"What do you mean you're from the future Elena?" Damon asked again.

"Exactly that, I came here from the future," I replied.

I watched him intently waiting for the information to sink in.

Damon Salvatore always has his poker face on, but right now all his emotions were on display. I waited patiently for him to say something but after a while of watching him pace the room, I got up to pack up our lunch plates just to distract myself. I came back to sit on the couch and waited for whatever comes next.

He stopped pacing stared at me frowning, then he came over to sit on the couch with me.

"I need you to start talking now," He demanded.

I took a deep breath and thought about where to start.

"Well, okay, um, in the timeline I came from something horrible happened and I couldn't accept it, so I met with a witch who was kind enough to help me. He sent me back here to prevent the event from happening and the spell he cast was supposed to send me back a week or something but the spell worked a little too well and I found myself all the way back here. It's being hard and overwhelming for me sometimes reliving time all over again," I explained talking fast.

"This isn't some kind of joke, right? Damon asked seriously.

"I will never joke about something this serious, you've been around long enough to know things like this do exist and I wouldn't lie to you," I said looking him straight in the eyes.

"Who was the witch? Why didn't Bonnie help you?" He asked eyeing me suspiciously. I wasn't surprised he caught that.

"Um... Bonnie wasn't available, besides it required a certain level of power to do the spell," I said at least it was only half a lie.

"So that means when we met that wasn't the first time for you," He said after a brief pause.

"No, it wasn't," I said dropping my head a little.

"How far in the future did you come from?" He asked.

"End of freshman year college, so you do the math," I said and chuckled awkwardly.

"Wow... hmm, you were always talking about trust, why didn't you tell me?" He asked shaking his head.

"I was told not to tell anyone... but I did tell Bonnie and her grandmother um... because I needed their expertise on my situation and also ask for help with the tomb vampires," I said looking at him.

He was silent for a long time, I guess he has a lot to think over, it's not every day you get news like this.

"So when you got kidnapped you knew it was going to happen and you still walked into it?" He asked ending the silence.

"Yes but..." I started to say but he interrupted me.

"I can't believe you put us through that when it could've been avoided," He said raising his voice.

He got up and started pacing the room again.

"It was stupid, I know, but I had my reasons okay," I said sitting on the edge of my seat.

"Oh, sure, who cares that we were losing our minds wondering what horror you might be going through," He snapped at me.

"I'm sorry I put you through that okay. Um, do you have more questions for me?" I asked trying to move things along.

"I need a minute to wrap my head around all these okay," He said.

"I understand," I said and I tried to hold his hand but he pulled away so abruptly like he couldn't stand my touch.

He grabbed his jacket and hurried to the front door, I ran after him to see where he was going, he got in his Camaro as I watched him drive off without looking back. I went back inside and waited for him to come back but hours later when he didn't show I gave up, I should have known he was going to ditch me here without my car.

I know I could call any of my friends to pick me up but I decided to stay the night, I fetched more woods from the shed and added some to the almost burnt out fire then I went back to my room washed my face, brushed my teeth and changed into my PJs before sitting up in bed surfing the internet on my phone to distract myself.

When It got dark outside I went back downstairs, I had plans to order pizza for dinner but with Damon gone, I wasn't in the mood for food anymore so I cozied up under a fluffy blanket on the couch then I called Jeremy's phone to check in on him.

"Hello," He answered on the second ring.

"Hey Jer," I said.

"Elena, how was your day off?" He asked chuckling.

"Oh, it's okay, exactly what I needed. How are you feeling with everything that happened?" I asked.

"Seriously Elena, I already told you to quit worrying about me...I did what needed to be done," He snapped at me.

"I know, I know...but I'm allowed to worry about you, it's not every day you kill someone, especially your sister's lookalike," I said trying to make him open up.

"Well, she looked nothing like you when I shot her, she was evil...can we please not talk about it again please," He said almost angry.

"Alright...uh, how's Bonnie?" I said changing the subject as he asked.

"She's okay, she's visiting her Grams," He said.

"Okay, I will see you when I get back tomorrow... goodnight Jer," I said.

"Goodnight," He said before hanging up.

I was deep in thoughts when I heard the front door opened, I guess I left the door unlocked, I jumped from the couch to see Damon strolled in casually he had what looks like a takeout bag in his hand.

"You came back," I said surprised.

"Of course I came back, I just needed a minute to clear my head," He and walked to the kitchen and I walked behind him.

"You've been gone for hours so I thought you ditched me," I said.

"I wouldn't dream of leaving you out here alone without a car, I'm not that heartless. I drove around a bit and fed...and don't worry your pretty head I didn't kill anyone," He said smirking.

"Of course, you don't do that anymore," I said quickly.

"Hmm, you sure you wanna have that much faith in me?" He said raising his brows at me.

"Whatever, I'm just glad you came back," I said.

"I hope you're hungry because I came bearing food," He said placing the takeout bag on the kitchen countertop.

I opened the bag it was Thai food and he got all the stuff I like to eat.

"I'm starving, you're eating with me right?" I asked smiling as he pulled out the high stool for me.

"Sure, why not," He replied and took the seat next to me.

I dug into the food like it was my last meal or something, I didn't know I was that hungry. I looked over at him and his demeanor was too calm for my liking, It's going to be a long night.

I ate until there wasn't any room for more, I was nervous about our pending conversation but apparently not enough to dampen my appetite for the delicious meal.

"I thought you were still angry at me," I said after gulping down my Pepsi and crushing the can for no reason at all.

"I have no reason to be angry at you, you already told me a couple of times in the past that you were keeping your secrets for safety reasons and I believe you," Damon said.

"Thank you," I said relieved but still skeptical.

"What changed? Why tell me now?" He asked after a brief silence without looking at me.

"I thought with everything happening between us maybe it was time to clear the air. I still don't know what the consequences of revealing any of these are but I don't want to live in fear anymore and It's not like I combusted when I told Bonnie and her Grams," I said.

"Hmm, as much as I want to know everything, I don't want you magically sprout a tail... that'd be very unfortunate," He said eyeing me.

"Ha-ha, very funny," I said smiling at him which he did not return.

"Alright, I want to know everything and don't leave anything out please," He said calmly.

"I know you have a lot of questions but we can't cover them all in one night," I said not sure where to start.

"I'm guessing we were together in your other time too," He stated.

"Yeah, but not the whole time though. So tell me what you would've done if I had told you the first time we met that you were my boyfriend from the future?" I asked.

"I'd be like, get away from me you crazy bitch," He said waving his hand all dramatic.

"I know right," I laughed heartily.

Without going too much into details I told him about the Original family and their connection to every vampire in existence and the fact that they can't be killed like a regular vampire and why Klaus wants me dead, and also Elijah and Klaus connection to Katherine and why we need Elijah on our side to defeat his brother.

"Hmm, I can't believe that English asshole is still alive...even if he can't die I'd enjoy killing him over and over again," He said stubbornly.

"You can't do that Damon, we're going to need him as an ally to get to his brother Klaus remember," I said rolling my eyes.

Of course, leave it to Damon not to think about the Original Vampire killing HIM instead, oh, what am I gonna do with him.

"I know, I know, but don't worry nobody is going to hurt you on my watch okay," He said and I nodded. I love when he's being protective of me, which is always.

"There was a lot of trial and errors in the last battle but this time we have my memory as an advantage and if we plan carefully we don't have to lose anyone this time," I said and he nodded in agreement.

"A lot of things you've been saying makes sense to me now, I promise to listen more okay," He said sincerely.

"Thanks, that means a lot to me," I said.

"So tell me about my future. Let me guess... rich and devastatingly handsome right?" He joked.

"Bragging now are we? It's beneath you" I said rolling my eyes at him.

"Oh, you know it's not bragging if its true, in any dimension or timeline I'm still gonna be awesome," He said smirking

"Whatever Mr. Awesome, you need to ask me real questions," I said impatiently.

"Hold that thought," He said and got up.

He walked to the fireplace to add more wood to the fire, I took that opportunity to clear out the mess on the countertop and stored our leftover food in the fridge then I went to sit on the couch with my legs up and waited for him, he came back and sat next to me.

"Now I know why you seem all mature than your annoying friends," He said resting his head back.

"My friends are not annoying, you idiot, but... I'm older and wiser," I said winking at him.

"Nineteen, wow, let's get you fitted for your walker already," He said rolling his eyes and I giggled.

"Let's get serious Damon, I want to talk about why you've been trying to break up with me [he looked away] you're scared you might have to turn me someday right?" I asked delving head straight into why we are actually here.

"Elena, how do I say this... turning you into a vampire shouldn't even be a discussion. You don't deserve to be damned by this curse and I don't want to selfishly waste your time if I can't offer you a future and I don't want you missing out on the life you should have. I've done some unforgivable things in my life and I don't deserve someone like you but somewhere along the way, I fooled myself into believing that I actually deserve happiness with you" He explained.

"I'm in love with you Damon Salvatore, you're the best thing that's ever happened to me. I'm happy and feel the safest when I'm with you and I need you to believe it too, so please stop selling yourself short. Oh, and if or when I decide to turn it would be my choice with no regrets" I assured him.

"I will never intentionally hurt you but I get worried sometimes and that's why I have to let you go," He declared like he didn't hear my little speech.

"Bullshit! While you were busy making that decision did it occur to you to ask me what I wanted huh? the beauty of free will is that I can make my own choices, it's not up to you to decide if you were good enough for me, I decide that. I already know all about your past, the good, the bad, and the ugly and I'm still here, doesn't that tell you something," I scolded him.

"I doubt I told you any of my deep dark secrets," He scoffed, running his fingers through his raven hair in frustration his self-loathing on display.

"I know about you and Enzo...and the five years you spent together locked up...a-and you leaving him behind," I told him and his eyes went cold.

"How did you know about that? No way I told you about that" His voice very low and tortured.

I witnessed different emotions from him, hurt, pain, shame, and anger. I knew he's always been haunted about his past since he got his humanity back, which is why it's important to me since I came here to prevent him from doing any more things he might regret later.

"You told me everything when we were both locked up by some evil doctor. You helped Enzo escape and you made things right with him in the end and you can do it again and I'll help you okay," I said.

"Are you saying Enzo is alive?" He asked his voice broken.

"That's exactly what I'm saying Damon," I said smiling.

"Oh, God it's been decades, I can't believe he's still alive" He muttered under his breath.

"I know, when the time is right we'll plan his rescue...I have someone keeping an eye on the person that will lead us to him okay," I explained the best I could at this time.

"Please, tell me now," He asked almost begging.

"Alright but I need you to trust me. We'll get him out after we've dealt with Klaus because in his current emotional state he's not going to be thankful that we got him out, so he might be feeling a little revengeful and I don't think we need him out here right now screwing up our plans. Please tell me you understand," I pleaded with him.

I can't have Damon running off to play hero all alone and get himself killed, I thought to myself.

"You do know the guy really well, I trust your judgment on this," He agreed reluctantly.

"Thank you. I know you made a promise to Enzo about your revenge plan but I need you to promise me to stop killing the Whitmore family, what those doctors did to you was unforgivable and they're all dead now. So no more killing, for me, please," I asked.

He got quiet and appeared to be deep in thought.

"You know about that too," He sighed lightly looking at the floor.

"Yes I do, so you don't have to hide from me. Do you promise?" I asked again touching his hand.

"Sure," He said with a shrug.

"Thank you, I believe you," I said because I want to believe he won't lie to me.

There was a comfortable silence and I wanted to change the subject to move the night along.

"I was a vampire in the future/past or whatever," I blurted.

"What? seriously, way to bury the lead Elena, you should have led with that," He was stunned.

"Yeah, I needed to ease you into it," I said smiling.

"Wow, you, a vampire?" He said in wonder.

"Everyone around us including you sometimes thought I was only in love with you because I turned and changed but I was already in love with you before I became a vampire but I was just in denial of my feelings for you. I say all that to say, here I am human again and still in love with you. Sometimes, I wish they could all witness it," I rambled. I'm actually not sure why I felt the need to say all that.

"You keep dropping bombs on me today. So how did you turn?" He asked still dazed.

"Well, it's a long story," I replied.

"Thanks to you, we have all night," He said positioning himself comfortably on the couch.

"Um, sure, uh... a Dr. Meredith Fell at the hospital stole blood from you to heal her patients and one day when I got hurt and was admitted under her care she used some of it to heal me without telling anyone. I was involved in an accident after I was discharged from the hospital and died and it was a shock to everyone when I came back" I told him.

"How was this doctor lady able to steal my blood?" He asked and I could tell he was angry at himself.

"Well, she kinda knocked you out with vervain and stole it, she was determined to help her patients by any means necessary when she discovered what vampire blood could do. well, she later became our friend after we determined she was harmless and she helped us out many times," I explained.

"I don't fucking care if she's mother Theresa, she had no right to turn you with my blood" He snapped.

"Enough Damon, you know that wasn't her intention and if she hadn't done what she did I would be gone forever, is that what you want?" I asked in raising my voice at him.

"Of course not, it's just that the choice was taken away from you," He said looking me in the eyes.

"Yeah, but it was still my choice to transition. I'm glad you got the concept of choices though, so you understand why I don't want anyone making decisions for me," I said holding his gaze.

"Yeah, I get it," He said looking away from me.

"Although It wasn't my choice to turn at the time, I came to appreciate it after I realized I was in love with you... and the idea of forever with you made me very happy," I said smiling.

"But now you have a second chance to choose differently and you should take it," He said.

"Yeah, I do have a second chance but the only thing changing is that I get to turn on my own terms and time and I don't really need your permission," I said defiantly.

"God, you're one stubborn woman," He said a little frustrated.

"And don't you ever try breaking up with me again under the guise of protecting me, I'd kick your ass all the way to 1864. You're stuck with me and you better get used to it, do we understand each other?" I said, so close to his face.

"Crystal clear ma'am," He said smirking.

"You can't say you love me and then say you want to leave me in the same breath, that doesn't make any sense to me," I said.

"I get it, Elena, I get it okay," He said and pulled me to himself.

I relaxed into his arms and wedge myself between his thighs, he pulled my hair to the side and kissed the back of my neck. I couldn't help myself I turned my head to him and went in for a kiss and he kissed me back softly.

"I missed doing that," I whispered.

"Mm-hmm, It's nice that you believe in us being together so much but...uh, we have to take things slow to figure things out okay," Damon said.

Damon at this time in the future would never say something like this, turning down the possibility of sex with me. I think it's kind of cute, he's really changed quickly here. Not to toot my own horn or anything but it seems like all he needed to change is me believing in him right from the start.

"Whatever makes you comfortable... take as much time as you need as long as you don't shut me out again...just let me love you," I said and buried my face in his neck.

As much as I want to jump his bones right this moment, I can understand the need to process all these, I would have done the same if I was in his shoes. For tonight I'm contented with just being in his arms.

I entertained him with random stories about the future until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore.

I woke up to the sun shining through my bedroom window, I don't remember coming in here to sleep and Damon wasn't in bed with me. I stretched out lazily then I grabbed my phone from the bedside table to check the time, I jumped out of bed when I saw I was already late for school ugh, I guess I'm about to have my ass chewed out by Aunt Jenna for missing school two days in a row.

I hurried to the bathroom, checked my phone messages while I brush my teeth, I had two texts and one voicemail from Aunt Jenna threatening bodily harm, gosh, she's so dramatic sometimes and I got other texts from Bonnie and Caroline asking why I wasn't in school today like I promised.

Since I already missed school I went back to the room and snuggled back into bed. I was there for a while when Damon walked into the room with a breakfast tray and placed it on the bed next to me.

"Morning beautiful," He kissed me on the cheek.

"Good morning boyfriend. I can still call you that right?" I said giving him a big smile.

"Sure, you can call me whatever you want," He said smirking.

"Good to know, um...I missed you in bed this morning," I said pouting.

"You should eat before it gets cold," He said pushing the tray gently to me.

"I already missed school, I might as well eat thanks," I shrugged a little disappointed.

He's been so polite to me and I don't like it, I honestly don't know where we stand at this time because he's not acting like my Damon and it confuses me, I guess I'm not all that understanding as I thought. I sat up straight and ate my food quietly grateful for the breakfast in bed.

"Jenna will definitely blame me for you skipping school again," He said smirking.

"No she won't, she secretly likes you," I said smiling.

"Yeah, right," He scoffed.

I finished my breakfast and I insisted on taking the tray back to the kitchen myself and he followed behind, he sat quietly watching me while I do the dishes because I insisted on doing that too. After I was done cleaning the kitchen I asked him to lay on the couch with me since we don't have to hurry back home and he did, I snuggled up to his body and he kissed the top of my head.

"I never got the chance to ask you how you're coping with Katherine's death," I said trying to break the silence that enveloped us.

"Please, don't ruin the moment," He said his fingers still gently tracing my infinity tattoo on my inner wrist.

"Does it bother you to talk about her?" I asked.

"Elena, why are you bent on ruining our morning," He said irritated.

"I'm sorry okay. I know you hated her and all but she was a big part of your past and you can talk to me about any feelings good or bad you might have about her death" I insisted.

"I feel nothing one way or the other, so please drop it" He warned.

"Okay, okay." I held up my hands in surrender.

We spent the rest of our time at the lake house chatting about random stuff, we made out a couple of times, initiated by me both times but he was still kind of holding back.

It was almost 4 p.m by the time we got back into Mystic Falls, Damon suggested I hang out for a bit at the boarding house before going home but I declined, it was nice to know he wanted to spend more time with me after the one we just had but I had to be home before Aunt Jenna and Jeremy.

I convinced myself our time away was very productive, I'm not sure what "taking it slow" means to him but for now, I know it includes no sex which I know is a big deal for Damon. I believe we are okay, he wouldn't lie about that, it's not his style to lie about something like that. He helped me transfer my bags to my car and kissed me goodbye on the cheek, I got in my car and drove home to face the music with Aunt Jenna.

I wasn't in the house alone for long before Bonnie and Jeremy came home from school, I offered to make them sandwiches but they told me they already ate at the Grill.

Jeremy left us and went to his room so we could have some privacy to gossip in the living room. Bonnie filled me in on the two days worth of gossip from school before she turned the questions to me.

"Was your time away with Damon everything you wanted it to be?" She asked with interest.

"Well, we talked about a lot of things and I expected him to blow up on me but he didn't," I said.

"That's a good thing right?" Bonnie looked at me confused.

"Umm... maybe, I'm not really sure at this point," I said sincerely. "He said he needs time to process things and as for our relationship, he wants to take things slow," I said with a heavy sigh.

"That sounds reasonable to me Elena. Put yourself in his shoes for a second and imagine what you would have done if someone dumped all that information on you. Like I've said to you many times before, give him time to catch up with you" Bonnie said.

"You're right, thanks, Bon," I said squeezing her hand. I know I can always count on Bonnie to give a good advice.

She told me she finally met Luka in school yesterday and again today with his dad Dr. Martin at the Grill and they were so polite and warm to her.

"You know, after Luka's father left the Grill he confessed to me that they were witches too, he seems so nice and if I didn't have prior knowledge of them just here to spy on us, I would believe anything he told me. He said they moved here from Lousiana for his father's new job," Bonnie said rolling her eyes.

"I know, but people do unimaginable things to save their loved ones," I said.

"I don't know how you keep it together knowing everything you know, a part of me just want to march over there and confront them witch to witch but I know I can't do that YET. Ugh, it's so frustrating," She whined.

"I believe they prefer to be called warlocks," I said trying to be funny.

"Whatever, who cares I just hate being deceived, I thought witches were supposed to have code or whatever amongst them," she said heatedly.

"I doubt that and if there was one, saving his sister trumps all that...unfortunately he had no idea Greta didn't want to be rescued," I said.

"Maybe after they agree to work with us, I could maybe help them figure out how to appeal to her to come back," She said thoughtfully.

"I knew your compassion will win over your anger any day," I said laughing.

"I'm only curious about this Greta chick, that's all," She said with a shrug.

"If you say so," I said trying not to laugh.

By the time Aunt Jenna came home from work I was ready to be put out of my misery, I knew she wasn't going to do anything to me but I still don't like it when she's disappointed in me.

"Here comes my favorite Aunt," I rushed to her as she walked into the house and gave her a big hug.

"Whoa, whoa, back off missy and don't try to flatter me, besides I'm your only Aunt," She pushed me away.

I helped her with her bags, Bonnie and Jeremy sat on the sideline laughing quietly as they watch me fuss over her.

"Yeah, but you're still my favorite. How was your day?" I asked as I followed her up the stairs to her room.

"Elena, I know what you're doing and it's not working okay," She said sternly.

"Aunt Jenna, I'm really sorry I missed school again...uh, I had a good reason for it," I said.

"Seriously, skipping school two days in a row to be with your older BOYFRIEND is not a good reason," She said in frustration.

I've wondered how long she was going to pretend that Damon being old and a vampire doesn't bother her anymore, I thought.

"Well, I already said I'm sorry and it's not like I missed anything important in school," I threw back at her.

"Elena Marie Gilbert, I pretty much allow every damn thing but one thing I will not tolerate is you slacking off on your education okay," She scolded me.

"It won't happen again Aunt Jenna, I promise," I said feeling very remorseful.

"It better not, " She said satisfied that she made her point.

"Okay, I'm going to my room to do my homework," I sighed heavily.

Glad that was over, I retreated back to my room and stayed there for the rest of the night, I wasn't hungry so I skipped dinner, it was Pizza so I didn't miss much.

I got ready for bed and spent some time writing in my journal and hoping Damon would make an appearance in my room tonight like he used to but he was a no-show and for some reason, I wasn't worried that it meant something was wrong, so I finally drifted off to sleep dreaming about us.

I was woken up by something and I had my diary clutched to my chest, I must have fallen asleep with it, I looked around the room it felt like someone has been in there but not like the comforting feeling I get when Damon has been in my room, this was an eerie feeling.

I got out of bed to check the bathroom then went outside my room to look around and I was met by Ric running up the stairs in his boxers with a bowl of ice cream, Aunt Jenna must have snuck him in after we went to bed, Jenna's face was red with embarrassment when she jumped out of her room and saw me looking at her half naked boyfriend.

They apologized awkwardly and I told them not to worry about it, trying not to laugh at the scenario. I shook my head and returned to my room but I still couldn't shake the feeling that someone was in my room earlier and it can't be Elijah because he's not been invited into our home.

I got back into bed knowing I had to be up early for school, I was barely asleep when my alarm went off jolting me, I swore under my breath as I reached over hitting it to silence the annoying thing.

Ugh, this is the kind of morning when I question why I still bother going to that stupid high school when I've already been through all that.

I dragged my tired ass out of bed to the bathroom and had a long warm shower, I was energized again. I felt like dressing up a bit today so I wore a navy blue skater dress, paired it with black biker boots that I recently bought, yeah, I've changed some things about my look since I came here but my wardrobe still need some updating. I took a little time with my hair and makeup, I grabbed my black leather jacket before making my way downstairs to get coffee while I wait for Jeremy since I was his ride to school.

It seems like Jenna and Ric already fled the house which works out perfectly for me because I can do without another awkwardness this morning. There was a knock on the door and I opened it to see my gorgeous boyfriend standing there smirking.

"What are you doing here?" I asked pleasantly surprised.

"Your irresistible handsome boyfriend here to drive you to school," He said as his eyes travel over my body seductively.

"Sure, I love that thank you," I said trying to hide my excitement.

"Morning, guys," Jeremy interrupted as he walked to the kitchen.

"Jer, you can take my car, Damon is taking me to school," I said throwing my keys over to him and his face lit up.

"Dude, you should pick her up more often," Jeremy said grinning from ear to ear.

He's been asking for a car since he rushed to get his drivers license but Jenna has been stalling, so I know I just made his day.

"No scratch on my car please" I warned him.

"Relax sis, I'm an excellent driver," He said and ran to the car so fast and drove away.

I grabbed my bag, closed the door and followed Damon to his car.

"You look exceptionally sexy today," He said and winked at me as he helped me into his Camaro.

"Really, thanks," I pushed my hair behind my ear as I felt myself blushing at his compliment.

Talk about confusion, I don't seem to know the rules of this 'taking it slow' he runs warm and cold. I don't feel particularly sexy right now but he thinks differently, I thought to myself staring at the road as he drove towards my school.

"Don't get shy on me now, you know you look smoking hot, Kitten," He said smirking.

"Thanks. Um, I kinda expected you to show up in my room last night," I said ignoring his statement.

"Uh... I thought you might need a night to yourself," He said.

"Oh. Okay. Yeah. Umm... I was thinking of telling our friends everything tonight. What do you think?" I asked.

I'm not sure why I'm so nervous with him this morning.

"I think you should too," He said agreeing with me.

"I'll let everyone know to meet at the boarding house tonight," I told him.

"That's fine with me," He said parking the car in front of the school.

"Thanks for the ride," I said turning to him.

He leaned over to kiss me, I lean in too and our lips met in a soft kiss then he deepens it, I pulled away reluctantly.

"Damon, I really have to go," I said catching my breath.

"I'll pick you up after school," He said and gave me a quick kiss before letting me go.

I waved to him and ran into the school in time for the final bell, Bonnie and Caroline were waiting by my locker and they looked relieved when they saw me. I promised to talk during lunch and we rushed to our classes.

I was distracted through all my classes, during lunch break with Bonnie and Caroline, I sent a group text to the gang for tonight's meeting and emphasized how important it was, I knew Bonnie knew what it might be about by the look she gave me.

"Caroline, how's your mom?" I asked joining their conversation.

"I think she's hiding something from me and I'm going to find out," Caroline said.

"Caroline, she asked how your mom is doing," Bonnie said to her.

"I know, I know...she looks okay but something is off about her," Caroline said looking worried.

"Do you think she believed what Mason told her about the vampires?" I asked.

"I don't think it's anything like that, it's something personal that she doesn't want me to know," Caroline said.

"What do you plan to do?" I asked Caroline.

"I plan to switch out her vervain for a while then I can compel her to tell me," She said shrugging.

"CAROLINE!" Bonnie and I screamed at her.

"What. Relax it's not like I'm gonna hurt her," She said rolling her eyes.

"Alright if you say so," I said giving up.

Bonnie looked at her disapprovingly but she didn't care.

"Enough about me, Elena, don't think I didn't notice you glowing from all the sex marathon of the past two days," Caroline said blatantly.

"I can't believe you just said that for everyone to hear," I said as I looked around nervously.

I noticed Vicky Donovan glaring at me from across the room with her druggie friends, I'm shocked they were eating lunch inside because you always find them at their drug den behind the school. Everyone has moved on from my relationship with her brother but her, I wonder what it would take to make her stop hating me, only if she knew I saved her life that one time.

"Caroline, you're unbelievable, ever heard of inside voice," Bonnie said shaking her head.

"I just say it like I see it," Caroline said shrugging.

"Elena, you don't have to tell us anything," Bonnie said.

"Speak for yourself, Bonnie. I bet you he's got a big one right?" Caroline said winking at me.

I knew she wasn't going to let it go so I played along.

"He's a big boy alright...and let just say, he knows how to use it," I said suggestively in a low voice.

"Oh damn," Bonnie exclaimed with her eyes popping out.

"Yes, I knew it, all you guys do is eye fuck each whenever you're in a room together. He has that look about him...you're so lucky ugh, why didn't I meet him first," Caroline said giggling.

I just laughed at her antics, happy she didn't get the chance to sleep with him this time around. I've always been jealous of that even though it didn't turn out okay for her.

"Don't ever let Matt hear you say that," Bonnie said in disbelief.

"Matt's okay, but he thinks I have a thing for Tyler" Caroline said.

"So do you have a thing for Tyler?" I asked and she got silent.

"Oh my God, you do" Bonnie exclaimed.

"I never said that. We've been spending a lot of time together because I've been helping him with his "problem" so there's nothing to worry about okay," Caroline said.

Lunch break ended too quickly, I was just looking forward to seeing Damon after school.

I was the envy of most girls when I walked up to Damon's car after school, he kissed me passionately almost like he was putting on a show for the people watching and I felt special.

"What do you feel like doing?" He asked me.

"Take me home, I haven't been in your bedroom in a long time," I said suggestively.

"The house is not exactly private with that strange woman in our home, she can't get out in daylight or something," He said.

"It's okay, I don't mind," I said kissing him.

"Alright if that's what you want," He said opening the passenger door for me, he got in too and we drove to his house.

"I sent a text to everyone for tonight," I said.

"Stefan told me, but I think he thought you want to talk about our guest," He said.

"Her name is Rose and you should be nicer to her," I said.

"Why is that Elena? I'm curious...judging by the way you practically threw out the red carpet for her to enter our house after what she did to you, what's the story there?" He asked looking at me from the corner of his eye.

"She came to us offering her help just like she just did, she told us about Elijah and the Originals, information we desperately needed at the time and she later became one of us, you two kind of became good friends after that but she was killed when she was bitten by a Werewolf that was there to kill you," I explained.

"Was it Mason? and If the wolf wanted me then why did it bite her?" He asked seriously.

"It wasn't Mason, you already killed him at the time and one of his pack from Florida came into town asking questions and you threatened her and also gloated about killing Mason so during full moon later that night she attacked the boarding house, Rose was just unfortunate to be there. The guilt ate you up for a long time after she suffered and died, so this is me giving you a do-over" I explained.

"Hmm, alright, I will try to be civil with her but I don't own her anything," He said stubbornly.

"Fair enough," I said hoping I won't regret trying to make them friends but I trust Damon.

"Soon after that attack, the Wolf lady discovered I was the doppelganger and before we knew it the whole town was crawling with the rest of the pack to kidnap me because they believe they needed to sacrifice me to lift the moon curse," I explained further.

"You're in demand for every damn sacrifice," Damon said sadly.

"Apparently so," I said quietly and he held my hand.

The rest of the drive home was silent and Damon appeared to be in deep thought. Stefan's Porsche and Rose's SUV was parked out front. When we got out of the Camaro, Damon took hold of my hand again as we walked into the house.

Stefan and Rose were sitting on opposite couches reading.

"Hey Stefan, Rose," I greeted them.

"Hey," Stefan said back.

"Hey, Elena, good to see you again," Rose said politely.

"I can't believe you two are just here reading like an old married couple, how boring," Damon said mocking them as he shrugged off his leather jacket and poured himself a glass of bourbon.

"Damon, I'm sorry for touching your blood supply, I'll restock them as soon as I can go out after dark," Rose said apologetically.

"Don't worry about it, you're our guest so you can take whatever you want," Damon said and Rose looked surprised by the change in attitude.

"Wow, Damon, are you okay?" Stefan asked in disbelief.

"Elena, go ahead, I'll meet you up in the room," Damon said and kissed me on the cheek and ignoring the look he was getting from his brother and Rose.

I left them to talk and went to his room, I dropped my bag on the armchair and shrugged off my jacket and draped it on the chair before I went to the bathroom to pee quickly. I checked my makeup in the mirror as I washed my hands, I was satisfied with it.

I went back to the room and he still wasn't there so I walked around the room and stopped at the closet when I noticed women clothing in there. I walked in and noticed everything still had the tags on them and they're all in my sizes. It's like he bought half the store, dresses, pants, tops, negligees and even shoes.

I tried to keep my excitement at minimal until he tells me they were mine. I left the closet to sit on the giant bed and took off my boots then I pushed up and fell back on the bed and luxuriate in the plushness.

Damon came in carrying a tray with a fresh fruit bowl and chocolate ice cream.

"I thought you might want something to snack on while we wait for your meeting," He said placing the tray on the bed beside me.

"I could get used to you spoiling me," I said sitting up and pulling the tray to me.

"It's kind of my job to spoil my girl," He said and leaned in and kissed my forehead sweetly.

He lay down beside me and watch me as I enjoy my delicious treat with a smile on my face.

"I wasn't snooping or anything but...um, I was in your closet and you got some women stuff in there, whose are they?" I asked him directly.

"They're for you," He said casually.

"Why didn't you tell me," I said pushing the tray aside.

"Well, I didn't get the chance to tell you. I went shopping for you the day after you spent the night here, I thought you should have some things here for when you stay over but the next morning you picked a fight with me about Katherine... so anyway, you know the rest of the story" He said.

"I'm so sorry about that," I said a little embarrassed.

"It's okay, It's all in the past now," He said squeezing my thigh in a non-sexual way.

"Thank you. Um, I saw the tags on them they are pretty expensive, don't you think you went a little overboard," I said carefully not to sound ungrateful.

"Nothing is too expensive or too much for my girl. Oh, wait till you see the top drawer over there for your new sexy underwear collection...I took my time with that one," He winked at me and I felt myself blush.

"Now I'm scared to look, they must be pretty scandalous," I said and jumped on him.

He rolled me around on the bed a couple of times, then he started tickling me until I was begging him to stop, he finally did and we lay back on the bed looking up at the ceiling and I tried to catch my breath.

"Oh, I thought you guys were up here doing the nasty" Caroline barged in.

"Can you get your ass out of my room Blondie," Damon said annoyed at the invasion of privacy.

"Care, what are you doing in here?" I asked surprised.

"Stefan sent me to get you both for the meeting," Caroline said walking around the room like she owns it.

"How come I don't believe that...a little shout out from the living room would have done the trick," Damon said and got off the bed.

I straightened out my dress that was riding up, as I got off the bed too and put my boots back on.

"How disappointing, I volunteered to come up here, I thought you kids were indulging in a little evening delight," Caroline said winking at me.

"You can go now, we'd be down there in a minute," I said pushing her out of the room before facing Damon again.

"Your little friend is begging to have her neck snapped," Damon said and grabbed me by the hips and nuzzled my neck.

"Nobody's neck is getting snapped [rolling my eyes] let's go, we can't be late to our own meeting," I said.

We went downstairs to join the rest of the gang waiting patiently for us, I looked around the room and got nervous when my eyes landed on Aunt Jenna and Jeremy, this is going to be harder on both of them.

"Hey Elena, the room is secure," Bonnie said giving me a thumbs up.

"Thanks, Bon," I said.

"I got pizza in case any of you is hungry, every kind of toppings you can think of is here," Stefan said dropping the boxes on the table.

"That's very thoughtful of you Stefan," I said.

It was a good thing he brought the food because the gang went in on it, even Rose and Caroline joined the humans in the pizza grab. I used that momentary distraction to find a seat and calm my nerves down a little. Damon poured drinks for Ric and himself and just stood in a corner watching.

"Elena, you're sure you don't want some of this delicious pizza?" Bonnie asked.

"No thanks, I'm not hungry" I replied.

"I'm sure there's a bottle of wine somewhere in this big house," Jenna said.

"Of course, I'd get you one," Stefan left the room and was back in a flash.

"Oh wow, that was quick. This looks like an expensive bottle thanks, Stefan," Jenna said. Ric helped her open the bottle of wine and poured it for her.

"Hey guys thanks for coming, I know some of you are wondering why Rose is living here with us after everything...well she's here to help us protect Elena and we can trust her," Stefan addressed us.

"Protect Elena from what? Katherine is dead and the guy your friend here kidnaped her for is dead... what else is there?" Jeremy snapped.

"You should all give her a chance to explain please," Stefan pleaded when he saw most of the room looking to him for answers.

Damon exchange looks with me and I think he saw how nervous I was because he came over to sit beside me and held my left hand, I held on to my necklace with my other hand fiddling with the locket.

"Relax Elena, it's gonna be okay, I'm right here with you" Damon whispered in my ears and I nodded gratefully to him.

"Thank you," I said.

Damon kissed me on the cheek and we turned our attention back to Rose talking.

"So to cut long story short Klaus is very dangerous and he would stop at nothing to get to Elena" Rose concluded her explanation which I missed most of.

"I don't care who this Original person is and he's not touching my niece, not on my watch," Jenna said boldly.

"And how did this evil person know Elena?" Caroline asked confused.

"She's a doppelganger, so he knows of her" Rose explained to Caroline.

"Elena is any of these true?" Ric asked looking at me with concern.

"Ric, how's she suppose to know we're all just hearing it now," Jenna said to him.

I knew it was time to take control of the meeting before they turn on each other, I took a deep breath and Damon squeezed my hand. Here goes nothing.

"Everything Rose has told you so far is true... but there's something I've been keeping from everyone and I thought I should tell you all together, that's the real reason for this gathering," I said and the room got quiet.

"Something more important than the fact that someone out there is trying to kill you?" Jeremy said.

"Well, no... but some of you might think I'm crazy but hear me out and please don't interrupt until I finish" I warned them.

"Elena, you're scaring me now what is it?" Jenna asked.

"Jenna, let her explain please," Ric said to her, I bet dying to know what else it could be after all they already know.

"Damon, do you know what she's talking about?" Stefan asked in a whisper to his brother.

"Can you all calm down and let her speak" Damon snapped and the room got quiet again.

I squeezed Damon's hand to thank him for having my back, then I got up and stood in front of the fireplace, looked at all the curious eyeballs directed at me then I took a deep breath and started talking.

"Um, well, some of you have been wondering for some time now how I knew certain things were going to happen before they did [Ric nodded] well, it's because I came from the future and I've been here for months now..." I stopped talking when Caroline burst out laughing and I heard some people chuckled too.

"You might want to listen to what she has to say because she's telling the truth" Bonnie informed them in a serious tone and I heard a couple gasps in the room.

"A couple of years in the future some bad people came to town and destroyed it and Mystic Falls became unlivable for most of us and some other bad things happened along the way, so to cut long story short, I went to a witch who was kind enough to help me. He was supposed to send me back a week or two to stop those people from destroying our town and by doing so preventing all the other bad stuff that happened but I found myself all the way back here in high school again [chuckled awkwardly]. Well, he did warn me something could go wrong but I was desperate so I didn't care" I stopped talking and looked at all the shocked faces in the room.

"Wow, I thought I've heard and seen it all, this is pretty remarkable," Rose said amazed.

"We have vampires in the room, and a witch, of course, time travel is possible," Ric said triumphantly but Jenna burst into tears.

"Why didn't you tell us this when it happened?" Jeremy asked.

"Luke the witch or warlock as they like to be called, warned me not to tell anyone except when it's unavoidable, I had to tell Bonnie and her Grams because I needed their help and they understood the magic that brought me here and also to protect me in case of any fallout since I had no idea what would happen to me if I make a mistake...I was told not to do anything that could cause a domino effect and ruin the future. I know I've changed things since I've been here and I'm just waiting for the consequences" I explained.

"What kind of a parent am I when one of my kids is switched right under my nose," Jenna asked still sobbing.

"Aunt Jenna, please stop crying you've done nothing wrong," I said as Ric comforts her.

"I knew something was different about you when you stopped wearing those awful converse sneakers and dressing different but I just thought my fashion sense was finally rubbing off on you," Caroline said.

"Caroline, can you take this serious please," Bonnie said tapping her on the leg.

"Jer, do you have questions for me?" I asked, his silence was deafening.

"If you are from the future as you claimed then what happened to my sister here?" He asked suspiciously.

"I believe we are one and the same, all I know is that I woke in my bed conscious of the future and present," I said.

"So that means you can't go back to the future right?" Jeremy asked again.

"I have no idea how it works, I was so desperate that I didn't ask many questions because at the time I didn't care for the consequences" I replied.

I got scared Jeremy might ask me the question I didn't want to be asked.

"You didn't come here just for the town, something else must have happened, what was it?" Ric asked and the room got quiet again.

"I might not know all the rules but I don't think I'm allowed to tell you that," I said nervously.

Damon gestured to me to sit down and then he went to the kitchen and got me a bottled water which I was grateful for because It was exactly what I needed I was parched.

"Only if it didn't happen in the future or past, why did you let me and Trevor kidnap you?" Rose asked.

"Well it did happen but to maintain the future the way I remember it, I had to let certain things happen the same way, it is the only advantage I have or I would be lost with no guidance. Does that make sense?" I said.

"I think so," Rose said.

"Elijah is not dead by the way," I said.

"What!" Rose exclaimed in fear and the rest of the room looked shocked too.

"Yep, Imagine my surprise when I thought I took care of that one," Damon said getting himself another glass of bourbon.

"What Rose didn't know is that you can't kill an Original Vampire. They are all siblings and there's five of them Klaus being the worst," I said.

"Oh God, I'm gonna be dead now. I knew Klaus was real and ruthless but I thought the other stuff was just fiction" Rose said in a panic.

"You have no reason to fear Rose, Elijah already pardoned you and it's not like you tried to kill him or anything, that was all Damon," I said trying to make light of it.

"Thanks a lot, Elena," Damon said rolling his eyes and took a swig of his drink.

"So you're saying we are about to face a bunch of psychos who can't be killed?" Stefan finally asked after being quiet for a long time.

"That's right, little brother," Damon replied smirking, Stefan looked deflated.

"What did we do in the previous time?" Ric asked and I saw Jeremy sit forward in his chair with interest.

"Let just say we didn't go down without a good fight but there were casualties along the way, so I'm hoping we could avoid that and use what we learned at the end to solve our problem. We are going to need Elijah to work with us again," I said.

"Wait, what?" Stefan said.

Everyone but Damon and Bonnie looked shocked, I gave them a reassuring smile as I explained why Klaus needed me for the sacrifice and how it happened the last time without telling them Elijah screwed us at the last minute to save his other family or who the casualties were.

"I'm scared to meet this Klaus guy, what if you leave town and hide," Caroline said.

"He can find me anywhere, he has powerful witches at his command" I replied.

"Bonnie is a witch too she can help you," Caroline said

"Barely" Damon chuckled and Bonnie glared at him.

"No, I don't want to be on the run forever, Rose can testify to that it's not a good way to live," I said and Rose nodded in agreement.

"I just want to keep you and your brother safe and no one is getting past me to you, Elena," Jenna said wiping her tears away.

"Thanks, Aunt Jenna," I said smiling because she actually meant it.

"Bonnie just told me we were at Whitmore college together, is that true Elena?" Caroline asked in horror.

"Yeah, you were studying drama" I replied.

"I always thought I will end up at NYU or UCLA, what the hell happened Elena?" Caroline asked upset.

"Of course, Blondie made this about her" Damon said to no one in particular.

"Well, you became a vampire Care, and with all the vampire drama in our lives, we missed a lot in school, so we were lucky we got in somewhere," I said and she sat back sulking.

"What's the action plan?" Ric asked all businesslike.

"I slipped my phone number in Elijah's pocket and asked that he call me but obviously he hasn't called yet or he didn't see it. So I was thinking of sending a message to him through his witches Luka and Dr. Martin to meet with me" I explained and they thought about it for a while.

"I still don't trust this Elijah guy and why can't we just kill the witches...that would send a message," Damon said smirking.

"You can't hurt them Damon" Bonnie snapped.

"They are victims too, they're just working for Elijah to get back Greta from Klaus," I said.

"Who's Greta?" Jenna asked.

"She's Luka's sister and a very powerful witch but she's so brainwashed right now that she's working for Klaus voluntarily and Elijah promised her family to help them save her and as we all know people will do anything to save their family" I explained.

I spent most of the night answering questions and telling them things that happened when Klaus finally showed up to town to attack us and things we did in retaliation. We did a little brainstorming on things to do going forward.

"You guys have no idea how relieved I am right now, having everything out in the open," I said smiling.

Towards the end of our meeting, I noticed Damon was a little withdrawn from me and I knew it was because of Caroline's questions about the parties we went to and things we did for fun and I think Damon just figured out I used to date Stefan because he was in every story. I couldn't wait for the meeting to be over so I could talk to him alone.

After everybody left I was finally alone with Damon but he won't look at me as he continues to drink his bourbon I waited patiently for him to confront me.

"You and Stefan really? Why didn't you tell me? What else are you keeping from me huh?" He asked visibly upset.

Thank heavens no one could hear him in the spelled room because he was so loud.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you about me and Stefan, I didn't think it was relevant compared to the things we are dealing with," I said trying to be casual about it.

"Oh wow, I think you being intimate with my brother was relevant enough to mention to me," He shouted at me.

"I know, I'm sorry," I said almost in tears.

"Of course, you're sorry," He scoffed and I lost my cool at his attitude towards me.

"You can't be angry at me for something that happened in a world you don't even know, but since we are talking about it, how about the fact that you slept with Caroline and turned her into your personal blood bag, oh, what about sleeping with Matt's mother Kelly and countless others that shall remain nameless and let's not forget my dear mother in both timelines, you have no right to judge me..." I stopped when I realized I may have gone too far.

Damon was taken aback by my little outburst, we stared down each other for a while then I calmed down and spoke to him gently.

"I wouldn't have dated Stefan if you hadn't compelled me to forget you when we first met and he was there when I needed someone. Why did you think I had to fill myself up with vervain to meet you when we first met again this time because it took us a long time to get together the last time and when we finally did, we hurt your brother in the process. Also, I'm trying to make up for all the times I hurt you and took you for granted," I rambled.

"I'm sorry, it's just that after what I went through with Stefan and Katherine...I couldn't bear the thought of you and Stefan together, did you love him too?" He said looking at the floor.

"I did love him but not enough to repeat it here, we were better as friends. I understand how you feel, It hasn't been pretty thinking about you with everyone especially Caroline and my mother," I said.

"Alright, alright, I apologize for that, but I'm not perfect Elena. No one has ever chosen me or made me feel special as you, maybe a part of me still don't believe you could love me, I'm sorry for coming down on you like that, you did nothing wrong...I still don't know how I got lucky with you" He said pulling me close.

"I never asked you to be perfect, no one is perfect. You know, it was a miracle we ended up together in the other timeline, everyone was against us and I couldn't make up my mind to save my life but in the end, we didn't care about anyone's opinion but ours. Yes, we fought over stupid things but it was all love," I said.

"I never expected easy, thank you for choosing me," He said pushing loose hair away from my face.

"I'm glad I chose you too. Oh, I really should get home, it's getting late," I said and kissed his cheek.

"You should stay the night," He said kissing my neck.

"I thought you wanted to take things slow," I asked seductively.

"I didn't know what I was talking about, I thought I needed time to adjust to everything but I was wrong I didn't need any time at all," He said squeezing my ass.

"I'm glad you came to your senses, [smiling sweetly at him] but I still have to be home with my family after the bomb I dropped on them tonight, they need me," I said batting my lashes at him.

"Yeah, of course, you should be with them what was I thinking," He replied.

He released me reluctantly, I went back to his room and grabbed my bag and then he walked me to my car.

"Do you want me to come with you?" He asked.

"No, I should do this alone okay," I said touching his face lightly.

He pinned me to my car and lowered his head to capture my lips in a passionate kiss and when it ended, I was tempted to blow off my family and stay the night with him.

"Goodnight, I'll see you in the morning," He said opening the car door and almost shoving me inside, he could tell I was having a second thought.

I looked at him through my rear view mirror as he watches me drove off the property, when I got home I took a deep breath before exiting the car and walking slowly into the house. When I got inside I saw Jeremy pacing the kitchen floor in anger while Aunt Jenna looked like someone just shot her cat.

"Is everything alright?" I asked.

Jenna looked at me but didn't say anything, Jeremy stopped pacing and stared at me with so much hostility.

"Is it true you were here the day mom and dad died?" He asked getting in my face.

My heart shattered and I was trembling and my mouth went dry, I knew this was going to happen but I wasn't expecting it tonight.

"Who told you that?" I managed to ask stalling.

"I heard it from Bonnie, oh, was it suppose to be a secret? Answer me!" He screamed at me.

"Yes, it's true" I replied my voice cracking.

"Jer, maybe we should do this in the morning when everyone is rested and calm," Aunt Jenna said.

"I want answers now. Tell me you didn't let our parents die when you could have saved them" He said charging at me.

"That's enough, Jeremy," Aunt Jenna said holding him back from me.

I covered my mouth with my hand and cry quietly trying to control myself.

"It's okay Aunt Jenna, I want to explain," I said.

Jeremy stood back with his arms crossed over his chest, I saw pure hate in his eyes and it broke me.

"Does it even matter, you just figured they're not your real parents, so why go through the trouble of saving them. I'll never forgive you for this, NEVER!" He said with so much venom.

"Jer please..." I tried to explain but my mind was jumbled and I didn't know what to say.

He pushed me out of the way and stormed out of the room and slammed his room door so hard the house shook, I dropped on the floor and cried uncontrollably, Aunt Jenna tried to console me but I knew part of her feels the same as Jeremy. Miranda was her only sibling so I can understand, but she's playing the part of the guardian right now.

"Elena, you know he didn't mean any of that," Aunt Jenna said.

"Aunt Jenna, I'm so sorry, I was scared when I got here... and I didn't know the rules... I tried to warn dad but it was too late...I waited too late, please forgive me" I said in between sniffling.

"Things happens, you can't control everything. You should go to bed and we'll talk about this as a family when he's calm tomorrow" She said and left me to go to bed.

I know it wasn't going to be okay as she thought, I got off the floor and shakily found my way to my room. I dropped my bag on the floor locked myself in the room both and crawled into bed still dressed and cried myself to sleep.