Authors Note: Hello everyone, It is I, the Author of this new fan fiction! I got the idea to write this story after buying a copy of Crash Bandicoot: The Trilogy. I thought it would be fun to write a Crash Bandicoot story, and I hope you all enjoy reading it just as much as I will writing. Without much else to say, I will now leave you all with the first chapter!

It was a cool and crisp Thursday morning, the sun was beginning to rise over the Orlando landscape shining its fiery glow through my window, as I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I stirred in bed as I tried my best to ignore the annoying wail of beeping coming from my alarm clock shouting at me to wake up. With a menacing scowl, I grabbed for the clock and quickly jabbed a finger at the snooze button, slowly opening my heavy eyes to see what time it was. It was 7:45 am, and to my dismay, time to get up and start my day.

I gave out a tired croak, as I forced myself to roll out of bed, the old coils from beneath my box spring mattress filling the room with a metallic groan as my feet made contact with the cold saturated carpet. I slowly stood up tall as I could hear my joints cracking from their lack of use during the night before grabbing my phone and starting my journey to my bathroom. Once I reached the bathroom, I passed my hands against the powdery white wall looking for the light switch, exposing my eyes to a quick flash of yellow light before stumbling further in to my bathroom. Without much hesitation I made my way over to my tub and turned the water knob as far left as I could. In matter of minutes, the entire bathroom was filled with a dense fog, letting me know that the water was just well enough for me to head in. after 5 minutes of washing my body in the shower and brushing my teeth, I turned the water off in the shower and grabbed one of my towels on my towel rack and dried myself, heading back to my room to dress up and leave for work. I didn't hesitate to place on a pair of black basketball shorts on and a plain white T shirt with my black slip-resistant shoes, before grabbing my car keys and making my way to the outside world.

Now I know what some of you might be thinking, "Wait, where do you work? What kind of job lets you go dressed up in black basketball shorts and a plain white T shirt? Don't you have some sort of uniform?" Well to answer those questions, I do have uniform, I have to check one out at work via the wardrobe department and two I work as a cashier at Universal Studios Florida. It's a fun little gig, gets the bills paid and comes with its perks. The interaction with the guests aren't as bad either, most of the time they're all cheerful people looking for some information or looking to buy a snack here and there. However, there are days where I wish I didn't work for the amusement park, and today was one of those days.

Today was going to be a busy day for the people scheduled to work this morning, and it was all thanks to the parks over promotion of a brand new section called "Sony Land". Apparently this section of the park was supposed to bring back nostalgic memories from the reign of Sony's PlayStation 1. Don't get me wrong, as I gamer who grew up playing classic PlayStation 1 games like Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon, I was more than excited to see how Universal would bring my childhood to life. Unfortunately, as an employee, I knew that a lot of people would be coming in to see the exact same thing, and when there are a lot of people visiting at the park, things usually tend to be hectic and busy.

I prepared myself mentally for my 6 hour work day as I opened the door to my car and took a seat on the driver's seat, placing the key in the ignition and twisting the key away from me. The car swiftly roared to life, the radio bursting to life with sounds of people speaking on a radio show while I placed my seat belt on and began to drive out from my apartment complex. I sat quietly as I listened to the radio talk show on my way to work. I was not ready for what the day was going to bring me, and I couldn't help this feeling in the back of my mind that something terrible was going to happen. After driving for 15 minutes I finally reached the employee parking to Universal Studios. The parking lot consisted of a huge four section outer lot and a massive five story parking garage located behind lots one and two. It was always such a hassle for me to find a spot since the park seemed to have employees on site 24/7. After I spent what seemed like five minutes driving slowly up and down parking lanes, I finally found a spot almost entirely in the back of the farthest lot from the entrance to the wardrobe building. I gave out a loud sigh as I looked beyond the many cars surrounding me as I began to trek my way towards the wardrobe building.

(Ten Minutes Later)

I took a quick minute to straighten my name tag on my emerald blue over shirt as I walked back outside into the warm morning breeze. It felt like I had been inside the wardrobe building for an hour, however I knew it was just my mind playing tricks on me. I nodded as I walked past a few fellow employees making their way to and fro as I continued walking towards my destination. I took in the sights of container shipping crates and small buildings that scattered about the back sides of the park, the sight always managed to surprise me as I soon made it past a grey grey that served as the employees access to the inside of the park.

As I crossed the grey gate, I could already see pockets of people walking about, taking pictures of all the sights Universal had to offer. There was the faint sound of joyful screams coming from the distant roller coasters located deeper into the park. The smell of freshly made churros, pretzels and hot dogs also filled the air as there seemed to be a breeze purposely flowing into the faces of the guests, enticing them to spend a little cash on some food. I continued walking past the pockets of people as I made my way towards my next destination, a place that me and all the other cashiers considered as "Base", which was located right next to the Transformers attraction, behind the character meet and greet area to be exact. From there, I would be able to grab all the tools necessary for today's shift, as well as here a quick debriefing as to what was going on for the day.

It didn't take me too long to get to Base taking the shortcuts that I as an employee had access to, as well as the fact that mostly everybody in the park was now lined up to the entrance area of Sony Land. I could see the line from where I was, and I was genuinely surprised to see so many people lined up to get in. It seemed like the entire state of Florida had decided to see the grand opening, the line completely blocking off the street that gave access to the rear section of the theme park, which only meant that today was gonna be filled with so much guest interaction. I could only imagine the line I had to deal with today as I made my way into Base, just in time to make it to the big debriefing one of my managers had decided to carry out with all the cashiers and stokers huddled into a giant circle.

"Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, as you all know, today marks the grand opening of Sony Land. This is going to be a rough day for all of us, Cashiers and Stokers alike, so I want us to make sure that we get everything set up and running so that we provide smooth and quick service to the guests. Fortunately for us, Sony Land will only be open till four o' clock, since today is being considered as a test run. That being said, I want every cashier working that section to please be patient with guests and do the very best they can to ensure that they are getting top notch service. Also, please make sure that you are calling in your orders out to your stokers on the radios and to keep your work station clean as best as you can. Other than that, everything else will be running as usual. I have the list of the Cashiers working the Sony Land areas today so if those following people could please stay, I'd like to go over a few things personally before sending you out there." I heard my manager said as I listened to him list out the names of the people working the Sony Land area.

I let out a small sigh as I heard my name come out of my managers mouth, I had been scheduled to work the Crash Bandicoot area today. It was at that moment, I knew I was gonna be in for a long day at work.

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