A/n: I am so excited for the month of October! 1. It's my birth month 2. Halloween is coming 3. Pumpkin spice all the things! This series is based on Inktober prompts by Lanylevendula's and dedicated to the amazing talented artist Aryn please check out their Tumblr page heichou-and-taichou-smiling.


Autumn is a glorious time of year which is ironic since everything is slowly dying or going to sleep for the impending Winter. Autumn has a majesty all her own, with brilliant colors of the changing leaves from the vivid green of Spring and Summer to yellow ochre, fiery orange and rich red.

As Hermione and Draco leisurely strolled through the park the thought of how gorgeous the colors surrounding them kept Draco quiet and deep in thought.

"Love, did you hear me? Draco...Draco." Hermione called then abruptly stopped walking. Draco caught on to the lack of movement on his right and stopped a pace ahead still holding on to Hermione's hand.

"Granger I'm sorry. You were saying my dear?" Draco replied turning back to where she stood.

She flashed him a smile. "I was saying, your Mum invited us to dinner tomorrow night."

"Oh, right… yes, of course. I am available." He answered still distracted.

"Is everything alright. You don't seem like yourself." She said, concern laced in her voice.

"Yes… yes I am fine." He said quickly. Suddenly a gust of wind blew through the trees carrying the already delicate leaves in the air. Draco looked around as they cascaded all around them a few catching in Hermione's luscious curly hair. She looked ethereal in that moment. The sunlight behind her captured the highlights in her hair as well as the leaves making them look like flames alight. The sight magnificent to Draco's eyes he could not help what he said next.

"Marry me!" He blabbed out.

Hermione stood there shocked, Draco held her hands squaring himself in front of her he said again. "Marry me, it was supposed to be a surprise, that is why Mother asked you to dinner I was going to do it tomorrow night...we had a plan but… you look and I… Marry me Hermione." He dropped to his knee, letting go of her hands, taking a small black velvet box out of his pocket Draco pried it open to reveal a simple yet exquisite tourmaline ring. The light reflecting the reds and greens of the stone.

Hermione stood there for a beat. Staring into the adoring eyes of Draco, there was another gust causing more leaves to fall, as the fluttered down around them she said 'Yes'.

Draco shot to his feet, placing the ring on her finger he then reached for her face cupping her cheek he pulled Hermione into a searing kiss. Hermione flung her arm around Draco's neck, he then scooped her up spinning her around as the leaves swirled and twirled around them.