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When he started to regain consciousness, he realized that something was very wrong…a few things, actually.

One, his body felt unbelievably drained. Like, more drained than if he had decided to pull about twenty consecutive all-nighters.

Two, the fact that he had been knocked out in the first place. He tried to remember exactly what had happened to him, but all he remembered was a flash of bright white light. He had no idea what led up to or what came after that.

And three, he heard a high-pitched beeping that matched the pulse in his ears. If he wasn't mistaken, he was in some kind of hospital. The antiseptic smell helped with that guess too. But…where though? Station Square? Central City? What exactly had happened to him?

Bright emerald eyes struggled to open. It was like his eyelids weighed a ton, each. When he eventually pried them apart, his vision was blurry and unfocused. It was swimming a bit too, slightly swaying back and forth. Honestly, he had the thought to just go back asleep and try waking up again at a later time when he wasn't so groggy, but a voice instantly chased that thought away.

"Hello there, little one."

He was surprised, but his body was too tired to properly react to it. Exhausted eyes blinked as they dropped to where the voice emitted from. He didn't feel too in danger. It had sounded like an old lady, and they weren't usually the ones trying to attack him.

Vision somewhat clearer, he managed to find her. It hadn't that hard, for she was sitting right beside his – slightly uncomfortable, but that was the norm for hospitals – bed. She looked nice enough. Her round face, tied-up grey hair, and squinted eyes weren't intimidating at all. Her lips were even curled in a soft smile.

Her tone was gentle and homey. He almost expected her to pull a tray of warm cookies out of nowhere. "You must be scared, hm? Being in an unfamiliar place and all."

He barely had enough energy to furrow his brow, let alone feel frightened. Why would he be scared in a hospital anyway? Lips parted to speak, but his throat was so scratchy and dry that nothing came out more than a hoarse rasp.

"Oh, you must be thirsty." She stood up from the stool she had been sitting on, and he was slightly amused that she was slightly – more like majorly – on the short side. He might be able to look a full-grown human in the eye for once.

He coughed and inwardly winced at the uncomfortable feeling it caused in his throat. He watched as she used a white cane to walk over to a sink across the room, which had more than one bed in it. They were empty. His attention drifted once the faucet was turned on, paying attention to the windows on adjacent wall.

It was dark outside, so he had no idea if it was late at night or early in the morning. Buildings were lit up by streetlights, and the sidewalks were empty. The street didn't look familiar to him, but then again, it was nighttime. It was kinda hard to tell. Hopefully this nice lady could tell him where he was and how he got here.

"Here you go." His head lethargically turned to see the woman standing at his bedside again. She was holding a glass of water. Her smile was still in place. "Just open your mouth, little one, and I'll pour it in. Can you do that?"

It's funny how she's calling him 'little one'. They looked basically the same height. He marginally shook his head at her, wanting to communicate that she's done too much for him already. He could take a drink himself…hopefully. If not, well, there would be shattered glass and spilled water all over the floor. Not too much of a risk.

He moved his hand to take the cup from her, but it stopped short. Something was restraining his wrist. Blinking in confusion, he glanced down for the first time to see that his gloveless hand was handcuffed to the side of the bed. Both of his hands. Breath hitching in his throat and the high-pitched beeping getting louder, he figured that he might've had the wrong impression of this old lady.

The small chains rattled as his muscles sluggishly struggled against them, but he was nowhere at his full power. Just great. Who was she working for? Eggman? The more corrupt side of GUN? Or was she just a super crazy fan? He didn't know which outcome was the worst.

"There's no need to struggle, little one." There was a gentle hand on his shoulder, and he looked her in the eye. Her expression hadn't changed. The water was now sitting forgotten on the stand by the bed. "I'm not going to hurt you."

Well, the handcuffs would beg to differ. His hands were clenched into fists now, and his wrists were beginning to throb from the abuse. He attempted to speak again; his voice was too weak.

The woman then placed a wrinkled hand on top of his left. "I will uncuff you if and only if you don't attack me."

Attack her? Attack her? Why in the world would he do that? He was the one forcefully kept on a hospital bed! And plus, he was Sonic the hedgehog! When had he ever hurt a civilian in his life? Why was she scared of him?

Sonic was completely unsure of this situation, but he would feel a lot better about it freed. And he had to convince her that he wasn't going to randomly throw a punch.

The hedgehog relaxed, his hands falling limp to the mattress below. He schooled his expression to be as innocent as possible while watching her every move.

Her smile never shook. "It's good that you calmed down. I never like seeing a patient in distress." She grabbed a key out of the pocket of her robe and undid the cuffs. Sonic rubbed his wrists before sitting up in the bed, arms subtly shaking from the strain. Why in the world was he so tired? Did she do something to him? "I'm glad you're docile. I didn't want to see you in pain again."

A frown marred his muzzle at that. Again? Meaning that she had seen him hurt a first time.

"So, I assume that you can perfectly understand me?"

Sonic tilted his head at her before nodding. Why wouldn't he understand her? This was just too weird. He needed info as soon as possible to get rid of his confusion.

"Let me ask you this then. Why were you bleeding and broken in the middle of the street, little one?"

Sonic's eyes widened. Bleeding and broken…? What…?

He swallowed thickly and nearly flinched at the roughness that followed. He reached for the glass of water and gulped it, instantly feeling better. When he finished, he wished that he had more, but that wasn't top priority right now.

The hedgehog coughed to clear his throat of any residual roughness. His voice came out raspier than normal anyway. "Bleeding and broken? I don't…"

This was the first time that her smile had slipped. It was subtle, but he had noticed. "You can talk?"

She had no reason to be so surprised. Of course he could talk! "Yeah?"

The lady stared at him in shock for a moment before regathering herself. "It's just…very rare for an animal to talk. That must be a quirk. You're just like him."

"A…quirk?" How was talking a quirk? His love for chili dogs was a quirk, not performing the everyday task of talking. "Uh…I dunno what you're talkin' about, but…" And didn't she say that speaking animals were rare? What, had she been living under a rock her whole life? "I'm pretty sure that there are more guys like me who can talk…"

"Guys like you?" The old lady hummed before continuing, "Interesting… What does the word 'Nomu' mean to you?"

This was getting weirder by the moment. She had to be going senile. "Are you making up words? Because I've never heard that in my life."

"That's reassuring," she said, her smile growing again. Then she turned her back to him and headed to the door across the room. "Stay right there for a second, would you?" Sonic ears promptly perked when she whispered to herself, "It makes sense since he isn't braindead, but that just rises more questions…"

Sonic opened his mouth to reply to those words, but then he realized that he probably wasn't supposed to hear that. He simply watched as she opened the door and closed it behind herself.

He didn't waste a second.

Sonic started by gingerly yanking out whatever wires that were hooked up to him, then he threw the sickeningly white blankets off his body. He swung his legs over the side and hopped down to the ground. However, instead of standing like he had planned to, as soon as his bare feet touched the tiled floor, his knees buckled. He swallowed his surprised yell as he slammed into the smooth tile beneath him.

Yeah…he had totally forgotten that his body was basically in sleep mode.

Sonic lowly hissed as he rubbed his nose, for that was the first thing that made impact. His arms trembled as he lifted his upper body off the ground, knowing for sure that this wasn't natural recovery. The old lady had to have done something to him. Probably some kind of sedative.

Gritting his teeth, he fought to control his body, twisting around and grabbing the rail of the bed. He panted as he slowly but surely pulled himself up, his legs – which had gained the characteristics of noodles – eventually positioning themselves under him.

He was almost standing when the door creaked back open.

Just his luck.

"What did I tell you? Your body wasn't ready yet. You need more rest!"

Sonic glanced over his shoulder at the short lady, ready to retort, but then his mouth hung open when he saw the huge muscular man entering behind her. His head almost reached the ceiling! The buff human was wearing a skin-tight body suit, his smile almost split his face in half, and speaking of his face, it was so unrealistically shaded. Sonic had to be dreaming, right? That was the answer, because no human could possibly…

"You shouldn't push your body, young man!" The voice of the man boomed, echoing around the room. Before Sonic could scrape his chin off the ground, the blonde male jogged over to him and effortlessly lifted him up. Sonic was suddenly sitting on the bed again. "You have to be exhausted!"

Getting over the initial shock of the presence of the towering man, Sonic glanced between him and the old lady. "Push my body? I wouldn't have to if you hadn't put sedatives in me!"

The large human blinked before laughing heartily. "There are no sedatives in your system, my boy! What you're feeling is the side-effects of Recovery Girl's quirk!"

There was that word again. What in the heck was a quirk? And 'Recovery Girl'? Was that the old woman? Ironic…

Recovery Girl then spoke up, basically a dwarf beside the tall man. "With my quirk, I can heal any wounds, but it uses the patient's natural stamina. You had grave injuries, so your energy is very low now."

Sonic could only stare at her. So what he got from that was that a 'quirk' was another word for 'ability'. She could heal people. That wouldn't be so surprising if she wasn't human. His buddy Shadow could – and him too to a degree – heal using a Chaos emerald, but now he just met a woman who could do it without one? This was insane.

Emerald eyes then slid over to the huge man, eying the rippling muscles and large stature. "I'm guessing that you have a…quirk too?"

"Right you are!" The male flexed his already bulging muscles. "I am All Might! My strength is incomparable!"

Sonic just shook his head, this sinking in. Did all humans have powers? Since when? Why wasn't he told this? He'd get to the bottom of that later though. Right now, he needed to go home and sleep in his highly comfortable bed.

"Thanks for…healing me, I guess," Sonic said to the old lady. "And I'd love to uh…talk more, but I'd also love to go home."

"Where is your home?" That was a new voice. It was soft like the woman's, but it definitely belonged to a guy. Sonic's gaze traveled until he found however spoke. Some tension rolled off his shoulders at the sight of a clothed species of rodent standing beside All Might. His beady eyes were welcoming. "But before you answer that, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Nezu, and I'm the principal of U.A High, where we are right now." A white-furred paw was held up to the hedgehog. "What's your name?"

Sonic glanced around the place, learning that he had been wrong. He was in a high school, not a hospital. U.A High? He'd never heard of it. Sonic shook the outstretched hand with a small upward twitch of his lips. "I'm Sonic. Sonic the hedgehog."

"Sonic? That's a very interesting name!" Nezu smiled at him, pulling his paw back. "Now, where do you live? Perhaps you'd rest easier there."

Sonic was glad that at least one person was trying to help him out here. "I live near Station Square. Know where that is?"

Nezu tilted his head a bit before shaking his head. "I can't say that I do." He glanced at the two humans. "All Might? Recovery Girl? Do you two know where that might be located?"

"Hm." Recovery Girl had a pensive expression on her face. "It doesn't ring a bell. It doesn't sound like the city would be in Japan though."

All Might tapped his chin with his meaty fingers. "Maybe it's somewhere in the United States?"

Sonic stiffened at those names he'd never heard of. Japan? The United States? Where in the world was he? The only thing he remembered was a white light… He sucked in a harsh breath. Was that white light Chaos Control? Was he even in his world anymore?

Sonic groaned, holding his head in his hands. That would explain everything: the lady not knowing him, the 'quirks', not knowing any of the places they had listed. So he was most likely Chaos Controlled…did that mean he was stuck here? Oh Chaos…

The hedgehog jolted when a heavy hand patted his shoulder. He lifted his head to see All Might peering down at him. His smile wasn't as wide. "Are you alright, my boy?"

"Just peachy." Sonic sighed, wondering if he should tell them his discovery. Might as well. Maybe someone they knew had a 'quirk' to take him home. He glanced at all of them before lingering on Nezu. "I'm not from this world. I…got warped here."

Recovery Girl raised a brow. "Not from this world?"

"Warped?" All Might shared a look with the principle. "What do you mean?"

Sonic was so gonna slug Shadow for this. "One of my buddies has a abil – quirk – to teleport. I guess he used it on me and something went totally wrong."

Nezu frowned a bit. "Your friend…is he like you?"

"Yep. He's a black and red hedgehog." Emerald orbs focused on the lady. "Where I come from, humans don't have any powers. So sorry for accusin' you of drugging me."

"It was a rational assumption. You're forgiven." Recovery Girl smiled warmly at him. "So what you've told us, I can assume that…you've been stranded here?"

Sonic nodded. "Pretty much. I'm kinda hopin' that you know someone who could warp me back home?"

There was a pregnant pause, and he wondered if he had said something wrong.

"…We do know someone with that quirk." Sonic perked up at All Might's words. "But, the one who has it is a villain! Someone who cannot be trusted!"

Sonic blinked. "A villain?" The hedgehog grinned for the first time since waking up. "That's right down my alley! I can rough them up and make 'em help!"

His energy didn't spread to the trio however. Nezu deeply sighed. "I know that you think you can do that, but you can't for multiple reasons. We don't know where the villain currently is residing, he has other strong people working with him, and it is a law that you must become a hero to legally fight against them."

Sonic wasn't fazed by that. "With me helping, he should be easy to find and take down. And with the third thing, I am a hero in my home world! So I can-"

"I'm not saying that you're lying, Sonic. But we have no proof of that." Nezu interrupted him, bringing down his high. "And even if there was, I doubt…an otherworldly license would be approved here."

"Are you serious?" Sonic couldn't believe this. He couldn't do what he did best because of some stupid rule? "Then just let me get the license or whatever! What do I have to do? Take a test?"

He didn't like the look on Nezu's face. "If only it were that simple, Sonic. For a child to become a hero, they have to enroll in a school like U.A high and be put into a hero course."

"You gotta be kidding me…" Sonic muttered. That was going to take so long! Also, him and education didn't exactly mix well. "Is that my only option? Please tell me it isn't!"

All he got were sympathetic looks.

"It isn't so bad, young Sonic!" All Might tried to reassure him, his smile almost blinding. "I am one of the teachers here, and I can say that it is a very fun and engaging experience!"

Sonic wondered exactly what he had done to deserve this. School meant writing and history and science and math. He was doomed.

Accepting his fate, Sonic asked, "So…am I gonna be enrolled here?"

Nezu's tail subtly lowered. "I would, but we don't have the room…"

The old lady turned to him. "It won't be a permanent enrollment. Room could be made somewhere."

"Aizawa wouldn't mind an extra student!" All Might proclaimed.

Nezu was amused. "You know he will, but he doesn't exactly have a say in the matter." The principal nodded to himself as he regarded Sonic. "You will be a temporary foreign exchange student in Class 1-A. However, before I formally put you in. What is your quirk?"

Sonic shrugged. "I guess it's super speed."

Nezu paused for a split second before nodding again. "That would explain your shoes." He bobbed his head over to the opposite wall, where Sonic's red shoes had been placed. "Extra traction."

"Yeah, and it stops me from burning the bottom of my feet off." Sonic chuckled.

"You must run extremely fast, like young Iida!" All Might exclaimed.

Looked like Sonic already had competition.

Nezu reached up and patted the side of the hedgehog's leg. "And lucky for you, the first thing you'll be doing in class won't be pencil-on-paper work. There is a sport's festival tomorrow that tests the physical requirements for the course. I'm sure that you prefer that."

A relieved smile grew on Sonic's muzzle. "Heck yeah. And it's tomorrow?" He glanced out of the window again. "Will I be uh…better by tomorrow?"

Recovery Girl nodded. "Yes you will. All you have to do is stay in bed and sleep. You'll be back at a hundred percent in the morning before it starts. You won't have much time to bond with your classmates beforehand, but I'm sure you'll get to during and after." Sonic nodded, glad that this school thing wasn't going to start off terribly. "Now…" The lady gestured to All Might. "Help Sonic stand up."

Sonic pursed his lips. "I thought you wanted me to rest?"

"You will after we get your measurements."

"Measuremen-" Sonic's eyes went wide as he focused on Nezu's clothing. "Yeah, no. I'm perfectly fine with my shoes and gloves." Sonic the hedgehog didn't do shirts and pants, especially not pants. Too constricting.

The woman wasn't budging. "We can't allow you to walk around here in the nude. I know that you might not be used to clothes, but there would be an uproar."

Sonic was seriously going to get Shadow back for this.

"I hope that we did the right thing."

"You aren't alone there, All Might."

"Do you think that he was telling the truth?"

"I don't know, but it's clear that he thinks that he is. Letting him join in with the students here is ironically the best way to keep an eye on him."

"I just hope that he is genuinely confused with no hidden ill-content. The students don't need that especially after what happened at the USJ."

"Right. Everyone needs to destress and the sports festival is the perfect way to do that. However, speaking of the USJ, the warping he mentioned. Could he possibly have a connection with the League of Villains?"

"Well...he does apparently have two quirks, and the only being that has had two of them-"

"Was the Nomu. Right...however, he doesn't have the characteristics of a Nomu."

"We've only seen one of them, Nezu, so we don't exactly know what the characteristics are."

"...I know. I'm trying to look at the positives here. There could be a chance that he is just an anomaly, that he was tested on like I was..."

"It's possible, but...I don't want the students to be in that kind of danger again before they are properly prepared."

"Me neither. Like I said before however, keeping him close is the best option. Studying without oppressing him and causing a reaction."

"I don't like it, but I understand."

"I'm sorry, but we just have to tread lightly and stay vigilant. We definitely don't need any more chaos around here."

"You can say that again."

"On that note, I'm going back home to catch some shut-eye before the festival."

"I'll be following in your footsteps after Recovery Girl gets him to sleep. Goodnight, Nezu."

"Sleep tight."

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