Title: A Change in Perspective

Author: RosieGamgee (a.k.a. Sarah)

Summary: A new and different Harry, out of Hogwarts with a new outlook on life, takes on the world. But Voldemort's back and ready to finally take what he believes is rightfully his. Can Harry stop him once and for all while balancing his love life? Hell! Will Harry ever HAVE a love life?

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Chapter One: Up and Out

A resounding crash filled the burrow.


Ginny sat straight up quickly. "What the fuck?" She jumped from her bed and flung the door open. A disheveled Harry Potter lay at the bottom of the stairs, face against the bottom stair. "Harry?"

He lifted his head slightly to look at who was talking to him. "Hey Ginny."

Ginny blushed furiously. "You ok?"

"Better now that I'm here and away from that pitiful excuse for my family. Isn't that my shirt?"

Ginny blushed even more. "Perhaps." Ginny looked down at the black dress shirt she was wearing, sleeves rolled up. And halfway buttoned. And cutting off above her mid thigh. "What are you doing here?"

"I left the Dursley's. To hell with them and their beefy son." Harry pushed himself up off the floor effortlessly. He looked Ginny up and down. "I have to admit, you look better in that shirt than I do."

"Harry! What are you doing here? I heard a crash and I came to make sure the ghoul didn't decide to come downstairs again. Who would have expected it was you? Let me get you some tea dear."

"Mrs. Weasley, I'm fine. I really just need to get to sleep."

"Of course dear, of course. Let's get you settled in Ron's room. You can tell me why you're here tomorrow."

"OK. Thanks a million." Harry started after Mrs. Weasley, and stopped in front of Ginny. "Night Gin."

"Goodnight Harry. Sleep well."


Ron rolled over in his bed, prying his eyes apart as the sun poured into his tiny room.

"You snore louder than anyone else in the world Ron."

"Shut it Harry," Ron responded. "HARRY!? All sorts of stuff seems to happen while I'm sleeping. Did we get drunk last night and I don't remember any of it?" Ron rubbed his eyes.

Harry laughed and shook his head. "Say, Ron, how does Ginny have one of my dress shirts?"

"You probably left it here or something. Probably keeps it locked in a drawer when she's not wearing it so mom can't wash it." Ron snickered. "Why are you here, Harry?"

"I had a frank exchange of ideas with my uncle and I left."

"A 'frank exchange of ideas'? Is that what they're calling it now?" Ginny walked into the room.

"Ever hear of knocking, jerkface?" Ron snapped.

"Yes, but I came to tell you it was time for breakfast."

"Good morning Gin. How're you?"

"Morning Harry. I'm alright. And yourself?"

"Splendid. I was just asking Ron how you came into possession of one of my dress shirts." Harry threw her a grin.

"Well, it was in with Ron's wash after school, and I was doing the laundry and I found it. And, I liked it, so I took it. You can have it back if you want."

"Nah, it's ok. I meant what I said last night." Harry threw her another grin and headed out the door. Ginny stood and watched Harry walk out, blushing.

"What did he say last night?"

"Hm? Oh nothing Ron. Let's go eat." Ginny turned around on her heels and headed for the kitchen.


Harry watched Ginny walk down the stairs, her hair bouncing behind her. It was too much fun to tease her, though he had meant it when he said the shirt looked better on her. The eighteen-year-old Ginny has grown into herself in the years since school had ended. He saw her all the time though, as he was at Ron's often. They had become close friends, both easing in each other's presence. Harry had let himself open up to her, and Ginny had in turn loosened up around Harry, and let him get a tiny glimpse of her life.

"So you had a frank exchange of ideas with your uncle?"

"He wasn't too fond of the house next door blowing up. He thought I did it of course, and wouldn't listen to me when I told him that it was the homicidal maniac that's after me." Harry stuffed some eggs into his mouth as the rest of the Weasleys stared at him.

"And you see no problem with the house next door blowing up?"

"Obviously I have a problem with it, and I was going to go do something about it before that great asshole, sorry Mrs. Weasley, came charging after me. By the time I got outside, the Aurors were already there, and no one had seen a thing. Telling the muggles it was a gas explosion or something to that effect. Absolute dragon shit, sorry again Mrs. Weasley, if you ask me."

"So your uncle thought you blew the house up?" Ginny asked. "Do they know nothing about you?!"

"Quite obviously not. I guess they think I'm some sort of dangerous magical criminal or something. Pass the bacon?"

Ron handed the plate over to his best mate.

"Thanks. So anyway, that's the situation I'm in now. I no longer have the Dursley's to go back to, not that I'm sad about that, but Voldemort knows where I am. Or rather where I was, and I don't think it'll take him too long to figure out where I went, which means I HAVE to leave as soon as humanly possible from here. I need to find Sirius and Remus and I need to find them quick.

"So anyway, to make a long story even longer, Dumbledore told me to lay low here for a while, after he set up some wards and such, and told me to tell you he'd be by sometime this morning to work things out."

A loud crash came from the fireplace next to the table.

"Harry! Thank God you're ok! I heard on the Wireless about that house and I went as quick as I could over there, but you were already gone. Hedwig showed up this morning at my window and made it quite clear you were here. Hannah almost had a cow when I went running out with no breakfast. Nearly bit my head off."

"'Mione, I'm fine." Harry stood up and took his best friend into his arms.

"I hate you, you know that. Always going around, getting yourself in trouble, almost getting blown up."

"I don't look for trouble, Hermione. It just finds me." Harry threw her a grin as he steered her towards the table.

"Have something to eat Hermione dear. I know you should be getting to class soon, but you can't learn on an empty stomach." Mrs. Weasley piled food onto her plate as she took her usual spot next to Ron.

"Nice of you to finally notice me." Ron gave her a disgusted look.

"Ron, I was just a little scared about Harry. But how could I ever forget about my charming boyfriend? And don't make that face at me. It'll freeze that way," Hermione chided as she gave Ron a kiss on the cheek.

"Gag me with a spoon." Harry pretended to retch under the table. Ginny giggled as Harry threw her a knowing smile.

"Oh really, Harry. I just kissed him on the cheek."

"Retching about the charming part, Hermione dear. That lunkhead has less charm than this quill," Harry responded, picking up a long white quill that was lying on the table. "Though, this quill is quite charming now that I look at it. Much more so than you, Ronald."

Harry ducked as Ron swung at him. Ginny doubled over on the floor laughing and it was taking all of Hermione's constraint to not fall off her chair too. No one was laughing harder than Harry was though.

"I swear. I am my own biggest fan." Harry wiped some tears from his eyes, trying hopelessly to gain composure.

The nineteen-year-old Harry Potter was becoming his father in many ways. Far from being hopeless in any situation as he was much of the time at Hogwarts, Harry had decided upon graduation to live his life to its fullest. The self-proclaimed "new Harry" cracked jokes, horsed around and was an all around good-natured guy. If Voldemort bothered him, he didn't let it show in the least, but never let things go if he was needed in some way. If asked to describe their best friend, Hermione and Ron would usually answer, 'smart, funny, affectionate, a joy to be around, compassionate, honest,' and many more such adjectives that Harry had discovered within himself. The "new Harry" had also discovered Ginny.

Not to say that Ginny didn't exist before, Harry just didn't notice her in any other capacity than the fourth in their group, another friend to confide in. He had always enjoyed spending time around Ginny, flirting unknowingly with her. But, with Harry's new change in attitude, the flirting became deliberate. His goal, to some how get her to stop having a foolish little crush on him and start thinking seriously about a relationship.

All in all, Harry was enjoying his life for once. He worked at the Ministry when he was needed, working for the Department of Mysteries, but never more than a few days a week. He could apparate on whim over to Ron's house to see him, or to Hermione's whenever he wanted. He was pursuing a relationship with someone he had fallen head over heels for. If he had to take the weight of the world on his shoulders, than he would, but not for every waking moment of his life. He was one guy; he could only do so much.

Harry helped Ginny back into her chair, his laughter residing finally, and continued to eat his breakfast, throwing Ginny a look every so often that would start the two of them off again.


"I'm a kid for Merlin's sake, Sirius. I've said this to you before! I'll take the weight of the world on my shoulders sometimes, but I can't live and breathe as the world's savior! I give up the days to the Ministry that I should. I put a hell of a lot of work into what I do when I'm there. And when the time comes for me to do what I have to, I'll be there, looking destiny in the face. But I'm not going to sit in some confounded office everyday waiting for it to come to me!" Harry's voice rose through the burrow as he yelled at his Godfather.

"Don't yell at me Harry! I just bring the news. It wasn't my question for you. Fudge made me come here and ask you. I told him you would say no, but he won't listen to me. He's still hung up on that wrongful arrest thing. Still thinks I'm incapable of doing MY job. He wants to hear if from your mouth."

"Oh, he'll fucking hear it from my mouth. Useless piece of garbage, he is." Harry pounded up the stairs and knocked hard on Ginny's door. "Gin! Do you have some parchment I could use?"

"Um, yeah I think so. Come on in." Harry thrust the door open to Ginny's room. "You okay?"

"It's nothing. Just something with work. Gets me so irritated. Fudge thinks he can- never mind. I don't want to get you in a bad mood too. I'm being ridiculous."

"I'm sure you're not. Here's some parchment. I'm here if you want to talk." Ginny smiled lightly.

"Thanks, Gin. May take you up on that in a little while." Harry leaned forward and kissed her cheek in a rush and shut the door behind him.

"No problem," Ginny responded to the shut door, putting her hand to her cheek lightly.

"Harry, don't you think you're being a bit unreasonable here?"

"Sirius, you act like I'm going to say this stuff to his face. I'm just going to write him a note politely declining the increased job load and ever so charmingly tell him to go to hell, but in not so many words." Sirius shot Harry a look. "Alright, I'll leave the hell part out." There were a few moments silence as Harry scribbled onto the paper.

"Dumbledore wants you to stay here Harry."

"That was abrupt." Harry laughed. "I know. He told me. Fidelus Charm and a little something extra on the side. Seems to think I'll be better off here with a family."

"You don't agree?"

"I definitely agree, as long as it all works. I'm not going to risk the Weasleys. But I trust Dumbledore. And you and Remus and Arabella. Hopefully three people will be enough to throw him off."

"We can only hope. Alright, I'm going back to the office. I'll be over sometime in the next couple days to check on you."

"I'm a big boy now Sirius. I wear underwear in case you haven't noticed. But thanks all the same." He shot Sirius a grin as his Godfather laughed loudly.

"You are your fathers son. See ya later kid." He ruffled Harry's hair and with a pop he was gone.


Harry's face was squished into his hand when Ginny found him an hour later, leaning over the parchment she had given him, sitting Indian style on one of the kitchen chairs.


He raised his head slightly and spread his fingers apart so he could look through them. "Hey."

Ginny giggled in spite of herself. "You okay?"

"Yeah. Just trying to finish up this letter to Fudge. 'Sincerely' or 'Rot in Hell you Slimy Git'."

"I would go with the first one."

"Awww. You're no fun."

"Sorry. What's going on?" Ginny pulled one of the chairs around to his side of the table.

"Fudge is trying to get me to come in and work full time in the Department. Sit at a desk all day everyday. BLAH! Not for me thanks." Harry hastily signed his name and stuffed the letter in an envelope. He stuck two fingers in his mouth and whistled. Moments later, Hedwig landed on the kitchen table in front of him.

"That's a well trained owl."

"I think she prefers to think I'm a well trained human. Don't you girl?" Hedwig nipped his finger affectionately and stuck out her leg. "Alright, girl. Get this to Fudge. Hopefully this will be the last time I have to write this letter." Hedwig hooted in agreement, and took off out the kitchen window, but not before stopping and nipping Ginny's ear playfully.

"She's got good taste. Knows who the good ones are."

Ginny turned away from the table, blushing yet again.

"I got an idea!" Harry clapped his hand onto her thigh. "Let's go play some Quidditch! Pleeeeeeease Gin?"

"I can't say no to you. You're too cute. Let's go." It was Harry's turn to blush as Ginny sprinted from the kitchen and out the front door.

"One of these days, I'll get that girl." Harry smiled to himself and took off out the door after Ginny.