Jason had something on his mind. He wanted to ask Diana Lindsay to marry him. For a man who could come up with a narrative for a trial, he couldn't quite find the words to ask her. Jason liked to be in control of things and this was no different. He wanted everything to be perfect before he popped the question or else she might turn him down.

Jason and Diana finally got up both silent about what was on their minds. Jason slipped into a suit but decided to leave the tie off and his shirt unbuttoned a little more than he normally would in court. He helped Diana zip up her cocktail dress. She looked absolutely stunning. She hurried and put on her makeup as Jason sat on the bed and watched her. She really didn't have to put all that stuff on her face. She looked beautiful no matter what. He would be more than excited and honored to wake up to her amazing face every morning.

"Are we ready?" Diana asked, grabbing her clutch.

"Sure am." Jason said opening the hotel room door.

Now I have to do it now, I cant wait and do it over dinner and Jason thinking bad of me. He may walk off and leave me. Diana thought

Instead of walking out the hotel room door, she took her hand and shut it.

"What are you doing?" Jason asked.

"Jason, I need to tell you something. I'm pregnant," Diana said.

Jason was shocked. The love of his life was pregnant. This was the best day ever! He almost wanted to cry he was so excited. He tried hard not to jump for joy. In his marriage to Isabella, she had a miscarriage that led to their divorce. He wanted a family so bad. He hoped that Diana wasn't telling him this only to follow up with telling him she was terminating the pregnancy because of her career.

"How far along?" Jason was able to ask.

"12 weeks." Diana responded. "Please don't be mad Jason. I just thought you would want to know about our baby. If it comes down to having to choose between you and keeping this baby, I will fly back to Calisto so fast and you will never hear from me again."

"You don't have to worry about that at all, I want this baby, our baby." Jason said as he touched her still flat stomach before wrapping his arms around her and laying a tender kiss on her lips. When he pulled away she looked into his eyes. She could tell that he had so much love not only for her but also their baby. This was the father of her child and she wanted more than anything to make this work.

"We better get down to dinner. You're eating for two now you know." Jason joked with her opening the hotel room door yet again.

On the elevator ride down to the lobby so much was going through Jason's mind. Should he actually ask her now to marry him? No he couldn't do that. He wanted his proposal to be rally special, romantic and memorable not just hey your pregnant, I'm the father, let's get hitched. Diana deserved better than that. Diana and Jason was led to a table in the hotel restaurant. Jason took Diana's left hand and rubbed her ring finger. She deserved to have a ring on that finger.

"Can I start you off with something to drink?" the waiter asked.

"I'll have water." Diana answered.

"I'll take a glass of white wine." Jason said.

Diana gave him a look. How dare he order the type wine she liked knowing she can't drink.

"Jason Bull I cannot believe you would order wine knowing I can't drink." Diana spat.

"Well this calls for celebration. We are having a baby. I can't think of anything better to drink to." Jason said as their drinks were delivered to the table.

As they ate their dinner, the power struggle began, but not before Jason could order another glass of wine.

"I think with you being pregnant that you need to move up here to New York." Jason suggested.

"In your dreams Jason. I have my career in Calisto. You could always open a TAC office down in Texas." Diana said.

Jason laughed before taking a drink of his second glass of wine. "I can't just relocate my whole team just so I can be with you."

"So now you don't want to be with me."

"No that's not what I said at all. I just think it makes more since if you moved up here because you would have more opportunities. And think of the baby."

They continued to argue back and forth in who was right. People started to look at them as if they were about to throw something at each other. Their argument fell silent when Jason went pale in the face.

"Jason, are you alright?" Diana worried.

"For some reason I am not feeling well. I think I am going back up to the room to lie down." Jason said.

Jason hurried and paid the bill for the meal. Jason felt like he could pass out at any given moment. Diana was a little concerned with him but just figured it was all that wine he had with dinner. His speech began to slur and he was having trouble walking.

"My dear I think we found out room here." Jason said.

Diana just knew he was drunk. Even though Jason wasn't feeling well, he was able to help Diana out of her clothes and she helped as he would say unwrap him out of his. Their clothes fell to Diana's side of the bed. They began passionately kissing before Diana jumped on top of Jason. A weird feeling came over Jason unlike anything before. It wasn't like being drunk, it was like if someone was trying to knock him out. He closed his eyes and let the darkness take over him and he drifted off to sleep. Diana looked up to find Jason lying very still unlike he normally would during their love making.

"Jason? Seriously Jason? Did you really just fall asleep while making love to me?" Diana asked as she shook him a bit. He grunted at her and she rolled off of him.

"Wow you find out I'm pregnant and even making love isn't exciting anymore to you." Diana told him. Diana decided to let him sleep. She was going to give him so much grief about this over breakfast. She curled up on his shoulder and rubbed his chest. She was so happy he had accepted the fact they would be welcoming a buddle of joy into the world. She wanted to wait and see if he was committed to this, before she made major decisions like moving to New York. But she knew in her heart, he was. Before she knew it, she was asleep.

It was around 1am when Diana thought she heard something. It sounded like someone coming into their hotel room.

"Jason wake up; I think someone has broken in." Diana said. She was scared out of her mind. Jason was smooth out and didn't make a sound. Before Diana could get up to turn on a light, a gloved hand covered her mouth.

"Don't say a word and don't try to scream for help." The person said.

Diana being Diana didn't listen and she shook Jason trying to get him to wake up with no luck. The person turned and seen what she was doing.

"He can't help you, he's already dead. Just like your about to be. No one puts my baby brother in prison." The person said.

Diana was the most terrified she had ever been in her life. Was it true? The reason Jason wasn't responding was because he was dead? Before she could say anything, the person began to stab her in the chest. The third stab was the most painful as it hit her aorta. The person wanted to finish her off and stabbed her in the abdomen. Once he was done, he slipped out just as quietly as he slipped in but not before leaving the weapon in the room in a place for safe keeping. Diana crawled over to Jason as she could feel the life draining out of her as her blood poured onto his chest. She hoped to be with him soon. She couldn't believe that she wasn't able to tell him how much she loved him before he died. She leaned up and gave him a kiss on the lips before she collapsed onto his arm and bled out, dying in Jason's arms.

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