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Author's Note: This story is for a close friend of mine when I showed them a drawing of one of our OCs and they suggested making a story behind a sweatshirt that I had drawn the character wearing (the sweatshirt is something he's almost always wearing, similar to Murdock's jacket or Hannibal's gloves). I came up with this, with ideas from my friend.

OC: Will (as well as his mother, siblings, and cousins) were created by myself and my friend mentioned above. They are OCs and not a canon part of the show in any way.


Face's son, Will, never really went looking for trouble, it just seemed to find him. Being the youngest and smallest of his siblings and cousins- even smaller than his slightly older twin sister -he was often excluded from games and events that his family took part in, and forced to find his own entertainment. Will didn't mind too much, though, and would usually go exploring by the creek outside his family's home, or go into the woods behind his grandparent's farm. However, on this particular day, they were visiting at his Uncle B.A.'s house in the suburbs, nearby the main road. There weren't many places to explore, and his family had been ignoring him as always, so the small three-year-old, wandered off unnoticed. There weren't any cars coming too close to him as he walked along the side of the busy road, but a truck had made a sharp, abrupt turn. It was unexpected, and Hannibal knew that the child was lucky to be alive.

They had all been in the hospital, awaiting news from the doctor and Maggie, who had been working at the hospital that night. Face and Leigh had been oblivious to all that was happening around them, though Hannibal had done his best to try and comfort his Lieutenant. Only the older kids understood the seriousness of the situation. Face's eldest two, Jacob and Ellen, had stayed close to their parents, likely frightened by the situation. Murdock and Kelly had gone to get coffee for everyone, while Charlotte and B.A. took care of the kids.

Finally, Maggie showed up, just as Murdock and Kelly were returning. Face jumped to his feet, followed by Leigh and Hannibal. "Maggie, is he going to be okay?" Face asked.

Maggie nodded. "Though, he has suffered a lot. Broken ribs and a punctured lung, as will as a broken leg and a sprained wrist. A lot of pain for one little guy, but we fixed him up. He's unconscious right now, but he'll recover. You guys can go in and see him, but I don't think the kids should." Maggie said. "He had to have some stitches for the gash on his head."

"And the, eh, driver of the truck that hit him?" Face asked, his tone bitter. Hannibal saw him clench his fists, and he knew that Face was angry. Hannibal and the others were, too.

"The driver was arrested for drunk driving. And, it turns out that the driver of the truck also, nearly killed his wife after several years of abusing her, so the police have him for that, so I doubt he'll be let go any time soon." Maggie told Face, earning a quiet sigh from the blond haired con man as he relaxed his shoulders, though how Maggie found all this out would forever be a mystery. "Like said, you can go and see him, now." Maggie repeated, and Face and Leigh followed her to the room that Will was in.

Hannibal waited several hours before joining them. When he got into the room, the lights were out, and the only thing that lit up the room were the lights outside in the halls. Face had pulled up two chairs beside Will's bed, putting them together so that Face and his wife could sit beside their son. However, in the last three hours it appeared that Leigh had dozed off, leaning against Face's shoulder, while Face struggled to stay awake. "Face." Hannibal whispered, careful not to disturb Leigh as he nudged Face.

"Hmm...yeah, Colonel?" He raised his head drowsily.

"You go on to sleep, now. I'll keep an eye in Will and wake you up when he wakes up." Hannibal said, and Face nodded, obeying his leader and falling asleep.

Hannibal kept a watchful gaze on his youngest grandson, until finally the child's brilliant blue eyes opened and locked on Hannibal. "Cold...cold..." He whimpered. Thinking quickly, Hannibal pulled of the sweatshirt he had grabbed on the way out of the house to get Will to the hospital. He gently placed it over Will. The large sweatshirt nearly completely covered Will's entire body. "Thank you..." Will said quietly, falling asleep once again. It was then that Hannibal remembered where and when he had gotten the sweatshirt. It was in Vietnam, late one night, around mid-October, and Hannibal had joked to Face that he was cold. Hannibal just hadn't been expecting Face, who had been eager to please and ready to prove himself at the time, to go out and somehow scam a sweatshirt for his Colonel. Hannibal didn't have the heart to tell Face that he hadn't been serious and accepted the sweatshirt without any protest. And now, Hannibal smiled at the memory, happy that Will was going to be okay.

Several days had passed since Will's accident, and he had started to recover and been allowed to return home, though he was in a lot of pain, something he rarely voiced. Currently, Face and Will were visiting Hannibal while Leigh and Serafina were out getting groceries, and the others were in school. Will was wearing the oversized sweatshirt that Hannibal had given him in the hospital. The child looked at him with curious eyes, looking very much like his father in that moment. "Grandpa? Do you want your big shirt back?" Will asked him, and Face and Hannibal chuckled at his choice in words.

"No, kid." Hannibal told him. "You can keep it. It's a gift." He looked at Face, who seemed to recognize the sweatshirt and was lost in memory. Turning back to Will he added, "A gift from grandpa. And from your dad as well."