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Chapter 1: The New Kid



That had been her first thought after catching his eye in the lunch room. Dark wispy hair, black trench coat, flannel, and jeans; the kid was every dark fantasy her romantic side had ever hoped for-

Like a wild, untamable, dark horse.

The boy sat as an outsider observing quietly from a far corner of the lunch room. He was listening to every conversation, it seemed, and zeroing in on none in particular...
Of course, that was before he'd noticed Veronica. The finely dressed brunette remembered how the moment they had locked eyes he'd sat up straighter, taller, his look of calm detachment assaulted by a wave of interest that lit him up like a little kid in a candy store. Veronica's heart nearly pounded out of her chest! He was looking at her! Looking at her and OH so interested.


Thankfully, Heather McNamara noticed her staring and promptly supplied the cute stranger's name.

"Jason Dean. " it was like a name from an old 40s film. It rung with sexuality. It screamed mysterious stranger.

Jason Dean

The teen in question nodded when she approached, narrowing his eyes a bit. He tipped his head up and then back down, looking at the popular girl through soft brown eyelashes. He wasn't at all nervous, as far as Veronica could tell. Actually, Jason Dean seemed very comfortable in his own awkwardness. Fidgeting, but with a sense of purpose. Something that almost resembled confidence radiated off the kid in waves as he ran a hand through thick dark hair, quickly dropping to scratch thoughtfully at his collar when the girl's skirts brushed the secluded table.

"Mmm." He hummed, his face stuck somewhere between skepticism and intrigue. " JD for short."

"JD. " Veronica repeated. Even better. One could definitely get used to that name. In all seriousness, she was willing to call a man anything if they were as dark, mysterious, and good-looking as this kid. She couldn't even help it! Thought after dirty thought flew by her head as she gave the poor guy and once-over. "I have a question to ask you... But I'll warn you, it's pretty stupid."

JD chuckled softly, "There are no stupid questions" He twirled his index finger in the air like he was mocking a long dead poet. "Shoot."

"Ok." I warned you. "You inherit a million dollars the same day aliens decide to take over the earth. What do you do with the money?"

That's all it took to finally get JD to flush a slight shade of pink, a small smile playing crookedly on his beautiful face. "Hm. That's the stupidest question I've ever heard."

They both laughed and the boy answered her question. Honestly, Veronica had no idea what he responded with. She was too busy imagining what it would be like to throw her arms around the boy's shoulders and kiss him 'til he couldn't breathe. She'd bet he would let her too.

GOD listen to her! Thinking about another person this way? She sounded like Heather McNamara when her friend was on a Ram Sweeney rant. It was crazy. It really was. She had never felt like this with ANY boy she'd dated before. Something was different this time.

JD was different.

"So ahhhh... You a Heather?"

"No," She answered, forcing herself to focus on his face. "I'm a Veronica... Veronica Sawyer." He looked around her at the three well dressed bitches standing ten feet away. Of course he'd assume she was a Heather. Not only had he seen her trailing after their brightly colored high heels all through lunch, he most definitely witnessed her helping the Heathers pick on Martha Dunnstock. The poor heavy-set girl had run from the room in tears.

Good going Veronica. Definitely not one of her best moments...


And Speak of the devil.

Heather Chandler's high pitched screech had both of them jumping out of their socks. JD recovered before she did, leaving an embarrassed and wide-eyed Veronica snapping her head back to look at her "friend".

"Chop Chop! That poll isn't gonna finish itself!" Chandler was the only one still standing there by the time she looked, tapping her stupid red watch.

"Heh. Sorry, I-" When she turned back to JD he was grimacing, drumming his fingers against his plastic lunch tray. The sight made her trip on her words, suddenly feeling very self-conscious. "I have to go."

"So it would seem" Annoyed? Apologetic? Veronica couldn't tell. He was so hard to read with those intense eyes. Did he think her bowing down to the Heathers' every whim was unattractive? Did she just fuck up her chance?

Only one way to find out

"Yeah. Well, umm... See ya around?"

To her surprise, the new kid's face remained unchangeably stoic, all except for his eyes. Black as night, the look in them became something handsomely predatory. For as long as she lived, Veronica didn't think she would ever forget the intensity she saw in JD's eyes that day.



"God, Veronica! Drool much?" The red clad Heather tapped the back of her friend's leg with her striped crochet mallet. With her other hand, she casually flipped her strawberry blonde tresses over her shoulder-pads. "You were practically throwing your panties at the new kid. I thought you were sworn off dating high-school guys?"

Ha! Did I say that? Veronica smiled, breathing in the cool fall air. "Well... never say never." Especially when said high-school guy is a fucking gorgeous brooding dreamboat.

Chandler smacked the ball, straightening out her back and watching it knock into Heather McNamara's yellow one.

"Would you lay off, Heather. I think Jason Dean is very dreamy." McNamara chirped, winking in Veronica's direction.

Heather Duke, the third and most pissy of the Heathers, didn't agree. "Ha! Dreamy? I think he's a freak! Did you see what he pulled in the Caf today?"

It was true. As soon as he and Veronica had parted ways in the lunch room, Jason Dean unfortunately found himself a victim of Ram Sweeney and Kurt Kelly. The senior quarterback and linebacker of Westerburg High had a bad habit of picking on anyone they could get their hands on. As the new kid, it was no surprise that JD was a target. What was surprising however was that, instead of rolling over and showing the idiot-jocks his belly, JD swiftly pulled out a gun and fired two blanks into the senior footballers' faces. The lunch room had erupted into chaos, Jason Dean was dragged down to the principal's office, and the two jocks spent the next hour washing piss out of their pants. It was fucking hilarious!

"No, it was not hilarious." Duke added, smacking her mallet against the green colored wooden ball. "That psycho should be in jail!"

"Whatever." Chandler spat. "It's your turn, Heather."

"No, it's Veronica's turn."

"Oh. Fuck." Veronica ran over to her ball, leaning down and setting her mallet behind it's blue painted surface. The girls' game went on as normal, thankfully, and JD eventually faded from the conversation to make room for a more pressing matter.

"I'm taking Sawyer to her first Remington party tonight." Chandler grinned, swinging her mallet in a circle "I'm giving her her shot."

"Exciting," McNamara whistled. "Not too late to keep those panties away from high school boys after all?" The Heathers laughed and Veronica nervously giggled along with them. It sucked. She'd secretly been hoping Heather Chandler had forgotten about the Remington party.

Well, no such luck.

"Heather!" Veronica's mom called from the porch, setting a pan of spaghetti on the wooden outdoor table. "Your mother is here!"

Her friends all looked at each other, throwing their mallets down onto a nearby flower bed. Chandler waited for the other two Heathers to start making their way up to the house before saying. "You blow it tonight, girl, and it's keggers with kids all next year. Do you understand?"

Lord help.