took the time to discard his dress robe and unbutton the top two buttons of his silk navy dress shirt. Gently, he took hold of Harry's upper arm to rotate the boy and pull him into a passionate kiss.

            Harry reached up to yank off his glasses as Draco's tongue danced with his own inside their mouths, creating chills that sped up and down his spine. His hands immediately rested on Draco's hips to pull them closer, fully aligning their heated bodies. The kiss deepened dramatically as Draco held Harry's face in his hands, tenderly wiping the flushed cheeks with his thumbs until they parted for air. "I love you," he whispered into Draco's ear, moisture resting on the blonde's earlobe.

            "And I love you." Draco backed away slightly to pull the vial of potion from his pants pocket and held it up close to Harry's eyes. "I want you to drink this. I want this night to be all about you. You've been working so hard lately and I want to give you all that I can tonight."

            Eying it as best he could, Harry reached up and took the vial from Draco's hands. "What is it?"

            "An extra sensitivity potion. Snape sent it for Valentine's Day." Draco stepped forward again to caress Harry's face with the back of his hand. With a grin, he added, "Fabulous sex, he says."

            "Alright, I'll do it." Harry pulled to stopper from the vial and immediately smelt the foul scent of the potion. With haste, the vial was lifted to his lips and the putrid liquid was swallowed, soon residing in Harry's stomach. He gagged a little but the awful taste soon disappeared and all that mattered again was Draco, who never removed his hand from Harry's cheek.

            Draco leaned forward and captured Harry's lips in another passionate kiss as their dress clothes were discarded onto the emerald carpeted floor and the boys fell onto the black silk sheets of the bed in a heap of sweat glistened bodies, rubbing together, their hands roaming everywhere taking in the unique feel of each other's bodies.

            It was not long before Harry could take no more of Draco's sweet teasing, nipple licking and neck biting, and the feel of his love's engorged penis resting between his tense legs. "Draco?" he panted as those lips grazed down the center of his body, kissing every inch of skin they could.

            "Yes, my love," Draco groaned in response, as his own hand trailed down his torso to wrap around his throbbing flesh.

            Harry arched as his cock was taken fully into his love's mouth, that warm cavern and sucking sensation driving him higher. "Take me, now." His sighed as Draco's mouth was taken away but a more pleasurable sensation rippled through him as his legs wrapped around Draco's waist and he was filled completely, Draco wasting no time on preparation and sheathed him immediately. His cry of sudden pain was muffled by Draco's tongue dancing wildly in his mouth, romanticizing the moment of sheer lust.

            Draco squeezed his eyes shut as he pulled out almost entirely only to sheath his lover again, sending shocks of pleasure through his spine, his heart pounding furiously in his chest. Over and over again he pulled out with immense teasing and delved back in again, reveling in the feeling of that warmth surrounding him.

            Soon, the slow lovemaking could not be controlled as Draco sped up his thrusts bringing them closer, each of them with tears in their eyes as they came and collapsing together, drifting off into a dreamless sleep in each other's arms.

            "Narcissa?" Snape bolted into his wife's study as she sat there concentrating on her work for the ministry of magic.

            "Yes, dear?" She glanced up at him, worried about the expression on her husbands face.

            He cleared his throat nervously. "Did you send Draco that vial of potion?"

            She looked back at him and nodded vertically.

            "Do remember which one you sent?" his voice wavered a little.

            "The grey one." She closed her book and stood from her desk. "Did I choose the wrong one?"

            "Apparently you did." He placed a hand on his hip. "I just spoke with Remus and turns out he just had the most fabulous sex ever."

            Mrs. Snape's eyes lit up as she slapped her cheeks gently with her hands. "Do you mean it? Seriously?"

            "I believe so. It's going to happen again."