Warning: lemon flavoring


It was a warm day in early October, Friday the 13th to be exact. Hermione and Ginny were shopping at a sidewalk flea market in Muggle London.

"Gin, look at this lantern. It's so unique." Hermione said pointing out the heavy looking brass dragon shaped lantern.

"Unique is one way to describe it." Ginny said with a giggle.

Hermione shot her a look. "Whatever, it's interesting. I'm going to buy it."

"It's your money but that thing does not even match your home." Ginny relented.

"I know but … there is just something about it, I just feel drawn to it." Hermione admitted.

That night the winds were picking up, blowing the dried dead leaves in swarms through the trees and back yard. Once in a while it would howl creating eerie sounds. Hermione had placed the dragon lantern by her reading nook.

As she settled into the soft comfy chair the wind gusted sounding like a word. She shook her head and went back to reading. A gust blew again but this time she distinctly heard her name. Heerrmmionnee...

"Is there someone there?" She called out, wand in hand she had cast a "Lumos Maximus". Seeing nothing around her, she tentatively stood up to inspect the room further. The wind blew again and again she heard what sounded like her name in the air. As she approached the window a strong gust blew the shutters open giving Hermione a fright.

"Bloody hell this wind." She muttered spelling the shutters closed and adding a sticking charm for good measure. "There, I think I'll just head upstairs for an soak in the tub and an early night." Saying aloud to no one.

Hermione did not notice the eyes of the dragon lantern glow red as she made her way to the second floor of her home.

The next day

Hermione woke up with a spring in her step and humming a happy tune. She was on her way to meet Ginny for lunch. Taking note of the red head in the cafe window, Hermione flounced into her seat.

" 'Mione you are practically glowing, did something happen after we parted company yesterday?" Ginny asked.

Hermione touched her face, her cheeks did feel a bit warm but nothing like a fever. "No nothing out of the ordinary, I made dinner, took a bath and went to bed at a decent hour." She said but a knowing smile betrayed her.

"Spill it! Did my dumb brother visit you in the middle of the night?" Ginny asked in an acusoritory tone.

"Gin, no… that is over, done, not even an option…. No offense." Hermione said adamantly.

"None taken… then why are you grinning like a cat who ate the canary?" Ginny asked.

Hermione looked around to see if anyone was paying attention to them. Noting that there were no prying eyes or ears she said. "I had a dream last night … a very, shall we say, vivid dream." She said in a low tone.

"You had a sex dream!" Ginny said loudly.

"Shhhh… Godric keep your voice down. Yes… (looking around again) … It was … amazing. It felt so real." Hermione blushed.

"Do you know who it was?" Questioned Ginny.

"No, that's the thing all I remember were whisps of platinum blonde hair, strong arms and his eyes… they were uncommon…" She started to describe as Ginny cut in.

"Uncommon how? Did you see his face?" The younger witch asked.

"No, that part only appeared in flashes. His eyes they were … grey. I've never see grey eyes before." Hermione said her voice growing distant as she thought about the mystery man in her dream.

"Don't go getting lost in the dream world and forget the land of the living." Ginny warned.

That night Hermione followed the same routine of taking a relaxing bath then heading to bed early. While making the final round of her home to make sure all was locked and secure the dragon lantern caught her eye. Feeling drawn to it she picked it up to carry it upstairs with her. Placing it on her bed side table. She snuggled into the bed under the warm goose down duvet. Within seconds she drifted to sleep missing the glow of the dragon's eyes and a billow of smoke that rose out of its nose.

Hermione's dream

Hermione was walking in the hall of a home she had never been in before. It was vast and filled with antique furniture from the baroque period. There were ornate carvings accented with gold leaf above the doors. As she walked further down the hall, there was a door that was ajar with what looked to be light from a fire place. Reaching out she tentatively opened the door.

It was a bed chamber. To the right, the fireplace was a glow. The orange flames reflecting in the room casting shadows towards the back corners. She cautiously walked into the room. "Hello… is someone here. Pardon the intrusion but… I don't know where I am…" Hermione went to continue when a voice from the shadows said.

"My angel, you've come back." The deep voice came out of the darkness.

"I'm sorry, you must be mistaken, I've never been here before…" She started to say facing the sound of the voice.

"But you have… (the figure came walking out of the shadows. He had on a dark suit and white blonde hair)... the other night." He said.

"I… I'm… who are you?" She replied to the tall figure who kept sauntering towards her. The unmistakable platinum blonde hair practically glowing in the low light.

"You… you are.." She stammered.

"Your lover from the other night… yes angel." His voice as smooth as velvet. Hermione closed her eyes thinking back to the night before and the bliss her body felt at his touch.

"You are thinking about it now, aren't you. The way my hands felt against your curves. The way my mouth left trails of kisses on your warm flesh. You want to feel them again, don't you." He said softly in her ear as he cradled her body to his. So lost in the memory and the anticipation that Hermione didn't even notice they where embracing.

She opened her eyes to meet his, ablaze with desire. "Close your eyes and give into me. I will make you feel loved and worshiped. Do you want that angel… do you want to feel pleasure." He coaxed.

"Y...Yes, I.. I do but what do I call you?" She questioned nervously staring deeply into his grey eyes.

Running a hand over her cheek to cup the back of her neck. He gently pulled her face closer to his. "Draco." He said his lips ghosting over hers before kissing her. Hermione's eyes fluttered closed as she melted into him. The moment he felt her body relax he opened his eyes to release a flash of red. Then proceeded to carry her to the bed.

Hermione woke up with a start. Gone were the luxurious sheets and handsome bed warmer. She could not help the tingle between her legs at the thought of 'Draco'. This second dream was even more vivid than the first. She heard his voice and saw his beautiful face. He did things to her body she could never describe. His touch was soft yet commanding making her yield to his every reguard. She jumped out of bed quickly to ready herself for brunch at the Weasley home.

"You are late." Ginny said teasingly.

"Good morning to you too." Hermione replied. "Did I miss much?"

"No nothing exciting… did you have any 'interesting' dreams last night?" Ginny kept teasing.

"Ginny really, why do I tell you anything!" Hermione chastised.

"I'm going to take that as a yes." Ginny said with a sing song voice as they walked through the house.

Brunch was, as always, a good time. When Hermione was set to leave she gave hugs to everyone saying that she be on time next weekend and thanked Molly for the leftovers.

All she could think about as she walked to the apparition site was how tired she was and if she would dream of Draco during her nap.

Hermione's nap lasted well into the night and on to the next morning. She barely made it to work by the skin of her teeth. Another vivid Draco laced dream made it hard for her to wake up and leave her bed. Before heading home she stopped in Muggle London to buy an alarm clock with the most obnoxious bell. She added a few drops of Dreamless Sleep to her night time tea. Termination due to being late was not an option.

By Friday Hermione was on time each day but that night her dream was not the same lust filled fantasy.

Hermione's dream

Once again Hermione found herself in the same opulent home as before but this time she was running down the hall calling for Draco. She found him in the bed chamber sitting in a wing back leather chair by the fire.

"Draco?" Hermione said standing before him.

He looked at her, those piercing grey eyes were cold. She felt a shiver run down her back.

"Angel, I didn't think you would find your way back." He said his tone cool as he sipped fire whiskey from a cut glass tumbler.

"Draco as much as I love to be with you this is just a dream. I can't stay here forever." She pleaded, kneeling before him to force him to look at her.

"Is that all I am to you. Something your subconscious is trying to work out. Hermione we have a connection … or so I thought. I opened my heart and my soul to you. I bring you into my home and you shut me out. I've trusted you…" He started to say but was cut off

"I don't understand. Draco what does any of this mean? Please tell me." Hermione said unshed tears filling her eyes.

"I call you my "angel " because I had hoped you could save me. Help me to release my soul that has been trapped in the lantern. I see now that perhaps I was wrong." He said looking away from her.

"Oh Draco you were not wrong. Please trust me." She begged as the tears flowed down her cheeks. Out of the corner if his eye he saw that she had begun to cry.

"My angel." Draco said softly putting the glass down and scooping Hermione up to sit in his lap. "I am sorry, I let my bitterness get the better of me... Forgive me." He concluded.

Hermione nodded as he pulled her closer she laid her head on his shoulder. "I'm sorry you felt that I abandoned you, but in my world I have responsibilities. I would love to spend days on end with you." She said with a blush he felt her smile against his neck.

"And I would ravish you all of those days." He said with a gentle kiss on her lips. Hermione blushed deeper.

"I feel like this is all in my head." She said as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

"Of course it is happening inside your head, angel, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?" He said nuzzling her neck and placing kisses under her ear.

"Draco, how can your soul be released from the lantern?" Hermione asked, trying not to fully give in to the sensations Draco was causing her to feel.

He stopped kissing her. "Perhaps by lighting it?" He said.

"Could it be that simple?" She questioned.

"Only one way to find out my angel." He replied then cupped her cheek capturing her lips in a passionate kiss.

Hermione's eyes fluttered open. Taking a beat to catch herself she grabbed her wand off the night stand casting a Lumos spell then reached for the lantern. Heading down stairs she rummaged through her kitchen for a match, afraid that magically lighting the lantern would cause more damage than good.

She lighted it and waited. And waited. "Ok Draco I lighted the lantern… set your soul free." Hermione called out. Just then there was a racket outside. She jumped to her feet wand in hand to check the noise. It was just the wind in the bare trees against the house. Turning back the the lantern she blew out the flame and returned upstairs.

"I am such a fool." She muttered, going back to bed and back to sleep.

This time her dream was different. Draco came to her instead of her going to him. Instead of a night if unbridled passion it was spent with him holding her. His arms feeling like home and her not wanting dawn to break.

That Saturday Hermione went back to the market where she purchased the lantern. She met with the old man to ask if he knew the history of the lantern. The information cost her 40£ and another dust collector that will be regifted at the next office Secret Santa.

She hastily went back to her home, shutting off her floo as to not be disturbed she grabbed the dragon lantern on her way up to her bedroom. Hermione lay in bed taking a few deep breaths to clam her nerves. Trying to relax her mind she started to drift off when Ginny's horse patronus galloped in. The illuminated animal spoke in Ginny's voice.

"Hermione, Fluer is in labor meet us at St. Mungo's." Once the message was delivered the apparition disappeared.

Hermione groaned getting out of bed she pet the dragon lantern. "Soon my dragon...soon."

It was not until late Sunday night that Hermione was back home in her bed, dragon light by her bedside. She fell asleep quickly finding herself in the dream of the familiar bed chamber.

Hermione's dream

"Draco!" She said as she ran into his arms. He scooped her up in a tight embrace. Kissing deeply she let out a satisfied moan.

"My angel, how I have missed you." He said placing open mouth on her neck. The feel of his soft lips on her sent excited shivers through her body.

"I have good news, I know how we can free you from this place. It will be on Halloween night. I have to light the lantern at midnight. Just a few more days and we will finally be together." Hermione said excitedly.

Draco held her at arms length staring deep into her eyes he said. "I'll be free… free to be with you. Free to hold you, touch you, love you. Angel, this … I've hoped but this… let me show you how greatful I am." Draco flashed her a sexy smirk lifting her up bridal style he carried Hermione to the bed placing her down gently he took his time kissing and caressing her body. He made her body hum as he brought her desires to the edge.

"Open your eyes angel, I want you to look at me when you climax." He whispered huskily. Hermione obliged her chocolate colored eyes locked on to his cloud grey eyes. Thrusting deeper into her, Hermione felt herself coming undone.

"Yes my dragon, yes!" She panted, biting her lower lip. That made Draco lose control, he thrusted deeper and faster till they both spilled over the edge of euphoria. Breathing heavily Draco collapsed to Hermione's side.

Pulling her body closer to him, he said. "Soon my angel… soon."

The day before Halloween

Hermione was just checking the house was locked up when there was a knock at the door.

"Ginny, it's a bit late. Is everything ok?" She asked.

"It's just past eight Hermione. Is everything alright with you?" Ginny said pushing herself into Hermione home.

"Do come in. I'm fine what is this about?" Hermione queried.

Turning in a huff she said. "No everything is not fine. You've ditched work twice this week. When you do go you are hours late. Your floo is disconnected. You skipped brunch with us… what gives? Is it those crazy dreams? Are you just sleeping away your life Hermione?"

"How dare you come into my home and question me as if I am a child? You have no right Ginevra!..." Hermione was cut off.

"I am your friend. I only want what is best for you. This ridiculousness has got to stop. These are just dreams Hermione… nothing more…" Ginny started when Hermione cut in.

"Get out! They are more than dreams…" Hermione began when Ginny interjected.

"Fine! But tomorrow is a big night and you better be there!" The red head threatened before storming our the door. Afterwards a loud 'pop' was heard.


The annual Ministry Gala was the same night as Halloween. All Hermione wanted to do was show up take a few pictures as proof she was there then leave to finally be with Draco. Her plan was solid. Show up late leave early to be just in time to light the lantern. The only problem in the perfect plan was Ginny Weasley.

The red headed menace stuck to Hermione like glue if she was not dragging her to mix and mingle. Ginny was following her movements in the crowd. Finally fed up and running out of time Hermione's last resort was to bribe Blaise Zabini to distract Ginny while Hermione snuck out.

Hermione dashed through the floo and over to the dragon lantern. "In just minutes we will be together my dragon."

She went to the kitchen to get the matches, when Ginny came through the floo. Hermione caught sight of Ginny, she held the lantern over her head.

"Ginny no!" Hermione shrieked. As Ginny made to throw the lamp on the floor Hermione cast a suspension spell charming the lantern to stop in mid air.

"Hermione this has gone too far…" Ginny started.

"No Ginny you will see. He is real, what Draco and I have is really. When I light the lantern, when his soul is free… you'll see." Hermione pleaded.

"This is madness" Ginny said as she went to pick up the lantern, Hermione hit her with a Stupify.

"I'm sorry Ginny… but I love him" Hermione pleaded to her friends still form. Hermione picked up the lantern. Noting the time she set up the matches and the lantern next to each other on the sofa table. She checked the time again thirty seconds to midnight. She prepared to light the candle. Mentally counting down she reached the ten second mark.

She light the lantern. The glowing light filled the room. The dragon's eyes shined red as billows of smoke rose from its nostrils. Hermione waited with baited breath as glow became more intense and the smoke thickened in the air. Twirling and swirling around Hermione she didn't even remember passing out. Ginny arose just in time to see the last of Hermione's soul being inhaled into the dragon lantern.

Ginny sat horrified as the last of the billows of smoke returned to the lantern. The eyes flashing red then no more light. Not knowing what to do Ginny took the lantern with her to explain to her family what happened and how to fix it.

Hermione awoke to the familiar caress of her lovers hands. "Draco, did it work. Are we together?" She asked softly.

"Yes my angel it did but…"Draco started.

"But what… what is wrong?" Hermione looked around and audible 'Oh' was all she could say.

"I am sorry, I didn't know it would be this way." He said.

"Will we be together forever?" Hermione asked.

"Yes my angel… Always." Draco said.

"Then that's all that matters." She said pulling him into a searing kiss.

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