Don't panic over the word "epilogue" :) See you at the bottom for the explanation.


"I've never told him," she blurted, despair finally taking over. "I think I loved him, but I've never told him."

"I'm sure he knew," Gibbs tried to comfort her, but she remembered every word Jack had said to her earlier.

"No," she said with absolute conviction. "He didn't."

She rested her head on Gibbs' shoulder and cried.

In the end, it was the promise of the alcoholic beverage that had convinced Elizabeth to come inside, so she graciously accepted her drink from the hands of the sea witch, Tia Dalma, even if the sadness was still crushing her.

"It's a shame," Tia Dalma murmured turning toward Will. "I know what you're thinking – dat with de Pearl you could have captured de devil and set free your father's soul."

"Doesn't matter now," Will replied dejectively, and was that not the truth. "The Pearl is gone, along with her captain."

"Aye," Gibbs spoke. "And already the world seems a bit less bright."

Elizabeth felt another tear slip down her cheek, but she no longer cared if anyone saw them. They raised a toast to Jack and she drank deeply. She noticed that her hands shook. She got lost in her thoughts for a moment, before Will's voice brought her back:

"If there was anything that could be done to bring him back..."

She looked up surprised. It sounded as if he meant it. But before she could ponder that any longer, another person cut in, as if only eagerly awaiting that opportunity.

"Would you do it? Hmmm?" Tia Dalma asked quickly, before spinning around and locking eyes with Elizabeth, whose heart stuttered and skipped a beat. "What would you…"

What was she…? No.

What was happening? What was… could it.. could it be…

"...what would any of you be willing to do?"

To get Jack back? Anything.

Elizabeth watched the witch addressing the pirates with bated breath. She did not dare to blink. It had been long since the last time she had prayed, but she did, right then.


"Would you sail to the ends of the Earth and beyond to fetch back witty Jack and him precious Pearl?"

What a strange thing the hope could be – like restoring the blood-flow to the limb that fell asleep, almost painful at first, but healing.

Tia Dalma looked from one pirate to another, apparently waiting for an answer. Gibbs was the first one to speak.

"Aye," he confirmed fiercely.

"Aye," the second voice, belonging to Pintel, echoed.

And then, Tia was staring at Elizabeth again, the latter internally begging the forces beyond that she had understood what was going on correctly.

"Yes," she finally said, breathlessly.

At last the witch glanced at Will.

"Aye," he nodded, his voice serious.

Tia Dalma smiled broadly, as if the deal had just been struck and suddenly, there was no doubt that this had not been just idle talk.

"All right," the witch said.

All right, Elizabeth thought, finally allowing herself to breath.