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Chapter 9

"Well… shit…" Snape exhaled as collapsed backwards into his chair, exasperated from the argument and the meaning behind the argument. It was as if his past Hogwarts existence had returned; picking on Potter for everything he possibly could, even the fact of passing on a trait to his son that couldn't be controlled.

"Shit is right." Harry practically spat as his hand moved from one side of his enlarged stomach to the other side, just as one of the twins pushed a hand against the inside of their home. "Shit on me for what I passed on to your… Merlin! Evan's not even your true grandson!" The former Gryffindor felt a wave of nausea and grasped the side of his head with his free hand.

"Shit… Harry… " Draco stepped close to his husband, and reached out to wipe away what was left of the wetness upon Harry's cheek. His eyes were as soft as his voice as he maneuvered to gaze into those emerald eyes. "I'm sorry…I'm sorry for all that…I know better… but, I just couldn't contain my temper… "

"I've heard quite a lot of 'shit' this evening…" Narcissa murmured, more to herself than anyone else as she stood from the table, placed her napkin upon the table and exited the room after touching her husband lightly on the shoulder.

A sigh escaped Harry as he nodded along with the short babbling from Draco. One could tell when Draco was upset and/or sorry. All articulate speech was no where to be found. "Draco… listen to me… Just… here… it's all you need." He reached out and grabbed Draco's hand and placed it firmly against his stomach. "You know what it felt like… You can understand what I'm feeling now…"

"I do, Harry, I do." The blonde smiled brightly, baring his teeth as he took control of his hand and moved it about the outside of Harry's t-shirt, hoping to find a spot immediately, and was rewarded with a slight push against his palm. "God Harry!"

"God help me…" came a moan from the head of the table where Snape sat, sort of, his forehead rested against the table, most likely trying to escape from the cuteness now inhabiting the room.

"Think Evan would like to feel it?" Draco questioned, his eyes meeting Harry's again with their own form of begging method, which usually turned out to be the best way. And, it worked as his hand was grasped by Harry's and was dragged up the stairs away from the dining room to seek out their son in hopes of lightening Evan's damped spirits.

"Evan…" Harry called, somewhat out of breath from the simple activity of climbing the stairs. He was still a bit nauseated, keeping a tight grip on Draco's hand for backup in case it escalated, not just for loving touches. The two of them had reached the outside of their son's bedroom, not surprised to see it closed, but to not receive an answer was unusual.

"Evan…" Draco tried, tapping on the door lightly with his knuckles. His eyebrows furrowed in thought of what could be happening in there. Were they being ignored? Or was something wrong? "Nothing could be wrong…" he pondered aloud.

Harry's head snapped to look at Draco after hearing the idea. "I'm sure he's fine… I mean… You two weren't being that horrible to one another… and me…" He shrugged his shoulders at the quick questioningly look from those baby blues beside him. "Let's just open the door…" Harry suggested, placing his hand upon the knob.

"Ah.. yes… the door…" Draco, once again, shot his husband that look of I'm-not-as-thick-as-you-think-I-am look, while still gripping onto the hand, praying that everything was alright behind that door.

However, praying couldn't help what had already happened from the site the two saw when the door was opened, revealing a room in practical ruins with no Evan adorning the bed in the center.

Harry slipped to the floor on his hand and knees, aided by the grip Draco had on his hand, the trip to the carpet was a slower one, yet it couldn't stop the vomit that spilled from his mouth at the sheer site of his son's absence.

"Shit! Mother! Severus!" Draco cried, as he pried Harry's fingers from his hand and darted to the banister, leaning over dangerously, calling for his guardians. "Evan is missing! Fucking missing! His room…in ruins!" His voice echoed off the walls as tears rose to his eyes, and stung worse as his heard the final coughs from vomiting back in his son's wrecked room.

The two he called for came running from opposite sides of the house, ironically meeting at the bottom of the stairs to push and shove eachother up the staircase to reach the room and see for themselves first, hoping that the two men hadn't overreacted to Evan simply leaving his room for a bit. But, their notions were wrong as well, as their eyes fell upon the horrific sight.

"A room in ruins… and… and…" Snape walked around slowly, analyzing everything he saw, including what was left upon Evan's bed. "Snakeskin and a ring… A very familiar ring…" The potion's master reached down, trembling slightly, knowing that he was missing the presence of the little devil already and as much as the father's themselves. He brought the ring closer to his face, instantly recognizing the symbols. "Shit."

"Enough with the shit, please…" His wife begged as she kneeled beside Harry, comforting him with promises of finding him. After all, she had helped save Harry's life during the birth of Evan, there was no way she was incapable of finding the young boy.

"Darling… You don't understand the depth of shit we're in…Draco!" He commanded the blonde's attention, and gained it as the teary young Professor turned towards his step-father and awaited the sudden news. Yet, he didn't hear any words, just caught the motion of a toss and held out his hands to catch what was thrown at him. It landed hard, stinging the back of his middle finger with its heavy gold weight. 'Gold weight…' he mused, blinking tears from his eyes in order to see the object. "The Malfoy ring…" he murmured, looking up into Snape's face.

"Your father's ring."