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"Woah, what is this place?" Coco spoke to herself as she looked in awe at the brightly lit chamber she was in.

The room was completely made up of all sorts of computers and other electronic devices with the walls covered up to the ceilings with loose wires. There were twelve empty door-like spaces located around her, almost resembling a clock. In front of her, there was a little station with an old computer sagging sadly to its left. Coco approached the computer, her mind racing with ideas as to what the room could possibly be. Once she was within grasp of the computers keyboard, she pressed a random key on the board and jumped back as the computer suddenly flashed to life with a rather hard bang. Seeing as nothing bad had yet happened, Coco began typing away to see what she could find as to the exact purpose of the room she had stumbled upon.

To her surprise, the computer was very easy to navigate, despite being something that looked like it came from the age of the dinosaurs. The only thing being displayed on the monitor was a series of basic computer codes that were written in a very electronic type font with slime green letters. There weren't any apps, any basic programs or even a start menu, just a black screen with green letters scattered across from it. This only helped peak Coco's interest more as she continued to type curiously away.

After typing for about a good two minutes, Coco suddenly saw something appear on the screen:

"Welcome to the WARP© Interface.

Power Percentage: 25%

CPU Processing speed: Minimal

Errors: Cleared

Operating Status: Functional

Please Press the Enter key to continue…"

"Warp? What the heck is warp?" Coco said as she pressed the correct key on the keyboard. She watched as the computer screen flickered for a split second, before hearing a loud noise coming from one of the door like spaces ahead of her.

She could see some exposed wires starting to spark wildly as the entire room seemed to direct all its power to the specific spot she was looking at ahead. The sound of heavy machinery and electricity cracking filled the room as Coco watched an electric blue ball form within the door like cavity, leaving her confused and awestruck at the same time. Coco returned her gaze back to the computer screen as she was now frantically wanting to find the answer to the question she had repeating itself inside her mind. Unfortunately, the computer screen didn't seem to provide much of an answer. All she could she on the screen now was a small window with a sentence written in the slime green font saying:

"Please enter the desired coordinates to initiate warping sequence…"

"What does any of this mean! What coordinates? What is warping sequence?" Coco began yelling as she was starting to get frustrated.

Coco never had trouble doing anything tech related. She was a genius, a bandicoot with the brain of scholar and engineer, yet now she felt much like an idiot. She had no idea what she was doing or what the machine she was currently trying to understand was, yet she had managed to make it turn on and create the ball of blue electricity. She took a quick moment to calm down and think properly, running her left hand against her hand before reaching the back of her neck as she analyzed her surroundings. After a spending ten minutes thinking, Coco let out her frustration with a big sigh before bringing the computers keyboard towards her and typing in a set of random numbers into the computer. Once she was finished keying in the set of random numbers, Coco jabbed her index finger quickly onto the keyboards enter button and took a step back from the computer. As soon as she had pressed the enter key, the entire room began to shake again, this time a little more violently than earlier.

Coco could see the rooms shaking beginning to intensify, a few bolts and panels that were just barely hanging on now were beginning to clump down onto the caverns floor, and she immediately began to wonder if she should have messed with the computer in the first place. The sound of electricity crackling and the smell of burning wires soon began to arise from within the consoles of the room, and the blue ball of electricity that was in front of Coco began to expand. She continued watching the amazing spectacle of dangerous lightning grow ever more ahead of her, taking a few steps back as she watched the sphere inch closer to her. It soon became unbearable for Coco to hear the now thunderous crack of the electric ball, so much so that she could not hear the rooms safety alarm going off as she covered her ears with her arms to avoid damaging them and go deaf.

Within seconds, Coco's sense of adventure had changed into a sense of fear as she quickly saw things beginning to go south, the ball of lightning was now five times the size it had once been only moments ago. She could feel her fur beginning to rise towards the sphere as she tried her best to maintain her distance. The room was now shaking as if an earthquake was in progress, and larges pieces of metal and debris began to slam down on the ground around Coco. She quickly got on her hands and knees to avoid taking a hit to the head, but that was about all she could do as she waited for the commotion to end. The last thing Coco would hear would be her own voice as she screamed, before the room was suddenly engulfed in a white light, and Coco felt herself get flung backwards by an explosive force.

(Ten Minutes Before)

"Here's your order, thank you for stopping by and have a wonderful day!" I said as I handed a guest the items that they had just purchased. The person smiled politely as they received their goodies, giving me a sincere "thanks", before they began to leave the vicinity of my food cart. I kept the smile on my face until I saw that the person was about ten feet away, instantly swapping the façade of a happy vendor for that of a tired over worked cashier. It had been a rough morning, with tons and tons of people ordering food and drinks at my cart non-stop, and after seven hours of handling cash and serving food, I finally had managed to finish my carts line and catch some moments break.

I leaned forward on the cash register as I took a moment to look around the surroundings of my cart. The Crash Bandicoot section of Sony Land looked decent, the environment mimicked well the feeling of being within the N. Sanity Islands and the music that was being played throughout the park belonged to the very first levels you would play in the first installment of the trilogy. The air smelled of sweet fruits and palm trees with a hint of sunblock, and the decoration was really on point with lots of crates and Tiki masks placed around the area. I probably would have enjoyed being within the Crash area had it not been for the hard day's work I had just put in to ruin it all. Fortunately, I had a blessing come from above, as I watched my manager come over to my cart and enter the rather small space I had to work with for seven hours today.

"How's it going?" My manager asked as he took a quick minute to study the layout of my workstation.

"It's going as good as it well ever get. I had nonstop lines from the time I opened till now, not to mention the fact that mostly everyone who came to me just wanted to get drink refills because of the parks promotion. You have no idea how tired I am of serving this stupid Wumpa Juice slushy…" I said as I leaned back upon the registers table. My manager only smiled at my remark before grabbing a courtesy cup and serving himself a bit of the dreaded Wumpa Juice slushy I was talking about.

"It's not that bad, plus it taste pretty good too." My manager responded as he took a sip of the slushy and leaned up against the slush machine.

"Yeah right, you're only saying that because you don't have to serve them for seven hours straight each day. You don't have to deal with sticky hands at the end of the day either. I swear, if I placed my hand right now on the side of any wall, I would probably be able to use my hands to scale the side of it." I retorted, as my response only managed to make my manager chuckle even more.

"Alright, calm down, I've got some good news for you. I'm letting you get off early since you've worked your hours and got most of the full brunt of the crowd. I'll inform a team captain to come pick you up shortly, and if you feel like you have enough energy to do something, there's a team member exclusive event for today to enjoy some of Sony Lands attractions, what do you have to say to that?" My manager said as he finished his small sample of Wumpa Juice and threw the empty cup in the trash.

"Thank god, and as far as the event goes, I might take you up on that offer. It all depends on how fast I'm able to clock out now." I replied as I watched my manager begin to leave my cart and head back towards base.

He gave me a quick nod and a wave before leaving me alone again to my cart. I couldn't lie, I was happy to find out that now I was able to go enjoy Sony Land. Me and a few of my other coworkers had been talking about it for weeks, yet when I found out I had been scheduled to work the day of the opening, all my excitement went away as I would now be forced to do labor instead of have fun with the rest of my friends. I was especially bummed out about not being able to ride the Crash Bandicoot ride, but now I would get my chance to enjoy it. From what I heard, it was a mix between a Virtual Reality ride and a simulation ride, blended perfectly to emulate the wacky crazy world of N. Sanity Island. The ride will take you on a crazy adventure with crash and the gang as they relieved the moments of the first and second game, adding in a few modern twists to the journey and at the end, you get to see your adventure on a cool little cd that you can take home and show your friends.

It really did sound cool and I haven't heard any guest complain about the entire experience, so now I was even more stoked to go on the ride. Unfortunately, I would have to wait for my team captain to show up and get me cashed out before I could partake on any attractions. I didn't know how long it would take for a T.C to show up, so I just started to clean up my area in a way to pass the time. Thankfully, it didn't take too for the T.C in charge of cashing me out to show up and pull my register out from P.O.S. In a matter of minutes, I found myself back at base placing all the money I had received today inside a special machine that served like a heavily armored ATM and straight in front of the time clock. I grabbed my work ID and gave the time clock a swift but easy slide, hearing a little ding go off as I officially was now considered off the clock, meaning that I was now on my way to enjoy the new Crash Bandicoot ride.

I felt a huge relief go from my shoulders as I quickly unbuttoned my blue work uniform and took of my name tag, all the while walking straight towards the entrance of Sony Land and bee-lining it straight towards the Crash Bandicoot ride. It didn't take much time to reach the ride's entrance, thanks to Sony Land being emptied of all guests. There were now only a select few of other Universal team members scattering about cleaning up the mess the guests left behind. I didn't pay them any attention as I made my way to the ride attendant, who was standing guard like one of the queen's royal guards.

"Hey man, what's the word on the ride?" I asked the attendant as I took a good look at his uniform.

His wardrobe consisted of a very large drape of a lab coat, bright white and buttoned up to the very last button. On the upper left part of chest lay a familiar logo consisting of a circle with a sharp black upper-case N on it. He wore a pair of goggles on his face that seemed way too large for the occasion and on his feet, he wore a pair of slick oil black boots that reminded me more of a sinister clown shoe then a part of a lab uniform.

"Doctor Cortex awaits inside, eager to meet his new minion recruits. Be on the lookout of any dimwitted bandicoots, they are sure to ruin our masters plans yet again!" The ride attendant said in a corny and overly hyped voice.

"They really have you guys say that whenever a guest asks about the ride?" I asked the guy, showing him my work ID to let him know that I wasn't just another guest. Almost instantly the guy seemed to change from on the clock employee to just another person doing a job they'd much rather not do.

"Yeah bro, it's alright but it sometimes gets us weird looks from the guest who aren't about it. I especially hate doing it in front of the hot chicks, they get all giggly and think that we're losers." He responded in his normal voice.

"I feel for you bud, I can't imagine this would be good for your moral. Anyways, what's the ride all about? Is it a simulation ride like everything else in this park?" I asked the ride attendant as he took a moment to wipe his forehead with his arm.

"Yeah pretty much, only thing different in this ride is that we give you these goggles, which are just VR headsets, and you get on a moving vehicle that reenacts the movement you see with the headset. I've heard some pretty good things about this ride, I wouldn't recommend it though if you get motion sickness easily." He answered back.

"Awesome, thanks for the info. Take care bro." I said as I gave him a nod and a smile and began making my way towards the loading zone of the ride.

On the way there, I got a good chance to see what the que line looked like, and to be honest, I was nerding out at what I saw. The line was a literal copy and paste of the castle levels in the first crash game, with props and animatronics spread out everywhere so that guest could interact with while they waited to sit down in the moving vehicles. Every once and a while, you would encounter a television screen with a video of Cortex himself talking to you telling you about what you are needed for on the ride, immersing you into the world of crash even more until finally you reach the loading zone.

"welcome to the evil laboratory, please watch your step as you enter the vehicle and do not place your safety goggles on until instructed to by Dr. Cortex. Remember to keep all hands and feet within the vehicle always and to stay seated until you have gotten to a complete stop. Good luck on your mission!" Another person in a lab coat said to me as I stepped onto the vehicle and placed the safety goggles that were on the chair on my lab, smiling at the ride attendant as she closed the loading door to my vehicle and secured it in place. I soon began to move gently towards the beginning of the ride, and I prepared myself to experience one of the best moments of my life.

The vehicle began moving towards a dark room that felt more like a bottomless pit until you were smack dab in the middle of it. I waited patiently for something to happen all the while holding onto the pair of VR goggles in my hand. It wasn't too long before a sudden white flash appeared, and a massive hologram of Dr. Neo Cortex appeared directly in front of me.

"Ah yes, Welcome! You must be those new recruits I ordered from Evil Henchmen dot com. They really did send you guys quick. Never mind that now, I have a very important job for you. I need you guys to help me eliminate a pest so vile and so terrible that even my strongest men stood no chance against it. I need you all to destroy Crash Bandicoot! What, he's been a thorn in my side for ages and I cannot afford to embarrass myself again! You'll see what I'm talking about when you encounter him. Now, quickly place on your safety goggles and prepare yourself to capture that blasted bandicoot!" Cortex said as I took my cue to place on my googles and prepare for the awesomeness to happen.

Once I placed my goggles on, I could see nothing but a blank screen with a few letters floating aimlessly in front of me saying:

"Welcome to the WARP© Interface.

Power Percentage: 25%

CPU Processing speed: Minimal

Errors: Cleared

Operating Status: Functional

Please Press the Enter key to continue…"

"Right then, lets get you guys out on the field. Hold on tight, your about to start warping to your next destination!" I could hear Cortex's voice shouting from within my VR headset and the vehicle itself began to spin quickly as Cortex started up the warping sequence.

I gave out a cheerful shout as I held on to the handrails in front of me to avoid crashing into the walls of the vehicle, and I could hear the sound effects of the warping machine go off around me. Everything was going all well, until I began to hear an alarm go off from within the area I was in. At first, I thought nothing of it, in fact I thought it was part of the ride, but I soon changed my mind as I could feel the vehicle begin to spin faster and faster, a heavier sound of electricity began to rise in the air around me. I clung onto the handrail of the vehicle as I could feel my body begin to get pushed towards the walls of the vehicle, My VR headset flying off from my face and crashing somewhere within the dark room that was now moving dangerously fast.

"Help! Someone shut the ride off! Please, Help!" I began to shout as I felt my grip on the handrail begin to loosen up as the force of how fast the cart was spinning threatened to launch me out.

I heard no response from anyone as the cart kept spinning faster and faster, the alarm screeching out loud and echoing in the dark as I tried to hold on for dear life. I hugged the handrail tightly as I was now on full out panic mode, everything beginning to overwhelm me before I saw a bright white flash and the sound of something exploding went off, a sudden force knocking me out cold as I hit my head against the wall of the vehicle.

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