A/N: The story picked up from two weeks after Damon and Bonnie died in season 5 Episode 22

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It's been two weeks since we lost Damon and Bonnie, the day my life as I knew it ended. I'm angry at the world, I refuse to live in a world without Damon in it and I'm tempted to turn my emotion off but that would be giving up and I refuse to believe he's gone forever. He promised me a future together, he can't just leave me behind.

I know it's not true but It felt like everyone around me has moved on, the first few days after the unthinkable happened everyone was pursuing leads that led nowhere and slowly they all kind of gave up.

Ric and Stefan also had to find a new place to live since they were practically homeless, Caroline and I couldn't house them in our dorm room even if we wanted to.

I don't see much of Jeremy these days because he lives alone at the boarding house grieving for Bonnie, I have Matt keeping an eye on him for me and according to him, he wasn't doing well either.

After a week I could see it in their eyes that they no longer believe that Damon and Bonnie could still be alive waiting to be rescued or something, of course, leave it to Caroline to voice what they were all thinking. I know she hates Damon, but damn if tells me to move on one more time, I will stake her myself.

All she cared to talk about was how to find a way to lift the spell so we could all return to Mystic Falls as if I care about that right now. The rest of the time she's making googly-eye at Stefan, who's brooding harder than usual, which is understandable he just lost his brother and the only family he had left in the world.

Stefan didn't want to talk about Damon anymore, I guess we all handle loss differently. He disappears for a period of time and no one knows where he goes, I wish I could help him but unfortunately, I'm deep in my own grief.

I don't care if I never return to Mystic Falls ever again, I just want Damon back.

Like I said it's been two weeks, Enzo left town to pursue a new lead but for all I know, he might be in Vegas for a well-deserved vacation.

I have an idea and I know they will shut it down because if something goes wrong it could change all our future for the worse but I'm desperate. I know it's very selfish of me and I don't care, but if I succeed then no harm done right?.

I need a witch who's not gonna slam the door in my face after hearing my potential dangerous idea and I know just the right one if I play my cards right.

Luke felt responsible for Damon and Bonnie's death and he apologizes everytime he sees me, I think it's time to use his guilt to carry out my plan.

I made sure I cornered him alone because his sister Liv could be a potential roadblock for me, I don't think she likes me much. After I told him what I needed him to do for me, he refused, telling me it was too dangerous.

I kind of bullied the guy a little and he caved after an hour of my endless tears and a reminder of how it was his fault that I lost my boyfriend and best friend on the same day. I felt bad for the guy but it had to be done.

He suggested working with his sister for the spell but I know my tactics will never work on Liv, so I made him promise not to tell anyone especially his twin sister.

I was relieved when he agreed, he told me to give him two days to do some research and work on a spell strong enough to send me back to the past.

I slept better that night and had a pleasant dream about Damon instead of my usual nightmare because I finally had hope. I don't think I needed to say goodbye to anyone because I will be seeing them soon if it works out and if it doesn't, I guess I will be dead too.

I spent time with each of them, saying goodbye in my heart they just didn't know it but Jeremy refused to come out of Mystic Falls to see me.

Caroline noticed the change in me and she thought I was finally ready to accept that they were dead and gone. I didn't bother to correct her or be mad at her at all, even when she talked about going to a campus party to meet boys and promised to 'help' me choose a better boyfriend this time.

I organized my belongings and packed up some things, I'm actually not sure why I was doing that it just felt like something I should do.

The day finally arrived and I got the call I've been waiting for but when I got a to our arranged meeting place, Luke looked a little worried but didn't say anything, I just started crying. He calmed me down and told me he found a good spell but he has no control over how far back it would take me.

I was relieved when I heard that was the only problem, I told him not to worry about that, as long as I get to see Damon again it would be all worth it.

He warned that wherever I land not to mess up too much of the past because like a domino effect it might screw up my future worst than it already is. He advised me to think things through before I change anything, and to be careful not to tell anyone unless when necessary.

I laid down surrounded by a bunch of candles, he began chanting over and over like Bonnie use to do. I have no plan of action yet because I have no idea where I'm going yet, it's scary and exciting at the same time.

I was deep in my thoughts when I suddenly felt the ground shake beneath me and the wind picked up, I was caught in a current and everything went dark.

I woke up on my bed in my room at my old house, just the way it was before I burnt it down. Oh my God! how far back did I travel? Before I could check my phone on the nightstand for the date I heard my mother's voice calling me from downstairs to hurry up and get ready for school. I wanted to run down the stairs and hug her but I have to act normal to avoid suspicion.

This is going to be harder than I thought, I'm human again and my parents are here alive! that means I haven't even met the Salvatores yet. I grabbed the phone from my bedside table and when I saw the date on the phone my heart fell in my stomach because this is the day of the accident.

This is not happening, what do I do? I'm really freaking out here, I'm not getting them back just to lose them again. If I change this, how will it affect the future? I still have time to analyze the situation I rationalized. I scold myself to calm the fuck down because I can handle it.

How did life get this complicated? I thought back to when getting through a math test was my biggest problem.

It's gonna be a case of endless deja vu, I hope I don't mess up anything. I have to summon my inner strength to get through this, the thought of seeing and losing my parent again is killing me.

I have no one to help me with the life and death decisions, I'm losing my mind here. I couldn't hold back the tears anymore, I cried silently. I finally decided not to interfere with my parent's fate because as heartless as it sounds, my parents weren't part of the future we've created with our little misfits family. My parents are a very big puzzle I can't move, saving them will change the direction of everything, then how would I navigate my way back. I think I'm being tested, I guess this is an example of a situation that could cause a 'domino effect' like Luke warned me?.

'Use your head, not your heart' I recited to myself over and over like a mantra.

I reminded myself all the hurdles we have to jump yet again. Jeez! Klaus, Katherine, Isobel, tomb vampires, the originals, Silas and then Markos and his minions. Maybe I can get Sheila to send me a little closer to the future? No! I asked for a chance and I got it, I'm not about to chicken out now. I told Luke I would do whatever it takes to have Damon back in my life again, I guess this is my chance to prove it.

I'm glad I will be seeing Damon alive again today but it's bittersweet, he doesn't know me yet. What if he doesn't fall in love with me this time around. I should be worried about him killing me. I'm gonna need some vervain asap, I refuse to forget our first meeting again! From what I remembered after the compulsion was lifted he was in a good mood, he even flirted. I hope nothing changes, because if he snaps and kills me then it's over for us.

Time to relive the worst day of my life, I hope I get through this without having a breakdown. Maybe I should skip school today and spend the day with my mom if she would let me.

I quickly got up and showered and dressed quickly and made it to the kitchen in time to see my mom making a pot of coffee.

"Good morning mom" I hugged her from behind holding her tightly.

"Oh, Good morning dear, someone woke up happy today," She said smiling at me.

"I love you mom" I whispered to her.

I rushed to my dad and gave him a bear hug as he entered the kitchen.

"I love you, dad," I said fighting back tears.

"Are you okay Elena?" Dad asked feeling my forehead with the back of his hand checking to see if I was running a fever.

"Dad I'm fine I had a weird dream that's all" I sigh in sadness.

"I just want you to know how much I appreciate you and mom, thank you both for being such an amazing parents," I said.

"What kind of dream was this again," He asked watching me closely.

My parents were smiling at me but eyeing me like I sprung another head, I was just happy to be in the same room and breathing the same air as them.

"Do you mind If I stay home from school today mom?" I asked.

"Nice try Elena, you can't stay home," She noticed Jeremy wasn't down yet.

"Jeremy, get your butt down here, no one is skipping school today" She shouted.

I was chatting with my parents about everything I could think of, asking questions, touching and hugging them every chance I get without freaking them out.

As I drove Jeremy to school, the guilt was eating at me because he had no idea he's going to lose both his parents tonight. How do you tell your kid brother, oh, by the way, I'm from the future and our parents are gonna die tonight, I could save them but I'm only here to save my vampire boyfriend and my best friend Bonnie who's also your future girlfriend. He's gonna run screaming to lock me up in the nearest asylum. Oh gosh, he looks so young and innocent, how am I gonna help him with his grieve and prevent him from turning to drugs and Vicky this time around.

I'm not sure how I'm gonna do this alone, I was told not to tell anyone unless when it's necessary so how do I know who to tell and when that is? I guess I could wait until Bonnie fully transitions into her power then I tell her because without my vampire abilities I would require her help for sure. It's gonna be tough telling her, but I will cross that bridge when the time comes.

I was so happy to see Bonnie, I hugged her extra tight. She told me something was off about me, and I told her I had a good night rest and she bought it. Whew dodged that bullet.

All my classes went by so slowly, I was bored out of my mind. I went over my 'save the universe plan' over and over in my head, even Bonnie and Caroline noticed how distracted I was.

I tried avoiding Matt on my way out of school after closing time, of course, no such luck. He caught up with us as Bonnie was going on and on about being a psychic. I wish I could tell her what a powerful witch she will become, it would blow her mind. Oh well, timing is everything.

"Hey Elena wait up'' Matt said loudly as he walks hurriedly towards us.

''Where are you guys rushing off to?" He hugged me and was going in for a kiss but I turned my head slightly and he got my cheek. It was awkward at best and Bonnie noticed it too. She frowned watching us.

"Um, there's something I had to take care of before going home" I replied with a smile.

"I could go with you if you want" He offered.

I turned him down gently, I saw disappointment written on his face, but he tried to mask it. It's nice to see him again but I have to hurry if I really want to find some vervain. Tonight I'm setting him free, I can't wait till after the accident like I did the last time.

"Ok, are you still coming to the party tonight?" He asked not sure of my answer.

Bonnie interjected telling us that she has a bad feeling about tonight's bonfire. She looked worried.

"Jenna's in town and my parents want to do family night, I will find a way to sneak out," I said to Matt ignoring her.

This made Matt very happy, he thought I was doing it for him. If they only knew I was about to let my parent die again as not to tempt fate and destroy the future of everyone left in my life. I will try my best to prevent his sister Vicky's death, that's something right?

Matt finally left us to go see his coach Mr. Tanner about something, not before kissing my cheek telling me he loves me.

"You didn't say it back" Bonnie stated.

"What," I said feigning ignorance.

"You know what," she said.

"You can't string him along, Elena" She warned with concern.

"If you're not into it anymore, just... tell him," She said.

I decided to come clean to her, to ease her concerned mind.

"Bonnie you can't tell anyone especially Caroline, I'm actually breaking up with him at the bonfire tonight which is why I'm sneaking out to be there" I confessed to her.

"I told you I was psychic, this could be what I felt" She exclaimed.

After the surprise wore off, she assured me I was doing the right thing for both of us.

She asked many questions and I promised to answer them all tomorrow, I knew by tomorrow no one would care about my break up with Matt.

I quickly said my goodbye to Bonnie and she stood there with a confused expression as she watches me drive off, I know the witch in her is still telling her something was off about me.
I have no time to think about that right now. Next on my to do list, hunt for some vervain.

I know for sure there is vervain at the boarding house basement, but if I get caught sneaking into the house, how do I explain to Zach how I knew he grows them. And besides Stefan might be there and we are not ready to meet yet.

I remembered one of the shops Ric use to get his stash from somewhere in Fells church, I drove over there like a mad woman and bought all their available supply. I needed all the vervain I could get to share with my friends and family to get them ready for the upcoming battle without their knowledge. I doubt the shop owner knows what the plant is used for because he never asked me why I needed it...thank God.

I hung out with my family cherishing every moment of it, knowing this will be the last time of a gathering of this sort. I was tempted once or twice to tell them I knew was adopted but didn't want to change the mood of the evening. I know they love me very much, even tho they forgot to tell me about my adoption. After a very fun and love fest evening, Jenna helped me in getting permission from my parents to attend the party which they reluctantly gave.

I didn't get the chance to brew some vervain tea, so I tucked a lot of it into my jean pockets. If everything went like before, Damon won't bite and kill me. With a heavy heart, I left for the night when my friends picked me up with Caroline driving.

The night went as I remembered it, I was surrounded by a bunch of teenagers having fun but my mind wasn't present. Caroline was being a bitch as usual. Bonnie is watching me like a hawk, wondering when it's going to happen. Matt was following me around like a lost puppy.

As soon as he started asking me about my opinion about college and marriage, I knew this was my cue to let him down easy.

I took him a little further away from the noisy party. I told him in a nice way that we have to break up because, even though I love him very much that I wasn't in love with him. I told him I didn't want to mess up our friendship by stringing him along because he deserves better, and that he needs someone who would love him like he does. I said all the right things (All truth) but he refused to accept it, telling me I will change my mind tomorrow after I realize how wrong I was.

After half an hour of the same conversation, I finally snapped in annoyance and told him in a somewhat harsh tone that he needs to get over me fast. I walked away and left him standing there alone all heartbroken, which I'm not proud of but it had to be done.

I was too pissed to go back to the bonfire, I started walking home and took out my phone and called my parents to pick me up. It was surreal having an almost exact same conversation with my mom about my relationship with Matt on the phone (I didn't tell her I had already broken it off).