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Ages are as follows:

Ash: 24
Misty: 23
Brock: 25
Giovanni: 40's

Where The Heart Is

"Geodude, quick! Use rock throw!" Commanded the Pewter City gym leader.

"Geo!" It nodded, starting its attack.

"Squirtle, use your hydro pump!" A young man, with the Team Rocket emblem stitched on his uniform, ordered.

"Squirtle!" It said, letting loose powerful sprays of water from every hole in its shell.

Geodude fell to the ground, weakened by the continuos water attack.

"No, Geodude!" Screamed the rock trainer, running up to his pokemon. "Are you okay?"

"Geo..." It answered weakly, nodding its head.

"Strip him of his pokemon." Ordered the young Team Rocket member.

"Yes, sir." Saluted another member.

It was obvious, by the respect given to the young man, that he was the elite member of this particular squad. His uniform was a different color than the ones his comrades were wearing. It was black with a small 'R' embroidered in gold at the corner of his shirt. He also wore a black cape that draped over his shoulders, making him look all the more sinister. A Pikachu was also perched on his shoulder.

"No, I won't let you take them!" Screamed the gym leader.

"Restrain him." Ordered the young man.

Another member came up behind the gym leader and tied his hands behind his back, while another took his pokeballs off of his belt.

"I won't let you get away with this!" He yelled, his anger rising.

"Calm down now Brock. There's no use resisting us." Smiled the elite confidently. "Take him away."

"Yes, sir!" Nodded the member who was restraining Brock. He took him outside where a black van was waiting.

"I don't see why we couldn't have just taken the airship." Sighed another member, walking up next to the elite.

"Sorry, Matt. Its easier this way. We don't want to take any chances of being seen." Smiled the elite.

"We wouldn't have been seen. Its pitch black out there." Exclaimed Matt.

"Yeah, I know, but you remember what Giovanni said. No slip ups." The elite sighed, walking outside.

"Yeah, yeah. I know." Sighed Matt, following the elite.

"Sorry bro." The elite apologized.

Matt just shrugged it off and hopped into the van.

The elite member looked up at the star filled sky, wondering if this plan would really work. His boss, Giovanni, had seemed so confident when he first presented it to them. But then again, he always had confidence, especially in the elite's skills.

"Well, we've captured all but one gym leader." Announced a rocket holding a clipboard. "Where to next?"

"Cerulean City..."
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