Sometimes in life we keep deep dark secrets away from the rest of the world. We may keep them in closets, under the bed, or stuffed away in the back parts of our minds. But one day, when you least expect it, those secrets can come out. When they are exposed to the light, well, that's when those secrets can hurt you.

Dr. Jason Bull's phone lit up. When he looked down to see it was from Diana Lindsey he had to smile.

Are you busy tonight?

Never too busy for you! Jason texted back.

How about dinner at my hotel?

Sounds like a plan to me.

I have a special surprise for you.

A knock on his office door caught his attention.

"Come in" Jason answered.

"Dr. Bull, I just wanted to see if you wanted something ordered for dinner tonight? Benny said that we would probably be working late." Cable said coming into Jason's office.

"Actually Cable I don't. In fact, why don't you and the rest of the team take the day off." Jason suggested as he undone his tie.

"Are you serious?" Cable asked.

"Of course I am! I have a date with Diana Lindsey tonight. She says she's got a surprise for me." Jason said smiling. He had a picture of Diana on his desk that he liked to look at when she was in Calisto. Maybe she had finally come to her senses and had decided to move to New York.

"Uh huh just don't do anything I wouldn't do Dr. Bull." Cable smiled before walking out of the office.

Jason slipped out of the office and goes to a flower shop buying Diana a big bouquet of roses.

By 5pm he was already at her hotel. He went up to the desk clerk to ask what room she was in.

"May I help you?" the desk clerk asked.

"Yes my wife Diana Lindsey checked in earlier today and I need to know what room she's in." Jason asked.

The desk clerk did some typing and responded "Mrs. Lindsey is in room 348."

"Great thanks so much!" Jason said heading to the elevator.

He rode up the elevator to the 3rd floor and found her room. He gently knocked and waited. In a matter of moments, Diana cracked the door open, with a towel on her head and a bath robe on. She had no makeup on but Jason didn't mind. He loved her just the same.

"Aren't you a little early for dinner?" Diana asked in her southern accent. She opened the door a little wider to allow Jason into the hotel room.

"No because I was thinking about having dessert first." Jason said.

Before Diana could protest, Jason already had his lips against hers and showed her just how much he had missed her.

She began to undo his shirt and then his pants while he threw the towel and her robe to the other side of the room. He picked her up and laid her down on the bed before making love to her. Once they were done, Diana laid on Jason's shoulder and realized what she had come here for was going to be hard to tell Jason but he needed to know. She would tell him over dinner and hope that he took it ok.

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